My uncle and aunt ran a trucker's motel in the Rocky Mountains on the Wyoming-Montana border not that far from Yellowstone Natural Park. When most people think Yellowstone, they think of lovely little mountain cottages for tourists when they came to visit one of the world's natural wonders. Well, think again. This motel was sparse - you just get two queen beds, a television, and bathroom. There was little to recommend it to the traveling public. But the price, location and huge parking lot made it perfect for traveling truckers.

My mother sent me to live with her brother and his wife after she caught our neighbor fucking me in the living room. I just turned 16 and Mr. Wilson was giving me the best possible birthday present a horny teenager could possibly ask for as he roughly stuffed his nine hard inches in my wildly grateful virgin ass and was fucking me like a mad dog drowning in heated quicksand. Not surprisingly Mom didn't see it as a much welcomed birthday gift.

She was tempted to press charges, but when I made it very clear I wouldn't go along with it, there wasn't much she could do about it. But it did get her to think. She thought if I was in a better environment and looked after with a more masculine hand, it may true me around, or at least inspired me to stop taking cock up my ass. So my Uncle Adam was given the gargantuan task of making a man out of me.

The idea of moving out to the middle of nowhere was not my idea of paradise. I could have objected but in a weak moment of guilt I agreed. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

At 6'2', two hundred and twenty-two pounds, my uncle was a tall, gorgeous man with thick reddish hair and beard. He had a killer muscular body to die for. The man was a ripped, chiseled Adonis in every glorious sense of the word. From the moment we were reunited, my lust for him, quickly began. But he was my mother's older brother so he was a fantasy I thought would never be fulfilled. But those fantasies only increased during the night. You see my aunt and uncle's living quarters was quite small. My bedroom was right next to theirs. So I was able to hear the nightly sounds of their intense, passionate lovemaking and from the moans of ecstasy escaping from Aunt Pepper - yup that's her given birth name - as she continuously begged for more as if her life depended on it, it was pretty clear Uncle Adam had the skills of an expert stallion. The headboard of their bed made beautiful music as it slammed up against the wall separating our bedrooms for up two or more hours each night.

You should see Aunt Pepper the next morning at the breakfast table. She was a woman absolutely radiating from the joys at being well-fucked on a nightly basis. And you should see Uncle Adam's self-satisfying masculine pride as he stared at his gorgeous petite wife.

In fact he looked upon her less as a wife but more as a prized possession for his own personal gratification. She was nothing but property and in an odd way she not only was aware of it, she gave off the impression of loving it. Even when he wasn't fucking her, you could tell in his eyes, he was thinking on it - hard. And for her part, it was pretty clear, Aunt Pepper couldn't want to be mounted yet again by her Lord and Master.

He was forty and his beautiful, slender yet voluptuous wife was all of twenty-four. Married for six years it was obvious Uncle Adam couldn't get enough of his baby bride. And who could blame him? She was all of five-four with flowing strawberry hair, large green eyes and creamy smooth skin. Her petite figure was beautifully taut and sexually sumptuous. She had a tiny, shapely waist with firm, full breast and the cutest round butt. She possessed the idea, fantasy body of a sex kitten.

Her personality was always sunny and sweet. It made up for the fact she wasn't the brightest person in the world but that defect actually added to her allure. After all wantons are notoriously stupid by nature, and like any true sex kitten, she always gave off the appearance she was in a constant state of pure arousal.

Whenever she spoke it sounded more like purring or panting. Her voice was always breathless dripping with sexuality. She often stood around fondling her tits or rubbing her hands seductively between her thighs, presenting herself in this constant need to be ravished and devoured. She's forever in heat, pouting her luscious lips and batting those huge eyes at my uncle like some half-craze nymphomania. In other words she's the perfect wife: deep at heart she's a raging, submissive slut.

With his tall, powerfully built frame and overt masculinity standing next to her small yet delicious height and her alluring, slutty femininity, they made for a wildly sexy looking couple and like I mentioned Uncle Adam couldn't get enough of fucking her. What straight husband could?

When it came to their sex life, Uncle Adam was definitely in charge and his wife was the obedient, dutiful follower. From the sounds of their ferocious lovemaking it was clear my uncle was intense, passionate and extremely dominated. I sometimes wondered how the hell she's able to walk straight after one of his many sexual attacks which was plentiful and often. After just a week living here I had counted up to seven times a day in which he cornered her throughout the day and took her like some overzealous caveman claiming his rightfully prize. That didn't included the two or three he mounted her throughout the night. I'm amazed they were able to get any work done around the motel.

There was times while eating breakfast, he would get so horny as she paraded her wanton self around him, wearing the most revealing lingerie that always appears to be falling off her at any given moment, he would order me to get the hell out of the kitchen and finish eating my food in my bedroom as he would grab her forcibly in his powerful arms, choking her mouth with his tongue, while violently ripping her skimpy clothes off.

I gotta admit the shit was pretty sexy as I watched Aunt Pepper willingly allowing herself to be completely overwhelmed by her husband as he hoisted her now naked body off the floor and into his incredibly strong grip. Her slender limps were wrapped tightly around his sturdy shoulders and hips as he had her pressed up against a wall while fumbling with the fly of his jeans in order to whip out his massive cock which was already hard and dripping with pre-cum as he continued kissing and chewing at her neck like a man possess as he thrust himself mightily inside her. He was roughly grunting and she was hungrily purring as he preceded to bang her intensity up against the wall.

By the time I reached my bedroom door I could hear Uncle Adam slamming Aunt Pepper on top of the kitchen table with her gasping breathlessly, 'Oh God please...yeessss...take it honey...take me Adam...ahhh big...such an animal...yes...uhh...yeesss!!'

And for next hour or so he just that, I could hear him growling and woofing like a beast. The way he had his wife moaning and sighing, begging and pleading, as I thought on how he was using his brute, physical strength to subdue and conquer his tiny wife to complete submission, had me popping a hard-on just listening to their sex. Not to mention being seriously envious of Aunt Pepper's good fortune. She was a constantly satisfied slut. I envied that.

At the end of the first week living there I was in the living area munching on some popcorn watching a movie on TV. Since it was late I was stretched out on the couch buck-naked. Bored with the film, I turned the volume down and softly began stroking myself as I remembered Mr. Wilson, thanks in large part, to the nightly lovemaking noisily coming my uncle and aunt's bedroom. I was hard within seconds.

