I went to work at the health for obvious reasons; the scenery, and with some luck, the action. I'm not obvious about my sexuality, at least to the uninitiated. I've been known to turn heads myself, female and male alike and I'm as studly as they come. But I joined the gym for other reasons, too. I needed a job. It all worked out. I had a job, a place to work out for free and I got discounts on workout gear and expensive supplements. Even if nothing developed with any of the guys, well, there is no scenery on earth like that in a health club.

Actually, it was Goddard's Gym, not a health club. Health clubs tend to attract or cater more to women. Gyms, on the other hand, seem to denote MALE, which discourages most women, except for those who aren't intimidated by men. And although Goddard's didn't turn women away, it wasn't one of those generic, unisex, co-ed establishments. There were two completely separate facilities, one for men and a smaller section for women, and the only place the twain met was in the lobby. Each side could be closed off, even locked off. I thought it would have been easier simply to have an all-male gym. But like Goddard said, the broads helped pay the rent.

Actually, I ended up with two part-time jobs. In the daytime I worked at the reception desk, selling the supplements and workout gear, and re-stocking the shelves. I also snatched up the evening part-time job when it opened up, checking and cleaning the equipment, doing the laundry, putting the weights back where they belonged and general cleaning. Most of the guys were good about putting the weights back, so that part of it wasn't that much of a task. Cleaning included the gym as well as the locker room and the showers. The laundry consisted of washing and drying the towels and folding and putting out stacks of clean ones. I also threw in an occasional jockstrap or tank-top or shorts that I found lying around then hung them on the hooks in the locker room for the owners to retrieve. The really good ones, I kept; the really worn, stretched and raunchy ones, and I didn't put them in the washer.

My head was swimming that first day on the job from the parade of hunks through the lobby. It was frustrating, too, because I didn't get to see much of them except when they were passing through. All that changed when I got the night job as well. The first night when I broke for supper I didn't take long at the diner a block away; I wanted to get back to the gym. When I got back for my evening shift, things got interesting. I had to pass through one end of the gym to get to the stock room. Had to? I would've paid to work the night shift. I didn't know it till that night but unlike most gyms, there was no dress code at night; no rules about what to wear. And the guys took full advantage of it. Gone were the baggy, pull-on pants that concealed powerful thighs (but not hard butts) and the bulky sweatshirts. There were a few t-shirts with the sleeves whacked off and tank tops, and some cut-off jeans that had gotten shorter and shorter with each washing and had to be trimmed. For the most part they went bare-chested and put a towel over the bench to soak up the sweat. Most of them worked out in the bare essentials, namely their workout shorts. Some obviously didn't even bother putting on a jockstrap. A few of the shorts were mid-thigh, others were brief and still other, worn by the bravest, were super-brief. I liked the brief ones that barely covered the bare essentials, that sagged under the weight and shifted back and forth when the guy walked. A couple of guys wore briefs that were little more than posing suits. It was something that seemed to permeate the gym; guys wearing as little as possible.

What a sight it was! You see it in the magazines and posters, even on TV, and that's exciting enough. All that raw muscle, straining and bulging and rippling under the stress and strain of heavy weights. But seeing it in the flesh, muscles live and moving, drinking in the sight as well as the aroma of all that muscular, sweating manhood, was enough to take my breath away and give me a permanent tingling between my legs. Even when they weren't pushing weights, their muscles fairly bulged and rippled at the slightest movement. I ogled them even when they were standing around talking to each other. It was indeed an incredible sight to feast one's eyes on.....and equally incredible to feast on, I imagined.

That first night that I actually worked the gym, I could hardly wait to get to the job of cleaning the locker room and the showers and hopefully see some of those essentials bare.

Everyone had already changed into their workout gear by the time I came on duty after supper, but they would all be changing back before they left, and I would still be on duty to see it. I was barely able to hide my disappointment when I was told not to start cleaning until everyone was gone and the place was closed up. Okay, so the naked bodies would have to wait. They were ninety percent naked anyway at that time of night, but dammit--I wanted to see that other ten percent.

After giving me my instructions, Goddard left. Needless to say, the merchandise shelves had never been so well stocked. To the sharp observer, I made more trips than were necessary to get stuff out of the stockroom and keep the shelves stocked, but I don't think anyone noticed. Admittedly, I made as many trips as possible through the gym, trying not to drool on the muscle shirts or the amino acids. Impressive as it all was, I found myself concentrating on two or three guys in particular...and the 'bare essentials' of all of them.

Over the next few days I began to put names with those handsome faces and incredible bodies. And some of them began to ask my name, and to speak it. I was thrilled, just to hear them call me by name. I should point out that I'm no slouch so they weren't patronizing me. I've worked out since I was fifteen and I filled out fast. I'm five-eleven, 195 pounds, a little taller than many of the guys in the gym, and I fill out my shirts pretty well, as well as my jeans. Front and back, I might add. But just turning eighteen, I was younger than most everyone else who came through the door, and I think they saw me as the kid; albeit a well-built kid.

Two of the guys who became the friendliest were training partners. They were also the hunkiest two studs in the gym, and two of the ones I'd been noticing the most. They were also two of the taller ones. Their height, added to their massive muscles, made them look huge. It was difficult to believe that Eric, the blonde, was just twenty, only two year older than me. His heavily muscled body made him appear older. Both guys were serious bodybuilders, with serious results, although they weren't freaky. Eric was a competitor. The other hunk, Sean, didn't compete, although he could have. He was built as good as Eric, I thought. But he seemed to be there to work with Eric and spot him, besides working his own body as well. As I was passing through the gym with an armload of new work-out gear to put on the counter, I overheard someone ask Eric how he did at competition.

'Came in third,' Eric replied as he pulled on his workout gloves.

'Geezzz!' I blurted out, stopping in my tracks.

They both turned to look at me, Sean with a bit of a scowl on his face, and Eric with more of a dead-pan 'what-the-hell-third-place-isn't-so-bad' kind of expression.

'Third's not bad,' Sean said defensively of his buddy.

'No, no, I was just wondering, what the hell did first and second look like?'

That brought a smile to Eric the Blonde's face. 'Better than me, I guess, so the judges thought,' he said.

