After signing his credit card receipt and taking the key from the middle aged woman behind the desk, he sighed a little from the fatigue that had crept into his body. Sitting in airports and on planes since 5am wasn't exactly a thrilling experience, but he still felt a little excitement at having finally reached Victoria.

Ken was a seasoned traveller though it was starting to wear on him a bit. After all he wasn't a teenager these days, and the prospect of turning 60 in another 2 months was a bit daunting. Still he didn't look his age and he sure as hell didn't feel like an old fart. Still it was beginning to tell a little as he lifted the one large suitcase onto the luggage rack near the queen sized bed in the room. So far, everything about the place looked as he had been told. It wasn't huge but it would do for his needs.

The bed was comfortable looking and as he stared to the far end he saw the sink, stove and fridge that at least would solve his snack needs. Though somehow he didn't think he'd be doing much cooking in the room. Still it was nice to have as he turned towards the door. The small little table and room chairs made him smile as it was right next to the window that overlooked Beacon Hill Park. Somehow he just knew that he'd enjoy staring out that window as he slowly unpacked his bag and the fatigue from travelling all day seemed to vanish a bit.

Customs had been a breeze and he felt at ease as he gathered up his toothpaste and assorted toiletries to take to the small bathroom. He smiled at the two boxes of condoms and decided he'd keep those handy by the bed and he began to whistle a little as he got into a happy mood, knowing he had finally arrived.

There had been times in the morning, waiting in line to clear security that he wondered if this would all be worth it, specially when the snotty security guard insisted he take off his shoes. Man what a bore it was these days, but that was part of the price of having Bush for President and wars all over. He sighed at the thought that he'd have to head back to Atlanta in two weeks but his eye caught the lush trees across the street and he soon forgot about Politics, Voting, and all the other day to day stuff. He was here to have fun and damn it, he was going to make the most of his time in a foreign country where the boys were hot, the air fresh, and the people friendly. Or so he hoped.

The trip to Victoria had been uneventful. No sexy men to stare at even and the stewards on the flight had to be at least 50 if a day. The stewardesses were nice enough but he wasn't interested in that. He had hoped there would something cute to help pass the long trip by, but not this time around. Last trip he had managed to have one sexy young blonde sit next to him and one thing had led to another and Ken finally became a full fledged member of the Mile High Club. Too bad he couldn't repeat that initiation this trip but then, maybe on the way back.

He didn't think he was a sex maniac but he certainly did enjoy the taste of flesh and yes, he was selective and maybe that too was part of the problem. He liked his diversions to be youngish looking, not overly beefy and while he preferred that they were shaven, he at least insisted that they were of age to need shaving. So many stories of men chasing kids really made him angry. He had the opportunity before, but he didn't cross those lines. For him it wasn't right, something he referred to as ethics and values.

Too bad others like Mark Foley didn't have the same ethics. Yet too, it was all that Bush crowd that harped on it and yet here they were, screwing around with 16 year olds because they could. He didn't understand it either, how they kept nattering about traditional values but fucked kids up. Like what kind of stupid code of ethics was that he thought?

Shaking his head he sat down on the bed and reached for one of his cigars. He wasn't about to get himself all in knots worrying about politics back home when he was here. Though he was certain his friends Brett and Joey might bring it up, in passing, he was here to just unwind, to relax and to not let the crap from back home ruin his time or his plans.

Grabbing his lighter and small blue pullover, he went outside to sit down and have a small smoke before calling Brett to let him know he had arrived and would see him tomorrow. He lit the cigar and stared out, at the park that lay across the street. The black wrought iron fence was nice and he puffed thinking that this was a great little motel. He had the end suite and was close to downtown if he wanted to go exploring. He wasn't sure if he would right off, but tonight he thought he'd just maybe walk down the block to a coffee shop and have a small nibble before retiring for the night. After all, he had time to spare and it had been a long trip.

As he sat he noticed a dark shape slowly walking along the street, and he peered out into the growing darkness as the thin shaped figure approached. From a distance he looked rather interesting and he took another puff. As he did, he saw the hooded head turn towards him. It was like the lit cigar end had somehow betrayed his presence, but Ken wasn't all too worried. After all this was Victoria and not a city in the States. Or so he had hoped given the latest round of gay bashings that was making the news back in his country.

