"You're a wizard, yea right." Dave said.

I can prove it give me the mirror. I said

He gave me the mirror. I went to my desk and I cleared of eve thing and put the mirror said the scrying spell:

"Aqua, terra, ventus, ignis et quod tu fecit oh speculo; fecit aquam tuam vitrum, frame tuum fecisti terram, est ventus tuo vasi scriptor magicam et ignis Ubi est tua potestate cam. Peto ut monstres mihi si tantum de voluntate, quod mater mea!"(translation: Water, earth, wind, and fire that which you made oh mirror; water made your glass, earth made your frame, wind is your magic's vessel and fire is where your power came. I ask of you to show ne the were about of that which i do so desire: my mother) and waved Dave over.

"Dave this is my mother Trixie. And before to say anything about tricks I want to look it over." I said handing him the mirror.

"This is totally cool Toby. What else can you do? He asked

Taking the mirror back I said another spell:" listen to my call spirits of communication and let my word and cry be heard be those that have been scryed and trough the close mirror let their word travel and to my ear let them arrear." Hi mom, how are you?"

"Toby what on the realms are you doing you are not supposed to use magic." my mom said

"Mother I your son Tobias Rodger Williamson the third ask of you to allow of me to use one my mortal allowances on David Arthur Fine." I said

"I Trixie Anna Williamson- Donoghue give you my son Tobias Rodger Williamson permission to use one of your mortal allowances upon answering three inquires: Inquire one; how old is David Arthur Fine, Inquire two; what is the current status of your relationship to this David Arthur fine and final inquire where does live for now?" she asks.

"Answer to first inquire he of the age seventeen. Answer to second inquire we are for the moment friends. And answers to final inquire he live in the village of Osterville of town of Barnstable in the state of Massachusetts of the country the United States of America. I answer respectfully.

"Then you have my permission to use one of your allowances I hope this is the last of your magic usage Toby. I love bye." She says and then she breaks off the connection.

I turn around and look at Dave he is kind of white, he is sweating, and breathing hard. I move to comfort him but before I get there he faints. I move up onto the bed take off his swat-jacket and shoes. I go down stairs and get something to eat. I have a troublesome time trying not thinking about the hot boy up in my room. I even make my favorite meal roast beef with baked yam and bean casserole but I cannot stop not think about what he look like undressed. Does he have a cut or uncut cock and how long is it. As I finish eating my meal I gave to my lust.

I go up to me room open the door slowly to make sure that he does not wake him. I sit on the corner of the bed just above his head; lean into him and kiss him slightly pause to see if he stirs. When he does not I lift his shirt and I suck on one of his nipples till harden then I move to the other. I move down his stomach stopping at his navel and play with it with my tongue. I look down to his groin and I smile because he starting to pitch a tent. I slowly so I do not wake him, take off his jeans. I got back down to his groin and through his boxer nibble on his balls playfully. I do this for what is got be fifteen minutes and cannot believe luck so I get bolder. At this point he is at full on hard on so I slip the boxers off down to his knees. I am shocked for to reason one his cock is priced so not what I expected not sexy at all and two he is big he is at least 26.67 cm long ( that is 10 and a half inches for you those of you that do not use metric.) I pause in me love make and make up a spell to get rid of that god(s) (whatever floats your boat) awful cock pricing

"I think pricing or cool except on a dude's penis in slag cock, therefore may this one be removed and no sign it ever being there and it ever being there 100% forgot."

I go back to this now perfect specimen of a cock and I kiss the head I move down the shaft with my tongue then up to the head and pause to play with the piss slit. I then go down on is his ball which are the size baseballs. I put on in my mouth and swirl my tongue around and friskily nibble it. As I move my mouth to give his other one the same treat he wakes up. At first he is groggy as heck but then he notices what I am doing sit up and slaps me so hard I am knocked over.

"Dude what the hell is wrong with you I sorry if gave the wrong impression but I am straight as the come. Now get away from me you F-ing faggot!" he says as he get up grabs his pants and starts to leave when cased another spell: "on you I have a crush, upon you a put some of my lust. You sexuality I cannot change but in eachother my passion for you I explore and exchange. Not to worry your actions you will not regret for upon sunrise you will forget and I swear that I this night I will not mention."

Dave turns around drops his pants, reaches over his head and takes off his shirt, pulls off his boxers, and pulls me into a hug and then kisses me. I move into the kiss and push me tongue into his mouth. He set back and he says

"For the rest of the night I am yours do whatever you want to me and I will accommodate you." And then his pull me into another passionate kiss.

To be continued...




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