For those who don't know me, I'm a 35 yr. old transsexual, bisexual, and just plain horny! I am 5-7, and 125 lbs. I have green eyes and brown hair that falls to the small of my back. My measurements are 32C - 23 -35, with a 5 inch cock. I have been a tranny since I gave myself to my best friend, Dave. I was 17.

I have worked for Jackie since I was 19. Tracy and Michelle are the women that also work for Jackie. The three of us are similar enough builds that we can wear the same clothes. Jackie uses us as her models, when needed. She says we are different flavors of the same dish. We sometimes offer special assistance to our clients.

One day, an older couple came in and Jackie suggested I attend to them. I took them to the modeling lounge. I offered them a glass of wine. The woman was in her late 50's, but was still elegant. Her husband was older but carrying a lot of weight.

"My husband likes to wear women's lingerie. I wonder if you could show us some sexy styles?" she asked.

I slowly removed my blouse and skirt. She was eyeing me appreciatively. I was wearing an open cup pushup bra, matching low cut panties and a garter belt with silk stockings. I turned around, and with my back to them, I removed my panties. I turned back around and asked, " Is this what you had in mind?"

She stood and came over to me. She pulled me close and kissed me, running her hands down my back and sides and along my bottom. She cupped my breasts and gently squeezed.

"This is nice. Do you have it in his size in red?" she asked as she directed him to strip.

I gave Jackie the measurements and let the women kiss and fondle me while we waited. Jackie returned shortly.

" I'm out of red, at the moment, but will this do?" she asked, hold a lavender set.

We helped her husband dress, with Jackie helping with adjustments. She had also brought several pairs of high heels, lipstick, and a blonde wig.

He looked nice, but no one would ever mistake him for a woman. His wife walked around him, looking him over. She nodded in approval kissed him and felt him up like she had done me.

"I like this. However, since he wants to play as a woman, shouldn't he be fucked as a woman?"

Jackie and I smiled as she directed her husband to get on his knees and suck me. The wife frowned slightly and told us she was hoping his first time might be with something larger, and maybe a bit on the rough side.

Jackie said, "I think I can help with that.," and left the room. The husband sucked me until I came and started to pull away, but I grabbed his head and told him to keep sucking until I told him to stop.

A few minutes later, Michelle came in wearing her strap-on and carrying a ball gag.

"His cries of pleasure might get too loud," she said mischievously, as she placed the gag in his mouth.

She had him kneel down across the ottoman, with his legs against it, He wouldn't be able to move away once Michelle started. She lubed his ass and her cock and pushed against his hole. We could hear his muffled cries of pain as she worked it all the way in. She started with long steady strokes and soon picked up the pace to hard pounding. We could hear him gasp and saw tears running down his face.

I was sitting across the wife's lap, letting her fondle me and suck my breasts.  She said, "I wish I could fuck you like that!"

"That would be nice. Or would you rather fuck your husband? I'm sure Michelle would lend you her strap-on."

She brightened at that and Michelle helped her into the harness. The harness held the dildo that had a smaller cock that fit into the pussy. 

The woman was soon fucking her husband long and deep. You could see the pleasure on her face as the cock inside her worked its magic.

Michelle sat at the edge of the sofa and commanded I eat her while she watched. Soon the wife was coming, and Michelle shortly after.

"That was fantastic!" Where can I get one like this?"

"You can have that one, if you like, I have plenty of extras. It's already set for you. I think you might like having the cock that took his anal cherry. You can keep the ball gag, too. And you might want this, " she added, pulling a small whip out of a drawer.

The wife eyes grew wide with delight and spanked her husband once before they dressed and left.

She said, "Thank you," as they walked out.

Michelle looked at me with a wicked grin and said, " There's a little dominatrix in all us gals. Now get over her and lick my ass until I tell you to stop!" I worked through lunch that day.

After all, the customer is always right!


Angie K


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