We hear a lot of talk about the 'Swinging Sixties' as though nothing happened sexually before or after it. I can tell you the 'Naughty Nineties' did well too. At least being gay was legal in the nineties so once you were over the legal age, the sky was the limit.

I had always felt gay even before I knew what "feeling gay" meant. As I grew up there were the usual incidents but everything really came together when I arrived at the age of 18. Certainly I was now legal and could have anyone that wanted me with no conscience but the real key was being able to get into bars and clubs.

I was fortunate enough to be good looking in a twinky way. I was average height (5 feet 9 inches), slim enough but with some meat on my buttocks and a decent size piece of meat which was probably better than average at 7 inches uncut. I was even lucky enough to have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. My style in those days I would now call 'lightweight emo' in that I had what is now the emo look, complete with long styled hair but none of the piercings or tattoos. I didn't think I was effeminate but let's say everyone in the office had twigged I was gay so I must have looked obvious enough without realising it. Even though I had been christened Nicholas, I was Nick as a child and when people wanted to take the piss I became Nikki with the feminine spelling rather than the male version, Nicky.

In the first few months of exploring the bars, my sex drive was at full throttle. If I wanted it, I got it. I soon realised that not only did I like cock but I particularly liked cock in my backside. I was happy to give but boy did I like taking. I went from virgin to slut in 6 months. Two things happened during that period, both by accident and I'm sure this laid the foundation for the story I will shortly tell.

The first incident happened on a warm day in Spring during the Easter break. I had recently taken a job working in the office of the Planning Department of the local council and on this day had left the office and bought a pack of sandwiches and a Coke to enjoy on my own in the park. It was quite busy and there were a number of women with kids around plus a few people grabbing the opportunity of enjoying the first warmth of Spring. As I ate my sandwich I saw a couple picnicking on a blanket. The wife was reading a magazine, there was a baby in a stroller and father was running up and down with a toddler who looked to me about 2-3 years old. To me this guy was stunning!

He was about 6 feet tall, age about 24, short sleeved shirt, tight Levi's, dark hair and a stubble and a bottom to die for. His jeans showed a promising bulge at the front. I contented myself in watching him swing the toddler between his legs then put him down to run off while he caught up and went through the procedure again.

"Lucky bitch," I thought, "Getting his cock inside her on demand!"

After 20 minutes or so I had to start thinking about returning to work so I stood up to take my rubbish to the bin (being a good citizen). The park toilets were just behind the bin so I thought a quick pee might be in order as the Coke made its way through me. I entered the cool toilets which had four urinals and a couple of cubicles and pissed. I was suddenly aware of someone beside me and it was the guy I had just been watching.

My first thought was, "Oh good I might get a glimpse of his cock."

He didn't pee and instead just looked straight at me and gently taking my arm nodded to the cubicle and said, "In here, quick!"

I was stunned and followed meekly, my limp cock hanging out of my trousers as I went. Once inside, he dropped his jeans and white briefs and a stiff cock sprung up. It was a slim dick, about as long as mine. I immediately dropped to my knees as it was obvious what he wanted. My mouth was over it, rolling back his foreskin and sucking the head. A musky man-like smell eminated from him as I sucked. His balls were hairy and hung heavily under him.

"Oh yes, suck me," he said, stating the obvious.

I managed to get a grip of my own cock and stroked it as I sucked. Within 5 minutes a warm blast of cum filled my mouth. I choked with the amount of liquid that fired and as I took my mouth off. I was just in time to get a second blast on my face. It was thick, creamy man seed. After a quick gasp, he pulled up his jeans and left me, still on the floor, with the cubicle door open.

"Selfish bastard," I thought. "I might just give him a fright."

I pulled up my pants, and taking some toilet tissue in my pocket, walked out of the toilet and sat back on the bench looking over at him and his wife. The cum was still on my face, making it's slow progress Southwards.

He was back playing with his kid and looked up to see me staring at him, his jism over my face. He went pale as I smiled. I went into my pocket and very slowly wiped the cum off my face watching and smiling as I did so, then, walked across and put it in the bin. He stood like a statue as his little boy was banging on his leg trying to attract his attention. I left the park.

I learned two lessons that day. The first was that married men are selfish bastards out for what they want with little thought for me and the second was that I loved sex with married men.

