I was in the second year of my Teachers' Training Course, when I was posted for a year as a student physical education teacher, to St.Thomas's Grammar School, situated in an isolated position, high up on the moors, overlooking Wakefield.

After being there for two weeks I identified a minor mystery. If the weather was dry at the end of school day, two of the fourteen year olds named Rod and Mike, would ask for permission to go for a run to Carfax Woods and back, and have their shower after the other kids had left.

This, in itself, was not very curious except that another boy, named Phillip would also ask my permission to do an extended jog in the same area. However he always set off a few minutes after the others had left and were out of site.

I became more and more intrigued by this little mystery, and eventually decided to secretly trail Rod and Mike, and see what they were up to. A few minutes after they had all left, still wearing their gym clothing, I set off, and within ten minutes, reached the deepest part of the woods, and noticed in front of me a sun-speckled sylvan glade .

Hearing the sound of voices close at hand. I silently searched for a good vantage point that would allow me to see, without being seen. Soon I found the ideal spot, a tiny clearing only about six feet square, covered with sweet smelling meadow grass. In order to see underneath an overhanging branch, I had to lie down on my stomach.

As soon as I got into position I saw who were in the glade, only a few feet away: it was Rod and Mike. They were stripped to the waist so that the glancing rays of the sun reflected from the brown skin of their slim, handsome lythe bodies.

I saw at once why they had come to this isolated spot: it was to have a secret wrestle or rough and tumble, without interference from anyone else.

I had no objection to this activity at all, but decided not to give them a shock with a sudden unnecessary appearance. However I had always liked wrestling and judo and "horseplay" with the lads in College, and thought it would be pleasant to watch these youngsters doing their stuff, and when I became bored or tired I would leave as secretly as I had arrived.

Concentrating once more on this fun wrestling I saw that Mike, the bigger boy was beginning to get control of Rod, on whom he had already fixed a powerful neck with his left arm. Rod was threshing about in attempting to escape, and with a sudden explosion of energy broke the neck lock, and turned on to this stomach, just like me.

Now I expected them both to get on their feet, and either pack up or start another match. But I did not reckon on Mike's quick thinking, as he leaped on the other boys back, locked both his arms above his head, and sat down firmly on Rod's bum.

Rod struggled and turned and twisted with all his strength, but was unable to dislodge his heavier opponent. Whilst watching this fascinating skin to skin fight, I suddenly became aware of a slight noise behind me, but before I could turn and look round, a voice practically in my ear whispered,

"So you like watching too?" It was fifteen year old Philip, and I was so surprised that I could not think of a suitable reply, as it was useless to deny that I had been spying on the kids increasingly erotic looking fight.

Phillip went on:

"Don't worry, I won't say anything to anyone, as I like watching too. Your secret is safe with me. Let's both go on watching, but where can I lie?"

"You can lie wherever you like", I replied, not thinking that Phillip would take the permission at it's face value, because with a sudden smooth powerful spring he was on my back, and in a few more minutes had established complete mastery of me with the same hold that Mike had on Rod.

Although, as a student teacher I should not admit it, all this secrecy and skin to skin contact, including Phillip and myself was having a decided erotic effect, and I could feel a very distinct pleasant tingling in my genitals.

As I still tried, but failed to release myself from Phillip's grip I looked across at the slim young boys locked together in the long grass. Mike had obviously established complete control of Rod, with the exception of his legs and thighs, and was now experimenting to find the best method of achieving one hundred percent mastery of the smaller boy's body.

Using all his considerable strength he was gradually pushing his knees inwards against Rod's. As he slowly made progress against the furious resistance of his prisoner, Rod's legs were forced higher and higher into the air. With a sudden decisive movement he slid his legs under Rod's, and strongly twisted his ankles round the other boy's.

Having now got complete control Mike now spent the next few minutes in fine tuning and consolidating all his various holds, and on completion of this it was clear that poor little Rod was completely "sewn up" and could not move even half an inch in any direction!

Turning my attention to things nearer home I was horrified to realise that Phillip was gradually forcing on me the same hold that was so immovably fixed on Rod.

Of course, as a teacher (or almost a teacher) it was my duty to escape from a mere fifteen year old schoolboy, and struggle I did, cursing and groaning, but it was all to no avail and I could feel each of his locks becoming more impossible to resist, until Phillip had me in a mirror image hold to that being endured by young Rod.

What followed was uncanny: I saw Mike push down on to Rod's butt and say,

"This is to repay you for the hour you held me down for yesterday, unless of course you submit now and call me `Master`".