The figure came closer and Ken could notice some details. There was a tuft of brown hair sticking out from under the hood top and the face was angular. The figure looked to be about 140 to 150 pounds but hard to tell with the pull over and darkness. Still he did look interesting and he licked his lips as he just stared discreetly. After all no sense in tempting the fates just in case Brett's description of Canada and Victoria weren't right.

The approaching pedestrian didn't look that old either but it was way too hard to tell. Ken just sat there, puffing as the walking figure got closer to where he sat. The fence was a good barrier in case he needed one and the door to his room was just ajar in case he needed to make a quick retreat. He knew they used 911 as well so all in all he wasn't perturbed when the figure stopped and looked over at him.

Ken could see his face now and felt a bit of a lump in his throat because the eyes were glistening orbs that just seemed to sparkle in the twilight. The color was hard to make out but he could see them twinkle a bit and they looked friendly too. He had a way of knowing and became totally relaxed as the stranger nodded at him and remarked how it was a nice night now that the clouds had moved on.

Well no way was he going to pass that up as he smiled back, seeing the interest the youth was showing. Years of experience made Ken realize that the person he was talking to wasn't all that old. At best he would be maybe twenty but in his mind, Ken was fairly certain that he couldn't be more than 18 or 19 which was okay. It was on the line for him, but close enough. He liked the boys looks too though in all honesty the guy was a bit dingy.

Striking up a conversation the stranger noticed his accent. Now Ken didn't think he had one but this kid picked up on it and asked where he was from. Naturally the mention of him coming from the States sparked some interest and to his surprise, the kid asked him what the heck was going on in the States with Bush and the War. It actually blew him away to think that here he was, in another country and they seemed to know a fair amount of US politics and events.

Course he shouldn't be surprised, as in all his travels he had come to the realization that many countries seemed to take a keener interest in foreign affairs than his own fellow Americans did. Strange but after all his time being a teacher, he was amazed at how little his own people knew about themselves, than strangers did.

Naturally he passed it off, and steered the conversation towards less dangerous topics. He was a bit surprised when the figure accepted his quick offer to join him. He quickly got up and pulled over the chair from next door to let the stranger join him. The boy introduced himself as Alan and they shook hands.

As they did Ken felt the shiver run down his spine as his hands touched the cold flesh of Alan's hand. It was a bit unnerving because he certainly didn't expect to meet someone this fast. Hell he wasn't even sure he'd meet any though he had hopes. Seems they were well founded too as the boy was quite at ease in talking with this older stranger with the funny accent. Least that was sort of how he had put it.

Alan had thought at first that Ken was from the East Coast provinces but after a quick correction was amused at how Ken didn't think he had an accent. Alan's laugh and smile was something to behold. Ken hoped he'd see more of that as they talked about the weather. Ken turned the conversation around to food, asking about any good restaurants near by as his tummy rumbled a bit. Alan had picked up on the noise but had been very polite in appearing to not notice. One more mark in his favour Ken thought as he pursued his desire to know more about this pedestrian youth.

Turned out that Alan was just 19 and with the hood down off his face, Ken wasn't all that sure if maybe he wasn't a bit younger. Still if he said he was 19 and all, what was the harm in having a bit of fun?  Worst case was he might find a good restaurant and even manage to have some company with dinner. Best case was that maybe his vacation would start out with a real bang. He could hear Brett now, calling him a trollop or such. But hell, it wasn't like he was a Saint, yet.

Alan was impressed when Ken invited him to join him for something to eat, but was more impressed when Ken suggested they walk to the agreed upon restaurant. With a wicked grin, Alan had remarked that he didn't think Americans did anything but drive even if they were going a block or two. Ken had to hold back because Alan was right. Most of his fellow countrymen did drive everywhere and when he was at home, well he did too. Yet here he was, willing to walk a few blocks with a perfect stranger without a thought of calling for a taxi or anything.

Had to be the air he thought as he leaned into the room and grabbed his parka and then closed the motel room door with a soft thud. He checked to make sure it was locked which seemed to also bring another of those damn sexy grins from Alan. Somehow Ken knew that tonight wouldn't end with him just paying the restaurant bill.