My second incident which cemented this fantasy of mine was with a slightly older guy in the office. He was one of the planning officers so spent most of his time out and about. I managed to get some ink on my hands one day and went to the office toilets to wash my hands. The toilets were a bank of cubicles and no urinals. Each one had a sink and there were also a couple of 'public sinks' too. Being the person I am, I decided to wash in one of the cubicles and pushed to go in. I was shocked to see the planning officer sitting back on the toilet, his trousers at his ankles wanking an impressive cock. It was only about 6 inches but it was so thick. He didn't initially see me until I spluttered an apology. I pulled back but he stood up and grabbed my wrist, pulling me into the cubicle.

Red faced he said, "Listen you little poof, you've seen nothing and if you tell anyone I'll do you over."

I pointed out that I had no intention of telling anyone.

"You like what you see?" he said.

Well he was about 35, and a bit on the rough side but his shiny wedding ring got me going again.

"Actually," said I, calm as a cucumber, "I do!"

"Oh," was his response and I saw some of his initial bravado fade.

"Em, what would you like to do with it?" he asked.

I knew I had to take control. My cock was rising in my pants anyway. I dropped to my knees and took his thick dick in my mouth.

"Oh fuck," was his response.

With my previous married guy experience still in my mind, I wasn't letting this one get away so easily. I stood up and dropped my pants letting my own healthy specimen spring up. I think he was shocked to find that a little poof could have a bigger cock than him. I gripped his head and pushed him down on my cock. His lips stopped at my foreskin. I pushed two fingers in his mouth. He opened and my cock followed. Now it wasn't the best blow job I had ever had but I had the distinct feeling it was his first.

I stood up again and licked his cock from end to end. He definitely was a fan of being on the receiving end of a blow job. I then turned around and offered my arse to him. His eyes went like saucers.

"Fuck me," I said.

I figured he was pretty safe for unprotected sex so wet his cock and my arse with his saliva. This was going be a tight fuck with no real lube. He bent me over and started to enter me. It took a lot of saliva and patience but I managed about 4 of his 6 inches before he maintained a rhythm and was soon fucking, his hand gripping my cock as he did so. It didn't take long to be honest. When his load fired into me I could feel its heat and volume. The hot liquid spurted into my arse with the excess trickling around the sides of his cock and down my legs. I gripped my own cock and brought myself off in under a minute, firing my goo all over the cubicle floor.

"Jeez, I'm so sorry," he said. "For fuck sakes don't tell anyone we did this, please."

"My arse may not be sealed," I said, "But my lips are."

He pulled up his pants and with a cursory check outside, ran!

OK neither were very rewarding incidents but having sex with fully heterosexual men became my night time wanking fantasy.

Now while all this experimentation was going on I had befriended a girl, well more a woman I suppose. She worked beside me in the department and was about 3 years older than me at 22. Pam had come through a couple of relationships which had gone sour and was in the "all men are bastards"camp at the time.

"You're just one of the girls," she told me.

Over a few months she asked to join me in the gay bars. She was no typical "fag hag" as she was a pretty woman. We had some laughs, compared notes on men and, if I picked someone up, she would discreetly disappear into the night. However, I had to give her a blow by blow account next day. This was a little uncomfortable at first but she seemed to be really interested in what I had done.

One night after a few drinks, she told me that she had a sexual fascination for slightly camp guys, having been dumped by two very heterosexual ones. She said she felt safer with them. After laughing at her explaining the impossibility she had of screwing a gay guy, I confessed to her that my fantasy wasn't that much different from hers as I wanted to screw with straight guys. We laughed at how twisted we both were.

Pam couldn't stay at my house as I still stayed with parents. They were always happy if I stayed with her, possibily holding on to the slim possibility that I might actually be straight. A couple of incidents happened there which lead us into the next part of my sexual development.

Pam had allowed me to bring a guy back to her place for the night. He was a good looking guy, my own age and while not being my "Mr Perfect straight guy," at least he wasn't camp. He wanted me to fuck him. After a few drinks with Pam we headed upstairs to her spare room and after showering, went to bed to have sex. He was a cute looking blonde guy and I soon had his legs in the air, fucking him mercillesly. I was ready to cum and shot my load into my condom as he shot his on his chest. I jumped off the bed to get some tissues and saw Pam standing at the door watching us, her fingers firmly pushed down her pants.

"Pam, for fuck's sake," I said.

Nonchanlantly, she smiled and said, "Sorry guys, the sound of you both making out got me really horny and I just had to see what was so good."