'That is fuckin' hard to believe,' I said in disbelief.

'Thanks, but I'll just have to train harder,' Eric said.

'You train much harder, the gym is going to have to buy more weights and stay open twenty-four/seven,' I told him.

Eric took my compliment partly serious. 'I wish they would stay open about a half hour later,' he said. 'By the time I get here I never have time to get all the way through my routine before closing time, without rushing.'

'Maybe you could speak to the management,' his buddy, Sean, suggested to me.

'Hey, I just started this job,' I said. 'You guys are the ones paying the dues. It would carry more weight if you spoke to the management.'

'If Goddard extended the hours, he would probably want to charge us more,' Sean said.

Then a brilliant idea came to me. I stepped in closer so others couldn't hear me. It was a good excuse to get up close to all that live muscle. Shit, I was so close I could feel their body heat. So close, that I thought I could stick my tongue out and lick those big, bulging pecs. 'Maybe I can do something about extending your workout time a little,' I said. That got their attention.

'You could? How?' Eric asked excitedly.

'Yeah, how,' Sean asked.

'Well, I can't start cleaning in here until after I close the place up, so if you guys don't mind working around me, you could stay after closing and work out while I clean. That would give you at least an extra half hour.'

Eric the Blonde looked at Sean with a smile widening across his face. 'What do you think?' he asked, 'Can you stay later?'

'Sure, I can stay as late as you need me,' Sean said with a shrug and a near worshipful look on his face.

'Great! That would be great!' Eric said.

I had the feeling that Sean might do just about anything Eric wanted him to do. I was thinking anything. 'There's only one thing' I went on. 'When everybody else starts leaving, it would have to look like you're getting ready to leave too. If anybody finds out I'm letting you guys stay, they're going to want to stay late too and things would get out of hand real quick and I would probably loose my job.'

Eric the Blonde scratched his head, as if he didn't know what I was talking about, or he didn't know how he was going to only pretend to stick around. Sean understood. 'No big deal,' he said. 'We start to undress, like we're going to shower, only we take our time till the place clears out then when everyone else is gone and you've got the place locked up we go back to working out.'

'Yeah,' Eric the Blonde said with a wide grin, like it just soaked in. 'We could even go on in the shower, if we had to, just to make it look good.'

'Yeah, and you wouldn't even have to get dressed again, since the place will be closed up,' I chimed in. Another of my brilliant ideas! I felt a surge between my legs at the mere thought of seeing these two hunks working out naked, or in their jock straps. So far, I hadn't had the chance to see them naked.

'Hey, thanks, man,' Eric the Blonde said, reaching out to shake my hand.

'No problem. Glad to help any way I can. I want to make sure you take first place next time,' I added with a grin. His hand was as nice as his grip; long, thick fingers. Shit, those fingers would reach...... I shrugged it off. And up from there his thick forearm, the size of a ham, and the bulging bicep.....and on it went, from one beautiful muscle to another.

I was nervous with excitement the next night as I counted the minutes till I would be alone in the gym with Sean and Eric the Blond. I should start calling him just Eric for the sake of the story. It's just that he looked so much like a big Nordic god that Eric the Blonde seemed to fit.

The hours passed into minutes and I was finally to be alone with the two god-like hunks. My hands trembled as I turned the key in the lock to secure the door after everyone was finally gone. For good measure I shoved the dead bolt in too, so if anybody with a key tried to get in they would have to ring. I turned out the light in the lobby and rushed to the locker room where the two bodybuilders were lingering, waiting.

'The coast is clear,' I called out as I started through the door. I stopped in my tracks. There the two guys stood, waiting, beautifully stark naked! I managed to stifle a gasp, but I was apparently unable to hide my expression.

'You said we didn't have to get dressed again,' Eric said, rather apologetically.

'Sure,' I managed. Hell no. They didn't ever have to put clothes on ever again as far as I was concerned. Such beauty should be permanently on display, for admiration and inspiration, and envy.....even ogling. Please, I thought, don't ever cover it up! I can tell you, the old adage about bodybuilders building up their bodies to make up for lacking in the manhood department is a bunch of bull, at least for these two guys They didn't have to make up for anything. Believe it. As in their builds, they were both big. I don't mean just big. They were in correct proportion to their physiques. On small men, what they had hanging between their legs would have looked huge, even out of place. On them, it looked impressive, which means BIG, but no bigger than it needed to be. You get the picture. If you don't, well.......

The think that struck me, besides their big cocks was the contrast between Scott's dark bush around his cock while Eric had the blondish bush of a teenager. Eric's cock was long and thick and heavy, hanging as if it were being pulled down and stretched by its own weight. His balls hung heavy and loose behind his meat, but not sagging. Like his cock, their size alone made them hang down and look full, which they probably were; bulging with testosterone. His big cock looked like it had the potential of filling out nicely, with thick bluish veins and plenty of loose skin.

Sean's cock was as long as Erick's but it looked a lot bigger, probably because his sort of arched out over his balls instead of hanging down, like it was arching at the ready, prepared to bolt upright at the first hint of action. Sean's nuts were big and full, too. I watched them move off to finish working out; watched those big cocks swinging like two young ponies. When their butts were turned to me I half-choked and half froze. Talk about gorgeous! Suddenly, I realized that I was sweating. I gulped, maybe audibly, when Sean bent over to pick up a pair of dumbbells and his butt muscles parted for a deeper glimpse. As far as I could see, his butt was as smooth as a baby's behind; not a glimpse of hair. My mouth started to water, even though my throat was dry and my balls jolted as I fantasized about the possibility of getting between those gorgeous buns. My cock ached for it, but I would be satisfied just to bury my face between them and service him with my tongue.

I was a little nervous about having the two guys there after closing, especially naked. I checked the dead-bolt on the door again. I didn't want anybody walking in, not even Goddard--especially not Goddard. I set about cleaning like crazy; wanting to finish up at least by the time the guys were ready to shower. I worked around them, they worked around me. In my case, I worked as closely around them as I could without getting in their way. It was difficult to get my job done because I was almost trembling with excitement.

