When I was thirteen, my mom died and dad became a single parent, being both mom and dad to me. He was a construction supervisor and had to be out of town a couple of days a week, checking on out of town jobs. To be with me, he went to his boss and asked for the local supervisor and he to trade places. He took a slight pay cut, but he was home with me every evening.

Dad spoiled me tremendously, yet he was also strict. I couldn't have asked for a better dad, showing me the right roads to choose in life. He took me to many sports events growing up and his two best friends and co-workers, Carl and Jim, often accompanied us. The four of us had a great time together.

By the time I graduated high school, dad had been promoted to construction manager, over all the supervisors.

I enrolled in the state university in economics and lived in the dorm. My room mate was great but yet strange in some ways. He was a very private person. We were friends but not really close like most room mates usually are.

After two months, I was homesick and wanted to see dad. I had an economics class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It was my only Saturday class. When the instructor announced that the following Saturday class was being cancelled so he could take care of some personal business, I decided to make a trip home. It was only a two and a half hour drive.

My last class on Friday ended at four, so I knew I could be home by eight for sure. I left immediately after class and drove home.

When I arrived, I noticed that dad's truck wasn't in the drive. He never used the garage, leaving it for me and the new car he had given me for graduation. I pulled my car in and grabbed my bag, heading to my upstairs bedroom. Dad's master bedroom was down stairs.

I went to the kitchen and prepared a sandwich for dinner. After cleaning up, I went up to my room to wait for him to come in.

Around two, I awoke to hear his voice raised some but not really shouting. I eased downstairs, and as I approached his closed bedroom door, I heard soft moans. thinking he might have brought home a lady friend, I slowly and quietly cracked his door open. When I peeked inside, I froze in shocked surprise.

There on the bed was Dad, Carl, and Jim, all naked, with Carl's cock shoved up my dad's ass and Jim's cock in dad's mouth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Dad seemed to be enjoying it. Soon, Carl climaxed up dad's ass and Jim quickly followed, climaxing in dad's mouth. I watched as dad swallowed. Dad then lay on his back and Carl and Jim took turns sucking his cock. I watched until dad climaxed and then eased the door shut and went back up to my room.

As I did, I had trouble admitting to myself that my own dad, as well as his two best friends were gay. All three were very masculine and muscular.

When I reached my room, I realized that my own cock was rock hard and wondered why watching three guys have sex had such a reaction on me.

I knew I couldn't face dad right then or even that weekend. i checked later and found all three asleep, cuddled together in dad's bed. I went and got my things and going down the back stairs, i eased out of the house and returned to campus.

After waking about noon, I decided I wanted further proof that dad was really gay. I went to my economics instructor on Monday and telling a lie, told him that my dad was ill and i needed to switch to his Monday, Wednesday, Friday class. He agreed and I went to the scheduling office and made the change.

That Thursday, I called dad and in a normal conversation asked if he had any plans for the weekend. He said that he, Carl and Jim were going out for a while. I told him to have a good time and hung up.

Friday after class, I drove back home and parked down the street where I could watch the house. Just before nine, Dad left and I followed at a discreet distance. Dad soon pulled into the parking lot of a gay bar with a sign out front reading 'Amature Stripper Night'.

I watched them enter and then parked. You could get in at eighteen but you couldn't drink. I paid the cover charge and went in. I bought a soda and waited. Soon the floor show started.

After several dancers stripped, I saw Carl come out clothed. The music started and as he danced he removed pieces of his clothing. Soon he was down to a jock strap. Soon, the waistband was filled with money. After a moment, it came off also. After Carl, Jim came out and then my dad. I watched as dad danced and stripped down to a G-string. His waistband was filled also, and like the others, his G-string came off and he was totally naked, flopping his semi-hard cock around to the viewers delight.

I left and drove home and after entering dad's room, I went to the window and raised the blind slightly so that I could see in from the outside.

With my car parked down the street, and dad's bedroom window inside our fenced back yard, I went to the window and waited. Soon, the three of them came in. As they stripped, they compared how much money each had collected.

Then, when they started kissing and groping each other, I began videoing it with my cell phone. I videoed them kissing, sucking, fucking and even eating each others ass. I also realized that I had experienced a spontaneous ejaculation in my jeans and wondered why.

I eased out the side gate and drove back to campus, trying to figure out how to approach dad about what I knew. The more I thought about it and watched the video I had taken, the more I began to wonder what it was like to have sex with another man. Every time I watched the video, I'd get boned and have to jerk off.

I waited a few weeks then decided to go home unannounced and see if I caught them in action.

When I arrived, I parked in the garage and went in, finding him in his boxers. When he saw me he got very nervous, asking what i was doing there.

'I just decided to drive home for the weekend,' I said.

'What about your Saturday class?'

'I changed my schedule and that class is now Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm free on weekends now.'

'Uh, oh, that's great,' he said, his voice shaking.

Suddenly, the front door opened and Carl and Jim entered, with Carl saying, 'You ready to get it on?'