She turned and went to bed without any sign of embarrassment.

The guy was horrifield as was as I bumbled my apologies to him. In the morning she acted as though nothing was any different and, after I had sent my pick-up on his way I sat her down.

"Pam, it's like your sister watching you fuck. It's just not something you do."

"Look Nikki," she said, "I'm sorry but I was a bit horny last night. No not just that, I was horny and jealous. You get some manly guy to stick his big dick in you and I have nothing but your ecstatic groans for company. Not only that, you're a cute looking guy with a sizeable piece of meat going to waste so I enjoyed watching you. There, I've said it"

I was stunned. I not only hadn't thought of Pam other than as a pal but she was a female too, so a double reason not to think about it. The subject dropped and we carried on as usual.

About 6 weeks later we went out together on a Friday night and did a mixed bar. Pam was getting chatted up by a guy who was my type to a "T" and though he was obviously straight, I couldn't help flirting with him. He cottoned on to my relationship with Pam so was seriously trying to get into her pants. Just when she was at the "how about coming back to my place," stage. His mates reminded him they had a train to catch and, with a hastily written telephone number, he was gone. I watched my perfect man walk away and thought that it was probably just as well.

We drank until after 1.00am and headed back to Pam's to continue. We already were way past our normal level of drinking and the fact that she had lost the opportunity for sex had annoyed her. I pointed out that though he was straight he was too butch for her anyway. In the way that drunk people do, we started talking very openly about our sex experiences. We started on "the biggest cock" and on to the "meanest shag."

When we got to the "best kisser" I told her I was!

"Prove it!" she said.

"How," I slurred.

"C'mere," she said pulling my head to her and kissing me fully on the lips.

"That's sloppy and messy," I said. "You need to show more passion and use a bit more tongue, like this!"

I lay on top of her on the couch and placed my lips over her mouth, my tongue entering it and pressed hard as I kissed her. She put her hand behind my head and responded. We kissed for a minute or two before coming for air.

"That's pretty good for a poof," she said. "Let me teach you how to do things properly."

We stood up and she kissed again. As we did, she pressed her palm against the front of my chinos and I was surprised to find I had an erection. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. As we kissed and swayed, she pulled off her top and stood with her breasts exposed, pulling my mouth down to kiss her nipple. It was bigger than a man's by far and was standing on end. As I did so my pants were deftly opened and dropped to the floor. In one quick action, Pam knelt in front of me, my cock in her mouth. She threw me back on the couch and lifted my legs, her tongue licking my balls and even venturing down to my arsehole. My cock was stiff. I lay there passively as she stripped before standing over me, her neatly shaved cunt now in full view.

Pam straddled me and sat straight down on my cock which slid ino her wet cunt in one quick action. I remember thinking how much looser it was than a guy's arse. She started to ride me. I remember holding both of her tits and looking up at her as her body rose and fell with each stroke. Pam was getting something I realised she had been lusting for since I had met her, fucked by a camp guy. I was as passive as a guy fucking a girl could be. My cock was hard though and it was obvious from Pam's face that she was definitely getting something out if it.

She started panting and screaming my name as she obviously was cumming. I felt my own orgasm boiling as her movement became more thrusting and violent and suddenly, almost without the usual build up, I shot in her cunt. As she lifted herself off me, my cum ran out and trickled on to my pubic hair and balls.

"Nikki that was awesome," she said.

I couldn't really say it was awesome for me because it wasn't.

"Well Pam, it was.....different," I sheepishly said back. "Oh fuck, I came in you," I said suddenly realising that women had different plumbing from guys.

"Cool it, idiot, I'm on the pill," she said.

"Thank fuck, I have no desire to be a father!"

I can't remember any more of that night and my next thought was wakening in my underwear on the sofa. It was mid-morning and there was a smell of burnt toast eminating from Pam's kitchen.

She breezed in with a plate in one hand and a mug of tea in the other.

"How's my little straight convert then?"

"Pam, trust me, I haven't gone straight, only had too much to drink."

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it Nikki," she said.

"I don't know what I felt but it's not something I'm expecting to make a habit of," I responded, sipping the hot tea in a effort to clear my head.

She looked upset but changed the subject and we padded around for the rest of the day and didn't mention it. In fact it wasn't mentioned again for some seven days, the following weekend in fact. We were sitting in the mixed bar again and Pam suddely started talking.

"You like guys as straight as you can get, right?"