They quit exactly a half hour after closing. Already naked, they beaded for the showers. I cursed under my breath as they came through the locker room where I was cleaning, for I had no reason to go on back into the showers without appearing obvious. I did the next best thing. I worked in the locker room and waited for them to return from the showers. Watching them come out of the shower, their muscles gleaming with water, was enough to make me choke. Watching them dry off was almost as exciting as watching them work out. God, I thought, how was I going to get through this every night! I was thinking that maybe I'd made a mistake; bitten off more than I could chew......pardon the pun.

They were very grateful. They thanked me several times before they left. I was so hot, after letting them out that I went back to the locker room and stripped down, stretched out on a bench, closed my eyes to conjure up images of the two studs, and jerked off. After I shot all over myself, I showered and went home.

This became a routine over the next couple of weeks; everything except the jerking off part. I said I had taken the job partly to have a place to work out, but I hadn't managed to get in much workout time. Actually, the two part-time jobs took up all of my time. I had the free privileges but I was expected to come in on my off hours and work out, which didn't give me much time. Happily, one night, Sean and Eric came up with a suggestion to cure that.

It was Friday night and they were staying late. They hadn't stripped to shower along with everyone else as they usually did. They hung back in the locker room, then made it look like they were going to undress which they did, down to their jocks. Then when everyone else was gone they went back out to the weight room, still wearing just their jockstraps.

I watched out the corner of my eye as I worked. They were doing legs and I especially liked to watch them doing squats. I loved to see their heavy jocks hanging heavy and low, even brushing the floor if they got down low enough. And their big, round, hard butts bulging with power.

'Hey, when do you get to work out?' one of them asked.

I laughed. 'I've been wondering that myself. By the time I get everything done around here, it's too late to work out,' I said as I checked the towel bin to start the laundry. It was empty. I turned around when I heard one of them laugh.

'We sorta figured that out,' Eric said with a wide grin. 'So we already did the towels.' I looked around to see the neatly folded stacks of towels already on the shelves. I looked around the weight room and noticed that the barbells, plates, all of the free weights were in place.

'The way we see it, it wouldn't really be necessary to vacuum or damp mop every night, either,' Sean went on. 'Maybe every other night. Hell, nobody would notice. That way, and with a little help from us, you'd have time to work out.'

'Yeah, you could work out with us if you want to,' Eric said.

'Hey, I....thanks, guys, but I don't want to be in your way.'

'You wouldn't be in the way. Hell, looking at you, you obviously know your way around a gym,' Eric said. 'And I can always use another spotter. That would give Sean a little more time for himself.'

'Yeah, I could spot you, too,' Sean offered.

I laughed and shrugged. 'Okay, but....how come you guys are doing this?'

'You've been good enough to let us stay late,' he said.

'Come on, get out of your clothes and work out with us,' Eric said.

I hoped they didn't hear me gulp so loud. I was so excited as I started slipping out of my clothes. My hands were shaking so that I could barely get hold of my shoelaces to untie them. I'd spent my share of time around other guys in the gym and the locker room and showers but I'd never been alone with two sexy hunks like Eric and Sean. I stripped down to my shorts, socks and sneakers and joined them. I was glad they were wearing their jockstraps; I didn't want to have to strip down all the way in front of them.

'Huh-uh,' Eric said, shaking his head as he strode off toward the locker room.

'Where's he going?' I asked Sean.

'I don't know.'

Eric came back with a big smile and something wadded up in one hand. 'You're out of uniform. Here, put this on,' he said, tossing me a jockstrap. 'I've worn it a few times, but I don't have crabs or anything,' he said.

It was one of his! It even had his name inside the waistband! I moved to the nearest bench away from them to change into the jockstrap. I hoped I didn't act too modest. When it came my turn to do bench presses, I found myself looking up between the most powerful pair of legs I'd ever seen, and squarely at the most powerfully stuffed jockstrap I'd ever laid eyes on--Eric's smooth thighs and Eric's jockstrap. The full-packed pouch hung heavily...right over my forehead. I could almost feel its weight above me. I breathed in carefully to drink in the aroma of his maleness that had suddenly surrounded my head. The heavy pouch moved closer to my face as he bent his knees slightly to help guide the barbell over my chest. I brought the weight down and shoved it back up. I felt strong as hell al of a sudden. Talk about inspiration! There's nothing like a close-up view of a stuffed jock to get the old adrenaline gong. Straining my eyes, I could almost make out the dark hue of his manhood through the stretched mesh of the material.

It was a great workout and I was proud of myself for not growing a hardon. Showering with them was pretty fuckin' great too. It was like a water symphony, watching the two muscle hunks under the spraying water, rubbing their hands over their muscles. I had to keep forcing myself to look away when they soaped up between their legs. God, I wanted so bad to do it for them.

I didn't work out the next night. I had to run the vacuum and damp-mop the floor. I was finished with that a little while before the two guys were done working out and I decided to clean the shower before they used it. Actually, I wanted to be in the shower when they came in. I got the cleaning stuff and towels and stripped off my clothes down to my briefs. They came in with their muscles gleaming with sweat and all pumped from their workout. I loved the way they openly admired each other's muscles and showed them off for each other.

'Hey, how come you clean the shower in your shorts?' Sean asked.

'I don't know.....I just do,' I said.

'Looks dumb, being in the shower with your shorts on.'

'I...I guess I never thought about it.'

'Take 'em off,' Eric said.

'Yeah, take 'em off, we're not gonna rape you or anything,' Scott chimed in.

I was sure they wouldn't hurt me but I was excited to hear him say it. I peeled my wet shorts off and tossed them out of the showers.

'There, that's better, ain't it?' Eric said. 'Don't that look better to you, Sean?'

'Yeah, doesn't look so dumb,' Sean agreed.

I didn't know if these guys were joking around and playing with my head or trying to send me a message of some kind.

The next night Sean spotted me. The view was as nice as the night before when Eric had been my spotter. Where Eric had baby smooth, shaved legs, Sean had dark hair on his legs, with a soft golden glint from time spent in the sun. I don't know whether his jock was heavier or if he was bending his knees more, but it came awfully close to my face when he came down to help with the barbell. I wished he would smother me with it.

