"Fuck! Me and Drew shout in worried unison. I saw the look of shock, on his handsome, freckled face with his blue eyes staring down at me due to him being just over 6 feet tall. He also had short ginger hair, with it also sprouting from his chest and navel trailing to thick red hair at his cross, shaved to a triangle. It also spread down to his thigs and the rest of his legs. I was holding onto his warm, muscular body, with 8-pack washboard abs as well as a 7-inch hard cock

He was also looking down at me. At 5 foot 10 inches I was slightly smaller, but more stockier and looked older too despite my babyish face, with wary silver-blue eyes as well as a brown beard that was thicker than stubble covering my jaw, attaching to my thick, wirey but styled spiked up hair- I guess it made me feel more masculine. By now I had been at the gym for 18 months, so I now had a 6-pack and quite muscular body, with hair growing around my crotch and navel as well as my powerful, rower-like thighs. Me and Drew by now were also 18 years of old.

Ewan stood near the door at silence looking at our fine naked bodies, and his massive boner was evident. He was taller than me and Drew, but was equally as fit, and thin as his brother, due to them being football players. Ewan's role as a goalkeeper meant that being tall was an advantage, but I guess that he bulked up a bit to keep command in front of the goalposts but not too mcuh so he could still jump to save the ball. He was 16 with a young-looking but also good-looking face, with the same eyes as his brother. He also had blonde, messy hair and was in general a pretty kind guy.

"Oh my fucking god, my brother and neighbour are fags." he shouts, and tries to run, but me and Drew grab him, and manage pull him back to the bed where we hold him.

"You will tell no-one." Drew almost orders his brother.

"For what they know, you are gay too. You understand?" I say trying to threaten him in the kindest way possible.

"What do I get out of this?" Ewan asks.

"Well, by the look of it..." I stop, to point at his boner. Although if I was in that position being ordered by two naked men, I would have one too.

"I don't know." he says "I've never had sex with anyone, I've only just turned 16."

"Well today is your lucky day, Ewan." Drew smiles.

"Not too hard on him." I look at Drew.

"I don't know like, the amount of times he's annoyed me." Drew gives a joking menacing smile.

"Shut up Drew." I give a small jab to his rock-hard abs, but laugh too. "Hey we will go slow at first, okay?" I ask him.

There is a little moment of silence, before Ewan gives us the all clear with a slight nod.

"Right, strip off then." Drew says in a strong, deep voice. Ewan does so, slowly and apprehensively, revealing a 9-inch hard cock and 6-pack abs, with pecs with other muscles to match, with strong legs for jumping and strong arms to catch.

"That's even bigger than mine!" I shout in surprise. My 8-inch beauty was dwarfed by his, in both length and girth.

"Hey when you've lived with your brother since his birth, it's not as much of a surprise." Drew tells me.

"So it's you who was looking in the bathroom." Ewan says.

"What can I say bro, you have a nice piece of ass." Drew laughs.

"What the fuck." Ewan says in disbelief.

"It's a compliment." I tell him "Now where were we?" I ask, with me and Drew coming up with an idea.

We quickly grab a table to act as a platform on the bedroom floor, we get Ewan to kneel down on it.

"Is this going to hurt?" Ewan asks as me and Drew slowly start fingering his hot ass.

"This is precisely the reason we are doing this. So it doesn't hurt so much." I say, and slowly but surely we start adding a finger one by one so, it is wide enough for my dick. Ewan's groans really start to turn us on.

"Right privates, ready!" Drew shouts in a military like way, joking.

"Yes, commander." I salute laughing, Ewan is quiet but gives a quick salute too.

I start to lube up my hard dick, so it is nice and smooth for penetration, while Drew reaches the front and shoves his dick in Ewan's mouth.

"We will go slow, don't worry." I calm down Ewan as I finally penetrate his glorious ass.

We go slowly at first, with me dick peeping in and out of his ass so it was as gentle as a walk in the park. Meanwhile Drew at the front, was gentle as me, with his dick getting licked and then letting Ewan take a breath. Or at least until I blew a load of hot, creamy cum into Ewant's ass, and he bit Drew.

"Fuck." Both Drew and Ewan said in unsion.

"You fucking bit my dick." Drew shouts at him.

"You fucking blew your load." Ewan points at me.

"You should learn how to hold it." I tell him.

"Right, let's do this fucking faster now." Drew yells at me and we both do. Pulsating into ass, in and out, in and out, reaching his prostrate, as the fountain of juice kept going. His screams muffled by Drew's dick and his load upon load. And god it was incredible. Everything started to become in synch, from the movements, to the moans. Eventually though after what turned out to be nearly half an hour, we decide to rest after what became a massive fun workout, that was also sex.

We managed to push off a tired Ewan off the table, with me and Drew laughing.

"Holy fuck, that is a load of cum!" I yell as the table is practically covered in the white stuff.

"Sorry." Ewan says.

"Hey a stud like you should run free." I smile at Ewan.

"I can hear you flirting with my brother, Tom." Drew says.

"I know, only a bit of fun." I say back to Drew.

"Are you kidding? That was incredible!" Ewan shouts, with one of the biggest grins I had ever seen. This guy was as horny as hell.



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