My name is Brad Davis. I am an account executive and financial advisor for a large firm. I'm twenty-eight years old and if I must say so myself, I'm in damn good shape. I'm certainly not embarrased to go without a shirt or wear shorts. I have managed my money well and am very financially stable.

Tired of the city hustle and bustle, I bought a lot and home in a new community being developed just outside of town. I chose a large lot at the end of a cul-de-sac that was shaped almost like a kite. The front yard was small but the back yard was huge. As soon as I could I moved in and began working on my lawn and adding an inground pool in the back yard. When the pool was finished, I had the back yard surrounded with a nine foot privacy fence. I had the contractor put in a double layer of fencing so as to block all views of the yard from the outside. I had my reasons for this.

A week after completion, I was working in the front yard of my home when a deputy sheriff passed by on his regular patrol. I stopped him and asked if he could follow me to the back yard.

Upon entering the back yard, I said, 'As you can see Officer, I've gone to great expense to make my back yard private.'

'Yes, I can see that.'

'The reason is that I like to swim and sunbathe nude. If anyone reports me , can I be arrested?'

'Not in my opinion. If they manage to see you, they are obviously up on a ladder looking over and that amounts to being a peeping tom. As long as nothing sexual was going on, I'd say no. I see you have solar screens on the patio. Just keep sexual activities inside the patio and you should be alright. You got this set up real nice. I envy you the abitiy to enjoy it the way you plan to.'

'Hey, it's just me here. Feel free to stop by anytime and enjoy it.'

'Thanks. You never know. I just might do that. I'll bring the beer if I do,' he said with a laugh.

He was hot and I hoped he would take me up on my offer.

As we walked back to the front I looked at the deputy and said, 'By the way, I'm Brad Davis,' extending my hand. Taking my hand, he smiled and said, 'I'm John Sinclair.'

We chatted for a few minutes and as he left, a realtor pulled up and put a 'SOLD' sign on the home next to mine.

'Got it sold, huh?' I said.

'Yes. To a nice couple with older twin teen sons.'

'Great. It will be nice to have some neighbors.'

I continued my yard work then went inside and enjoyed a leasurly swim.

That weekend, I was out in the yard when the moving van pulled up. As it backed into the drive, a couple drove up followed by two boys in a seond car. The Father was hot but the boys were stunning. They each had the body of a Greek God with chiseled features, medium brown hair and emerald green eyes. They were wearing tank tops and they appeared to have hairy chest and muscles galore.

I walked over and introduced myself. The fathat shook my hand and said, 'I'm Dan Benson and this is my wife June, and our sons, Mike and Mark.'

I welcomed them to the neighborhood and chatted for a few minutes finding out that Dan was executive vice president of a textile company and that June was a stay at home mom. The boys were both eighteen and would be starting their senior year in high school in the fall.

They got settled in and one afternoon I began talking to the twins out in the yard. They were complaining that their dad was wanting them to get a summer job.

'I'll tell you what. I'll hire you two to do my yard for me this summer. I'm picky but I pay well if it's done right. In driving around, I've noticed several older couples that might like to have someone keep up their yard. How's that sound? And as a bonus, you can use my pool anytime you want to.'

'Hey, sounds great. I don't particularly care to sweat my ass off this summer but at least it would be something,' Mark said.

They began going around the neighborhood and soon had seven other lawns lined up. I agreed to let them use my equipment until they had earned enough to buy their own. I soon found out that they did excellent work.

The more I was around the twins, the more I was turned on by them and knew that I had to have them sexually, but how?

Then one Wednesday, Dan came to me and said that he had to be out of town that weekend for a business conference and that June was going with him. He wondered if I could keep an eye on the boys. I readily agreed and said I'd be glad to.

'No wild parties!' he said.

'Don't worry about that,' I answered, laughing.

I took Friday off and Dan and June left for the airport before daylight, instructing the boys to come to me if there were any problems. I had everyone's cell numbers as well as the number to the hotel they would be staying at.

When I didn't see the boys stiring I called to make sure everything was okay. They said it was. That evening late, I was walking around the side of the house to go through the gate and passed Mark's bedroom window. Dan han installed solar screenes on all their windows and the light was on in Mark's room and the blinds partly open. I knew that they couldn't see me so I stopped and looked in. The window was partly open and I heard Mike say, 'With mom and dad gone, we need to find out if Brad is gay. I hope he is cause I want him so fucking bad.'