The next moment, I got my wish when Sean spotted me again. Gaping up between his thighs, I lost my concentration and nearly lost the barbell. Sean snatched it easily and brought it up, helping steady it in my grip. In that same split-second action, when he bent down to grab hold of the barbell, his jockstrap smashed right over my face.

'Got it?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I gasped.

'Gotta keep your eyes straight ahead, straight up in the mirrors,' he said.

Oh, God, he'd seen me looking at him! I had been looking up into the mirror but the barbell was in my line of vision and I had my eyes fixed between his legs.

'Yeah, I noticed you had that problem the other night when I was spotting you,' Eric remarked as he sauntered over to us. 'You couldn't seem to concentrate on what you were doing.'

So Eric had noticed me looking at him, too! I was embarrassed. They had both seen me ogling their jocks. I didn't know what to say, but I had to say something.

'It's hard to keep my concentration with you guys standing astraddle my head,' I said. 'And it's hard to see anything with a big, stuffed jock smashed down over my face,' I added for good measure.

They looked at one another; not a surprised look, but more a knowing look.

'Do you have any problem like that when I spot you?' Eric asked Sean.

'No, you?'

'Nope,' Eric replied.

'Well, maybe you guys are used to it,' I said. 'I'm not used to having that much weight hanging over my head, let alone having it drop down over my face.' I added that last part again, for good measure. If there were any thoughts at all racing around in those two handsome heads, I wanted to bring them out. But it didn't work. It was dropped--for the moment, anyway.

I ended my workout to start cleaning the showers. I wanted to be in the showers again when they came in. I wondered if maybe arranged to intentionally come in while I was there. Anyway, they came in before I was finished.

'Okay if we get in if we stay out of you way?' Sean said, peeling down his jockstrap.

'Yeah, its okay, I'm about done,' I said as I wiped down the last part of the shower wall.

'I guess you don't need to shower,' Eric observed.

'Naw, I do. I gotta wash off this cleaning stuff,' I said.

'Okay. Good.' I didn't know what he meant by that but I took the soap he offered me and I accidentally dropped it. Honest to god, it was an accident. I hoped it looked like an accident, yet I prayed they didn't believe it was.

'OOOooohhhhhhhhhhhwwwweeeeeeee!' Eric exclaimed.

I straightened from bending over to pick it up and looked over my shoulder. His handsome face with the wide, almost leering grin made me weak in the knees.

'I was gonna say, it's a good idea to be cleaning the showers naked, but you definitely gotta be careful about dropping the soap like that,' Eric said.

'It was an accident,' I said.

'That what they all say,' Sean joked.

I tilted my face into the shower to hide my embarrassment, still praying that something would come of it all. I was disappointed when they turned off their showers.

'Do you guys have a girlfriend?' I asked. I often did that, started a conversation to keep them a little longer.

'Do we have a girlfriend? Yeah, we did that once,' Eric said with a knowing grin.

I looked at one then the other. 'I meant do you have girlfriends, but there's something more to this story.'

'The first year Sean went with me to a competition this gal started coming on to us backstage. She came back to the hotel with us afterwards.'

'By herself? And with the two of you? At the same time?' I asked.


'Man, she must've thought she'd died and gone to heaven when you guys got hold of her.'

'I guess we did make her pretty happy,' Sean recalled. 'She was moaning and squealing like she was going out of her gourd. We didn't get any complaints, anyway.'

'I'll bet you didn't.'

'No, actually, we got a recommendation,' Eric put in.

'What do you mean?'

'It wasn't a half hour before somebody was knocking on our door and there's this big blonde, bodybuilder babe popping out of her clothes. She said her friend told her there were two guys in room whatever who were pretty good in the sack. So we fucked her too.'

'I'll bet that was hot--bodybuilders fucking a bodybuilder,' I said.

'Yeah, I always used to say I wouldn't go to bed with anybody with more muscle than me, but I can tell you, there's nothing like wrestling around with a hot-blooded female bodybuilder who's got all her muscles developed in the right places.'

'Is a bodybuilder's pussy tight? Do they build up the muscles down there?'

'Oh, yeah,' Eric said. 'She could dam near squeeze your cock off.'

'To answer your questions, no, neither of us has a steady girlfriend,' Sean said. 'We just date now and then. There's not a lot of time for a steady relationship.'

'You know, we ought to do that again sometime,' Eric said.

'You mean make a sandwich?' Sean asked.


'Got anybody in mind?' Sean asked.

'Yeah, but...' Eric paused, the grin on his face widening into something mischievous.

'You thinking what I'm thinking?' Sean asked.

'Yeah, I think I am,' Eric replied.

'Well, then...how about now?' Sean suggested.

I saw them look at one another then their eyes fell to me. A jolt of excitement shot through me like a bolt of wild lightning going in all directions. They were talking about making a sandwich with me! They moved toward me and I didn't bolt and run.

'How about it?' Eric asked. 'Do you want make a sandwich with us?'

I didn't say anything. I couldn't for a minute. I wasn't sure exactly what they meant and I couldn't find my voice. But I wasn't running away, which gave them their answer.

'We've noticed the way you look at some of the guys in the gym,' Eric said.

I glanced at Sean, as if to ask if he'd noticed to. His smile told me he had so I didn't bother denying it.

'You do seem to keep a pretty good eye on Eric and me when we're working out, and in the showers.'

They were right up on me, now, and I must've looked scarred. I was so excited maybe I was shaking. I could feel their body heat being generated by all those massive muscles.

'Look, you, uh...you don't have to,' Eric said, gently. 'Nobody's going to force you. We just thought...'

'No, I didn't think you would force me,' I stammered, looking at first one then the other. 'I just didn't know....when you say sandwich, d-do you mean...' I wasn't sure exactly how they meant it with a guy. With a woman, I could easily imagine one of them in her pussy and the other in her ass. But with a guy...I shuddered at the thought of taking either of their cocks up my ass. Two of them would be impossible. Not that I'm a whimpering virgin. I've had some hard meat pounding my buns but nothing near the likes of these two guys.

'If you're like us...well, we're sort of muscle freaks,' Sean said.

'Yeah, I guess that's the reason we practically live at the gym,' Eric put in.

