It was when I started middle school that the girls started looking good to me. But not only was I too shy to try to go for one of them, I also didn't yet know what to do with a girl if I had one. So I just played with my cock by myself when I was able to get some privacy at home.

A new boy transferred into my school and they made him my partner in shop class. Soon we were good friends and one day he invited me to his house after school. The house had a pool so we could go swimming-of course I accepted.

When we got to his house I realized I didn't have a suit with me. Tim laughed and said I could wear one of his since we were very close in size. We changed in his room and hit the pool acting like kids and doing a lot of splashing. The day wasn't all that warm and the pool water was on the cool side too and all too soon we were starting to shiver. I tried to tough it out but Tim said he was too cold and we went to his room to change.

Tim started talking about the girls at our school as we got out of our wet, cold swimsuits. This worried me some because I was afraid of getting hard in front of him (back then my penis seemed to pop up for just about anything). I could also see that he was starting to get bigger and that started me to do the same. Then he reached a long way under his mattress to pull out some magazines.

The first picture he showed me was of a naked girl and, of course, there was no way to not get hard after seeing that. Tim got hard too. His was the first hard cock I had ever seen that wasn't my own. I found it fascinating, probably because I was seeing it at an angle I wasn't used to. But whatever the reason I was turned on by the sight.

As Tim turned the pages the photos became more sexual with men in them as well as the naked girls. He made comments about each one and asked me about what I thought. It shocked me when we came to a picture of the girl kissing the man's cock. On the next page she was halfway down the shaft and I could see the shine of her saliva on the exposed part.

By that time both of us were rock hard and pointing high. I'm not sure who suggested it but we decided we needed to see which of our cocks was the longest. We stood face to face and moved to put our cocks together. I already liked looking at his cock and then the feel of it touching mine woke something more up in me. There was just something about the soft skin covering the hardness inside and the strong feel of his pulse.

When we moved apart and went back to Tim's magazine collection he showed me more photos of girls sucking cocks.

Tim asked if I knew of any girls at school that did blow jobs. I didn't know of any but said I'd really like to find one. But I also wondered aloud why a girl would do it. We looked at more of the pictures and got even more horny as we did. Tim even tried bending down towards his cock but couldn't reach. Watching him try made me realize we could do each other but I didn't say anything.

After giving up Tim just laid completely back on his bed saying something about how he needed to stretch out. His cock stuck straight up and I found myself moving closer for a better look. As I looked I thought about the girls in the pictures and how I wondered why they would want to take a cock in their mouth. Then, not sure how, I found my lips around the head.

Tim gasped and shoved his hips upwards pushing more of his cock into my mouth. The feel of it on my tongue was so intoxicating I went down more before pulling back up. Tim was saying how it felt so much better than he had imagined and I was thinking how I should have done it sooner. My head felt light from the sensations and my cock was harder than I ever remembered feeling it.

I'm not sure how long that blow job lasted. I just know it wasn't long enough. Too soon Tim's pelvic thrusts ended with a final push in. Then I realized he was going to cum in my mouth just before the first blast slammed into the back of my throat. The taste was strange but wasn't disgusting so I swallowed and kept swallowing as more came out. Then the sensations pushed me over the edge and my cock started spewing cum too.

We talked as we cleaned up agreeing not to mention what happened to anybody. Tim also agreed he needed to repay me by sucking my cock soon. I looked forward to that but also wanted to suck him again.

I still masturbate thinking of that first time with Tim. We did a lot with each other until it abruptly ended when his mother's job transferred her out of state. After he left I went back to thinking about girls and eventually got one. I won't compare her cock sucking to Tim's-they were just two different things.




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