The Van

I once had a van and it was a fuck toy from the beginning.  It was especially useful in the rain if there were any guys cruising and they wanted in out of the rain and get it on big time when they all got in the back to suck and maybe be caught. Being caught was a big adrenaline rush and only stimulated the situation if all were in accord.

In this little tale it wasn’t raining buthaving a van still proved useful. Annette and I use to go to a nude beach southof San Francisco, for the day and since we knew the manager, sometimes camp outon the beach.  The beach had driftwood rooms constructed here and there above the tide line afforded privacy and a wind break both at the same time. 

This particular afternoon I think we were both about 25.  Annette was about 5-foot 4, wavy auburn hair that reached he shoulders,firm D cup breasts and sensitive nipples that got as hard as little pencil erasers. She had hips tight firm hips like a guys that works out at the gym,but not at all masculine.  She is an eye stopper in a tight skirt or adress, which gets us all the dick and pussy, when she’s in the mood that shecan handle when we’re out looking. But nude on the beach she’s an eye catcher. Her pussy is the most beautiful thing on her body, shaved and just the right size mound for a beautiful set of pussy lips. 

My name is Eric and I maybe not exactly male model material, I’m no slouch myself, 5-feet 9-inches tall, brown hair and eyes, big shoulders and a firm butt. I was a swimmer in college and my body showed it. My cock is 8-inches and has a lot of foreskin, enough to cover my cock head and more.  My balls are big and hang below the head of my cock, about the size of a small lemon.  Like Annette I’m also bisexual.

It was still mid-morning and not raining but slightly over cast. The beach was almost deserted. Not finding anyone else to play with, we were fucking behind one of the make shift driftwood shelters when a guy with a big cock came strolling by saw us fucking. Human nature being what it is, he stopped to watch. When he saw that we didn't care if he watched or not, Kyle came into the wind break and sat at our feet.  

It was so on apparent that Kyle was watching my big cock slide in and out of Annette pussy, so we really put on a show while he stroked his cock.  

After I shot my load up Annette hot pussy I fell over on my back and nodded my permission for Kyle have a go at her pussy.

But instead Kyle reached out and wrapped his fingers around my almost flaccid cock.He started to slowly stroking it. He stroked it a few times until it showed signs of renewed life and then leaned over to guide it into her mouth. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared between his lips and then as those lips tightened around my shaft and he started sucking my softening cock.  

As he sucked my cock, Kyle’s eyes drifted towards Annette's pussy which was gaping wide open from the fucking I’d just given her. Her love lips were swollen and puffy and stretched apart revealing the wet pinkness of her delicious hole within. She opened her legs even wider a trickle of my white cum appeared at the bottom of her slit.

Unable to resist the temptation he soon switched to Annette and started licking my cum out of her pussy.  Moving forward Kyle flicked his tongue out and licked Annette's slippery wet slit. As his tongue made contact with the wet folds of her sensitive flesh Annette let out a low, “OOOHHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, Oh my god that feels so good.” As Kyle probed inside her pussy with his tongue Annette squeezed her tight pussy muscles and forced a large globule of my sticky cum in to his waiting mouth. He eagerly gulped the mixture of our juices down like it was the nectar of the gods.

"Eat all of my boyfriend’s cum," Annette wailed and then moaned, "Oh, Oh mi god yessssss. Eat me." as his tongue brushed the sensitive area round her clit, her nubbin as I call it is big for a clit. "Make me cum,” she wailed helplessly.

Kyle licked her pussy alternating between circling his tongue round the sensitive little nubbin and licking deep in side her sticky slit. Each lick in her juicy slit brought more of the salty,slightly bitter mixture into his mouth, which he eagerly swallowed. 

As Kyle licked her pussy I and watched as Annette pinched her own nipples and rolled the engorged nipples between her thumb and finger. 

Kyle circled her nubbin with his tongue with in creasing pressure and as she moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” in appreciation he brought her off with my gentle nibbles on her big nubbin. .

"God, oh, yes," Annette uttered as her orgasm ripped through her and her body shuddered. Kyle carried on licking her wet pussy as she calmed down. 