Mr. Wilson was such a killer stud! Tall and incredibly fit with tight muscles, he was everything a teenager like myself was searching for in a Daddy. When he moved next door with his wife and three toddler girls I lusted after him immediately. It wasn't long before it was pretty clear he was interested in me as well. For the longest time we played this flirtation game of cat and mouse in which I would shamelessly flirt with him in a suggestive, sexual matter. It was fun getting him all hot and bothered, especially in front of his wife, who wasn't the brightest of bulbs. He in turn would always workout in his yard - cutting the grass and such - shirtless and wearing his extremely tight low-riding wranglers, showing off his awesome upper body strength and the huge package stuffed in his crotch. He was incredible to look it and it fed my hungry at being taken by him.

When Mr. Wilson couldn't take it anymore he arranged for his wife and kids to be out of town for a few days. I had informed him that Mom would be on a weekend business trip and that I would be home along for two days. No sooner had Mom left and he had stuffed his family into a cab heading for the airport, Mr. Wilson was banging on my front door demanding entrance. I greeted him by opening door buck naked and sporting a serious hard-on. The man was on me like a bat outta hell. After nearly a year of pent-up sexual rage, Mr. Wilson took this golden opportunity at finally satisfying his hunger at getting his hands on me and damn if he didn't make-up for lost time!

Mr. Wilson was insatiable in his aggressiveness at teaching me the fine art at being sexually manhandled by a more dominated masculine presence then myself. Within moments of instructing me, he had me deep-throating his bloated nine-inch cock and drinking down his hot cum, before rimming my tender chute with his searing tongue.

The first time he fucked me the pain was enormous but it quickly faded away as a sensation I never thought humanly possible washed over me as he grabbed onto my shoulders thrusting his hefty cock all the way up inside me over and over again. He banged me relentlessly as I whimpered, begged and pleaded for more, which fed easily into his macho ego.

He was rough, forceful and continuously robust as he overpowered and used my taut body for his own salacious pleasure as he force me to submit to all things sexual. At times it was vulgar, unspeakable and I was more then certain that some of the things he did to me was illegal...and it was all incredibly stimulating! I felt as if I had died and gone to sleazy heaven. Within those short two days, before we were unexpectedly interrupted by Mom, Mr. Wilson had not only dump multiple loads of molten cream in my greedy mouth and ass, his lesson of fucking, made it clear to me I was destine to be a slut-boy used for the sexual pleasure by hot, older men. I mean what else could I possibly want or desire in life?

So lost in my reverie I didn't notice Uncle Adam standing in the doorway watching me.

'Well don't you look good enough to eat?' He was leaning against the doorframe. All he was wearing were a pair of loose fitting jeans which his powerful hips could barely hold up. His hairy, chiseled torso was exposed. It was all flush and glistening in a fine sheet of sweat. The odor of sex coming off him was raw and intense. He stood there smirking while smoking on a cigar. His other hand was squeezing at his crotch. I could see the large outline of his cock stuffed inside his jeans. Obviously he had just finished fucking his wife and from the stain spot in his jeans it was clear his cock was still leaking some serious juice.

Uncle Adam's booming voice startled me as I quickly sat up on the couch trying my best to cover my hard-on with my hands.

'Don't need to do that boy,' Uncle Adam said to me while still smoking. 'Been waiting to see what you have to offer and I got to say it's pretty nice. My sister told me what'cha been doing and now that you've had your cherry busted, you're fair game for every cockman around. How about giving your uncle a chance at it?' With that Uncle Adam opened the fly of his worn jeans and out bounced his big sturdy cock in full alert.

I leaped from the couch to move away from him but Uncle Adam was faster. He grabbed me in his arms, and guided my hand inside his jeans. His balls were big and hot, just like his cock. 'Despite fucking your aunt good and hard, I still have a lot of juice inside just waiting to explode out of me,' he said, and ground his crotch against mine. He shoved the wet end of his cigar deep in my crack. 'I'm gonna fill your fuck hole with globs of my salty seed, and kid, you're gonna love it!'

'But I can't,' I said in a panic. Not because I was horrified at the idea of my own mother's brother fucking me but more fearful that we would be caught. 'What if Aunt Pepper wakes up and hears us?'

Uncle Adam laughed. 'Don't worry about that boy. I fucked Pepper so well, an atomic bomb could go off in her ear and she wouldn't hear it.' Grabbing me in his arms he easily flung me over his powerful shoulder and carried me to my bedroom.

Naturally since moving in, I had studied Uncle Adam's muscular, rugged body with keen eyes, and we were hardly in my room when he revealed it to me in every incredible detail. After displaying it that studly red-haired hunk was all over me.

'You're the perfect fuck-toy to any ass man,' he said as he stroked his strapping cock between my buns. 'Your skin is so smooth and soft, your body so fresh and springy, you can make any man drool with desire. I'm going to fuck you like a bitch and believe me boy that's gonna make a real man out of you for sure!' He twisted my erect nipples and fondled my bone hard cock with his rough hands. I was so excited that I could feel my pulse all over.

He sat down on the edge of my bed and pulled my trembling standing body close to him between his beefy legs. He took our cocks like a bunch in his big, rough hand and brought me to the brink of cumming very fast. But not further. His hand was lubed with his pre-cum as he teased my dick with his strong fist. Watching my dick against Uncle's giant fucktool, all puffed up and hard as a nail, made me wild, but he didn't let me cum. He was a true maestro in this form of torture as he gleefully watched me struggle at him not allowing to me to cum as quickly as I wanted. I was whimpering like a little slut and hell if he wasn't loving it. I wrapped my arms around his powerful shoulders in hot pursuit of a quick relief as I began kissing him feverishly. His full beard and mustache scratch around the corners of my mouth as I hungrily and sloppily went after his full lips. Like everything else about him, his tongue was enormously thick as he stuffed it hard down my throat. I was moaning and panting, eager for more as he continued jerking our cocks in his beefy hand.

Pulling me down on the bed, Uncle Adam easily swallowed my seven inch cock in his hot mouth and soon had me squirming in heat. I was ready to cum in his voracious mouth at any time, but skillfully he postponed the climax time after time until I was lost in a red haze of primitive lust. I buried his face in my crotch and held it there with all my might. His suction was strong enough to drain an ocean, and relief was finally allowed to me in a shattering orgasm that left me sobbing in ecstasy. No wonder Aunt Pepper always had him going after her. Who the fuck could resist him? All I wanted was more, more, more!

