(PLEASE NOTE: The basis for this story comes from a video I saw but I have changed some of the events and added some.)

I'm Mark Davis, seventeen and in my senior year of high school. As I walked to my pickup after classes were over I ran into Brad Simmons, a fellow senior and good friend.

'Hey Brad, you got any plans for tonight?' I asked.

'Nah,' he replied. 'What you got in mind?'

'How about grabbing a burger later then downing a few brews?'

'Fuck yea, man. Where did you get the beer?'

'Dad had several cases left over from a party he had a few weeks ago. I slipped a case out of the garage.'

'Hey, I'm all for it.'

'Great. How about I pick you up about eight and we grab a burger then go someplace private and down a few.'

'You know a place?'

'Yea, leave that to me.'

I knew of the perfect place. My dad owned Kansas Transfer Company. Manufacturers from all over the country shipped containers of merchandise for their customers to us and we unloaded the containers. In turn, the merchandise was sorted by region and reloaded onto our trucks for delivery to the customers. It was cheaper for the manufacturers to ship to us and let us deliver to the customer.

Dad had off duty police officers as security guards, but they stayed either in the security room watching the monitors or patrolling the lot where the loaded trailers were waiting to be taken out. They never came to the back dock where the employees took their smoke breaks. There was a camera inside the door and it was on an alarm at night, but no camera outside the door. I knew we would be safe there. Besides, on Tuesday and Friday night Jim Roberts, a twenty-five year old police officer, was on duty and he was cool.

I picked Brad up and we headed for the local burger joint and after eating we headed for the warehouse. He asked where we were going and I told him. He was nervous about it but I assured him it was okay.

As we drove to the warehouse, we began talking about some of the hot cheerleaders and which ones we would like to fuck and who we had fucked.

I pulled in behind he warehouse and near the back dock. After parking and shutting off the engine, I reached into the cooler behind Brad's seat and grabbed two beers. As we sat there drinking and continuing our conversation, there was suddenly a bright light shining in my face from outside the car.

'What the fuck? Who's there?' I demanded.

'Hey Mark. It's me, Jim. What are you two doing back here? What you got there?'

'Nothing Jim. We're just talking.'

'Yea, right. Looks like beer to to me. Maybe you're planning on smoking a little grass with that beer.'

'Jim, we don't do drugs,' I said.

'Well, it sure looks like you two got yourselves some boners. Maybe you plan to smoke each others rods.'

'No way!' I exclaimed. 'And we don't have boners.'

'Prove it,' he demanded, 'or I call your dad.'

'Come on Jim. Just let us alone, please.'

I said prove it,' he said taking out his cell phone.

I looked at Brad and he looked at me. I shrugged and opened my shorts and pulled down the front of my briefs. My cock became exposed and was in full bloom.

'Just as I thought,' Jim said. 'Now, son, let me see yours,' he said to Brad.

As Brad just sat there, Jim said, 'Better yet, both of you get out and stand in front of the truck.'

Brad looked at me in horror.

'Let's just do what he says for now,' said softly.

We got out and stood side by side leaning against the front of my truck.

'Okay, now drop your pants. Prove tome you don't have boners and I'll let you go.'

We began dropping our pants and when we had, both our hard cocks sprang upward.

'Just as I thought,' Jim said. 'I've never seen two guys go at it before. It might be interesting. Mark, start sucking your buddy there.'

'Jim, we've never done this. Please don't make us.'

'Do it,' he demanded.

I slowly dropped to my knees and began sucking Brad' hard cock. As I sucked, I saw Jim remove his gun belt and lay it on the dock. He then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, sliding them and his briefs to the ground. Watching me, he began stroking his hard cock.

After a few minutes, he had Brad start sucking me. Jim stopped stroking his cock and completely removed his pants and briefs, then removed his shirt. He was extremely muscular and well built.

After a few moments he said,'Both of you strip.'

Brad looked over at me and asked, 'What's going on?'

'Fuck, I don't know but the only way we're going to get out of this is to do what he says. But promise me you won't say anyhing to anyone at school.'

'Fuck, man, no way.'

We stripped and Jim had me suck him while he stroked Brad and forced Brad to tongue kiss him.

After a few minutes, he had Brad and I change places. As Brad sucked Jim, Jim and I kissed.

