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The soothing sound of mantras by priest on the bank of river Ganges filled Kanishka with an invincible power. Even after being so close to The Ganges (Cradle of Indian civilisation) for 21 years of his life, he was always successful in discovering a new bond with the holy river after his every visit. He tried to recall his very first encounter with the holy river and Varanasi.

Pita ji (Traditional Indian word for father/dad) scolding him to paddle his legs properly so that he can swim but he was in a different world. A world so different than this one. He was endlessly trying to open his eyes inside the water (without any goggles) to see how the womb of Mother Ganges looks like. He read somewhere that Mother Ganges gives three chance to anyone to save himself/herself from drowning in river and so he was confident that he will be fine.

(Stupid...Isn't ?)

Well that's what you expect from a 10 year old kid. This sudden thought bought a faint smile on his face. Things have changed so much in these 11 years. He is no more a kid who can think that way!

Loud thumping of bells brought him to the present! 

PRESENT, where everyone exist with their mean agendas. PRESENT, where everyone is motivated by a COST-Benefit Analysis. PRESENT, where everyone exist as a mathematical function to their problems. Our happiness is directly proportional to our materialistic achievements and  indirectly proportional to our inability to achieve them...Isn't ?

With heavy steps he moved closer to the sacred area where daily ritual of Ganga Aarti was taking place. He folded his hands in traditional Indian mudra of Namaskar and tried to conquer the emotional turmoil taking place within his body.

The floodlights of Ghats coupled with the pious light of diyas  (Candles made of soil used on sacred occasion) took him to a different world !

A world where he was not biased against his sexuality , color ,money, religion or creed but a world where equality REALLY exist without any deviation. He was feeling so feathery and composed.

He saw a bright light falling on his body which was healing him inside out. The shower of sacred water was cleansing his soul from all the directions. He didn't realise but an hour passed in a fraction of second and when he was back to present he found that he was ACTUALLY drenched !

Water was dripping from his shorts and T shirt and he was the only one standing on the Ghat. Dark clouds were shedding water happily as if this water is the biggest burden they have been carrying for ages.

He sat on the wooden plank next to him and watched intently the raging Ganga river. Calm mother who was at bliss an hour back turned into an aggressive care taker as if questioning her kids on their mistakes which she can no longer take for granted. His legs were paining so he decided to lay down on the plank. The drops of water were making it hard for him to open his eyes but he was determined. Droplets were no less than bullets trying to pierce his body and soul. 

Suddenly he realised that he had no clue of time! He looked at his watch and was shocked to see it was half past nine. He still remember what happened last time when he missed his deadline to home. With a quick reflex he grabbed his bag and stood to leave! On his way towards the stairs of Ghat, he realised that he wasn't all alone on the Ghat.

He turned his head and saw a 6 feet tall muscular guy and a 10 year old kid struggling with the rain. The guy was holding a small umbrella which was definitely not enough to protect their bodies from harsh rain. Kanishka realised that he have a big umbrella in his bag which mama forcibly kept in his bag to when he was leaving home for classes. With Kanishka all drench in water, their was no use of that umbrella so he took it out of his bag and followed the duo, who were probably father and son.

Kanishka shouted in Hindi( Local language) but they didn't stop. He followed them and when he was close and shouted again then the guy turned to him slightly and said I don't want to buy anything!

This annoyed Kanishka a lot..

The guy was probably Caucasian or  American (I don't even know if there is any difference between both of them or not :\ ) who obviously couldn't understand what Kanishka was saying in Hindi.

Kanishka didn't pay any attention to the guy's words and continued following them. The Guy was pissed. He stood still and turned to Kanishka. Those blue eyes pierced the soul of Kanishka and suddenly he started feeling numb. The guy was also lost in the big black eyes of Kanishka and the earth stood still for both of them.  

The sudden sneeze of Young kid bought both of them to the world. Kanishka hurriedly opened umbrella for the kid ! Young men continued cribbing and told him that he doesn't want to BUY anything but Kanishka didn't pay his ears. Kanishka shouted when it was above his head that he isn't trying to SELL the umbrella and just trying to help the kid who is going blue from the cold. The guy protested again and said that the kid will be fine but Kanishka told bluntly that he was doing it for the kid and not for HIM. The White guy apparently realised his mistake and stood to say sorry to Kanishka but it was late !


Kanishka took his bicycle from the parking and started paddling like a mad man.  All thru the way, he was thinking about the guy he met on the Ghat and his eyes.

Mom: Where have u been ? Your classes are done by 9pm and its 10pm... Huh ?

He tried to ignore her words and went to his room and asked her sister if dad is home. She said no and so he finally took a breath and thanked all the God he could remember in Indian mythology for helping him out!

When Kanishka hit the bed, he got a text from Aryan, the guy he met today in the hotel (When he was supposed to be in coaching) thanking him for the hot time and asking him if he could give him some discount for the next meeting. 

YES, You got it right !

Kanishka was an escort. 

Kanishka didn't reply to his text. His mind was still struggling with so many thoughts which were making him weaker and weaker. Kanishka thought about the guy he met on ghat and what a douche bag he was but he still couldnt understand the reason behind those sparkling blue eyes which binded him for good 10minutes. He was puzzled about where his life is taking him and when he will finally be getting out of this messy situation.

Soon he was in his dream land running away from a huge monster trying to eat him in one go...

The story continues....

Please feel free to comment. YOU all guys write awesome... In fact I have been in love with few of the stories and dats y decided to pen down my first story here !

Take care everyone :)



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