As the summer approached I became more and more worried about my financial situation, especially as I was repaying a loan for buying my 4WD Jeep.

Phillip solved my problem,

"Why don't you sign on as Physical Education Instructor for one of the youth camps that are springing up all over the place? My father owns the one that I usually attend, and if you like I'll ask him if he can take you on".

After interview and acceptance I was told that my duties were to provide any sporting activity demanded by the kids. I greatly hoped that some of them would opt for wrestling. My other duty was to superintend one of the dormitories, from a small bedroom adjoining it.

As we were driving to the camp Phillip said,

"You've made the right decision coming here, George; I know from experience that there will be plenty of opporunity for some hot wrestle-watching".

"Oh! Excellent", I replied, Now that we've both got mobiles we can report to each other where the most sensuous fights are taking place".

The "Enjoy Yourself Boys' Camp" was situated in a rural backwater, surrounded by meadows, woods, a canal and a river. It also had its own private swimming school, tennis courts etc, and last, but not least, a superbly equipped gymnasium.

The first night, the new arrivals were all tired out, and Phillip, whom I had appointed Head of the Dorm, said there would be no pillow or dorm fights that night.

The next morning, I had just finished showing the rules of Badminton to a group of campers, when my mobile pinged. It was Phillip,

"There's a fantastic fight going on, half in and half out of the swimming pool. You'll be able to watch it secretly from the flat roof of the shower block".

My heart began to beat furiously, and I almost ran to the service entrance and up the winding stairs to the roof. Quickly I lay down flat and cautiously dragged myself to the low parapet.

At first all I could see were showers and founatins of water, as each of the two guys splashed each other. Sometimes, however, the smaller contestant got a neck lock fixed on the bigger boy, for a few minutes, only having to release him when he was dragged into deep water.

After some time, Tim, the smaller camper, escaped from the pool, closely persued by Tom, who caught him up just as they reached a grassed area at one end of the pool. Before Tim could make good his escape, Tommy bear-hugged him from behind, and after a few minutes standing struggle, both boys collapsed on to the grass, the sunshine glistening on their slim wet bodies.

The bigger Tommy was on top and soon began to truss up poor little Tim, who struggled in vain to escape from the other's increasing control over him.

Eventually, after lots more head over heels stuff. Tommy's hold began to stick and first Tim's left arm, and then his right were locked beneath his neck.

By now Tim was flat on his face on the moist grass, with Tommy firmly on top. The only parts Tim could move were his legs and thighs, but even this limited movement as Tommy lay flat on him and grape-vined his legs and ankles.

Timmy went on struggling for another fifteen minutes, but he was obviousy weakening under Tom's greater weight and skill.

The grassed area where all this explosive action was taking place, was immediately beneath the flat rook on which I was lying. Indeed I was so close that I could see and hear every detail of the now erotic conflict.

Tim seemed to have given up fighting and was resting quite passively under the unshakeable grip of his captor, who now whispered to him,

"You see, Tim, I've got you good and proper. I can do anything I like with you, so you'd better submit or it'll be the worse for you.

The only reply was a little groan from Tim, followed by,

"If promise to let you do anything you want with me later, will you let me go now"?

Tommy thought that this gave him a marvellous chance to have some fun with the younger boy, later in the dorm, so he said,

"OK! But you must be my slave till the end of Camp. Promise"? And to make it more obvious he pressed down heavily on his prisoner's bum.

"Oh! I promise to be your slave any time you want, just so as you are nice to me and don't hurt me".

That was that, Tommy rolled off Tim and they both disappeared into the Shower Block, Tommy already beginning to have fantasies of what he would do with his new found slave, that night in the dorm.

What I have not so far mentioned is that after I had been avidly watching the fight for some time, I suddenly felt bare knees on either side of my back, and before I could (or wanted) to do anything about it, my great pal Phillip had fixed me once again in His Favourite Hold (HFH), from which I knew from much past experience, there was no escape. As always happened in this situation Phillip had his way with me, and went on squashing me until we both experienced superb climaxes.

As the day's sporting activities came to an end Phillip rang me on my mobile and asked me to meet him in my room next to the dorm.

"You see George", he said, "If you draw back this curtain you will have a complete view of every bed in the dorm, and especially the circulating space in the centre, where most fights take place".

"But surely, everyone will see me," I expostulated.

"Don't worry about that: this is one way glass. There's even a one way audio syatem, so that you can hear the campers, but they can't hear you. My spies tell me that the fight between Timmy and Tommy will take place ifteen minutes after the Supper and Sing Song have finished (that is immediately after Lights Out.

I excused myself from the Sing Song, on the grounds of a headache, so that I could get into position in my little room, before the fight began. To make myself more comfortable I dragged a mattress over to the window on to the dorm, my crutch already beginning to tingle at the thought of what I hoped shortly to see and hear.

Before long the campers straggled in, laughting and joking, putting on their pyjamas and gossipping about the coming fight.

At last the contestants arrived,

"Take everything off except your pyjam bottoms, Slave", commanded Tommy,

"and remember you've got to do everything I say, as you solemnly promised at the Swimming Pool".

Then the Head of the Dorm (Phillip) arrived,

"Look chaps! I expect fair play, and if I don't get it there will be trouble. No gouging or spitting. Winner will be the best out of five submissions. You are permitted to fight in your swimming trunks, or pyjama bottoms. There will be no time limit. I shall be leaving you all now to visit a friend, and Ginger (Deputy Head of the Dorm) will act on my behalf.

Tommy opened the proceeding,

"Come here, Slave. Get on your knees and then bow to me three times".

Tim was furious at this humiliation, but refused to go back on his promise. So he knelt with his head level with Tomm's thighs.

Suddenly, Tom whipped round to Tim's back and used his thights to scissor the kid's kneck. Gradually he forced his slave down and down, until the small boy was flat on his face on the floor, his arms twisted painfully behind his head. It looked like a perfect hold, and Tim's frantic struggle to break it were futile.

To make his position more comfortable Tommy manoeuvred himself so that his crotch was directly above and pressing down on the back of Tim's head.

By now some fifteen minutes had passed and the watching crowd of campers were getting very excited - so much so that some of them had already paired off to have mini fights or rough and tumbles on their beds.

Timmy was not as heavy or strong as his adversary, but compensatged for that by being more cunning. He knew he could never escape from this deadly hold in the normal way, but decided to try out a strat of of Tim's thighs against Tom's carotid artery was already having its weakening effect on him. Then, with a sudden mighty sideways and downward pressure, Tim pulled Tom's whole body flat on the ground, and ended up with his cructch exactly above Tom's face. Before Tom could do anything Tim appled deadly finger grips to each of the other's hands.


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