First, I think I need to give you some background on how i got to where I am now.

Immediately after graduating law school, and passing the state bar exam, I was hired by Braden ad Associates, Attorney's. During the first week of employment, Sam Braden, CEO, invited the three new associates to his estate for a get to know each other dinner. He was a widower and the lady of the house was his daughter Lisa.

I fell in love with her at first sight. Six months later we were married. As a wedding gift her dad bought us a five bedroom home with pool and game room as well as sending us on a cruise for our honeymoon. Being married to the boss's daughter had it perks such as having access to the executive gym in the office building.

Everything went well for a couple of years. Sam refused to let his attorneys work on Saturday or Sunday, because they usually worked late during the week. Lisa and I had gone to visit with Sam one Saturday. Several of her girlfriends showed up so Sam asked if I'd like to go to the office gym and work out. I said sure so away we went. Sam was only forty-four, nice looking and well built.

We arrived at the office and were waved through the security desk by Goerge, a fifth-five year old guard that had been with the company for many years. Working with him was Rex and Steve. Rex appeared to be in his mid-thirties and Steve in his early twenties. They usually patrolled the upper floors.

In the gym, Sam stripped naked saying that he liked to work out that way and that Saturday was the only day he could do it. He told me to try it. I reluctantly did and found it envigorating.

After a while sam said he needed to go to his office for a short while but he'd be back. After a while I began to get worried about Sam and, still nude, went to check on him. I got to his office to find the reception room unlocked and his office door open. I slipped in and as I did I heard moans coming from the office. Not sure of what was going on, I eased up to the door and peeked in. I became frozen and speechless.

There on the floor on his hands and knees was Sam. Rex was behind him, totally naked, fucking his ass and Steve, also naked, was in front of Sam fucking his mouth. As I watched, steve announced that he was about to shoot. He pulled his cock out of Sam's mouth and began jerking it off. Sam held fast with his mouth wide open. When Steve climaxed, I watched as numerous thick white ropes of sperm shot into Sam's waiting mouth. When Steve was done, Sam licked of the last remnants of cum before swallowing the load that had been fed to him. At that time, Rex pounded harder and climaxed up Sam's ass. That is when they noticed me.

'Come on in Matt. Now you know my secreet.'

I walked in, my eight inch cock hard and leading the way. 'Very nice, son,' Sam said. Rex looked at it and said, 'I'd sure like that up my ass sometime.'

'So would I,' Steve added.

'Come closer,' Sam said. I did and before I could react, he turned and quickly swallowed my cock and began sucking. I felt that I should pull away, but the wonderful feeling I was experiencing prevented me from doing it.

As Sam sucked my cock, Steve and Rex were both working on Sam's slightly shorter but definately thicker cock. Watching them suck on Sam brought me to my own climax. Sam eagerly accepted it and again swallowed.

We left the guards dressing and returned to the gym in silence. When we arrived back at the gym, Sam said, 'Matt, you know that I consider you the son I never had. I hope what you saw won't change the way you feel towards me. I hope you won't hate me.'

'That will never happen Sam. I just had no idea at all that you were gay.'

'I have been since before Lisa's mother and I married but I married for looks only. Lisa turned out to be an added benefit.'

'Sam, what happened was a first for me. I've never done anything with another guy before.'

'Matt, I hope that today will not be the only time I get to enjoy your body.'

'We'll see,' I replied.

Later, the more I thought about it the more curious I became. Sam and I returned to the gym the nest Saturday and I had the pleasure of getting sucked twice and fucking Rex in the ass. Over the next few months I became experienced in sucking cock, swallowing cum and taking a guys cock up my ass, all of which I soon learned to enjoy. I was as gay as Sam, Rex and Steve.

Lisa in the mean time had turned into the local slut, fucking any man with a hard cock, even picking up the homeless off the street. Sam found out and I filed for divorce. Sam told Lisa that she had a choice. She could fight for half the community property but if she did, she would be cut out of his will and would receive nothing. Her other choice was to agree to the divorce and ask for nothing and stay in his will. She chose the second option.

I got the house and cars. I sold the house and bought a much smaller home in a gated subdivision. I signed the papers and picked up the key. I was headed out to the new house to decide what furniture I wanted to move and where I wanted to place it. That brings thing up to where this story really begins.

I got to my new house and went from room to room making notes. Just as i was about to leave, I heard laughing outside and went to the window to take a look. That's when I saw them. Three identical hot yuong studs. They were all close to six-one--one hundred nighty pounds of pure muscle, Dark blond hair, and semi hairy chest. My heart nearly stopped.

Walking outside I stopped and introduced myself. they introduced themselves as John Allen Sims, James Aaron Sims, and Joseph Alex Sims. John, Jim, and Joe, and all with the same initials.

I tried my best to find a way to tell one from the other but couldn't. I asked if they would like to make some money the following Saturday by helping me move. All three readily agreed saying that their parents would be out of town and would be glad to know that they were staying out of trouble.

'Great. I'll be by to pick you three up about seven-thirty Saturday morning.'

'We'll see you then, Mr. Davis.'

'Please, no misters. My name is Matt so call me that.'

'See you Saturday morning, Matt,' John said. Or was it Jim or maybe Joe? Fuck, I didn't know.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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