'I do like working here and watching all the guys,' I admitted.

'Yeah, me too,' Sean said. 'Sometime I think it crosses the line, to muscle worship.'

'That's practically what I feel when I look at you guys,' I admitted freely. 'It's like I'm watching a couple of gods.'

'Well, whatever you want to do is okay,' Sent went on.

'Yeah, whatever you wanta do,' Eric added. 'If you want to worship our muscles or it'd feel great just smashing our bodies against your bare muscles. Anything else...well...' He shrugged and then I felt his hard, warm body pressing against my back. My heart fluttered and my head started spinning. Sean smiled and pressed against me in front. His cock lolled between my thighs, below my nuts, and Eric's cock was trying to work its way between my legs in the back.

I could let nature take its course as long as she didn't follow her instincts right into my ass. They weren't going to force me into anything I didn't want to do. I believed that. And I relished the thought he being crushed between all that muscle. But I quickly learned that Eric had other ideas first. It was naturally Eric, because he was the egotistical one. He clasped his big hands on my shoulders, digging his fingers into my trap muscles, and urged me to my knees in front of him. With his grip I can honestly say that he forced me to my knees. I didn't mind. I felt that's where I belonged, on my knees like a slave, to worship the big stud, but I didn't know where to start; where he wanted me to start, or exactly what I was supposed to do to worship him. Hesitantly, I reached out and wrapped my hands around his calf muscles. He flexed them for me and I figured I was starting out right. I moved my hands up his thighs and around to the side where the muscles flared out. He flexed those for me, too. I clasped my hands around his left thigh and it dwarfed my hand so I wrapped my arm around his legs. God, his muscles were hard. He flexed his muscles everywhere my hands went. Not that he had to. They were solid enough already. I supposed this was what muscle worship was all about; touch and they respond. I moved my hands up the inside of his thighs but he brushed them away when I reached his manhood. Okay, I wasn't allowed to touch him there yet. Maybe that was to be my reward from the 'god of muscle' if he was pleased with my worship. I hoped so; I was getting a hardon.

I flattened my hands up over his stomach and the water cascaded down his washboard abs and over my hands. His abs were like a plate of armor. I trailed my fingers over the muscles and in the deep ridges between them. I squeezed the strips of tenderloin muscle that sloped down each side as I reached around for his butt. It was like two half-melons, then he flexed them and it was like holding smooth, warm bowling balls in my hands. I had to raise up to reach his chest but he wouldn't let me stand up all the way. Maybe I wasn't worthy yet too stand completely upright in his presence. So I half-squatted, half-stood as I squeezed his thick, hard pecs. His nipples were big and hard. I longed to suck them but I didn't dare. I didn't think I should even bring my head that high. My cock stood out at a sharp upward angle, throbbing and bucking painfully. When I started to reach down for it, Eric grabbed my wrist. I couldn't even touch my own cock!

I reached up over my head and placed my hands on his traps and spread them wide to reach the balled shoulder muscles. I let my hands slide down around his biceps. Shit, I couldn't reach even half away around his biceps. I felt something hot on my stomach and glanced down. Eric had a hardon too. A big one. Huge. Instinctively, I reached for it but he brushed my hand away again and turned around for me to worship his backside. Gladly!

It was easy to stay crouched down behind him because I had his awesome butt right in front of me. I started with his thighs again. Something came to me then; that I should act more truly like a slave worshipping his master. I knelt down on all fours and began kissing his calves. Eric moaned his approval. I worked my way up the back of his thighs, over his bulging hamstrings. He squatted down as if he were offering me his butt.

His butt was a work of art, indeed worthy of my worship. I had longed to worship it from afar, but now I was face to face with the gorgeous, twin mounds of muscle, had them within my grasp. I leaned in and kissed one side the then the, then lathered my tongue all around the perfectly shaped mounds. Eric reached back and squeezed his butt, as if he were blocking me from going any farther. I didn't mind all that much; I couldn't do what I thought he was wanting me to do. I went on kissing his muscles.

After awhile Eric turned and pulled me to my feet and smashed my face hard against his chest. I moaned and he pressed my open mouth over his tit, the shower spraying over us.

'AAhhnnnnnn,' I moaned softly as I sucked and tongued his hard nipple.

'Awww, fuck,' Eric gasped 'Yeah, suck it, chew on it. You don't have to be easy.'

I nibbled and chewed gently on the turgid tit till Eric was groaning loudly, then he pushed my face to the other side of his chest to suck the other one. Meanwhile, Sean moved in closer to press his body against mine from the back. It nearly took my breath away when I felt the heat of their loins against my own, and on my butt.

'Mmmnnnnn,' Eric moaned with satisfaction. 'Feels good, don't it?'

'Yeah, sure does,' Sean agreed.

'How about you?' Eric asked me.

'Ohhhhh.....ohh, if you only knew,' I whispered around his tit.

'I think he appreciates your muscles, Eric,' Sean said.

'Yeah...yeah, I think he does,' Eric said. 'You wanta finish your worship?' he asked as he put pressure on my shoulders to urge me to my knees again. As I went down he turned his back to me. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do so I got on all fours and started on his calves again. I worked my way up his thighs till I was kissing his taut butt again. I wrapped my hands around it and he flexed for me. I kneaded the tight muscles and he relaxed them for me. I kissed all around and between them. He bent over, pulling them apart. I had the feeling that I was going to have to do this in order to prove myself worthy to have the prize around front. I could see the tight-looking hole, clenching. He was smooth shaved. I couldn't hesitate; if I did he might change his mind about letting me have his cock which I so desperately wanted. I buried my face against his butt muscles and licked up and down the crevice.

'Awwwhhhhh,' he gaped with pleasure. 'Yeah, lick it...tongue it...eat my ass!'

I did all that he said. I licked it then flicked my tongue over his hole. It clenched and opened, the muscle sort of pushing out anxiously. He tasted wonderful. I was surprised....a mixture of sweat, soap and maleness that I'd never experienced before. It was like an aphrodisiac to me, and I bore my tongue into the rubbery muscle. In the next moment of desperation, dug my fingers into the spongy muscle surrounding his hole and pulled his asshole apart and buried my tongue in his ass.

'AASAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! AWWW, Fuck, Yeah! Ohhh, eat it!'

'Has he got his tongue in it?' Sean asked.

'Awww...aaawwwww, yeah, he's got his tongue in deep.'

I was excited by his response, and I tongued him hard. His asshole relaxed to let me in further and I fucked him with my tongue. Even inside he tasted good, and I loved the soft, delicate, satin-like folds of his inner ass squeezing my tongue.

After a moment, he raised up and his butt muscles closed against my tongue. He turned around, hands on his hips. His cock stuck out like a battering ram, swaying and bouncing and quivering mightily. He was huge. I didn't know if I could get my mouth around it. I wondered if I would be allowed to. There was pearl-like ball juice oozing out of the slit and I leaned in to lick it off before it dropped. Eric put his hand gently on top of my head to stop me.

'Please.....let me have it.....don't let it go to waste,' I said.

His smile turned into a soft chuckle as he guided my face to the head of his cock. I licked the ball juice off but he didn't let me go any further.

'Come on....please, let me have it. Don't torture me like this,' I begged. I wet my lips and opened my mouth and was rewarded by Eric shoving his cock in. 'Mmmmnnnnnnn,' I moaned hungrily around it. I finally had the prize!

'Ohhhh....OHhhh, yeah...suck it.'

I sucked for all I was worth, and he was liking it, but he didn't let me suck it very long before he pulled back. My head stayed tilted, my tongue out, begging for his cock and my mouth filling up with water from the shower.

'How about that sandwich now? Let's go in on the mats,' he said.

They moved apart from me and each wrapped a big hand around my arms. Being led through the locker room into the gym to the mats, I gasped with anticipation as I watched their big cocks swinging mightily. They got bigger, it seemed, with each step.

At the mats, they pushed me down to my knees again My excitement was keen as I stretched out on the mats, the two burly bodybuilders standing on either side of me. I tried to picture us doing this with the gym full of guys working out. I think I would have done it if they wanted me to. They looked like two behemoths standing there. God, the view was incredible. They dropped to their knees and Sean urged me onto my side. They lay down on either side of me. Sean pressed himself against my back. I felt the length of his huge cock wedged into the crevice of my thighs. Eric's cock smashed against my stomach, hot and throbbing. I lifted my right leg to let Sean's cock roll between my thighs.

'MMMnnnnnnn,' he groaned into my ear. 'It's nice and hot between your thighs.'

'Yeah, your cock feels like a hot iron poker,' I said.

While Sean dry fucked my thighs. Eric was writhing against me from the front, his cock rolling between our stomachs. My own cock had grown into a hard wedge against his thigh. It was my turn to groan when he parted his legs and closed them around my hardon. Now their cocks were moving back and forth against each other between my thighs. 'Godd, you guys feel good,' I whispered, my voice wavering.

'It would feel even better if I could slip this thing into something a little tighter,' Sean said as he drove his cock back and forth between my legs.

I shuddered with excitement, just thinking bout it. My experience at getting fucked spanned a bare half dozen occasions and none of those times were with guys as big as these two. Hell, I'd never seen cocks as big as theirs.

'You ever had a cock shoved between those gorgeous, tight buns?' Sean asked, softly. He was almost cooing in my ear.

'Never anything that big,' I replied.

'Are you man enough to try something this big?' he asked huskily.

I swallowed hard before I answered. Scared as I was, I couldn't tell him no. My asshole was twitching, even itching to take him on. I think it would've turned inside out and swallowed me alive if I had said no. I was between one hard place and another and I felt pretty much obligated to do whatever they wanted. Hell, if I didn't they could easily force me, although they said they wouldn't.

'Yeah, I think I am,' I finally croaked. 'I know I'm willing but I'm not sure my ass is.'

'Leave that to me, I'll convince your ass,' he said with confidence.

He brought his hand down between us and began working his spit-slick finger between my buns. He pressed his fingertip against my hole and began massaging it. My ass was soon convinced. Not that it took that much effort. It was my mind that needed psyching up for taking anything the size of his cock inside me. I winced a little when he shoved one finger through my hole, boring it deep inside me. Dam, he had big fingers; almost the size of a small cock. My asshole tightened gratefully around Sean's long, thick finger as he worked it back and forth as he could reach.

He chuckled softly. 'Feels like your asshole is convinced. Let's make sure, though.' He worked a second finger into me and my ass clenched tightly around both of them. I winced again but squirmed as he danced his fingers around inside me. I gasped when he shoved a third finger though my tight muscle, but the pain didn't last long and with all three fingers waltzing around in my guts I couldn't help myself from gyrating around on them.

'Mann, you've got a tight, hot ass,' he said.

'You caused the temperature to go up,' I told him. He was working his fingers in and out of me like a cock, stretching my hole for the girth of the real thing. 'I doubt it's going to be as tight when you're finished with me,' I added bravely.

He pulled his fingers free and my asshole clenched hard, as if trying to reach for them and bring them back. What it got instead was the hot, blunt end of a piece of meat that belonged on a horse. Luckily, my asshole hadn't closed completely from his fingers. It was still stretched and loose, making it easier to accommodate the wide girth of his baseball-sized cock-head. Easier, but not easy. I found that out when the head suddenly popped through my sphincter. I hadn't expected him to shove it in me so quickly.

'UUUUNNNHHHHH!' I cried out, but quickly stifled it with a cringe.

'Sean's fuckin' you?' Eric asked and held me tighter, as if to help me endure the pain and to help stifle my outcry.

'MMMNnnnnnnn!' I cried out again.

'Sean's fucking you all right,' he declared and held me tighter to him as if to share in what his buddy was giving me. All the while he kept writhing against me, muscle against muscle, our cocks smashed between our bellies.

'You know this could be even better if I could slip my cock into a nice, warm, wet, deep hole,' he said, almost cooing, as Sean had done.

'You're buddy's...already...beat you to it,' I gasped. I was afraid of what he might be thinking and it scared the hell out of me. I'd seen pictures of guys double cocking a guy, but there was no way I could take both of their cocks in my ass at the same time. I was going to be lucky to handle the full length of Sean's.