After a pause, Uncle Adam lubed himself and flipped me on my back and mounted me with his heavy muscled body directing on top of me as I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around his big physique instinctively pulling him closer to me. Pumping his strong hips he thrust his big cock inside me and began to fuck me deep and hard with fierce gusto. His eyes were ablaze as he pounded my butt with his merciless weapon, driving home harder and harder each time until he filled my cavity full with his meat. I tried to keep him there with my tight sphincter, squeezing it hard, but it was like trying to catch an eel barehanded. After he had shot his load - which felt like bullets firing out of a machine gun - he told me this was just the beginning. He wasn't lying.

After taking care of my aunt I came to expect nightly visits from him and damn if I wasn't eagerly waiting for it. In the weeks and months that followed, Uncle Adam proved to be an intense, dedicated lover with barrel full of stamina showing me exactly what type of man he expected from me. He was able to take care of both Aunt Pepper and myself in our sexual need without his dumb wife ever being the wiser. He was determine at keeping his promise to Mom at making me a real man and it was clear he took that responsibility very seriously as he trained me long and hard at being the ultimate slut-boy. Mr. Wilson may have started the training but Uncle Adam was perfecting it. There wasn't a sex act Uncle Adam didn't demonstrate or put me through and with each new act not only did I improved in my obedient submissiveness, which was naturally born within me, the more savagely creative he became. Uncle Adam was the best teacher any boy could ask for!


My uncle worked hard running his motel, but he still needed cheap labor. Since I was not a short order cook or a handyman, he made me a maid. Yeah I know. Sounds stupid, but it was an easy job. Besides, there were some excellent benefits to the job. It allowed me to have contact with the motel's major clientele - horny truckers. I had excess to them morning, noon and night. And with men being men, it was easy to find a horny guy on a pretty regular basis for some hard fucking. After the lessons I experienced with Uncle Adam I was eager to demonstrate them with others and thanks to all those demonstrations I quickly became addicted to sex. I had truly developed myself into a naturally-born slut.

This trucker motel was a breeding ground for randy truckers in search of a hot ass to plow and I secretly became the main attraction. While still getting it hard and rough from Uncle Adam, there wasn't a night in which I didn't have a powerfully muscular trucker banging his bloated dick up my slutty ass, the more aggressive, the better. I was quickly gaining an underground reputation among truckers as the best fuck in the Rocky Mountain area and it was a reputation I was very proud of and was determine to keep.

That being said, the last couple of nights were pretty tame. Sure I always had Uncle Adam to satisfy my needs. But as incredible as he was, I had become use at having more variety to my fucking. I couldn't help it. I was a greedy whore and like all cum buckets I needs lots and lots of sex! Well on this particular night I got that variety in spades and it would change my life forever.

I thought it was going to be an easy day because a blizzard was coming. We had a mass desertion of the motel early that morning as truckers scrambled to get to their destinations or to find alternate routes to avoid the snowstorm. For that reason, I thought the motel would be empty tonight and I looked forward to lying around my room watching TV or reading some magazines until Uncle Adam was finish banging his wife before coming to me in order to do the same. But earlier Uncle Adam assured me this was going to be a busy night because once the snow hits, any trucker in the area was going to bed down until the storm was over. Since all the other maids worked mornings, it was up to me to service the whole fucking motel for a possible sold-out night.

By evening, the snow was piling up and the state police closed all roads. Sure enough, the motel sold out and I was making up the last available room. I would be done for the night as long as I avoided Aunt Pepper. She always manage to found something for me to do, so I knew enough not to head back to the front desk or the mini restaurant. Uncle Adam already told me he would be too busy working and won't be able to visit me tonight. But then he gave me a sly wink telling me that I too would be very busy tonight as well. At the time I didn't know what that wink meant, but this night was going to turn out to be quite a memorable one for me.

I lingered in the last room - waiting for the guests to come in. Aunt Pepper had called from the front desk to make sure the room was ready.

After a minute or two, I heard feet stomping outside the door, so I acted like I was finishing the bed. Two giants walked into the door. By their complexion they looked to be Italians. The first one stood about 6' 3' with a dark five o'clock shadow, big muscular arms and wide chest. I'm guessing he's in his early thirties. The older man behind him was even bigger and broader in muscle power and awesomeness. He looked be in his early fifties and he was carrying a full beard. Both of them were exceptionally handsome in that rugged macho way.

The older guy spoke first, 'Hey, Jake, look at the mint on the pillow,' meaning me. Even though I was always trying to seduce men, I blushed.

'Look, Dad, you're making him blush. Ain't that sweet.'

Dad? I was wondering about the other element I noticed about them. Both men seemed to resemble one another. Now I know why. This was a father-son team. If it was possible the duo became even sexier.

I mumbled something about this being my last room and I was done with work for the night. Their direct flirting had thrown me off a little. The fact they were father and son threw me even further. I was about to leave but the two mammoth men had blocked the doorway as they shook the snow from their coats and stripped out of their winter gear.

'What's your name, pumpkin,' the older guy asked.

Pumpkin! I don't know why that endearment excited me but it did and I enjoyed the fact they were still flirting with me. Holy fuck! A light just flashed in my head. Talk about the ultimate erotic fantasy. Yeah this situation definitely had possibilities. 'Joe,' I said in my best shy voice, bowing my head giving off the illusion of submissiveness which Uncle Adam taught me was a major turn-on for top-men like himself.

Truckers love it when you act adolescent. The idea of physically dominating and sexually overpowering someone younger and weaker then themselves is a powerful aphrodisiac for them. Control is their foreplay and my youthful appearance was a major plus with them. With my shining blond hair, tan smooth skin, big expressive blue eyes, and perky lips not only could I act the part, in essence, I was the part.

But my two greatest asset at completing this image was the fact I only stood 5' 5' with a slender, tightly compact athletic body with svelte muscles that possessed the sweetest, tiniest ass every attached to a guy.

It was taut and firm yet tender to the touch. It has the ability to take on all comers and still maintain its tightness and flexibility. I remembered that first night with Uncle Adam when told me it was an ass any top man would love to fuck hard, long and as often as possible - three things I could never get enough of. Add it up I was the perfect bottom.

