In a galaxy far from earth, there is a planet called Sex-On. On this plants there lives a species of males who adapted to reproduce without females. They are catagorized into 2 groups alpha's ( being the male version) and omega's ( being the female version). The omega's were the child bearers they had ovaries in there anus which aloud them to reproduce. They paired at the age of twenty but were sexually active at 16.

Well let's begin with my story my name is Taylor and I am a omega. I am currently a junior in high school. I am 5'8, light tan skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

It all started on a friday, hey taylor wait up called sebastian. Oh hey wats up sexy, he certainly was 5'11, well built, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a HUGE package. We need to talk. sure what about sebastion. Well do you remember Monday? Yeah, I had sex for the first time witha hunk and had an amazing time! Haha it was great for me to, but you might hate me. WhT why? Well at the end when I pulled out and came on your stomach, I think I may may have came inside you. What, how can that be I saw you cum on me. Well Taylor I usually have big loads and that time I wasn't as big, and I thought about it and it makes sense.

So what your saying is I might be pregnant? Yeah I'm sooo sorry I didnt mean to if your are I don't care I love you and I'll take care of you and our baby! Wow your amazing but I'm still not sure we'll have to wait till my period it usually comes in 3 days if I'm late well than I'm pregnant if not then we aren't parents yet.


5 day's passed and nothing I had to tell Sebastian so I called him over and he said he'd be here in 5 minutes. Hey what's up baby. We have to talk, sure anything for you Taylor. Ok come to my room.

I'm 2 days late, Sebastian it never happend before there's no doubt I'm pregnant. I'm so sorry Taylor it's all my fault I knew I didn't have condoms and I still had sex with you. Its not your fault I could have said something but I didn't we're both responsible for this. So what do we do Taylor? Well idk about you but I'm keeping it, I want to have your baby. Really me too, I will get a job and start providing for us. He quickly began kissing me. Mmmmmmm I love you so much Sebastian. I love you too baby every tine I think about u my dick gets hard. Haha I can tell, how about I help.

I quickly undid his pants and released his giant boner. It was huge 13 inches cut, his balls were big to they were like eggs, he had pubes on his sack and dick. I quickly started sucking his monstrous penis in my mouth. Ooohhh baby your mouth is like heaven. And your deep throating it alll man im gonna cum soon. Thanks babe I love your cock I could ride it all day. Ooh let's try. We stripped bare and got into a 69 position. I sucked his cock while he ate my ass. Damn baby I loved your bubble ass. Its so tight cant wait to shove my giant boner in you.

After about 10 minutes I got up and he laid down on his back. I slowly sat on his giant snake. Ahhh ooohhhh fuck, he was in. Oohh your ficking tight I love it, now ride my dick baby. I qiuckly started humping him. It was amazing his Dick was hitting my spot and I was moaning like a dirty whore. I could he was enjoying himself he kept moaning and bucking his hips. after about 30 minutes he said im gonna cum, I quickly replied cum in me! Are you sure? Yes please Sebastian I want your sperm in me! As I said that he rammed into my ass and I went over the egde I came and starting moaning louder. I must have clenched my ass because he quickly started cumming.

I got off him and laid next to him. He turned and said " Taylor I love and your already having my baby so will you marry me? I started crying and said yes he held me and kissed me. We drifted of into a deep sleep after our intense fucking



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