Then Jim wanted to go further.

'I think I'd like to see what it's like to fuck some boy ass.'

'No Jim please. Not that. I'm begging you.'

'Mark, it doesn't look to me like you have much choice. Why don't you two go over to the dock.'

Looking at Brad he said, 'Sit down.' Then looking at me he said 'Mark, bend over and start sucking him.'

I did and seconds later I felt Jim's cock pushing up into my ass. I tried to scream but couldn't with Brad's cock buried in my mouth.

Jim fucked me for several minutes as I sucked Brad. He slowly pulled out and looked at Brad saying, 'Now it's your turn.'

Brad and I traded places. As Brad swallowed my cock, Jim ate Brad's ass a moment then slid his cock all the way in. Like me, Brad tried to scream in pain but couldn't. He fucked Brad for several minutes then pulled out.

he had us kneel in front of him and open our mouths. He began jerking off saying, 'When I shoot, you better swallow what ever goes into your mouth. And don't think just because I blow my load it's over. I'm always good for at least three loads.'

He jerked off, shooting his load into our open mouths. As instructed, we both swallowed what went into our mouths.

He then made us have a sixty-nine for a while then he was ready to fuck again. He began fucking me and had me suck Brad.

'When he cums, take it and swallow all of it like a man,' he said. As he later began cumming up my ass, Brad climaxed and I took it and swallowed.

After a couple of minutes, Jim was ready to go again. He had Brad lay on his back on the docks edge and had me kneel over Brad's chest so brad could suck me. he entered Brad and began fucking away. I came before Jim did and Brad took it and reluctantly swallowed.

I climbed down and stood a few feet away as Jim fucked Brad's ass. To my surprise, Brad began moaning and saying softly, 'Yea, fuck me,' and began stroking his cock

Jim soon climaxed and pulled out as Brad continued stroking, attempting to bring himself to another climax.

I went around to the drivers door of my truck out of Brad's sight, and Jim followed. We kissed passionately as brad stroked away. After the kiss. Jim slipped fifty dollars into my hand asking, 'Same time next Friday?'

'Definitely,' I said and Tuesday for just you and I.'

'Great, I want to feel that nice cock of yours shooting up my ass,' Jim said. 'Same kid or a different one?'

'I'm not sure yet,' I replied.

'Man, your dad would have my ass if he knew what I was doing and having you bring me virgins to fuck.'

'He'd have both our asses of he knew what were doing on Tuesdays,' I added as we heard Brad moan loudly as he climaxed all over his stomach and chest.

Jim quickly stepped away and began dressing, as Brad lay on the dock trying to recover. Brad slowly walked over to where his clothes were as Jim said, 'I'm sure you boys will keep your mouths shut. I know you don't want everyone at school to know your gay. Besides, who would believe a city cop would do something to young men like you?'

He returned to his position as Brad and I dressed.

'Mark, did that really happen?'

'I'm afraid so, Brad. And I couldn't believe I heard you tell him to fuck you.'

'I can't believe it either but damn, it was feeling good for some reason. Please, you're not going to tell anyone are you?'

'Fuck no, man. What happened is our secret.'

'Thanks,' Brad said.

We had another beer then left. We drove home in silence but when we pulled up in front of his house, he said, 'Mark, can I ask you a question?'

'Sure,' I replied.

'Let's keep this between us, but did you enjoy any of what we did?'

'Some, yea. Did you?'

'Mark, I hate to say it but after a while, I enjoyed it all. Do you hate me for saying that?'

'Fuck no man! To be honest, and this is between us, I enjoyed it also.'

'Mark, wuld you think it weird if I ask if you and I could do it sometimes, just the two of us?

'No. I'm willing if you are.'

'Maybe we can go camping next weekend and try it.'

'Sounds good to me,' I said.

I had brought eight guys to the warehouse like I had Mark. He was the only one to say he wanted to do it again. The others were still friends and, like Brad, had no idea it was all set up with Jim. What happened was never discussed. Jim and I had been having sex for over a year and just a couple of months he had suggested the idea of me bringing hot straight buys there for sex. He is the one that said he'd pay me fifty dollars for each one I brought to him.

On Tuesday, I met Jim as I always did. He and I would strip suck and fuck each other like wild animals. We both loved sucking, eating cum and getting fucked.