'Joey, that's a sweet name,' the older man replied. 'I'm Mitch and this here is my son Jake, he's got the beer - be nice to him and he might give you one.' He winked at me and patted me on my back with his giant hand, which next to my frame, looked more like a bear's paw.

Jake carried a case of beer and a brown paper bag that had a bottle of bourbon in it. He handed his dad a beer and then opened one for himself. He chugged it down in several gulps, wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his green and black plaid shirt, and opened another one.

'For fuck sake, Jake, you're on your second one and you haven't even offered anything to our little guest here,' reprimanded Mitch.

I took a can and drank the bitter cold ale. I didn't particularly like beer but I thought it would loosen me up. While drinking Jake came up behind me and gave me a reverse bear hug. He held me tight and I thought I felt a hard prick rubbing against my ass. One of his big paws slid through my hair, playing with it like one would stroke a kitten. The smell of beer hung on his breath. 'You sure have pretty hair, Joey.' His other hand rounded my waist and gave it a strong squeeze. 'And your body is so nice and tiny.' He squeezed me so hard, it hurt. I let out a little yelp it felt so good.

'Sorry, Joey, I don't know my own strength.' He loosened his hold on me and I turned to take another look. Staring up at him, I'm guessing he's at least two hundred and thirty pounds of pure shredded muscle, and I figuring his old man - who's an inch or two taller - was carrying a muscle frame at least ten to fifteen pounds heavier. With my small height and one hundred and forty-seven weight, these guys literally towered over me. They were so big and brawny I was beginning to realize just how physically vulnerable I was with them. They could do anything to me and I wouldn't be able to stop them. It scared the shit out of me but at the same time I was enormously aroused by the prospect at what this father and son team could do to me sexually.

There was something stimulating at being so little compared to their largeness. They were so colossal, so massive with their extreme masculinity, they could literally snap me like a twig with there bare fingers. Being surrounded by all that towering He-Man strength was arousing the hell out of me. Not to mention the fact they were so much older. Thanks to Uncle Adam, Mr. Wilson, and the countless of older truckers who have fucked me since moving here, I was a Boy who definitely enjoyed having Daddies. Mitch said, 'This old blizzard has shut down the whole state. You might as well stick around with Jake and I. We got enough booze for a little party. How about it, Joey?'

I said sure.

'Well, we're going to get out of these wet clothes,' Jake said. I watched as they threw off their clothes and tossed them absently across the room. All they had on now were full body long underwear the material of which clung to their bodies like second skin. I mean these two men were ripped with giant chiseled muscles and the extra large bulges at their respective crotches was slowly hardening. Watching them grow made my knees weak. My anticipation was building at the thought of being sexually manhandled by Daddy Mitch and his sexy offspring.

'Hey, Joey,' Jake called out to me, 'it would be mighty awkward for Dad and me to be sitting around in our underwear and you're not. Why don't you make yourself comfortable?'

My dick hardened. This was going exactly where I wanted it to go, but at the moment, it felt a little too fast. Sure getting it on with a father and his son was seriously erotic, but as I mention, these two are gigantic studs and no question they could do some serious damage - not that I wouldn't welcome it. But despite all the fucking that has been done to me, I've never experience being fucked by two men at the same time. Sure I've fantasized about it, but could I handle the reality? But I can't ass was itching in curiosity.

'I don't know. It's kinda cold.'

'That's what the bourbon is for,' Mitch said confidently. 'Take a couple of slugs of this and you'll get a little' He passed the bottle around and we took long drags. A warm sizzling sensation numbed my head and worked its way down my body. Like a love potion, it made me feel hornier. The most horny I ever felt and that's saying a lot.

'What if we make a little wager,' Jake said with a sly hint of naughtiness. 'Say, we drink two beers apiece in less than a minute. If we finish before you, you get down to your jockeys.'

'That's a great idea, son,' Mitch responded winking his eye at his offspring.

I knew was destined to lose this bet so naturally I readily agreed.

I took a modest sip from my beer but Mitch and Jake guzzled two cans each in nothing flat. When Jake finished, he smashed both cans against his forehead. His father was a little more refined. He smashed his cans with his big hands. I swallowed hard just imagining what those powerful hands could do to my tiny body. He tossed them towards the trashcan. He missed both times. Jake tried tossing his as well, and he missed too. Shit, these two guys had been in the room less than ten minutes and it look like a tornado had blown through.

'I guess you lose, Joey. Let's see your stuff.'

I finished my beer with three quick gulps. By now I was feeling sexy and cocky. I slipped off my shirt and jeans until all I had on were my tight white wife-beater and boxer briefs. I did a little dance for them. My growing dick formed a noticeable bulge in my briefs. Mitch wolf-whistled in appreciation. 'That's nice, Joey,' Jake said in a low voice dripping with lust, 'but we said get comfortable. You look like you might be a little uncomfortable in those briefs.' He reached out and grabbed it, twisting and squeezing it hard. I yelped like a puppy dog as fire began flaming throughout my body.

Mitch laughed. I wasn't going to make it that easy for them despite my eagerness to be used. 'I thought you said underwear,' I responded with mock indignation.

'Dad, did I say underwear?' Jake turned to Mitch for confirmation.

'You did say underwear, son.'

'Sorry, Joey, I guess I lied to you. What I meant to say was naked; you wouldn't want to be walking around in your underwear with two other naked guys, would you?' He stood up with his hand still on my cock. He was directly in front of me, easily showing off his huge physical dominance compared to my slender frame, as I bent my head all the way back in order to stared up into eyes that were turning dark and determine. Releasing my dick, Jake grabbed my wife-beater with both his hands and literally ripped my T-shirt from my body throwing the shredded material across the room. Damn if that forceful gesture didn't make me feel sexy all over. Gently the back of his knuckles slid across my hairless, hard chest. He gave my nipple a gentle tug when his hand stopped there. He whispered into my ear, 'Come on, Joey. Dad and I want to show you a good time.'

I was visibly shaking and there was no question both men were enjoying it. The heat of Jake's towering dominance was overwhelming. That mixture of slight fear and eager sexual arousal had did it for me.

I sat down on the bed and slid my underwear off. My hard cock stood flat up against my smooth ab-encrusted stomach. More whistling came from Mitch who was now nude. The man was simply packed with heavy, veiny muscles. A thick layer of dark fur covered his balloon chest that tapered down across his solid, extremely well-developed abs. His arms were like bowling balls and his legs like tree trunks. He was Zeus come to life.