'Yea, so do I,' Mark added. 'I'd love for us to get him in a hot three-way.'

'Fuck yea,' replied Mike.

My heart was racing as I watched the twins kiss and start groping each other. Then right before my eyes, the got into a sixty-nine on the bed and began sucking each other's hard massive cocks. My own cock was rock hard by now as I continued to the back yard.

I devised a plan. I called The boys and invited them over to watch the new Star Wars movie that had just come out on DVD. They said great. About seven they arrived and I had chips and sodas ready and waiting. We watched the movie and when it was over, I suggested that we all go for a swim. They said that they didn't have their trunks and I said, 'Who needs them. None of us has anything we all haven't seen before.'

'You mean go skinny dipping?' Mike asked.

'Sure, why not?' I replied. 'Last one in get's dunked,' I said as I raced to the pool dropping my shorts on the way.

They soon followed with Mark slightly in the lead. I laughed and said that Mike was the one to get dunked. We began a lot of horseplay and Mark and I soon dunked Mike. The horseplay continued and we all achieved raging boners. To facilitate things I swam to the side and hopped up on the side of the pool, legs spread and my hard cock waving in the wind.

When the boys spotted my boner, Mike spoke up and said, 'Damn, Brad, it looks like you have a problem.'

'Yea, it gets like that when it need some attention,' I said.

'What kind of attention does it want?'

'OH he loves getting sucked and I understant that you two want to do that for him.'

'What makes you say that?' Mark asked.

'Your bedroom window was open this evening. I heard you both talking before you started your action on the bed,' I said as I walked to a lounge chair. 'It's okay, guys. It's all yours anytime you want it.'

With that they both walked over and began licking my balls and cock. Before long I was fucking Mark as I sucked Mike. When we all three had blown our loads I looked at them and said, 'I've wanted to get you two in bed since the day you moved in.'

'Man, we've wanted yu also.'

'Well, now that we know about each other come over anytime you can for some fun.'

'Oh, we will but mom and dad keep us pretty close in.'

'Well, maybe I can do something about that. Let me see.'

'That would be great.'

'Say, how would you two like to spend the night with me in my bed?'

'Oh fuck yea. What a dream come true,' Mike said.

'Just be quiet for a moment.' I picked up my cell and dialed Dan's cell number. When he answered he asked if anything was wrong.

'Oh no. I just knew that if you tried to call the house and didn't get an answer that you'd be worried. They came over here and watched a couple of movies and crashed out on the floor. They are over here and everything is fine.'

'Thanks for letting us know Brad. Good night.'

'Good night, Dan.'

As I hung up, Mike kissed me and said 'Aren't you the sneaky one.'

That night and the rest of the weekend was unadulterated hot sex between the three of us. We all sucked each other, ate each other's ass, fucked each other, and made out with each other.

Sunday afternoon they returned home to straighten up the house before their parents returned. I was totally exhausted, but oh so satisfied.

On Thursday of that week about six in the evening there was a knock at my door. I grabbed my bathrobe to cover my nude body and asnwered it.

There before me stood a damn goodlooking man that looked familiar but I just couldn't place where we had met.

I looked at him as he said, 'Hi, Brad. John Sinclair, the deputy, remember?'

'Oh fuck yea. I didn't recognize you out of uniform. Come on in.'

'I hope I'm not intruding on anything. Like I said I brought the beer.' With that he held up a 12-pack.

'I was just about to throw a pizza in the oven. Care to join me?'

'Sure, it there is enough.'

'There's plenty.'

'From looking at your attire, I take it you were nude when I knocked,' John said.

'Yea, I was.'

'Hey man, this is your house. Don't let me stop you from doing what you normally do.'

'Are you sure?' I asked.

'Hell yea. It won't offend me in the least. I do it myself at home quite a bit.'

As I removed my robe, I looked at John and said, 'Please feel free to join me if you want to.'

'Thanks,' he replied.

John opened two beers as I puttered around the kitchen getting the pizzas ready with extra cheese and pepperoni. He walked out to the patio and when he returned inside he was nude also.

'I see you decided to jopin me,' I said.

'Yes. When I wakled outside I just couldn't resist. It's such a free feeling.'

'That it is,' I answered.