As her engorged nipples, hard and dark,became his next targets Kyle gently moved up her body. His tongue flickered across the sensitive tips, biting them between his lips, stretching them out and then allowing them to snap back into place. Sucking them hard, taking them deep into his mouth and rubbing his teeth across them. 

As I stroked Kyle’s cock, Annette ran fingers through his hair, pulling his face harder against her aching breasts, willing him to consume her.

Passion and tenderness gave way to heated lust, both bodies screaming for satisfaction and release. Lying back, her auburn hair laid back around her lovely face, she giggled like a little nymph, like the little slut in heat that she surely was.

Kyle wasn't going to pass up a chance to fuck a hot girl like Annette, so he moved forward so that his cock hovered between her parted thighs. As I watched in total fascination, as she spread her legs wider as he position himself between her open legs, 

Kyle’s throbbing cock sought her moist,lubricated opening.

I reached between them and holding his cock at the base, I used my hand to guide his cock to Annette’s pussy. I placed his cock head between her hot, swollen lips. When the head touched her slit I told him,"Push," and Annette’s breath left her body in a whoosh as his cock slid deep inside her. With a single thrust he was fully inside her, filling her completely with his big cock. 

Once he had it all the way in she just moaned, “Oh god yesss, fuck me, fuck me,” as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders as he lowered himself down to cover her.

His balls pressed hard against Annette’s ass as Kyle held himself within her, the hot, tight confines of her pussy.  He paused briefly, enjoying the incredible feelings that her tight pussy was producing before slowly withdrew until just the head was left inside her. He paused again before almost brutally thrusting into her once more. Annette’s griped tightly to his upper arms, her nails digging into his well-tanned flesh, her head thrown back as heavy groans of ecstasy escaped her sweet pink lips. 

While Kyle was going getting into a rhythm fucking her pussy, I moved around and dropped my balls into Annette’s mouth and in seconds she started sucking my cock again. 

Over and over, Kyle slowly pushed in and out like that before she moaned, "Oh fuck that's sooo good. Fuck me faster.Don't tease me."

Kyle thrust into her about a dozen, obeying to her call for him to take her harder and faster. Sweat ran from his body,dropping onto her steamy flesh and trickling down her sides onto the sand.

With a deep groan, Kyle pushed into her one last time, his cock injecting her pussy with burst after hot burst of seed, her pussy contracting and squeezing every precious drop from him as another orgasm washed through her.

I got so hard being sucked and watching Kyle deep penetrate Annette with his big cock that we both shot big loads at the same time and then just collapsed in the afterglow of cumming.  

On the way back to the van we ask Kyle, “Do you needed a ride?”

He said, “I got a ride here with a friend but I’llgladly accept your offer of a ride back to the city.”  

He was soon on the matters in the back fucking the hell out of Annette again.  

When I saw a teen hitch hiking up ahead, I ask, “Do you want the company of a hitch hiker up ahead?”  

They both said, “That would be awesome,” so I pulled the curtain across the back of the front seats and picked up the hitch hiker. He was about 5-foot 6, sun bleached blonde,blue eyes and older than I’d thought, at least 18 possibly 19. As he got in he said, “My name is Paul,” and I said, “I’m Eric.”

I was wearing ‘Daisy-Duke’cut-off jeans and he was wearing gym shorts, which left little to the imagination for both of us.  

I soon had the head of my cock showing out the leg of my cut-offs and he not only noticed that but also the sounds coming from the back.  

Curiously he ask,“Who’s in the back?” 

I told him, “It’s my girlfriend and a stranger we picked up at the beach.”  

He peeked through the curtain and got a good look at the stranger’s big balls slamming into Annette’s pussy from the rear.  

I told him, “You can join them if you’ll suck my cock before you get back there.”  

Sliding off his seat, Paul knelt in the space between the two front bucket seats. My fingers tighten in his hair pulling his head towards me and down to mylap. He got the point and unzipped my “Daisy-Dukes.”

I was going commando so as he slowly lowered my zipper, my already hard cock easily sprang free. Licking his lips, Paul slowly started to lower his head. Impatient, I pushed his head quicker to his cock. My forcefulness turned him on even more. Gulping my cock into his mouth, he sucked deeply, his lips plunged down to the base of my cock. His face completely in my crouch, his tongue rolling around my cock deep in his mouth. 