He quickly moved toward me. 'Son, look at this young fella.' Mitch grabbed onto my stiff cock. 'He sure does look mighty interested in having a little fun?'

I fell back onto the bed. Mitch's hand slid from my cock and he skillfully flipped me over on my stomach. He slapped me hard on my ass, which made me arch my back moaning submissively. 'Look at that Jake! Joey got himself a nice, firm little ass. Look how plump it is. Just right for plowing, wouldn't you say son?'

Like his father, Jake tested my ass by reaching over and giving me a hard sounding slap on my buttocks. 'Aw shit,' he proclaimed, 'It's going to be so much fun sharing this ass with ya, Dad!'

Jake gave me another hard whack before yanking off his long sleeve underwear shirt. Like his dad Jake torso was thick with dark hair but while Mitch was more heavyset with rippling muscles, Jake's muscular physique was more defined and streamline but he was just as impressive as his old man in definition. No question these two men took pride at keeping themselves in fantastic shape. If his dad was Zeus, then surely Jake was Apollo. They made a brilliant contrast in masculine perfection. Looking at them and knowing I'm able to savagely use by both father and son at the same time had my adrenaline speeding in overdrive. Mitch stood next to Jake by the bed. 'Spread those cheeks, Joey, show us how tight your hole is.'

I put one hand on each ass cheek and pulled them apart. They both started laughing.

'Whooee, that's some tight hole,' said Jake. 'My cock surely is going to feel warm and comfortable inside there. Keep it open Joey while I get out of my underwear pants.'

I kept it open until I felt a finger with lube pushing its way inside me. 'Holy shit, Dad, this is one tight ass. Put your finger in for a minute and feel how good it is.'

Jake's finger popped out and Mitch's pushed his equally large callous finger in for a few seconds, then he put a second finger in, twisted it, then pushed in a third. With each finger inside me, my dick grew harder, stiffer and wetter. Mitch's fingers were driving me crazy. For a second I thought I would blow my load. Those three large fingers were pushing up brilliantly against my prostate.

Damn, I needed so much to be fucked. I pushed back and forth on those fingers as if they were a cock, hopefully showing them how much I ready to be mounted, as I purred and meowed like a sex-staved kitten. God, I was sounding more and more like Aunt Pepper everyday.

More laughter came from Mitch and Jake. 'This is one hot little slut. I think, since I got my fingers up Joey's pussy, it only seems right I get first claim,' smirked Mitch.

'Shit, Dad, I had first dibs,' Jake said. 'I was just letting you feel how tight it was. Now you're stalking a claim?'

Ignoring that, Mitch kept pushing all three fingers in and out of me. Pre-cum oozed out of my cock as my whimpering only increased. 'Joey, think you can manage to blow my son here while I'm fucking this juicy ass of yours?'

I took a deep breath because, in truth, he was driving me crazy with lust. All I could think of was why were they taking so long. Fuck me already. Finally I let my feelings known.

'Fuck, yeah, I'll blow him. Whatever you want, I'll do it. Just fuck me. Please I need it!'

Mitch's fingers nimbly rotated in my ass. I let out a desperate moan.

'Oh, all right, I'll take sloppy seconds,' pouted Jake. The younger trucker came around to my head. I could see his cock now and my eyes flew opened. I had ten solid, thick inches of prick pushing against my face. There was a rank sweating smell coupled with the stench of stale urine coming from his huge cock. His pee slit glistened. My mouth fell on top of his stiff rod. I pushed down until I felt the tip of his cock collide with my tonsils. He huge prick took my breath away for a second, my whole mouth filled with cock. Then I gradually moved my mouth up his pole, dragging my tongue against his warm member. I began sucking on it hard the way Uncle Adam taught me to do while munching down on his thick jackhammer. It was now Jake's turn to moan.

'Shiiit! D-dad! This pup is one awesome cocksucker. Someone taught this bitch well. Aww, fuck! I think you may have made a bad bargain here.'

He held my head tightly, sawing my throat with long, deep thrusts, banging his thick nuts against my chin. I gagged for a moment but I kept sucking as we quickly establish an easy groove. 'See, what I mean?' he grunted. 'This little piglet knows how to suck a man's cock!'

Mitch pulled his fingers out of my ass and came over to watch me suck off his son. 'Well, now, Jake the night is young. I'm sure there will be time for me to give Joey's mouth a try.' He mussed my hair affectionately.

Jake gave Mitch a light fist to the stomach. 'Damn Dad, first you took my ass, now you're trying to horn in on my blowjob. You got an ass to play with - don't be fucking with my shit.'

'Don't worry son, I'm not going to interfere on your fun,' Mitch said wrapping a fatherly arm around Jake's shoulder as he continued watching his son fuck my face with more rampant determination. 'Take all the time you want. I want you to shoot buckets full of cum in Joey's mouth. Give our little friend a good helping of the special brand of spunk we will be giving him all night. We both will be taking turns. While I'm fucking that pretty face, you'll be banging the shit out of his pussy.'

'Yeah, you got that right Dad,' Jake sneered down at me as he fingers gripped tighter around my head while continuously choking me with his fiery cock. 'But before you start fucking him, why don't your bring me a beer. No reason I can't drink and get sucked off at the same time, isn't that right, Joey?' He completely deep-throated his rimrod in my mouth, as he held me there in an iron grab until I felt like I was suffocating. He released it again when I started to gag. After taking a breath I quickly woofed his cock back down my throat. That slab of meat tasted incredible as I began milking it like a baby calf would drink for his mother's tits.

Mitch put a beer in Jake's hand. This was the first time I got a close look at Mitch's cock. Holy fuck! He was even longer then his son. Easily eleven inches long but that wasn't worrying me. It was the thickness. Jake was amazingly huge, but Mitch was down right massive. Hell, I didn't think it was possible but Mitch was even thicker then Uncle Adam! It was a genuine beer-can-sized monster. He was going to stretch my asshole to the limit. 'Hey, Dad, I think your cock is scaring Joey, he's choking again.'

'Give him a sip of your beer, that'll calm him down.'

Jake looked at his father as if he was crazy. 'Damn, give him a slip of your beer, Dad. I'll be damned if I let him drink off of mine. Hell, you never know where his lips have been.' With that he pushed his cock even deeper into my mouth.