We returned to poolside, both totally nude and my mouth watering. As we lay on the lounges waiting for the pizzas, we chatted. I found out that John was my age and also single and had been a deputy for three years.

After we ate, we went to the jacuzzi and relaxed. While there, I noticed that John sat close to me and kept our legs touching. I responded by pushing my leg slightly against his. Soon, his right hand was resting on my left calf. I made no attempt to move it. A few minutes later he changed position so that when he rested his right arm on his knee, his fingertips were in my crotch. I took his hand and pulled it onto my hard cock with my right hand as me left hand gripped his hard boner. 'Enough dancing around,' I said as I looked into his eyes. he smiled and our faces drec closer and our lips met. Instantly we were in the damndest tongue fight you ever saw. It wasn't long before we headed for the bedroom. We kissed and made out like highschool sweethearts before delving into a hot sixty-nine. After swallowing each others huge load of mancream we kissed and cuddled a=for a while befor pulling out the lube and fucking each other.

When it was over and John was dressed, he smiled and said that it was the best evening he had spent in a long time.

'It doesn't have to be a long time. Come back anytime.'

'Oh, I will.' he said as he walked to his car.

On occasion I'd have sex with Mike or Mark or both at the same time. But we played things cautiously.

Then one weekend June had flown to be with her ill mother and the boys were away on a weekend school field trip.

Dan came over about half drunk. We talked for a while then he wanted to get in the jacuzzi. I agreed and when he started to climb in he stripped down to nothing and went in. I slipped on a pair of bikini swim trunks and stepped in.

'What the hell you wearing those for. Jacuzzis's are made to go nude in. Get rid of those things,' he said with a slur. Reluctantly, I removed my trunks and tossed them to the side.

As we sat there, he looked at me and said, 'You know Brad, you're a damn good looking dude. You turn me on.'

What?' I said confused.

'Hell man, keep it to yourself but I'm bi and I'd love to get you in bed.'

'Dan, your drunk.'

Maybe so, but I know what I want.' With that he grabbed my cock and started stroking me. 'Come on Brad, sit on the side so I can suck that thing. Please.'

I did and to my disbeliefe Dan gobbled my cock into his mouth and sucked like a pro. I was soon hard and when I climaxed he eagerly took it and swallowed. When he had sucked out the last drop, he smiled and said, 'Bud, that was fantastic. I couldn't talk you into doing the same to me couls I?' He climbed onto the side and his hard cock bobbed in the moonlight. I slipped back into the water and began sucking Dan.

Damn man, you like cock also. Fucking hot baby. We're going to have fun together a lot.'

It didn't take Dan long to climax. His man cream was every bit as good as his sons.

We got out and he dressed and went home. The next morning I answered a knock on my door. It was Dan.

'Brad, can we talk?'

'Come on in. I think we better.'

'Man, I'm sorry about the way I came on to you last night. I've been bi since high school and it has been so long since I've been with a man, I couldn't help myself, especially after a few drinks.'

'I wondered where all that came from,' I said. I was shocked that it happened but Definateluy not turned of by it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.'

'Are you gay or bi?' Dan asked.

'Totally gay.'

'Nice. Can I depend on you to keep my secret?'

'Of course. You indicated that you wanted to get together again. I'm game. You like to fuck?'

'Oh hell yes and get fucked.'


Tonight?' Dan asked.

'Sure. Come over anytime.'

DAn arrived about seven, sober and after a hot sixty-nine, they lay and kiss and cuddled. Before long Dan asked Brad to fuck him. Brad pulled out the lube and before long he was riding Dan hard and deep. 'Oh yea stud. You know how to fuck.'

Soon Brad filled Dan's hole and they traded positions. Brad was in for the ride of his life. Dan only had one speed---fast hard and deep, but Brad loved it. Soon, Dan filled Brad's ass ith his hot nector.

Things were quiet for a while when one saturday, Brad was in the store room rearranging boxes when Dad walked in.

Hey Brad. How's it going?'

Oh, pretty good, Dad. Trying to make more room in here.'

'Yea, I know what you mean. Say, you got time to give me a quick fuck? I need it up the ass bad.'

'Yea, I guess so. Climb up on this bench.'

Dan dropped his pants and lay back on the bench raising his legs and offering his hole to Brad. Using spit as lube Brad entered and was soon fucking away. Just as both men were nearing their climax the door opened. They both looked over and Brad said, 'Oh shit!'




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