The diary of agay teenager – Chapter II

It was lunch time and after swallowing all that cum I wasn’t really hungry plus my throat was really sore... I was supposed to be going out for dinner tonight at my favourite steakhouse, just me my mum and her boyfriend Tim I really hope my throat clears up by then because I love steak!

so the rest of the school day was pretty standard English, maths then home. I arrived home and decided to take a shower and brush my teeth several times. Thoroughly...I checked to see if anyone was home. “Mum?” nope all clear! So I removed my school uniform, socks and boxers and walked down the hall to the bathroom when suddenly my mum’s door flew open! Tim was standing there in a panic I placed my hands over my boy parts. We just stood there unsure what to say to each other. It felt like an age but was probably only a second or two he broke the silence by just saying” don't worry you will have one like me one day.” I was so embarrassed and but I couldn’t help but laugh. I made it to the bathroom and closed the door behind me with a big sigh of relief...

I got into the shower and I started to reflect on what just happened and I started to get hard. Like really hard. Harder than I have been before! Omg did I have a crush on my mum’s boyfriend? I decided to jerk one out and hope it went away. After a gloriously long shower I left the bathroom “with a towel on and made it to my bedroom and had a nap.

Before knew it, it was time for dinner so I put some clothes on and went downstairs praying that Tim wouldn’t mention the mortifying event in the hallway. But luckily all he said was “don’t worry we will keep that between me and you.”

He then went and took a phone call, I just had some small talk with my mum until he returned ready to go out. Tim came back into the kitchen and said “Hey, I know its short notice but my son has comeback early from his mums. Would you mind if he came to dinner with us and stayed over here tonight?” “of course not! Bring him I would love to meet him” my mum said.

I didn’t even know Tim had a son... So we picked jack up from the train station and wow he was hot. Muscular athlete with defined cheek bones and piercing blue eyes. Although he seemed quite moody but I did try to start a conversation. “Hey Jack, it’s nice to meet you im Rob.” “supman” he replied. I was determined get to know him. I wanted to know everything I could.

We arrived at the restaurant, luckily by now my throat had stopped aching although I wish it was   hurting in the restaurant bathroom with jack... I had to stop thinking like that or I would get myself aroused at dinner. So it was a pleasant enough meal I found out that jack was 22 he had broken up with his girlfriend about 2 months ago. He is a swimmer and likes to surf. Not bad for a nights work.

It was getting late and it had already been pre-determined that Tim would be staying over at the house as our house was closer now that Jack was here where would he sleep? After all he was too tall for the sofa and we only had 2 bedrooms so... does that mean he would be in my room?!

This was too perfect. I could use this opportunity to get to know him some more. Perhaps even watch him get undressed hahahah. So we arrived back at my house and my mum said “we have a sleeping bag for you tonight is that alright?” I was not about to let this opportunity slip from my eager fingers so I simply said. “I’ve got a double bed I’m sure we can share for one-night right jack?

Jack was so cool he just shrugged his shoulders and said “sure”. I don’t know what has happened to me I was always so shy but I couldn’t help myself I wanted to be close to him and I wanted him to like me, so I decided then and there I was gonna do everything in my power to make it happen.

It was getting late so me and jack went up to my room and I showed him where he would be staying. “this okay jack?” “yep” before I knew what was happening he was stripping off in front of me! Door wide open and didn’t care who was looking. First his t-shirt. My god his abs are amazing... took everything in my power not to drool. Then his trousers revealing a massive bulge! I felt so inferior. I thought he was done but he then dropped his boxers too I nearly dropped to my knees and begged him for it when I saw this perfect cock. Must have been 7 inches soft and as thick as mine was when I was hard...

As he put on some lounge pants he said “were you checking out my junk?” I didn’t know what to say it must have been so obvious... “I’m sorry yeah, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never seen something so big!” He just smirked and walked to the bathroom. I decided to change my boxers because pre cum had soaked into them... when I had changed them I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Upon returning jack was already in bed on his phone so I lifted the blanket as I got into bed. Noticing he was back in just boxers.

I decided if this was going to go where I wanted it to I would have to start dialogue. So I asked him about his ex. He explained that he had kissed her sister while on a night out. So she dumped him, he also told me he hasn’t had sex since he broke up with her 2 months ago. I then said “well I haven't had sex yet so guess I’ve got you beat there!” he just looked at me for a moment and said “I am mostly straight but It’s been a while and im horny and you are hot so how about you service my cock for me?”

I didn’t answer him I just crawled under the blanket and pulled his big 7-inch soft dick out it smelled amazing and was inviting me to give it a taste...I put the head in my mouth and Jack let out a loud moan. As the dick started growing in my mouth I thought my jaw was going to break as it was getting fatter and longer each time my head dropped down. He put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed me by the hair. I knew and he knew I was there to service his needs and I wasn’t going anywhere until he let me. He placed his second hand on the back of my head and started thrusting into my throat his now 9-inch cock. I knew what was coming and a few seconds later jack let out a loud moan once more and filled my mouth with his semen. Load after load, I didn’t swallow it I let it sit in my mouth and then he told me to swallow his load and I did I was instructed. The hot sticky salty juice rolled down my throat I could feel it going down I could taste his potent cum on my tongue still as he said goodnight and rolled over.

As I layed there thinking about the events that had just transpired I felt accomplished I had given my mouth over to be used by not one but two hot dominant guys! If only I knew what going to be coming my way in the next few days...

To be continued.




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