They roared with laughter at Jake's little joke but he pulled his cock out for a minute and let me take a long sip of his beer. 'How's it going down there, Joey, having a good time?'

I took another big slug, said yeah, and went back to sucking cock. When I got comfortable again, I pushed my ass in the air so Mitch would get the idea I was ready for some serious fucking.

'Oh sorry, Joey, I've been neglecting you haven't I? Don't worry pumpkin, I'm about to take care of you right now.' Lubing himself up as well as my ass, Mitch pushed his stiff member into my asshole. My ass stretched until I couldn't take it. I lifted my head off of Jake's prick and howled, 'Ahh shit, you're killing me with that monster. It's too...'

Jake didn't let me finish. He grabbed my head and forcibly shoved his rigid cock back down my throat. 'Don't worry, Joey, you got to feel the pain to feel the pleasure. Believe me when the pain fades you are gonna love his cock. Keeping sucking on me boy. It'll take your mind off what Dad is doing behind ya.'

Mitch slurped down the rest of his beer. I heard the empty beer crash against the wall. Mitch's cock jabbed me quickly, trying to push further into my narrow tunnel. I wanted to protest but Jake's hands held my head firmly as he forcibly made me deep-throat him fiercely with my tongue gliding, mouth jack-hammering it, and it did occupy my mind while Mitch's prick continued pushing its way up my hole. At one point the pain was so great tears fell from my eyes. Sweat covered my body like I was having some fever attack. Finally, the intense ass-piercing pain broke into prick-hardening pleasure - pleasure that had me drowning in delirium.

My adrenaline exploded like a rocket ship out of hell. My blood set to boil as I pushed my ass back to engulf all of Mitch's cock as he slammed his monster rod in me. Mitch and I got in a rhythm where he pushed in and I pushed back at the same time. The sensation sent me into a frenzy of wanton hunger for that mammoth slab of meat as I began squeezing my ass muscles tighter around that delicious cock trying my best to suck as much inside me as possible.

My ass play was having the desire effect on Mitch. The power stud went into overdrive as his overly large hands griped around my slender hips. From the tightest of his hands I knew he had no intention at letting me go. Like a raging bull he rushed his powertool further in me and with such rampant force my body literally began vibrating from the intense fucking velocity. Jake was right, seldom had I come across a sex beast who was awarding me such a savage fucking as Mitch was currently giving him. Not even Uncle Adam with all his robust power and skills was able to drum up this much excitement in me as I was getting from this monster trucker. Mitch pulled almost every inch of his eleven inch tool out for the pure joy of slamming it back in again to the hilt. But no matter how forcefully he went after me my tight sphincter refused to let go. Mitch fucked me with fierce energy and his cock was so hard that I yelp each time it hit bottom. The sound of which was mumbled as Jake's cock was still deeply inside my throat as I continued munching down eagerly on that tasty sausage stuffed in my mouth.

Mitch slapped my ass hard. 'Yeah boy, that's the spirit. I knew your shithole was going to love my cock,' he growled at me. 'Hey, Jake, I'm done with my beer, I need a cigarette. Toss them over here?' Jake grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the nightstand and threw them towards his dad. They fell on the bed out of Mitch's reach.

'Say, Joey, can you hand Dad the cigarettes and the lighter?' My shaking hands groped around the bed until I felt them and passed them back. Mitch gave me another hard slap on the ass. 'Good work, Joey,' he said.

The combination of beer and cigarettes began mixing with the reek smell of raunchy sex filling the room as sweat began raining down on my back from their glistening, powerful hairy bodies as Mitch and Jake gangbanged me with their thick cocks from both ends. It was clear this father-son team has done this plenty of times. They quickly developed a move of perfect harmony as their iron hands gripped tightly around my hips and head making me immovable as they continuously force me to serve them simultaneously. I could hear them praise each other on their expert skills, laughing and joking, calling me all type of insulting, slutty names as they savagely consumed me. Every inch of my body was convulsing. My blood pressure was spinning out of control and my head and ass felt like they were on the verge of exploding. I was sure my hard dick was about to split in half. I was completely under their control dominance and the sensation was incredible!

The phone began ranging.

'Shit, who can that be?'

'Probably Dave,' Mitch grunted banging me hard. 'I saw him in the lobby, told him to give us a call later, come up and have a few beers.'

'Shit, I am almost ready to blow,' Jake groaned as his pushed further into my wet mouth.

Mitch laughed while he gave me a couple of nice long strokes up my ass. 'Good, let him know what he's missing. I bet if he hears you cumming, he'll be up here faster than lightning.' Mitch grabbed my ass tighter in his grip, embedding his nails in my heated flesh as he drove his dick further in. I yelped and purred squeezing my chute as I welcomed each blow.

Jake answered the phone while I continued slurping on his cock, licking the pee slit and sliding my mouth down his hot shaft. 'Hello.'

There was a little pause. 'No, you come on up to our room, we got ourselves a sex pig working hard on Dad's and my cock.' Another pause. 'Some slutty teenager. Yeah I know...fucking hot! He's real short and cute looking. Little shit ain't nuthin' but cum bucket.' Another pause. 'You got anything better? Naw...I ain't making this shit up.'

Yet another pause. 'Dave doesn't believe me, Dad.'

'Put the phone down by Joey while he is sucking your cock, so he can hear.'

Jake covered the phone. 'Hey, Joey, you might get another couple of cocks to play with if you make it sound good.' He gave me a knowing wink. I understood. I began to loudly lap his cockhead. Jake provided the other sound effects: 'Oh shit, Joey, keep going. I think I am ready.' Jake cradled the phone under his ear and continued to fuck my mouth as he tighten his grip around my head. 'Oh, shit Dave, I'm cumming.!

The first shots of hot man juice spurted into my mouth. 'Oh, man, Dave! The little slut is even hotter then I thought. Man, the bitch swallows!'

I swallowed what seemed to be a truckload. There was so much some of the creamy, tangy liquid it gushed and oozed out of the corners of my mouth dipping off my chin. I nearly choked on it but I greedily kept drinking it down. Uncle Adam taught me a true cocksucker always drink every ounce of a man's spunk and I was nothing but an obedient student. At the last spurt, I pulled my mouth off, licking the last bits of Jake's cum off his still harden cock.

'Ah fuck, Dave,' Jake yelled into the phone with a shaky voice. 'You should see him! His mouth is full of cum and the little slut is lapping it up like a greedy pig!' Jake held the phone to my mouth. 'Hey Joey, talk to Dave, tell him what Dad's doing to ya.'