"Yeh," I said, not knowing where she was heading.

"I like most guys but have a little penchant for slightly emo or camp guys." She hesitated and then said, "Like you."

My puzzled look encouraged her to continue.

"I'm a good looking girl who attracts straight looking guys. How about I become your honey trap as long as I can get involved?"

"You mean a threesome?" I said.

"Oh yes a threesome at least, but with guys you could only dream and wank about ever getting. I pick up the guy, tell him we fancy a threesome and once we get going you should be able to get your little mitts on his cock and, who knows, his cock up your arse."

"Pam that's disgusting," I said. "I couldn't do that!"

"Not even for him," she said nodding in the direction of the stunning guy from the previous week who had chatted her up and been knocked back as his mates had to leave.

My eyes gave me away. This guy was a twenty out of twenty. He was the sort I would wank my cock raw thinking about. He was the sort that would knock seven bells out of any gay guy who so much as looked at him. I was drooling as he walked across and after a cursory nod in my direction gave Pam all his attention. I stood back and left her to it, my mind idly looking around at the rest of his bar and his mates. They were cute but neither came close to the Adonis beside me.

"Of course we have sex," I heard Pam say indignantly, nodding in my direction. "And he's good at it!"

The guy looked at me, then looked me up and down. I saw the faint outline of an erection in the front of his jeans and realised they had been talking about sex. Pam's voice quietened again and their converstion continued.

Again I was abrubtly brought back into their chat when Pam's finger tapped my shoulder from behind.

"Nikki this is David, David, this is Nikki."

I put my hand out and a firm, rough hand took it and shook me.

"Pam tells me you two go at it like rabbits," He said.

"Well I wouldn't say....."

Pam kicked me.

"Well yes we do....sometimes."

"And you don't get jealous of other guys having sex with her?"

Pam interjected. "Not if he's doing it too. Nikki's bisexual you see."

David looked at me and was silent.

"You mean he gets involved.....at all levels?"

"Depends what you mean," said Pam. "It's not at all as kinky as it might sound. Are you staying the night then?"

"Eh I need to see my mates are all right," He said and wandered away.

"I think you blew that one Pam," I said.

"No sweetheart, I think YOU might be blowing that one before the night's out."

For the next 30 minutes or so he chatted with his mates, drunk some more beer and sometimes looked at Pam and I. Around 11.00pm his mates looked ready to go as they had the previous week. Just as they were putting on jackets, David spoke to them as though to say he was coming over to say his farewells.

"Does that offer still stand?" He asked.

"You bet," Said Pam.

I felt a stirring in my loins!

We walked back to Pam's, me feeling a little like a gooseberry as he put his arm around her waist and they chatted quite happily. I didn't feel at all confident. What made it worse was that this guy was Mr Perfect for me and if I had to listen to Pam getting shagged by him I'd go out of my mind. Pam stayed cheery the whole way back and when we entered her flat briskly threw down her keys and suggested we get to know each other while she showered.

I gave David a beer and made very embarassed small talk.

"I thought you might be gay," he said.

I uncrossed my legs and said, "Do I look that effeminate?"

"Eh no, sorry" he said, "it's just, well, your kind of 'pretty' for a straight guy."

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

"What do you see when you see me," he asked.

I wanted to say, "A hunk whose cock I want in my arse with no Pam present," but I said, "A good looking guy who I'm sure I can trust with Pam."

He smiled and then sheepishly said, "Do you actually fancy me?"

"I'm bisexual," I lied, "So, yes, I do."


I think he was trying to work out what he was going to have to do with me to get at Pam. I was trying to work out what I was going to have to do to get at him without Pam.

She floated back into the room in a plain, slightly transparent t-shirt top and a pair of loose fitting baggy bottoms.

"Right whose next, I hate smelly men."

I ran to the shower and washed. I douched myself, having no idea why as I saw little chance of him wanting to do it and of me wanting to be fucked in front of Pam (again). However the last thing I wanted was some messy accident because I wasn't prepared.

When I returned, fully redressed it was obvious they had been kissing. Pam packed him off to shower and told him not to fully dress afterwards as we would be starting without him.

"This isn't going to work," I said. "He's as straight as they come."

"Come here lover boy," she replied, grabbing my hand and dragging me to her bedroom.

Once inside she kissed me. I realised that Pam fancied me more than David but I so wanted this straight guy I would have run up the street naked.

