My name is Troy. I'm 29 years old and a detective with the New York City Police Department. I always wanted to be a policeman but never wanted to be on the street. To be honest, I wasn't looking for the excitement of danger. I just wanted to help people out. After a degree in criminal science and a history of participating in most sports during high school and college, plus with a friend of a friend on the force, I found myself in the police academy and did very well. I'm 6'1 and weigh a trim 170 pounds. I have a decent chest and great abs and really good coordination thanks to all of my sports activities - especially swimming. I'm mostly smooth which I love so I can show off my muscles at the gym. I love the side glances I get from both the boys and the girls. With brown hair and brown eyes, I blend in with most neighborhoods of my city. But with all the attention I have given to school and my career, I have absolutely no social life. My closest friends aren't so close and my family hardly remembers what I look like.

With that in mind, I was determined to have a personal life one of these days. Although assigned to a desk job in the administrative building downtown, I was also attached to a neighborhood precinct, so I was there often and got to know most of the guys. They were a decent group of men dedicated to their work and helping people, but I knew they saw me as a loner of sorts, even when I helped them with their cases.

It was late October at the precinct and I was finishing for the day when I stopped at the bulletin board and I noticed that someone was having a masquerade party. Are you kidding me? Grown men dressing up? I chuckled out loud when one of the officers walked by.

"Try it before you laugh Troy! It's a good way to unwind and get to know the guys better. We'd love to have you join us this year," said one of the younger officers named Rick. Rick was my age and had a similar build to me and always had a smile on his face. Kevin stopped and joined the conversation.

"Troy will never come to our party Rick. He never does," offered Kevin. Kevin was the blonde guy, one of the few in the precinct.

I turned to face the two of them and thought for a minute about my goal of beginning a personal life.

"You really don't mind if I show up? I just never thought of one of the guys since I never wear a uniform," I explained.

Kevin responded quickly. "If we didn't want you we would make that very clear."

Rick nodded in agreement with a broad smile.

"Well, maybe," I began. "But I am no little kid so what kind of costume should I wear? If I can make it that is!"

Rick and Kevin stepped closer to me and lowered their heads towards me. "Anything fun and exciting. Anything at all. We are OFF DUTY." Rick chuckled as he said it - almost with a mischievous grin.

I started to have second thoughts but answered I would try. I had a week to think about it.

The week flew by quickly and I seemed to notice the guys at the precinct, especially Rick and Kevin, giving me encouraging grins whenever we passed in the halls.

It was the night before the party and I still didn't know what to wear. I stopped at a party store and decided that if I found a good costume, I would go. If no costume then it was pizza and beer and a dvd movie at home.

I walked the aisles of the store, stopping at the superhero section. A young clerk stopped to help.

"Superheroes are the best," he said. "Plus underwear is optional," he added as he turned and left.

Did he just say what I thought he said. Shit. I should arrest that little fucker for being so rude. Then I started to laugh at the situation. I found my size in a nylon-blend Green Lantern costume, an all green suit that would cover me from head to toe, plus I wouldn't need to wear a stifling hot mask. I just had to paint on a green super hero mask only around my eyes, and some green face paint was included. It even had these green slipper shoes to wear.

Fine, I'm in. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself. The night of the party, I got ready. Despite the comment by that wise ass clerk, I did wear underwear. After dressing and looking at myself in the mirror, I gasped. I could see every crease and winkle of my good ol' tighty whities. It looked horrible. But no way was I going commando - with a bunch of macho cops! I rummaged through my underwear drawer and found a pair of black cotton blended short trunks. Much shorter then boxer briefs, they didn't have much seam material. I redressed and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Perfect. You couldn't see the outline of my underwear and they respectfully covered my twig and berries - which I am proud to admit are of respectable size. In full costume I had to admit that I wasn't all that bad looking. Even a bit sexy maybe? yeah right!

I found a long coat to put on and hopped in my car. All I needed was a traffic stop to try to explain myself. Needless to say, I drove to the party very carefully. I left my coat in the car when I arrived and nervously went to the front door and rang the bell. Wonder Woman opened the door and with a big smile ushered me in. The party was in full swing and I was pleasantly surprised to see almost everyone was a super hero or super villain of some sort. I mingled and talked amongst my colleagues recognizing a few and started to relax. I need to do this more often I thought.

After a few drinks, most of the couples had left so it seemed that mostly men were now at the party. Another Green Lantern came by and seemed to know me. It took a while and then realized that it was Rick. But he din't seem to know me yet. When I confessed my identify I was greeted with a wide smile and a hug.

"Troy, it is about fuckin' time that you decided to join the human race. The guys will be happy to know you're here. They thought you were stuck up or something. Besides, great costume!"