Then seeing me, Carl said awkwardly, 'Uh, hi Brad. Greg didn't mention that you were coming in this weekend.'

'He didn't know. come on in and get comfortable. I need to talk to dad and you two are like family so I don't see why you shouldn't be here also.'

They came in slowly, looking back and forth from me to dad.

Dad spoke up saying, 'What about son?'

'Something important that I should have been told about. Please, sit down together on the sofa.'

They did, a very nervous quizzical look on their faces.

'I guess the best way to start is to just dive in.'

I pulled out my cell phone and started the video, turning it around so that they could all see it.

'When did all this start?' I asked as they watched the video in silence.

Finally, dad said 'Oh shit, Brad. How did you get that?'

I started at the beginning, telling them about my first trip home and seeing them.

'I couldn't believe it ad had to be sure. The following weekend I came back and followed you to the bar,' I said nodding to dad.

'I went in and saw the floor show, then came back here and shot that video from outside your window. I had to be sure it was for real.'

'Son, I never wanted you to find out, and certainly not the way you did. I should have been honest with you and told you from the start.'

Carl spoke up and said, 'Brad, it my fault, totally.'

'And how is that?' I asked.

'Several years not long after we all started hanging out together, you had gone to bed. Your dad, Jim, and I were down here drinking. I was bi and enjoyed sex with men. We were all pretty drunk and I made a pass at your dad and Jim. One thing led to another and we were all having sex. Your dad and Jim found that they enjoyed it, so it continued with just oral sex. Eventually it went further and we've all admitted to each other that we are now totally gay.'

'It's not all his fault,' Dad said. 'I had been curious about it, even before your mother passed away, but never acted on it until that night.'

'And you enjoyed it?' I asked.

'Yes, I did. Son, please don't hate me for who I am.'

'Dad, I could never ever hate you. I just hope I can be just half the man your are. I just wish you would have sat me down and told me.'

'Don't hate Carl or Jim either,' Dad said.

'Hey, they are like second dads or uncles to me. I love all three of you, regardless of who you are or what your sexual preference is.'

Dad came to me and hugged me. Afterward, he asked, 'Can we delete that video?'

'Dad, I'd like to keep it,for a while at least. I kind of like watching it.'

Dad was speechless.

I looked at them and said, 'Look, it's all out in the open now. I don't mind if you three want to get together whenever I'm home. I've already seen you in action.'

'So, you saying that if we wanted to go to my room and have sex, you wouldn't mind?' Dad asked.

'Exactly. Besides. isn't that why Carl and Jim came over?'

'Yea, it is,' dad said with a chuckle.

Well then, go for it. Let me know when you want to take a break and we'll go get a snack or burger.'

They did, and two hours later, dad knocked on my door, dressed, asking if I was ready to go.

We went and ate and later returned.

Once we were back, I said, 'If you want to stay the night, feel free. I'll see you in the morning. Now that this is all out in the open, I'm exhausted. It's such a relief.'

Dad hugged me and said, 'Thanks, son. I love you. We'll talk more tomorrow, alone.'

'I love you too, dad.'

I went to my room and slept soundly. When I got up,Clay and Jim were gone and dad was in the kitchen drinking coffee.

'When did Carl and Jim leave?' I asked.

'About seven. They didn't want to stay, but I convinced them that if you said it was okay then it was.'

'Yea, I really didn't mind. You can have them over anytime,' I said as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

Dad and I talked for a while with him telling me he had seen a buddy of his get sucked by a guy in high school and was curious about what it was like to give as well as receive. He said that when Carl made a pass at him he just decided to go with it. I asked abut Jim and he said Jim admitted being curious also. He said they both sucked and found they enjoyed it.

'Dad, I have a confession.'

'Are you curious also?'

'Well, it's just that when I saw you the first time, I got a boner. Then, when I was watching outside the window, I climaxed in my jeans without jerking off. And every time I watch the video, I get boned and jerk off.'

'Well, I jerk off a lot also when I watch gay videos,' dad said.

'Do you have any?' I asked.

'Yea, hidden in my room.'

'Dad, could we watch one together? You can answer any questions I might have.'

'Son, do you really want to watch one with me?'

'Yes, dad, I do.'

'Okay, then. I'll be right back.'

Dad left and soon returned with a couple of gay DVDs. 'These two are the best. Take your pick,' he said.

'Let's watch both.'

Dad put one in and we began watching it. I as soon boned and could tell dad was also, but hesitant to make the first move.

I looked at dad and said, 'I've seen you nude and boned. I guess it's only fair that you get to see me also.'

I stood and stripped as dad watched. when I was completely nude, dad said, 'Damn, son, you're beautiful.'

'Join me,' I said.

Dad stood and stripped and as we watched the movie, we both began to slowly stroke, watching each other at times.

Finally, I had to satisfy myself. I looked at dad and said, 'Dad, please suck me. Show me what it's like.'

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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