"We have to look as we're already underway to get him horny and remove any embarrassment," she said as she fumbled with my clothes.

By the time we heard the shower switch off, I was in my nice bright CK hipsters with at least the semblance of an erection and Pan was stripped to a pair of panties only. I kissed her nipples as she seemed to like that and her hand stroked my cock in an effort to raise it from its semi-comatose state. David walked into the room with his shirt on and covering the parts that mattered and his trousers over his arm.

"Hi cutie," she said, "We're so looking forward to see what you can do."

She headed for him and took his trousers from him, her hands running under his shirt and over his chest, she took the lead and kissing him, drew him over to the bed. She lay him down and unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was firm and athletic with hair around his nipples and sinking down to the top of a pair of tight but uninteresting supermarket brand blue briefs. He lay passively as Pam stroked the front of his briefs and I saw the bulge of his cock start to rise. That was enough to kick-start my erection. He sat up, pulled his shirt off completely and pushed her down on the bed. His hands ran over her body and his lips over her breasts. His fingers ran down to her panties and swiftly disappeared under the band, pushing upwards. Pam inhaled quickly as he obviously had his fingers in her cunt.

I went over, not wishing to touch him at this stage and lay behind Pam who was facing him on the bed. I pressed my bulge against her as she put her hand around and gripped my erection. David was oblivious to me and had become a horny animal. He pulled his briefs off and a rather stiff cock sprunk into view. It looked to be an nice thick seven incher with hairy balls. Pam's panties went South as well and he was soon rubbing his cock on her front. I quickly pulled my pants off and was wandering how to make some contact with him. I knew I had to restrict sex to Pam at the moment.

Pam rolled on to her back and put an arm around each of us, pulling us towards her.

"Two sexy men," she said, pulling both our heads to her lips.

David went to kiss her and she pulled me down at that moment so that my mouth reached her at the same time. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and then mine and before he knew what was happening, my tongue was in his mouth. He recoiled and wiped it.

"Chill," said Pam, " And enjoy your other side. No one's going to know so relax and enjoy."

She gently pulled him back and kissed him passionately as I looked on, then she pulled my head down again and she shared her mouth, once again, my tongue managing to enter his mouth. I was so hard!

"I need to fuck her," he said to me.

"Ok but please don't cum," I said.

I reached for the condoms and as he stood, I opened one for him and rolled it on his cock. Again, he pulled back slightly but on hearing a "tut" from Pam, he let me do it. It was so so sexy. A 100% straight guy letting me put my hands on his cock. I knelt facing him my own cock stiff as hell and I caught him glance at it a few times. I wondered if this was the first hard cock he had ever seen apart from his own.

Pam lay back and opened her legs. Her pussy was very wet and I stroked it for her, remembering to finger her little nubbin which I knew got her going. I also knew that my presence was turning her on more than his so for her sake I tried to be sexual with her, kissing her nipples and fingering her. I pulled her legs apart as he positioned himself for entry, and I held her open to help access.

As he sunk into her, he said, "Yesss," a bit like a snake on heat, and the started to fuck.

He lacked any genteelness as he fucked her and it looked pretty rough to me but, oh boy, was it sexy just to see this hunk in full rampant passion. I was forgotten as he fucked so I slipped around to stand behind him and slipped my hands between his legs to grip his cock as he fucked. He hardly noticed so I took his balls and gently massaged them as he fucked. Ok, I hadn't had much of the sex but at that moment I had already had more than I could have dreamed of having. His cock was hard as a rock and his balls were heavy and full. I could only imagine what was going to pump out of them later and just hoped I could get some of it, somewhere on me, or better still, in me.

"Right lover boy," said Pam, sounding like a high-class hooker, "It's boyfriend's turn.

I knew that Pam wasn't going to let me off since this is what she wanted all along, me fucking her again. I couldn't disappoint. At least this time I had some eye candy to help and him watching me really turned me on. I replaced him in exactly the same position between her legs and started to fuck her. Pam was making all the right noises and I knew that my fuck was having a greater effect on her. I felt movement around my balls and realised David was repeating what I had done to him, stroking and gripping my cock as I fucked. I assume, feeling a cock going into a cunt was turning him on.

"Oh shit," said Pam, followed by a few other expletives as she climaxed with my cock inside her.

I felt kind of proud, a fully gay boy bringing a straight girl to climax. I pulled out at that point and David went to enter her.

"Just give me a few minutes boys," said Pam. "I need to recover little so keep yourselves amused."