Grinning back they headed up the street to walk the two blocks and he felt the chill in the air, but all thoughts of retiring for the night had vanished. Ken felt refreshed already as they talked and enjoyed breathing in the fall air. It had obviously rained earlier and it wasn't a warm night but Ken felt very comfortable. He also could feel the excitement as they entered the restaurant, and as Alan passed under his arm. The closeness of the youth was invigorating in itself.

The waitress didn't seem phased either as the youth sat down next to him. Strange he thought, because back home he'd get looks if he sat down at a table with a younger kid next to him. Maybe Brett was right, things were more laid back here or just less uptight.

Dinner had passed in a blur for him as he really enjoyed just listening to Alan's soft voice. The occasional 'eh' made him grin. Ken thought Alan liked him grinning as there were a few extra 'ehs' thrown in that simply didn't fit. Still if it made Alan smile, he didn't care. He just enjoyed the freshness and innocence of the guy and without even realizing it, a quick bite to eat had turned into a couple of hours of idle chatter and discussion.

Strange he thought, because back home everyone was always in a hurry. Yet Alan seemed in no way rushing and Ken began to wonder if maybe he had read the guy wrong. Was he just a street kid looking for a free meal or was there more to him? Did he even suspect that Ken was hoping for a different dessert to go along with the apple pie Alan had ordered? Somehow he thought Alan knew, yet still wasn't in a rush. Now that intrigued him as they sat there, drinking a cup of coffee for Alan and a glass of skim milk for himself.

Naturally he endured the tentative joking about that from Alan. Still it was rather fun to be kidded about being old, and yet when he asked Alan how old he thought Ken was, it was rather satisfying to hear him reflect that Ken was maybe in his forties. Now that certainly felt good and it took a few minutes for Alan to believe that he was 60. It wasn't just that he seemed incredulous that Ken was indeed 60, but it showed that it didn't seem to matter.

Again it was odd for him to realize that someone like Alan didn't care about his age, that he actually seemed to enjoy his company. Alan didn't seem to be in any rush either and it made for a very enjoyable dinner. With the end of the meal it just seemed natural that they'd walk back to the motel room, together and Ken didn't seem to need any words to have Alan walk by his side.

They talked and enjoyed the company of each other and as they came to the motel room, Alan didn't back off. He waited for Ken to open the door and with that smile of his, entered the room. It was almost as if they could sense each other's desire and the way the guy looked as he sat down on the bed, bouncing a bit on it like a normal teenager, brought another smile to Ken's face.

Ken couldn't recall when he had last smiled so often in the course of one night. It felt good and he was totally relaxed as he stared at the young man. The jackets were off in no time it seemed and for maybe the first time he realized at how thin Alan was. He didn't mind thin but there was no mistaking that Alan spent time on the streets. He wondered why anyone would let someone with such a vibrant personality and good looks be homeless but he didn't pry.

The silence grew a bit awkward as Alan stared around the room, unsure how to bring it up. Ken could tell and he himself wasn't sure either. Somehow though, it seemed like they weren't through for the night and finally Alan with his head lowered, asked if he could borrow Ken's shower. He spoke softer than his normal voice and kept his head down, almost as if he was embarrassed as he made his request.

Ken didn't know what to say, because it sounded almost sad really. The guy was so grateful but still, wanted to be clean. He explained how he hadn't managed to get into the local hostel and had been camping out so to speak. Ken knew what that meant and quickly agreed, stopping the flow of words and sadness that had crept into their voices. He hated how kids were forgotten across the world, and it seemed even up in Canada, they were the lost ones.

Alan smiled as Ken told him that the door had a lock on it, and in a shy voice, said he didn't need a lock or feel the need to have a door closed. It was rather simple and said with such sincerity that Ken couldn't help but reach out and grab the youth by the shoulders and hug him tightly. The boy didn't flinch and without any hesitation had his own arms around Ken. It felt so good that he was reluctant to let go but he did, smiling down at the boy and telling him to feel free to use his shampoo and soap.

That wasn't something he normally did either but somehow Alan had touched him in a way he wasn't used to.

He watched as Alan's slim figure disappeared around the corner and he could hear the boy undressing. No door closing echoed and he smiled, feeling totally at ease, at peace and all feelings of doubt seemed to vanish as he heard the water begin to run. The sound of splashing and spray hitting flesh penetrated his thoughts as he sat there, happy and content.