I parked and stripped and a couple of minutes after Jim came up. After a hot passionate kiss, he stripped and we lay on he dock in a sixty-nine. After we climaxed, we kissed and cuddled until we were both hard again.

He had me bend over the edge of the dock and he got behind me. After eating my ass, he slid his cock deep into me. He began fucking me slow and easy. After a few minutes, he stopped and said, 'Close your eyes and don't peek. I have a surprise for you.'

'Okay, but what is it?' as I closed my eyes tight.

'You'll see. Just keep your eye closed tight.'

He slowly pulled out and let go of my hips. a moment later I felt him re-enter my ass. As he began fucking me, I felt a cock press against my lips.

I opened my mouth and accepted the cock. As I did, I looked up to see who it was. I was in shock. I was sucking Jim's cock.

I stopped and quickly turned to see just who was fucking me. I was even more shocked to see my own dad naked behind me sliding his cock in and out of my ass.

'How's that feel, son?'

'Fucking great, dad, but YOU?'

'Yea, son, I'm totally into guys. Jim and I have been having sex since before he was hired. That's one reason I hired him.'

'Fuck! I can't believe this. I've wanted your cock for a couple years now,' I told dad.

'Well, now you've got it. And you can have it anytime you want just as long as I can get yours anytime I want.'

'Agreed,' I said. 'Now fuck me and let me feel your load shoot up me.'

Dad fucked me as I sucked Jim. They each filled heir respective holes at the same time and feeling my own dad cum up my ass was awesome.

After dad pulled out, he lay on his back at the edge of he dock saying, 'Now it's time for me to see what Jim has been getting every Tuesday.'

I quickly sipped my cock up dad's ass and began fucking like mad.

'Yea, son, fuck my hole. Give me that load.'

'Fuck, this is fucking hot to watch,' Jim said.

As I fucked dad, he pulled my face to his and we tongue kissed passionately. Soon I climaxed deep into dad's ass as he moaned, saying how great it was.

We talked and I found out that dad knew Jim had been meeting every Tuesday. When he could Jim put his finger to his lips indicating for me not to mention Friday nights.

'How did you know we were meeting on Tuesdays?' I asked.

'Like I said, Jim and I have been having sex for quite a while. I told him how much you turned me on and how much I'd love to have sex with you. He agreed to see if he could get you to have sex with him. He said that you readily agreed to having sex and told me everything. I wanted to join so bad but was afraid of what you'd think of sex with your dad. Then last week, Jim told me tha you commented you thought I was hot and would love o have sex with me. We planned tonight out.'

'I'm glad you did,' I said.

Dad kissed me again and within seconds as dad and I had a sixty-nine, Jim slipped behind dad and began fucking him. We all climaxed seconds apart. I watched as dad and Jim tongue kissed.

Dad then looked at me and said, 'Mark, I'd love to sit back and watch Jim fuck you to completion.'

Looking at Jim, I said 'Climb on.'

Before the night was over everyone had sucked, fucked, been sucked, and been fucked, by the other two.

Dad and I began having daily sex at home and on Tuesdays, we'd go to the warehouse and have sex in dad's office with Jim. Fridays were Jim and I's secret.

The weekend camping trip with Brad was awesome. He eagerly sucked me dry and swallowed as soon as we got to the campsite. We spent the weekend nude and sucked and fucked each other numerous times during the weekend. Brad admitted to me that he enjoyed sex with a guy.

We had sex many times and even went back to have sex with Jim on a few Fridays. However, those Fridays there was more mutual sucking and fucking.

After I was sure Brad was totally into men, we began cruising together, picking up guys for sex and renting motel rooms. I finally admitted to him that Jim and I had planned our first encounter and he laughed and said he was glad because it made him find his true self.

I eventually took him home to have sex with dad and I and that he dearly loved. We also took him with us to dads office for a four way with Jim. However, he knew that dad knew nothing about what went on on Friday nights and agreed to keep it secret. Brad then began finding guys for he and I to take to Jim on Fridays and we'd split the fifty dollars.

As time passed, Jim and dad became closer as did Brad and I. Now, Jim and dad are lovers as are Brad and I. Brad and I have our own place, but visit with dad and Jim frequently for dinner and sex. Dad still doesn't know what goes on at the dock of Fridays.




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