David looked at me, horrified and I looked at his stiff cock and before he could say a word dropped my mouth between his legs and swallowed it, quickly peeling back his foreskin and engulfing the head with my expert mouth. Now this was something I was good at. At first he passively let me but as I sucked him, in the kneeling position I felt his hand behind my head pushing me down on his cock until I had the entire length down my throat. I could hear his pleasure as he quietly made moaning noises. I was an expert cock sucker and I knew it.

"Good with his mouth, isn't he?" said Pam, stating the obvious.

"Christ yes," he said.

"You should feel what his tight arse is like," said Pam.

"No way," he said, "I'm not fucking a guy in the arse."

"They say once you've done it you'll wonder why you've never done it before," she said. "I know he's got the sweetest little tight hole in the world and you'll kick yourself if you give up on the opportunity to try the hidden fruit. Fuck him and then me."

"Fuck you in the arse?" he said incredulously.

"Well it wasn't what I meant but if you feel you need to, then you can."

Now I was looking incredulous. Pam taking a cock up her arse!!

"I'm not saying I'll manage but I'll try," he said.

I almost didn't hear the end of the statement as my head was floating somewhere near the ceiling. He was going to fuck me. That big thick lump of flesh was going inside my hole. That hunk of masculinity was going to lose his virginity up me, well his gay virginity at least.

I was lubed before Pam had finished her sentence and I threw him a condom with the wrapper already ripped open. I knew I had to make this as female as possible so I lay on my back and opened my legs so it felt the same as the way he had fucked Pam. He lay on top and I felt that rod between my legs. He had lost a little of his erection through fear but Pam had him in hand and was gently stroking his cock back to full mast.

"Let me put it in," she said.

As his cock slid into me I'm sure I heard a chorus of angels singing. There was little finesse but his rod went straight to the hilt and he started fucking almost immediately. Pam knelt alongside, stroking my cock as he fucked.

"What's it like then?" she asked him.

"It's amazing. My whole cock is being gripped as I fuck him," he said.

"Hold this," said Pam, offering him my cock to take in his left hand as he fucked.

He was really getting into his stride now, holding both legs up and fucking like a wild animal. It hadn't dawned on Pam, but it had on me, this guy was never going to last until it was time to fuck her again. The cock was like iron and I felt sure his wad was going to be deposited inside me rather than Pam.

"Oh Christ," he said, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming inside a guy!"

I felt the pulsing as his cock emptied its load inside my hole. He pulled out almost as soon as he had finished, the cum dangling in the condom on the end.

"Let me see your girlfriend suck you off," said David.

I sat astride Pam, my legs either side of her breasts and my left hand stroking her clitoris behind me as she wanked my cock, aiming straight for her face. Once more, my fingering seemed to be getting to the spot as Pam was moaning like hell as I played around inside her.

"I'm nearly there Pam," I said.

Watching this hunk of masculine beauty standing naked over me was enough to bring me to the brink and I emptied a massive load of cum over her. Shot after shot sprayed her breasts, face and hair as my cum shot out.

"You were randy weren't you," saiid Pam, aware of the real reason why.

Next morning, after David had left, Pam cornered me.

"I'm good for you," she said. "I can get the sort of guys you can only drool about."

"I don't know about that but he certainly was a prize capture last night," I replied.

"I can do it again if you like?" she said.

To be honest I liked Pam but somehow it felt a bit like fucking my sister. Having said that she was tapping into guys I could only dream about. I decided I would run with it once more and see what happened.

It didn't work for the next couple of weeks. Both the guys she approached didn't fancy the "nancy boy" being there. I told Pam just to go with the each of the guys herself but she refused. I found that a little disconcerting but my cock was ruling my head and each weekend when we went out my head and cock were bursting with anticipation of what we might get.

When the next time happened it was a little like a "white knuckle" ride.

Pam, a bit bruised for the previous couple of knock backs, had dressed particularly slutty. Her skirt was short, her little halter top showed a lot of breast and she was gushing over everyone. There were two guys I had spotted, well one particular guy with a friend. The one I spotted was so straight I doubted he could tie his laces! He was around six feet tall, slim but with a well toned top and was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt which showed his muscles. His face was that of a model, with streaky blonde hair, a light beard growth and blue eyes that were piercing. The bad news was, he was showing no interest whatosever in Pam's little show.