Back in the recess of his mind he realized that he didn't care if they had sex or not. It was a great evening already, better than he had hoped for simply because of the presence of Alan. It was odd to him, because he had managed to meet several young men all over the world and yet here he was, feeling already satisfied and he had no idea what the boy's body looked like or felt like.

The thought ended as the room became quiet. He looked up from his thinking to see the pinkish body standing in the kitchen alcove. A white terry towel was wrapped around a damn thin waist and the longish hair was all matted and hanging in thin wisps down the sides and across the angular face. The boy's hand clasped the towel but it wasn't rolled together, only held around the waist by the long tapered fingers of the hand. The bulge that showed made Ken lick his lips a bit and as he finished tasting his own tongue he looked up to see the boys eyes again, winking and filled with laughter. It made him grin and as he smiled, Alan moved his hands away from the towel, the white dampened cloth dropping quietly to the floor.

He stood there, naked with a pair of medium sized balls still dripping. The pole stuck outwards, and the head, already swollen with blood, was a deep purple as it seemed to point right at Ken's heart. He shivered a little as he just stared at the naked body and the warm glow that came from Alan's face. It was more than he had imagined as he found his arms suddenly open and the press of a wet warm body encased within.

The smell of his own shampoo permeated his nostrils as he breathed in deeply of the clean young body that was pressed deeply into his own frame. He felt the chest heaving and could even feel the warm breath against his neck as they held each other, almost as if they were two lost friends just now finding each other again. It was amazing at how the press of Alan's body made his own groin ache and his thighs tremble just a tad as they clung to each other. Neither willing to let go as the moment grew and then slowly he felt himself moving towards the inviting bed. There was no resistance from Alan as their bodies touched the edge of the bed and they fell easily down onto the firm mattress.

The press of Alan's lips against his own surprised him for a moment but then he opened his mouth, tasting the fresh flavour of the boy as the urgency of the boy's needs were transmitted inwards. He could feel the raspy edge touch the upper part of his own mouth and his whole body shook with the strange sensations that enveloped him.

Somehow Ken found himself naked, laying alongside the pink freshly scrubbed body of Alan. The touch of the hard penis against his own belly spurred him onwards as he found his hands exploring every inch of the tender young body. There was a softness he hadn't expected either as Alan's body responded directly to each caress, each soft pass of his older hands across the skin.

In a quick motion, Alan was suddenly atop of Ken and then the head was up and staring down at him. He opened his eyes wide as he saw the desire inside of Alan's eyes, felt it from the trembling flesh that he held in his hands. The boys hips were shaking as he held them and he could feel the mounting tension as the boy stared at him.

For a brief instant he wondered if his more well aged body was betraying himself and ruining the moment, but as he stared up into the inviting eyes of Alan, he could see only desire inside. There was no repulsion or disgust but pure simple lust showing. He felt at ease as he started to rub the tender but firm thighs, feeling the muscles recoil and tighten under his gentle touch. It felt all so right that he sighed and saw the smile grow across Alan's face as the boy bent down and planted a deep wet kiss firmly on his lips. He tasted the slight saltiness as the lips crushed into his own and then he felt the hand reached down, grapping his own penis.

The fingers wrapped around as the boy moved his buttocks down Ken's own body. The flesh was hot and sweat was beginning to form on his forehead as the fingers gripped his pole tightly, holding it and then slowly moving up and down his own erect cock. The motion grew more urgent and he felt his own body shaking now as Alan's hand moved first slowly upwards, circling his own cock head, twisting around it and then slowly slipping back down the shaft, pushing hard into his belly and crotch.

The gentle pull and push didn't last for long before Alan was suddenly pushing himself further down Ken's body. The chest now touched his own stomach and pressed hard into his body. He felt the hot sweet breath on his chest as the lips touched his nipples. A quick twist of one nipple brought a moan from his lips and slight murmuring sound from Alan.

The slight tingling sensation rolled through his whole body as Alan nibbled gently on his nipple. The teasing biting only made the ache in his groin grow as the boy then kissed him and pulled his head back, Ken's nipple still between Alan's teeth. The sensation made him groan louder now as the flesh was released and the lips were now pressing against his stomach, kissing and tasting at the same time.