"Oh yes that's it suck it hard for me. Make me cum," I moaned as his mouth moved quickly over my stiff cock. He tried to bob his mouth on his cock but could only raise his head an inch or two but by now my hand were no won the back of his head pushing his head even further onto me.

With one hand on his head the other still holding the steering wheel It old Paul, “Just suck.” 

Because of the steering wheel, I didn't want him to move but my hips and cock were moving in and out of his mouth. I started to groan, “Uuuuuuuuuum.”How I was keeping my eyes on the road I don't know but I wasn't thinking aboutthat for long. 

Without my hand pushing his head anymore he bobbed up and down on myrock hard shaft. 

"Yes that's it taste it, taste my hard dick," I almost shouted as I stiffen and filled his mouth with my warm cum. I thought he might choke,but he managed to swallow it and finished me off by licking my wet cockhead before raising his head up.

By the time Paul turned around to get into the back, Annette had gotten into the doggy position, and Paul,the hitch hiker crawled under them to suck Kyle’s balls, cock and Annette’s pussy as they fucked.  

When Kyle shot his load up her pussy again, Paul sucked his cock clean and sucked his cum out of Annette’s pussy.  

When we finally reached the city that late Saturday afternoon, Annette ask them to dinner and an evening with us enjoying our bodies.  

They accepted and we had a full evening of fucking and sucking of everyone in the apartment at least twice through the night.  

Paul had latched onto Annette’s pussy to fuck and eat, while sucking me and Kyle, who loved ramming my ass for a lot of the evening.  

They became our friends and I’d sometimes come home to find one or both of them fucking Annette in our bedroom. I could never resist seeing Paul’s ass pumping up and down as he fucked her, I just had to get in there and suck and lick all the juices I could.  

Seemed that every Friday night we would all pile in the bed and suck and fuck each other all weekend.  

Kyle loved fucking my ass with his 10-inches cock while watching young Paul fuck Annette.

There was so much cum leaking out of all of our asses and Annette’s ass and pussy. And Kyle loved sucking this cum from all our asses or pussy.  

When Annette turned up pregnant, we all fucked her so much that we didn’t know who the father was. We all kind of shelteredher but wanted to fuck her all the more.  Her doctor told Annette that sex was OK and she could continue having sex until it became too uncomfortable for her.  

We kept her in bed most of the time while we cleaned the house and fixed our food. She was in heaven with the care we were giving her and fucking her a lot since we had the OK from her doctor.  

When she started to show, we all listened to the baby’s heart beat and felt him moving around.  

I remember one time when Kyle was fucking her and the baby was moving around quite a lot.  

When she got real big and in her third trimester, she laid on her side and we fucked her dog style. We all loved eating her pussy out after one of us had shot our load up her pussy.  

We would play with the baby, by rubbing our cocks all around her belly and watch him move around.  If we saw an arm or leg move we would kiss and caress his body parts as he moved in her womb. 

The night Todd was born, Kyle was fucking her and her water broke when she climaxed.  

I called the hospital and told them that we were coming in but when I went back into the bedroom the baby’s head was showing. I knew we couldn't make it to the hospital when I saw Todd’s head start to move out, so I called the hospital again and ask them to tell me what to do. 

They did a good job of telling me over the phone and Todd was born.  

He had white slimy substance all over his face and Kyle’s cum on the top of his head.  

We all kind of laughed at that and then I cut the cord and tied it off, as instructed on the phone by the hospital.  

The ambulance came and took Annette and the baby to be checked out and of course I went with them.  Annette and Todd spent the night and were released to come home the next day.  

When we arrived back at the apartment things changed, they kind of disappeared from the scene.   

Todd was a beautiful baby boy and we raised him into a fine young boy.  

We never stopped going to the nude beach and Annette taking our little boy Todd with us, or more likely Kyle's because he developed with a big cock.  It looked a lot like a miniature of Kyle’s big long cock.  

Guys strolling along the beach would go nuts watching the little guy suck Annette breasts at his feeding times. 

I also liked watching him feed. I can't express how beautiful the feeding times were at the beach and at home.

The end…



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