Now I say he showed no interest but his friend did. The friend looked around thirty, which I guessed whas about six years older than his friend. He was good looking too but was a mean fucker. He had cropped red hair, a nose that looked as though it had been broken at some time and was thicker set. He also wore jeans and was particularly into Pam judging by his smiles. As the night wore on, and the beer took effect, the redhead took his mate's arm and led him over to us.

"You could get yourself into a lot of trouble dear," he said to Pam. "This your girlfriend?" he said to me.

"Eh, yes, in a way," I said, never good at lying and just a little nervous.

"She looks a bit too much for you, or any single man I would say," he continued.

Now I quite liked this guy but could see the stunning blonde one slowly slipping out of reach and I wasn't sure how good I would be at sex with Pam and a guy that wasn't 100% my type.

"I'm Ralph and this is Toby, my cousin who's staying with me for a week or two from Canada," he said.

"Pleased to meet you Toby," I said almost pulling his hand off. "I'm Nikki and this is Pam."

We chatted a bit more and Toby was painfully quiet.

"So what's the score?" said Ralph.

"Score?" said I, my voice a little higher than I had anticpated.

"A sexy young woman flaunting herself in a busy bar and a boyfriend who almost looks as feminine as she is," he said.

Ever quick Pam said, "Actually we're so in love but sometimes I need a little bit more than just Nikki." Looking directly at both men she continued with, "And sometimes I can cope with a whole lot more than just Nikki.....and Nikki helps me too, don't you dear?"

I gulped as the scene in front of me froze and Ralph looked at me and then at Pam.

"Does he take it up the arse?" he asked of Pam.

"He has been known to," she said without batting an eyelid.

"Fancy some fun Toby?" he said to his cousin.

Toby shrugged and said, "OK."

My mouth went to the now familiar "very dry" state as I tried to swallow and my heart began thumping.

"I live just around the corner," said Ralph as he knocked his pint of beer back in one and dumped the empty glass down on the bar.

I don't remember us leaving the bar and we were well down the street before my head caught up with my physical body. Ralph was ahead chatting animatedly with Pam and I followed almost alongside Toby trying to make small talk about Canada to which the answers all seemed to be monosyllabic.

The flat was a third floor in a warehouse conversion block. We entered and he offered us drinks which I gladly grabbed. If I was to be fucked at least I was clean and ready. I had prepared even though the chances had been slim. I went to the toilet anyway and freshened myself. Pam followed and I assumed did likewise.

"Lets go to the room and see you two get started," said Ralph.

Both guys had kicked off shoes and followed us through. Ralph had kissed Pam his tongue deep down her throat and his hands pawing her breasts. Toby looked at me and I smiled. He walked over and stood behind her, grinding his front into her rear. I was feeling really uncomfortable. Ralph stood back and asked Pam to strip which she did without blinking. She stood stark naked in front of us.

"Nice body," said Ralph.

"Thank you kind sir," said Pam. "Who wants first try?"

"He does," said Ralph pointing to me. "Why don't you strip naked and let's see you two in action."

I stripped quite quickly as it gave me something to do and when I stood facing Pam, my cock was soft.

"Go on then, you must be used to it," said Ralph.

I went over and started to kiss Pam. With two hunks in the background, poor Pam just wasn't doing it for me. I really tried my best but my cock was telling the truth. Ralph came over and started to kiss her too and then Pam started to unzip his jeans. They dropped to the floor and I helped him pull them off. He stood in a tight pair of white hipsters with a nice erection showing at the front. I pulled the hipsters off and his uncut cock, slightly bending to the left, sprung up and almost hit me in the face, a nice red bush visible above it. I saw Toby watching me and wondered if he was waiting to see what I would do. I did nothing but stand up and join the two standing bodies. Ralph's warm cock strayed against my leg and that alone enabled my erection. His cock was about six inches long but thicker than mine. Pam eagerly gripped it and commented on its girth.

"Oooh that's going to feel good," she said.

"Come on Toby don't stand there like a spare prick at an orgy," said Raplh.

Toby pulled off his polo shirt and exposed a beautiful athletic body, well defined with a patch of hair across from nipple to nipple. His actual nipples were large and round and as he pulled the shirt off he looked at me and smiled. Slowly, still looking at me, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them off, folding them carefully and stood looking at me in a colourful pair of Calvin Klein tight trunks. Though his cock didn't look as though it was at full mast, it was certainly not soft. I beckoned him over to join the little throng and he came.