Rod didn't reply, but said almost the same thing to me, and of course neither plucky Rod or myself were willing to call our captors "Master", and it was not long before Mike began to force a submission on his long suffering victim, by beginning to thrust up and down against his Rod's butt. Each time he did this there was a terrible groan from the boy he was pressing so ruthlessly into the long grass. The two boys were so closely entwined that they looked more like one body than two. The only movements I could see were Mike's hips moving up and down faster and faster on top of Rod's shapely butt.

I am ashamed to say that even with all my training I was unable to dislodge this fifteen year old stripling from my back. I had long since given up struggling, as it only tired me out and made no difference at all to this full length ankle twisting grapevine.

My willy was now like iron, and through the folds of his shorts I could feel Phillip's the same. I heard my captor whisper in my ear,

"You see what Mike is doing over there? Well I'm going to do the same to you, and if you struggle it will get very painful for you, and still won't stop me enjoying myself. And remember you'll get your chance to do the same to me, some other time, if you want to".

I had just enough breath left to say,

"I don't care what you do to me, but I promise not to struggle while you're having fun with my bum, and I'll definitely get my own back on you before long".

Without wasting another second Philliip began to plunge up and down on me vigorously, and each heavier and heavier lunge increased my feeling of ecstasy, and of being part of him, rather than a separate individual. I imagined that I could feel his pleasure at humping me, whilst he could feel the pleasure I was getting from being humped.

To cut a long story short both the top guys had their way with their helplessly trussed up victims, and the young man and three boys reached their respective orgasms at about the same time.


As a result of our intimate fight Phillip and I became fast friends, and it was through this friendship that I came to hear of other opportunities for me to express my craze for voyeurism. One day as I was sitting in my little office by the side of the gym, Phillip came to me,

"Would you like to watch a no holds barred neck scissors contest?"

"What's that?"

"Well it's when guys agree to have a contest in which the only hold permitted is a neck scissors".

"Sounds fine", I replied, "and don't forget that you promised me a chance to get my own back on you, sometime, after that terrible squash you gave me in Carfax Woods!"

"OK! OK!" said Phillip, "all in good time. This contest will be tomorrow, after school in the same place where I did you. The fight will be between Joseph and Daniel. Joseph is much bigger and stronger, but is extremely quick, and has incredibly strong wiry thighs".

"How do you know all this?" I enquired.

"I won't tell you that now. Perhaps later, if you are invited to join the Carfax Gang (but remember you're a teacher, and we don't usually admit them. However if you behave yourself maybe the Gang Committee will ask you to join.

The next day was fine and dry and I gave permission to Joseph, Daniel and Philip, and after ten minutes followed them. The two former boys did not know how I had secretly spied on them during their recent erotic conflict.

Approaching the glade in Carfax Woods, I was surprised at the silence, and as I entered the previous viewing spot, my heart gave a great thump as I saw the slim bare chested figure of Phillip, lying on his back, and legs stretched out.

This was the opportunity to get my own back, after the terrible crushing he'd given me. Crawling forward tip toe, one leg at a time, I suddenly launched myself at the attractive supine unsuspecting body, and before he had time to react I was full-length on top of him.

Quickly, before he could escape, I fixed a double arm lock on his right arm, and grape-vined the rest of him, using all my greater strength and weight. He struggled violently, but I just managed to keep the hold intact and after about ten minuted he gradually quietened down and lay without moving, gazing up submissively into my face, only a few inches above his.

"I submit and accept you as my Master", he murmured, drawing me into even closer contact with him, from head to foot.

This was a fantastic position, and already my cock had reached its maximum size, and was lying on top of his, so that our mutual hardware was separated only by our gym shorts.

Having got my slave under control, ready to be squashed, I looked across at the other couple entwined together on the grass, but there was hardly any movement between them, and what amazed me was to see that little Daniel had the bigger boy completely under his control.

Daniel and I both held our respective prisoners immovable and silent for another few minuted, until Daniel whispered to the lower guy,

"It's your last chance. It's now or never. Either you submit and let me do whatever I want with you, or I'll crush you into oblivion".

"Do whatever you like", replied Joseph, "I won't struggle or try to escape, providing you don't hurt me".

That seemed to satisfy Daniel, and he changed his neck scissors hold slightly, so that his crotch was directly above the lower kid's face.

The view so so sensual that I couldn't resist thrusting deep into Phillip and feeling his iron hard prick throbbing beneath my own.

Now Daniel was plunging away and Joseph looked as if he was about to expire. Under me I could here my prisoner gasping, as I pushed deeper and deeper into his crotch.

By now I had lost all control and was lunging up and down, up and down at fantastic speed and nothing could have stopped me. I felt myself an integral part of the quivering body beneath me as we both approached the euphoria that comes with orgasm, and I lay back on the green sward for a long time to recover from my exertions.

Meanwhile Daniel became lost in a world of ecstasy as he humped up and down on Joseph's face and reached his last powerful downward thrust, and...


Peter Lewis

[email protected]


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