He winked and slapped me playfully on the butt. Did he really just do that?

A short while later, a third Green Lantern came by. He moved his head close to me as if he was about to whisper. I suddenly felt his hand caressing my ass as he said, "Damn Rick, you are so fuckin' hot in this costume. I can't wait to check out your lantern later." With that he walked away with a mischievous giggle. That voice. I knew it! Holy shit - it was Kevin! Man, was my head spinning from this revelation.

Although the night was young, the party started to peter out. As this was Rick's house and it wasn't too far a drive home, I was in no hurry to leave. With three Green Lanterns and two Supermen left, the five of us soon found ourselves seated on the sectional couch nursing our beers. To me, only Rick knew who I was, but I knew all the other guys. Kevin got a bit nervous as he looked from me to Rick and back again, not realizing that in costume, we were identical in every way. We had the same color of hair, cut the same way. Our skin complexion was similar, and of course we were wearing the same green super hero slippers. With enough beers in me, I decided to have some fun. I moved to sit next to Kevin and could see he was nervous. I leaned over to him and thanked him for talking me into coming to the party. I then dropped the bomb and said I was flattered he thought I was hot in my costume. I turned to face him and his draw dropped. "Um uh, um Troy?"

I patted his knee. "We're cool. I never thought of myself as sexy before so thanks!"

Before either of us could say anything further, the two Supermen stood up. Holy shit, they weren't wearing any underwear as I could clearly see them all boned up. Their hard full cocks were sliding sideways in their costumes as they hurriedly excused themselves and left.

"Damn," said Rick, "I think some Superman is gonna lose his virginity tonight in the back of a patrol car. We three burst out laughing.

"Well that sure explains the comment of that clerk at the costume shop. He said underwear was optional." I said.

"Damn," said Rick, "No wonder we have the exact outfit. That kid said the same thing to me. Ha Ha Ha!"

"Well thanks a whole heap guys. I'm the one making a fool of myself," added Kevin.

He explained what happened with him and me earlier and we all had a good laugh, clearly relaxing Kevin back to normal.

"So how long you guys a couple?" I asked.

They explained their history as the three of us shared another round of beers. They said they were gay for a while and asked about my love life.

"I have none," I sadly admitted.

"Gay or straight or bi Troy?"

"Straight I suppose," I answered.

"You suppose?" They looked at each other.

They got up and walked over to me and sat down on either side of me. "You want to know for sure?" Rick asked.

"There is a test," offered Kevin.

"No way!"

"Yes way!" They simultaneously replied.

We will go into separate rooms, they explained, and we remove our underwear and come back in our costumes commando. I objected and said that I had no intention of going commando in this flimsy outfit. We went back and forth and I realized that they had me cornered and would not let me out of this silly exercise.

"Fine," I said in a bit of a huff, "and you two will do it also? This isn't a prank is it?"

"No way," said Kevin, "we like you and always thought you were a nice cool guy. And sexy," Kevin added.

So I walked to the one of the bedrooms and stripped and removed my trunks, then slipped the costume back on. I looked in a mirror and realized it wasn't all that bad. My junk was kind of nestled but held in place fairly respectfully. I emerged from the room to find the guys already sitting back down as Rick was finishing replacing his slippers. It looked like they had both changed in the living room as I saw two pair of briefs on the floor nearby.

"So whats this test then?" I asked.

Rick and Kevin each took a hand and pulled me to my feet as we three stood in the middle of the room facing each other. "Now what?" I asked.

"Shh" said Rick. "No more talking til the test is over."

We stood quietly for a moment until Kevin reached out to touch Rick and slowly caressed Rick's chest. We stood in silence as Rick reached out and rubbed Kevin's belly very slowly. I let out a low gasp as Kevin started to fondle Rick's balls through his costume and his cock began to grow. I stood silent and wide eyed, never having been so close to such sexual activity. I could feel my heart start to pound as I noticed Kevin develop a hard-on himself. The light nylon of the green costume fabric left nothing to the imagination. I could even tell that Rick was cut and Kevin was uncut. I am circumsized by the way, for anyone listening to my thoughts!

After a while, they looked up at each other and both faced me. Holy shit, I thought. Now what? I gulped as my heart started to pound harder. One of their hands found my nipples. Another hand caressed the side of my neck while yet another hand was on my hip, slowly rubbing up and down. Finally, a fourth hand, the back of that hand to be specific, was rubbing over my pubes, right above my cock root. And then it hit me, I needed someone to grab my cock. My cock ached for attention and then it happened. I looked down as my cock began to grow, and grow, and grow. While Kevin and Rick watched their own cocks harden and grow along their bellies, mine decided to go straight out. So I guess my version of Green Lantern sports a tent. The big top for sure!

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