Pam was purring like a kitten. Her hands rubbing the front of all of us, spending more time with me. My cock was semi-hard now and while she was trying to kiss three men at once, I allowed my hand to brush against Toby's covered crotch. His cock was now quite stiff and felt promising and as I did it I again got that amazing smile. I felt he was coming on to me but it coudn't be that, could it?

Raplh was completely oblivious to all of this, his hands all over Pam his cock standing out and hard and his mouth all over her breasts. We were almost unnecessary.

"Oh fuck it," said Toby.

I turned to see what his problem was when he took both my shoulders, swivelled me around and kissed me fully on the mouth, his tongue entering me and searched around inside it. His hands went around me and he pulled me towards him in much the same way as Ralph had Pam. Ralph still hadn't realised what had happened. I responded. This stunning creature was making love to me. My hands wandered over his body and I gripped the elastic of his trunks and pulled them down to reveal a stunning, seven inch, or more, stiff cut cock which sprung into the air and hovered with a mind of its own, straight out and upwards. I dropped to my knees and engulfed it with my mouth.

I held it with my right hand and using my skilled mouth, had Toby groaning with plaesure as I sucked. I cupped his hanging balls with my left hand. His balls were completely hairless though he had a patch of trimmed pubic hair above. Toby lifted me and took me to the bed, pushing me flat out and reciprocated by sucking my cock as I whimpered.

"Fucking Hell," said Raplh, "They're going at it like a couple of poofs."

Pam said, "I think it may be because they are a couple of poofs!"

This time it was Ralph who received the enigmatic smile from Toby before I pulled him back on top of me. Ralph shrugged his shoulders and threw Pam on the bed just up from us kissing her body before heading South to lick her cunt.

I was far too busy to pay any attention to them anyway and as Toby and I kissed as though we were trying to eat each other, Pam and Ralph's groans of pleasure merely added to the general debauchery. Toby's finger was gently prising my arse and I felt it slowly enter. There was no way his cock would get in there without assistance.

"Ralph, lube! Have you any lubricant?" I screamed.

"Bedside table drawer with the condoms," He managed to say as Pam devoured him.

Drawer slid open and the lube was extracted and gently pushed into my hole. His finger became two fingers as I relaxed to allow this beautiful guy to do with me as he wished. On the bed beside me, Pam was being royally fucked my Ralph who had her legs wide apart and was hammering into her between them. Pam was groaning as he fucked her. It was a bit like a rutting.

Toby's cock now stood proudly above me the condom stretched on to it making it look even bigger than it probably was. He rolled me over and pulled my bottom up slightly to ease his access. If ever there was a cock I was going to manage this was it, come Hell or high water.

Soon there was a perverse scene of Pam, legs raised and Ralph fucking her, then me, facing down in doggy fashion with Toby fucking me. The groans were fourfold, Ralph grunting as he fucked Pam, Pam squealing as she built to her climax, Toby's heavy breathing as his thick long cock slid into my arse and my moaning as I felt him hard against my inside.

Ralph pulled his cock out of Pam and came over her tits. Little splashes of his cum found their way on to my side, further enhancing my excitement. I was then aware that both Ralph and Pam were watching Toby fucking me and, it turned me on. It felt quite animalistic, me in my most intimate moment with a new man, being fucked in front of his straight cousin and my best female friend.

"Shit I'm going to cum Nikki. I'm going to empty my balls into you," said Toby.

"Cum in me please Toby," I whimpered, gripping my own cock as he fucked towards his climax.

I felt him cum. His cock turned into a rod of iron and then it pulsed inside me as he fired into the condom sac. My own climax was immediate and I fired over Ralph's rather nice dark blue duvet cover.

As we slowly climbed down from our climax Ralph said to Toby, "You didn't say you were a homo?

Toby looked at him. "You didn't ask."

As we sat afterwards it turned out indeed that Toby was gay and hadn't told his cousin as he felt he might not have been sympathetic. When our proposition came up, he twigged I was gay immediately and decided to come along for the ride and see what happened.

I fell in love that day. Pam never did get her hands inside my pants again and I was glad too. Toby's visit to the UK was to be interviewed for a position in London with his Toronto based company and he was successful. All that was three years ago and we now live together, blissfully happy. Of couse Pam did me a favour and never let me forget it. She didn't fall in love with Raplh, that would have been too convenient but she's still our friend.

You just never know what's around the corner!



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