'Naw, you've got another warm, wet, deep hole,' Eric said.

Now I knew what he meant and I was greatly relieved, but I wasn't ready to suck Eric's cock yet. I was on edge trying to handle Sean's cock burrowing into me, and I was afraid I might bite down on Eric's cock.

'He's not all the way in yet,' I said. 'Give me a chance to get used to it first.' God, I didn't know where Sean was putting all of his cock-meat. But he was sure filling me. up. I could feel his cock plowing its way through my guts, pushing aside anything in its path. He went deep, but he knew what he was doing. When he hit something way up inside me, he paused and then he shifted his hips and eased in deeper, right past the obstacle.

'OHhhhhhh, Goddddd'! I cried as his big cock slid up inside me and I locked my arms tightly around Eric.

'He's all the way in now, I can tell,' Eric whispered.

'Aww, yeah,' I groaned. 'He's in where nobody's ever been before. Oh, God, you wouldn't believe how deep he is and what he's dong to me so deep in there.'

'How about that other warm, wet, deep hole we were talking about?' Eric asked.

'Okay, but I've never sucked anything that big. Not all the way down on it,' I said.

He shoved his hand between our stomachs and wrapped it around both of our cocks. He fucked his fist sliding his cock alongside mine, both of them slick with precum.

'God, I'm hot,' he said huskily. 'You gotta try. At least suck, and maybe you'll get hot enough that you'll wanta try to take all of it.'

His hot breath on my neck and ear sent shivers through me.

'If you don't suck it, I'm gonna have to knock Sean out of the saddle and climb on that hard butt of yours,' he said.

'All right,' I said breathlessly. 'I'll try it.'

Eric moved away, sliding up on the mats and I found myself face to face with his massive, throbbing manhood, and his bull-sized nuts hanging low over my forehead, all of it framed by the wide V of his muscular thighs.

I moaned again, but not from the pain of Sean's cock skewering into my ass this time. It was a surprised, lusty moan simply from taking hold of the other bodybuilder's big, hot cock.

Sean's cock was sluicing in and out of my ass. It felt enormous, plowing its path through my insides and lodging up deep in the never-land of my very being. I'd never felt anything like it. The pain of his huge girth stretching my guts was excruciating, yet spine-tingling good at the same time. He had me so hot that I was ready to try gobbling Eric's cock even if he'd been two feet long. For certain, it dwarfed my hand. I squeezed and gaped in awe that my fingers wouldn't fit around it, and there was room for more than another fist on the shaft in addition to both of my own hands. I closed my mouth around it and heard Eric moan. His hard stomach muscles rippled and danced like the vibration of a base drum. I took about half of his cock through my lips till the head was smashed against the back of my mouth, lodging its meaty curve into the muscles of my throat entrance.

When it throbbed it expanded into the curvature of my throat a little. I pushed my head upward, forcing the spongy head down through the opening, while fighting down the urge to gag. Suddenly Eric pulled back.

'Let's wait a couple of minutes and let it go down a little,' he said.

I nuzzled my face into his balls, sucked one of them into my mouth.

'Awwwhhhhh,' he moaned as he slung his balls back and forth over my mouth. 'Fuck man, my cock's not gonna go down this way,' he said and sat back on his haunches, out of my reach.

I crooked my head around so I could see him. After awhile his cock began to loose its rigidity and slump down from it s hardon. When it hung down in a quarter circle, Eric moved up astraddle my head again. His big cock lolled out over my face.

'Okay, let's try it again,' he said as he put his thumbs on the corners of my mouth and stretched my lips wide open. Then he laid the head of his cock into my mouth. 'Take it now, before it gets hard again,' he said.

I gulped and swallowed more and more of the warm, thick meat down my throat. Eric helped by lowering himself over my face, gently forcing his huge meat deeper. Finally, I had it all and his balls lay heavily on my forehead and I could suck in the aroma of his maleness from between his legs and from his ass.

'Fuck, would you look at this!' Eric gasped.

'Yeah, how many guys have ever done that,' Sean said.

It was a perfect position. With my head tilted back, my throat opened up and I was able to take Eric's cock in and out of my throat with ease, even when it grew harder. I thought they would take turns. I was sure Eric would want to fuck me and I was looking forward to it. But they never switched positions. Sean kept on fucking me, pounding me hard into the mats, and Eric fed me his cock in long, crushing thrusts. My squeals and whimpering moans were forced back down my throat so I didn't make much noise.

'Let's make him cum,' Eric said to Sean.

'Yeah, I wanta see this big rod explode,' Sean said as he wrapped his spit-slick hand around my cock.

I was stunned that he touched me there and I moaned loudly around Eric's cock and tried to push his hand away. I was already close and I didn't want to come yet. But he wouldn't let go and there was no way I could break the grip on my cock.

'You getting close, buddy?' Sean asked Eric.

'Yeah...mighty close, if you are,' Eric said.

'He is too,' Sean said. 'Let's do it.'

'Yeah, let's fuckin' do it!'

I was helpless. They were going to make me come and I couldn't stop them. Sean was ramming his cock in my ass like a pile-driver, so hard that we were scooting across the mats. Eric kept pace with his cock sliding in and out of my throat and I tried to cling to my sanity and keep from choking while he fisted my cock. It seemed like I wasn't ever going to make it. Sean's cock pounding my prostate had me on the verge but it just wouldn't happen. God, why can't I come! I had to come before long or I was going to go crazy. Shit, I was getting light-headed. Maybe it was because I had this huge cock down my throat and I couldn't get enough air. I hung on and prayed Sean would make it happen soon. My God, they were driving me nuts, and I couldn't believe Sean was able to keep going, and I needed to come so bad.

Suddenly Eric's hips sort of jolted out of control and he choked and gasped, trying to warn me that he was about to come. He never got the words out but I got his meaning. I braced myself.....for what, exactly, I didn't know, except that I thought he would probably shoot like a stallion, with his big balls, and I wasn't sure I could handle him at the angle he had me in. Again, I didn't have any choice. I was impaled on the huge cock and it was throbbing and bolting in my mouth and then I felt the powerful surge of his come spurting through his cock an instant before it began to explode in my throat.