All through it the hand continued to pump his dick, holding it and twisting a little from side to side. The press of the firm fingers grew stronger as Alan's continued to work his way down and suddenly he cried out as Alan's lips replaced the grasping fingers around his cock. He could feel the wetness and press of the lips over his head, his body jerking slightly upwards, pushing his cock a bit further inwards. Alan moved his head back, unwilling to let it enter fully, taking his time to savour the taste of Ken's cock inside his mouth. The tongue was eagerly licking at the head, swirling around it and wiping up the oozing pre cum that was not flowing constantly out of the tiny slit on top. Ken groaned louder now, no longer caring if the neighbours heard. He was lost in the pleasure that was rolling up and down his entire body created by Alan's gentle touch and licking.

His eyes were clouded as the occasional flashes of different colours appeared before him. He could feel the damp hair rubbing on his belly as the head began its bobbing motion. The firm press of the young lips on his shaft only added to his enjoyment. There was no mistaking the prowess of the young man as his body shook. Ken couldn't stop his head from tossing right and left with each quick lick of his cock from Alan. The harsh edge of Alan's tongue was making him crazy as he reached down, grabbing a handful of the boy's wet hair, holding it tightly in his fist as he pushed and pulled in time with the young man's own motions.

The urgency grew almost insurmountable as his body bucked to the rapidly increasing sucking. He could hear the sounds too as Alan's lips grew even tighter around his cock. He never had felt such suction as he felt his control slipping away. Somehow he felt he needed to hold on but his body wasn't making it easy. The rushing sound of air passed his ear made him grow feint as the blood drained down towards his cock. The image of the boy's hair shimmering in the motel room's dim light only made him moan more, bit his own lip harder as the pressure mounted within. He couldn't hold on much longer as he cried out, knowing that the youth had succeeded and taking him to the edge and over.

In less time than it took to blink he felt the rolling ecstasy take over his entire body. The pure joy was too much as his body surrendered and released itself to the hard sucking of Alan's mouth. He felt his cock head thrust inwards, his hips leaving the bed to arch upwards to further impale his cock into Alan's throat.

The touch of his head against the very back of Alan's throat was too much and his cum came flooding outwards. He heard the small gurgle sound and gag noise but the lips didn't release their hold on his quivering cock shaft. Instead he felt the hands dig deep around the base of his cock, holding it and pushing down, the tongue somehow out of the way of his flowing milk.

The sudden release made him shake all over. The deep trembling motion of his legs only added to the sensations that flowed within his body. He could almost hear his own heart beating as the boy continued to hold his cock deep into his mouth. The warm cum was slowly dripping out and around from the lips and the pressure was gradually dissipating as the boy swallowed again and again, taking every drop he could down his throat.

Ken could feel the tears welling out from the corners of his eyes as his body shook and trembled with the final release of his milk. He could feel the lips relax and then the boy was collapsed on top of his still quivering body. He could feel the deep sighs as Alan's chest was heaving from the effort spent. Ken's hand gently caressed the matted hair and stroked the back of Alan's head as he tried to regain his composure. It was unreal at how drained he felt and yet still felt ready for more.

For a brief moment he felt like he had when he had been a teenager as he stared down at Alan's prone body nestled on his own. It was unbelievable at how much he still wanted the boy, as if what had just happened was merely an introduction to the rest of the evening. Briefly he wondered if he still had the strength to experience more but as he stared down to see Alan looking into his face, he knew he did. The look of desire was still there, more so he thought as he reached down to pull the boy upwards, to feel his young supple body fully against his own.

He smiled as he realized that somehow this trip to Victoria was already well worth it. In the back of his mind he wondered for a second just what else he would come across in the upcoming two weeks but then quickly put that aside for later. For now he reached across the bed to where he had placed the box of condoms and he took one out. The grin on Alan's face only made him smile back so wide and hard that his jaw began to hurt.

The fun truly was just beginning he thought, as Alan took the condom package out of his hand, the boy's eyes widening as he noticed that Ken was once more hard as a rock. Alan just grinned as he tore open the package, knowing this was one visitor to his city that was going to please him as much as he had first hoped.




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