Admit I Shout I explode

It was the Summer Holidays, so as usual my time was spent lazying around. Although with work and friends some of my time was full up. But the rest of the time there was nothing to do but go rub one out. Looking at images of models, sportsmen and of course porn. Watching them, always made me stir and horny, it was a challenge for me to keep it in for as long as I could. Other than that decidely boring. Until I talked to my old friend.

I had always been quite small, but finally at about 15 I had a growth spurt but I was still growing. Now I was 5 foot 5 to 6, with a stocky frame, only just started working out with my straight friends (who have no idea that I am bisexual) so now had a slight outline of a 6-pack when I bent over. Nothing compared to my friends who are also dancers, but I was so proud when I found out I was taller than Jack. I also have a 6/7 incher and light brown hair growing in all the right places. Only problem is I'm decent-looking with freckles and girls think I am cute which is awkward in more ways than one.

I was nothing compared to the beast that was sat on the bike in front of me outside though. He must have been somewhere, and I was just taking the rubbish into the bin so we started to talk. But first Drew. He had ginger hair and freckles, but was very good-looking. We both also had light blue eyes but that was where the similarities ended. He was a lot more lean than me, but with bigger biceps and other muscles, I presume bigger everything else. Unlike me he had always been into sport, being a footballer and I remember him telling me he had an apprenticeship into engineering.

"Hi, Drew" I call to him, smiling.

"Hello Tom. I haven't seen you in a while" I hear Drew says, obviously having gone to the gym. The smell of sweat was strangely attractive, distracting me giving me a boner

"Like what you see?" Drew then asks me smiling cheekily, staring at my stirring cock.

"No, just thinking of someone, a girl." I lie.

"So you have a girlfriend then? Fit is she?"

"I wish I did." I continue to lie, at the moment it was only men that caught my attention.

"Hey, remember when me, you and your brother fought on the trampoline." I laugh, trying to change the topic of conversation.

"Those were good times, until one of us got hurt." he says "Hey, can I come over?" he then adds.

"Sure, no one is in. Both my parents are at work til' late." I tell him.

"It's kind of good, you having a PS3 and me an XBOX 360." I say to Drew as we continue the conversation in my room. After arriving in my room he is an a tight-fitting t-shirt and shorts

"Yeah, you should come over some time Tom. Bet I will beat your ass." he laughs.

"You never know, I may surprise you." I grin.

"Your room still smells like chicken." he then jokes.

"Not this again." I groan at him. We had an argument about this when we were younger.

"Hey look, let's see what is in your history. What have you been watching." Drew continues to chuckle.

"No please no." SHIT. I had left my computer on.

It was too late and already he had found one of my gay porn sites. He was silent, watching as two men engaged theirselves in anal sex, giving me a boner.

"OMFG Tom. You are gay aren't you?!" Drew shouts.

"No, I am bisexual. But yes I do look at gay porn. It really turns me on, unlike normal porn. I can't look at a girl as if she is a piece of meat unlike a man." I admit to him.

"At least your honest with me. I'm just shocked." he confesses to me.

"Please do not tell anyone!" I beg to him desperately.

"Okay. But you need to do me a favour." he tells me. I am both worried and strangely excited about what he could say.

"If I'm honest I've always been curious. You ever done anything like this before. Only ever had sex with girls." he continues.

"No, I'm still a virgin." I come clean to him.

"Well, I am going to take it." he declares, suddenly kissing me. I am willing to accept it as we play tonsil hockey. I see him grabbing for my hard dick, as we move closer and the electricity builds.

"Right take your clothes off!" Drew growls as he lust for me.

I start to strip, taking me shirt off, and then my shorts and boxers, to my bare naked body.

"When did you start working out, and fuck your penis is wide." Drew says surprised.

"Not long, and it's just under 2 inch wide." I answer him proudly.

He then starts to strip too. At 6ft he is like a giant, his lean body is more beautiful than a sculpture. His pecs are broad, and he is buff, with more of an 8-pack ab set. A treasure trail of red hair leads to his 8-inch penis.

"That is massive!" I yell at him.

The porn is still on my computer screen, with the sounds boosting the experience. We proceed to give each other hand jobs.

"Fuck, I can't hold it." Drew groans loudly.

"Take this." I give him my sock and soon enough it is wet, full of thick, white cum.

"Wanna smell." He says playfully, shoving the sock straight in my face. The smell was overwhelming, making me spunk all over him.

"Serves you right." I say back as it is covered over him.

"Remember how we used to play fight. Wanna do it again?" Drew asks me with a cheeky grin.

"Of course." I reply, as we grapple, our cocks touch as the electricity builds further. We become even hornier by the second.

"This is fucking amazing." Drew groans with biggest smile I have ever seen.

"I know." I agree. Was I in love with him? Was he in love with me.

He has me held onto the bed. As we keep laughing, lost in ecstasy. He then grabs the socks again, pushing it again to my mouth.

"Suck it!" He growls, as I drink every last bit of the white honey until I start to choke. I am forced to give Drew a powerful kick of my head, knocking him back onto my desk.

"Shit, Drew. I'm sorry." I apologise to him, as he is slumped back onto the carpet with his head resting on the top, dazed.

"You fucking kidding me. Crap, who did you steal those legs from. Superman?" He laughs.

He lurches forward and starts to suck my dick.

"Wanna blow-job?" he asks and I give him a nod.

"Tell me if you want to stop." I say, as I push my wet, hard dick into his mouth. He pushes forward to, licking it. As I blast into his mouth amazed at going at it for this long.

"My turn." I say with glee, as I start sucking his dick and he keeps cumming and cumming into my mouth, until I can't stomach anymore, so I'm forced to spit it out into the sink in my bathroom.

"Still room for improvement" he jokes.

"Hey it's both our first tries at this. So what do you think." I ask him.

"I think I might be gay." he confesses to me.



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