I took the phone in one hand and balanced myself on the other. I savored the taste of Jake's cum as I took a deep breath. Mitch's cock was all the way in me, I could feel his balls slapping hard against my ass as he fucked me like a maniac. The loud smacking sounds filled the room as my nimble body shook with each sound and forceful bang.

'Hey, Dave!' I said into the phone with a trembling, haggard voice. 'Oh man, M-mitch's cock is t-t-tearing my tiny l-little asshole apart. Sshiiit, at first, I though he was-was-ooh- putting a hot sword up-up my ass but it feels so-so awesome now and Jake is get-getting ready to me next! Urrrh, sh-iitt...I-I can't get-get-get enough c-cock up my tiny ass!'ssss doing me soooo fuucckkiinngg!!! I-I w-want m-m-m-more...need more c-c-cock!!'

Now it was Mitch's turn to shoot and the man simply lost control. Howling like an untamed savage, Mitch began erupting his load deep within me. The force was so great it felt like the spunk would go shooting out of my mouth.

'God-damn! Mitch is long-dicking me so-sss-sooo g-good! Oh, shee-it, he's filling my ass with a mountain of cum...and Jake is lubing himself up r-r-right NOW!! Ahhh...shit! He's gonna use his big f-fat dick to fuck his daddy's cum back up inside my ass! Ahh Gawd! Fuck-fuck-fuucckk! I wannabee fuck some m-m-more! More Dick!! Fuck me harder...HARDER!! Unngh..Ahhh!! AHH-SHEE-IITTT!!!'

I dropped the phone as Mitch forceful banging had my face smashing hard into the mattress of the bed, the fabric of the comforter rubbing sharply against my cheeks as he continued banging hard. Mitch was at the point of no return. He was letting loose on me like no body's business as his loud, growling voice filled the room. Ah God it felt so good. So fucking, fucking good!!

My asshole gripped Mitch's cock as he continued growling and grunting shooting his hot wad deep into my greedy ass as cum shot from my bloated prick.

Dave screamed from the phone on the bed, 'I'll be right up!!'

By the time he got there my arms and legs were wrapped around Jake's board shoulders and powerfully thick waist as he had me straddled and pinned against the wall thrusting his huge hog up my ass at a fever pitch. I was sluttishly kissing him hard, my hands gripping the back of his head. His physical strength was stimulating the hell out of me as he continued piston-whipping my hungry ass. Mitch was sitting in a chair drinking another can of beer as he watched us leisurely stroking his huge cock back to hardness. I knew he was just waiting for another go around.

'I hope you don't mind I bought a couple of other guys.' Two other men followed Dave into the room.

Jake bellowed, 'Thank God, the reinforcement has finally arrived. My dick is raw from fucking. Shit if this little piglet can't get enough. I'll be finish with him in a sec and then the three of you can have at him.' Jake refocused his attention back on me as he drove his cock deeper and harder in me as my cries of ecstasy filled the room.

'Boy, you guys weren't joking.' Dave said licking his lips hungrily at me. 'You got a nice piece of ass there.'

'Nice?' Mitch laughed. 'Shit that ass is incredible. You guys grab a beer and sit back and enjoy the show.'

While Mitch gave Dave and his buddies some beer I decided to give them a real show. I started whaling and heaving as I grip my limbs tighter around Jake begging him to fuck me harder, teasing him that his old man did a better job at slamming his cock inside me, which only enraged and energized Jake at going after me with more zeal. All the while my eyes stared lustfully at Dave and his two friends as I licked and bit into Jake's ear luridly as he chewed down hard on my exposed, sweaty neck.

Jake was now fucking me like an uncontrollable sex machine. The brute force of his banging had me slamming hard against the wall. The other men in the room was egging and cheering him on like craze fans shouting at a sporting event. I tighten myself harder around him, begging and whimpering for more. My eyes began rolling in the back of my head and I was beginning to see stars.

Just over an hour ago I was uncertain if I could handle two wild tuckers fucking me simultaneously, but now the idea of being the centerpiece of a full-blown gangbang had my blood racing with excitement. I wanted those randy truckers to know they had a prime slut just eager to be use and I wanted it as nasty as possible.

It did the trick. The three guys couldn't get out of their clothes fast enough. Strip bare they were as tall, hairy and as big muscled as Mitch and Jake. They all ranged in ages between late thirties to late forties. Like the father-son team, hey were also thickly hung like horses as they feverishly stroked themselves to hardness. I had five Daddies who were hungry to get at me. I was in slut-boy paradise!

'Shit, Jake,' Dave shouted. 'Finish up with the slut so we can get our hands on him!'

'FUCK!!' And with that Jake unload a gusher of cum deep inside me.

Jake had barely pulled his spent cock out of me, when Dave and his buddies grabbed and threw me roughly on the bed. They were all over me within seconds as their big, callous hands fondled my nude sweaty body quite unabashedly and intimately. The white-heat urgency in their eyes made it clear what they wanted. They took turns fucking me, and like Mitch and Jake, those studs had a lot of robust stamina as they slammed and stuffed themselves in my well-used openings at an alarmingly fast rate.

It was amazing how turned on these huge muscular grizzle bears got seeing each other in action as they banged the shit out of a little pup like myself. At one point I was force to satisfy all three beefy cocks at a the same time using both my cavities to spurt their pent up juices with Dave fucking my rear with his nine and a half inch cock as his two buddies took turns stuffing their hot nine inches in my soaked mouth.

Soon Mitch and Jake joined us and I found myself surrounded by five, savage truckers determined as hell to get their equal share of the little pup caught in the middle with their massive leaking cocks ready for action.

They came after me relentlessly. They were so focus at satisfying their needs they began tearing at me with animalistic intensity. They fed off each other's primal instinct as they devoured me taking turns shoving and stuffing my mouth and ass with their overblown cocks. They drank and smoked while cheering each other on as they thrash me about the bed, throwing me in all different type of positions with the ease of a rag doll as they continued gangbanging me throughout the night.

These raunchy He-Men kept my ass and throat thoroughly filled with cock and cum until I was drowning in it. The sweat running off my body felt as if I was swimming in a rank swamp. The liquid dripped into my eyes and it burned, but I didn't care. All I wanted was more. The raw stench coming off our collective bodies was additive.

