"Fuck, you don't know you are gay. This is only your first time and mine for that matter." I try convince Drew, that this didn't make him gay.

"I've done this with girls before and it is nothing like this." Drew admits to me.

"Well we talk about this later, I need to go for a shower and you can go after me." I say grabbing my towel and rushing into the bathroom.

"Tom, wait!" I hear him shout.

In the shower I try to take my mind off events, but it only gave me a boner. Fuck, I knew that I was bisexual, but I only thought of fit men as pieces of meat. But Drew, was my friend and a fit friend at that. And god he was beautiful in every way. I din't know if this was necessarily love though. "Shit." I shout as the water turns boiling hot and so I turn it down so it is nice and warm, for my slightly bruised skin.

"Tom, are you okay?" I hear Drew ask as he bursts into the bathroom.

"Yeah." I say opening the shower curtain, inadvertently showing him my six-pack, muscular thighs and blue, sparkling eyes. I see a bulge grow in the Calvin Klein shorts he was wearing.

"Can I come in?" I hear him ask with excitement.

"Sure." I say a bit unsure and confused on whether this was a good idea.

My shower is quite small and cramped so it was a bit of a tight squeeze, especially with two men who go to the gym, so he goes behind me and his hard, warm dick brushes past by bum. It really turns me on. He traces the outline of my hole with it as soft as he can.

"Fuck me, Drew." I shout in glee, as he uses some of his spit for lube and penetrates my ass.

"OMG that hurts so much. Go slower Drew." I say as he pushes his 8 inch-dick in and out, as gentle as the tides turning.

"I love you." he confesses to me, kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck.

"I love you too." I tell him. Although I don't know if this is true or false.

We both groan and grunt, and find we have pre-cum sticking to our dicks.

"My turn." I say happily as we switch positions.

"Go fast, Tom. Go as fast as you fucking can." Drew shouts, as I penetrate his ass to th beat of a drum with my 7-incher. In and out, in and out.

"Fuck!" he keeps shouting, as do I when I push so far in, I reach his prostrates. He shouts in agony, but urges me to continue on.

"I'm gonna!" I say as I fill his ass with white, creamy cum.

"Keep doing it!" he says, as I start stretching and kissing his warm red cheek.

"Damn." he says as he releases bursts and bursts of cum.

"What the hell do you eat?" I ask him surprised.

"Never mind that. You told me you loved me." he tells me.

"I did." remembering that I did, in the heat of the moment.

He pulls me into a long kiss and afterwards we clear up in the awkwardness between us.

As the days, weeks and then months passed, me and Drew often did meet up more than we had done for a while. It wasn't all sex though, most of it was just plain man stuff, video games etc. Only when the house was empty we would actually do it. Although, during those times we had girlfriends and college/apprenticeships and whatever. I also grew, I was now just under six feet and my six-pack was more evident, I also started growing a beard. But that is another story. The next part of this story takes place about 1 year-later

"Hi, Drew." I say knocking on his front door "Anyone in?" I ask smiling.

"No." he smiles back, knowing that now we had girlfriends during the year, we were sure it was just lust. Even when single or in a couple, we knew there would always be an attraction between us, although we would never be together. After we cleared that up things were no longer awkward, hence the smiles.

"Come on up. But not literally, obviously." he laughs.

"Just video games." I reply back.

And so we go up and play video games, until.

"Ready to blow off some steam?" Drew asks me.

"Sure." I say as we start kissing, the other taking the other's clothes off, but in the noise we didn't notice, Drew's brother Ewan.

"What the hell is this!" he shouts in surprise.

"Oh crap." me and Drew say in unison. How were we going to explain this?



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