'Uuhhhnnnn! AAwwwhhh, it's coming! Take it, dude ...fuckin' eat my cum!'

I wasn't exactly eating it; it was more like I was being tube-fed. I thought the stuff was probably shooting directly into my stomach; his cock was in my throat so deep. I could feel it spurting in long, thick ropes, warm, even to my body temperature. Eric was concentrating on his end. He was slamming his cock into me hard, holding it deep and twisting his hips around to make it lob around inside me. The dam thing hit everywhere, like a drill gouging out a new asshole. It especially did a number on my swollen prostate, like he was hitting a bass drum and it was causing a reverberation in my head that made my ears ring.

'Ohh...Oh, Godd...Fuck me! Ohh, Fuck me...Make me come...Ohh, fuck, please...please...Aawwhhh, Ohhh...OH, Yeah...you got it stud...you're hitting it... I'm coming...!'

As soon as he knew he had me past the point of no return, he shot off. The stuff shot deep in my ass, so hot, so much of it, drenching back over my prostate like hot honey. I wanted to scream through those last seconds of the buildup, before the huge release. Finally, it came. All the yelling I was doing was suddenly reduced to gasping, sobbing whimpers as I shot my load all over the place. I think I blacked out for a second. I was so hot and out of it that I couldn't stay; I was lifted off into a cloud of pure ecstasy where I floated gradually back down to the muscle and sweat and gushing come of reality. My asshole and my cock kept pulsing and clenching, empty now, but the convulsions were so great they wouldn't stop. Sean stopped and held his cock buried deep inside me. Eric pulled his cock out of my throat, leaving a trail of come across my face. I sucked in fresh air as I swallowed the last of his come. He knelt back on his haunches, gasping and laughing softly. As for me, I could only lie there, trembling from the aftershocks, and whimpering with the eddies of pleasure still going through me.

'Now that was hot!' Eric said as he shoved himself backwards and to his feet. Another glob of come fell on my face. He stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at us.

'You guys glued together or what?' he asked.

'No, I just don't wanta move,' Sean said, holding me tight. 'Are you okay?' he asked me. 'I was pretty rough on you at the end.'

'Oh, yes, I've never been more okay,' I said. 'It was unbelievable. I just need a minute to try to breath. I don't want you to move.'

'I'm not going anywhere,' he said.

'Well, I'm going to hit the showers,' Eric said. 'You guys holler if you need help getting unlocked.'

Sean laughed and his abs rippled against my back, and that made his cock throb inside me.

'You cock feels so good inside me,' I said.

'Yeah, it does feel pretty good,' he agreed.

'I never had it like that before,' I said.

'Come on, you weren't a virgin...you said.....'

'No, I mean, I never had anybody fuck me like that. You know how to move. It was like you knew every nerve ending inside me.'

'I tried to find them all,' he said.

We lay for a moment longer. The showers turned on and we heard Eric whistling.

'I thought he was going to fuck me, too,' I said. 'I thought you were both going to fuck me at the same time.'

'Maybe we will.'

'I don't think I could take both of you.'

'Well, we won't do it till you're ready,' he said. 'Meanwhile, this'll have to do, I guess,' he said, nudging his cock inside me.

'Ohhh, that feels so good...almost like I never even shot off.'


'Yeah?' There was a funny quiver in his tone. I turned my head just as he rose up over me, twisted around with his cock still buried inside me.

'I didn't want to do this when Eric was around,' he said. I was bewildered for a minute, till his face moved toward mine. His tongue flicked out to wet his lips and I guess I did the same, a split second before our lips touched. It started out as a tender kiss but quickly advanced into a kiss of deep passion; such passion that his cock throbbed inside me in response, and my own cock bolted back to life.

'Did you feel that?' he whispered. 'Felt like an electrical jolt.'

'Yeah, I felt it; more like a throbbing jolt.'

'No, you felt it,' he insisted.

'I sure felt something.'

'I want to fuck you again, Denny.'


'This time...this time on your back, okay? I want to watch you when I fuck you.'


He was pulling his cock out and my asshole was clenching angrily. I rolled onto my back and Sean knelt and lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

'I can't ever feel like this with Eric,' he said. 'It's too cut and dried with him. I wanta feel something.'

'I sure do,' I said as he eased his cock into me.

'You know I like Eric...but...well, I don't want to share you every time,' he said. 'What I'm saying is...sometime, maybe you could come over to my place so it'd be just you and me. I would like to know what it's like, and maybe show you, making love to a guy.'

'I thought you guys lived together?' I said.

'We mostly stay together, at his place, but I've got my own place. It isn't much; just a couple of rooms but its got a nice view and we could be alone.'

'You love him, don't you?' I said.

He hesitated before he nodded. 'Yeah. Fuckin' more than he knows. Don't tell him that, though.'

'Why don't you tell him?'

'Eric's not the loving kind. He's all about muscle, and more muscle. He's all about having his muscles worshipped, which I don't mind doing, but I want some feelings deeper than that.'

'Are you going to find those feelings with me?' I asked.

'I already have,' he said. 'Only difference is, I can tell you. I hope it doesn't bother you that I love two guys at the same time.'

'No, not as long as I'm one of them,' I said. 'I don't blame you for feeling the way you do about Eric. He's easy to look at, and be with.'

'I would be his slave if he wanted me to,' Sean said. 'Hell, I practically am.'

'I don't want you to be my slave, Sean,' he said.

'Okay. I'll be whatever you want me to be. You're so fuckin' cute, just name it.'

'My master,' I said. 'I want you to be my master. I wanta be your slave.'

'Okay, but not where it gets cruel or anything. I can't get into that. I'll be your master and make you do things I know you want to do; show you new things, if that's enough.'

'Just don't get tired of me after you've showed me everything,' I said.

'I won't ever run out of things to show you,' he said.

Just then Eric came out of the locker room, drying off. He strode up to us, fucking on the mats.

'Well, son-of-a-bitch, are you guys still at it?'

Sean gave me a few strokes of his huge cock while he looked into my eyes then he looked up at Eric. 'You don't have to wait around, Eric. I think I'm going to be awhile.'



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