Naturally there came a point where all this attention was becoming a little overwhelming. But when I showed signs I needed some moments to rest it only fed into their boisterous exuberance. Wolfish testosterone went into overdrive as their onslaught became even more vigorous, more masculine as they were collective turned on by the idea of forcing themselves on me as I whimpered and struggled helplessly against them. The more I fought and begged, the more excitedly aggressive they became. I was totally defenseless as they ravished me mercilessly. Soon my second adrenaline kicked in and the excitement at being used as a pig by these sexually vicious truckers once again filled me with sluttish euphoria. Now I only pretended to struggle against them when in fact I secretly used my 'helpless' pleading as a form at egging them on.

With the help of his buddies stretching and pinning me down, Dave and Jake began double-fucking the holy hell out of me. I let out a long, blood-curling scream of ecstasy as those two began throttling my widening asshole with their mammoth cocks. I didn't think I would have been able to handle them as the same time. They're so fucking big! But the thrill of them hammering their weapons in me simultaneously had quickly become intoxicating. Having those giant slabs of beef riding up and kissing my inflamed prostate had me howling, begging and pleading for more. Mitch crawled up on the bed and began stuffing his hard, leaking cock feverishly down my throat and choking me good with it as the other guys cheered him on.

By the time Jake and Dave exploded inside me, Dave's buddies were quickly replacing them stuffing their huge hogs firmly up my cum-soaked gapping hole. They were just as intense as Jake and Dave in their fucking as I continuously swallowed down Mitch's ever hard cock. I had truly died and had gone to slut heaven. The brute strength in which these men were using against me in order to fuck the hell out of my tiny body was incredible!

'Fucking s-shiittt,' Mitch hissed, shooting his huge load deep in the my throat, 'this bitch here is one serious talented slut!!' Dave's buddies grunted the same as they began unloading their equally giant load of seed deep inside me as well.

By the time they finally got me on my feet I had had eleven loads of cum shot up my ass, nine down my throat, and several more dumped all over my reek body. Kneeling me onto the floor they used me as a human toilet splattering their urine over my body and hair.

They refused to allow me to shower as mountains of semen, body sweat and raunchy urine began drying on my reeking smelling skin. After Dave and his buddies left to go off to their rooms I crawled in between Mitch and Jake in bed for a much-needed rest as I drifted off to sleep.

My nap didn't last long. I was awakened before dawn with Mitch slapping his heavy cock roughly against my lips and Jake pressing his thick cock against my ass.

'Wake up pumpkin,' Mitch growled at me. 'My son and I have two hours before we're back on the road and we want to give you a proper send-off.'

And boy did they ever. They tightly tied my wrists to the headboard of the bed and for the next two hours both men had dumped two separate loads in my mouth and up my ass as well as spraying my body with a healthy load of pee from their large fountains.

By the time they left I was laying spread eagled on soak sheets, spent, wasted and quenched in musky sweat and other raunchy fluids as cum and urine slowly dripped from my open ass. Surprisingly my ass only had a slight hum to it instead of the raging pain I was sure I would be feeling. Yeah, Uncle Adam was right, my ass can take a good licking but it always seems to be able to keep on ticking.

I was breathing hard trying to collect myself when I heard voices from the other side of the door. It sounded like mumbled laughter. Suddenly the door opened and Uncle Adam walked calmly thought stuffing what looks to be money in his shirt pocket. I wasn't smart enough to connect the bundle of cash and what had just happened to me during the night - at first.

'I see that you were pretty busy last night,' Uncle Adam said licking his lips gleefully as his eyes roamed my body, stopping when he saw the truckers' semen leaking out of my nicely loose yet still tightly, firmed asshole.

'What'cha doing here,' I asked alarmingly. I was nervous. As I mention I've been getting these extra fucks on the side. My uncle didn't know about them and I didn't want to get in trouble. I tried to get up but my body was simply too exhausted not to mention my hands were still tied to the bed. 'It's not what you think.'

Uncle Adam laughed hard. I guess that last remark from me was kinda stupid. The evidence covering my body showed otherwise.

'Boy you don't need to be nervous. I've known for a long time you've been whoring yourself around here to the truckers. In fact...'

At which point Uncle Adam dug back into his shirt pocket pulling out the large dough of cash waving it in his hand. 'Instead of you giving it up for free, I decided to have those truckers pay up for it. I've been renting you out for months, and I gotta say, you and that shitty, sweet ass of yours have been pretty damn profitable.'

My heart raced and my mind did flip-flops. My own uncle has been prostituting me out and has been making large sums of money thanks to it. Shit if that didn't turn me the fuck on! I couldn't help but think what Mom would say about her own brother whoring her baby boy out for money! I smirked wickedly.

'I've already lined up three truckers for you for the rest of the week and I just made arrangements with Mitch and Jake. They're coming back this weekend and their three buddies are tagging along. That's an easy grand for one night's work. Apparently you're one terrific gangbang. I think I'll join them the next time around!'

He started peeling off his clothes and soon I was staring at his steel-hard body and monster cock. 'Shit if you don't look good all tied up, boy. I don't know why I haven't thought about that. All that cum stuffed up your ass, I won't need to lube myself up!'

I knew protesting would be fruitless. Besides this new information at knowing my own uncle was pimping me out to truckers had my adrenaline racing. I always knew I was born to be a slut, now it was official. And from what Uncle Adam said, I'll be served out to at least three more clients before the week is over, and from there, Mitch, Jake and their friends will be gangbanging me again this weekend, with Uncle Adam joining them.

Any exhaustion had vanished. I was raging for sex and the heat that was exuding from Uncle Adam's raunchy, hungry body was irresistible as he prove to be correct about the mountain of cum coating my chute as he penetrated me with awesome ease.

He fucked me with thirsty energy, banging his mammoth powertool in my sweaty, moist chute as I wrapped my legs around him, pulling his titanic muscular frame directly on top of me, feeding my tongue deeply down his throat. The loud banging of the headboard hitting against the wall as he slapped his hog deep within me filled the room as the sounds of my whimpering and moaning traveled down Uncle Adam's windpipes.

I couldn't help but silently send my mom a pray of thanks at being wise enough at having me come and live here with her brother.

Thanks to Uncle Adam and all the extracurricular activities he has lined up for me, Mom sending me here to the Trucker's Motel will no question make me the best man any man could pay for.




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