The Game

"Hello?" I yell through the ball gag. It was black. My eyes were open, but still black. There is music blasting into my ears, making it impossible to hear anything else. I had been laying here for an hour, unable to move. I am spread eagle, my wrists strapped above my head and my ankles tied wide apart. I am comfortable, yet uneasy about what is going to happen to me.

The headphones are removed and I moan in response. He begins to touch my naked body. He starts with my well defined chest, out to my muscular arms, down to my cut midsection, and then massages my legs for a while. All of this touching brings my dick to life. He avoided contact with it so far. He then begins to lick my body in the same order he rubbed it. It felt so good. I didn't want it to end. I knew that once this sensuous touching was over, something painful would be replacing it.

"How long has it been since I've let you cum, boy?" he says. His voice is soft and sexy.

"Two weeks, sir," I mumble into the gag. The past two weeks, I have had a chastity device on, and every night, Master edges me for what seems like forever. It has been torture, but he promised that I would be rewarded tonight, that is, after he had his fun. Fun for him was never all that fun for me.

"These balls are full. They look so beautiful," he says. He begins to massage them, still avoiding my rock hard dick. "Here is what I am going to do with you tonight, boy. I am going to let you cum tonight, but I want to play a little game with you first." The cumming part sounded so wonderful, but the game part had me worried. "I am going to edge you for a while, and you are not allowed to cum until I tell you." I heard him get off the bed and walk to the dresser. "I am going to put this timer on for 2 hours. Once this timer goes off, I will let you cum. If you cum before the timer runs out, you will be punished."

Two hours. That wasn't too bad. That was about the same amount of time he had edged me the past two weeks.

"I am going to tell you your punishment now, so you can know what you are in for if you fail." Master never tells me what the punishment is until after I fail. This must not be good.

"If you cum within the two hours, I am going to milk you dry. And I am not going to stop milking you until you dry shoot." Well, that was very similar to the rest of his punishments, so now I am confused as to why he told me. "The amount of times it takes for you to dry shoot will be the amount of months you have in chastity after we are done."

My heart sank. He knew how much I cum. It would take me at least 5 or 6 times before I would dry shoot. That is 5 or 6 months without cumming.

"Let's begin the timer, shall we?"

He walked over to the bed and finally touched my cock. As soon as he did, I knew I was in trouble. His touch felt so good, and I knew that I would not be able to make it the full two hours. He was massaging my balls while jerking my 10 ½ inch dick. He was going at a good pace, and about 15 minutes in, I announced I was going to cum. He immediately let go of my dick.

"I will be keeping count of these close calls, too, boy. There is another rule to your punishment I haven't told you yet." Another rule! I knew then and there that tonight was going to be very long and very painful. "Let's begin again."

After the 10th close call, I was losing my mind. I needed to cum so bad that I was so temped to cum without permission. However, I was determined to fight through. I reasoned that this pain would be nothing compared to 6 months in chastity.

"That is 30 minutes, boy." Again, my heart stopped. That could not have only been 30 minutes. "Let's go again."

I was up to 42 close calls when I realized something. There was no timer. He was going to keep going until I would cum, and then punish me no matter what. I was crying, my balls were so ready to burst, and he was SLOWLY working on my dick, knowing that any sudden movements would bring me over the edge. I was hoping to just pass out one of these times.

"Boy, you impress me. I don't remember the last time your sensitive dick took so many close calls. Let's see if we can get to 100?"

I was determined to cum now. I wasn't going to let him know I was close and I was going to end his twisted game. He was going SO slow up and down my dick that my whole body felt it. It was all too much. I was right on the edge for God only knows how long. Then I felt it. I knew I was going to cum. It was seconds away and I was going to get out of this torment. Just as I was about to burst, Master stopped. I was on the edge for what seemed like an eternity, but I didn't cum. I could not believe I didn't cum.

"So I see that you've figured out my twisted game, huh? Took you long enough, boy. Well, I have no interntion of letting you cum until we reach at least 50 close calls, and then we will see. However, I am getting a little tired so I'm going to take a break for a few minutes. We've been going at this for about 5 hours now, do you need anything to eat or drink?"

He took the gag out and I began to beg him to cum. "That is not what I asked," he says.

"I really need to pee." So Master uncuffed me and led me to the bathroom. I was so weak I needed to lean on him. He helped me back on the bed and cuffed me again. He left the room. When he returned he had water and a sandwich. "Eat up. We're going to be here for a while."

I again begged him to let me cum. He didn't listen. After I was done eating, he announced that we were going to start again. He put the gag in my already sore mouth and began the lick my whole body. I was so sensitive all over that I came close to cumming even from this.

He edged me a few more times until he said that was 50. I prayed that he would let me cum, and my prayers were answered. "I am going to let you cum this time boy. But since it took you 43 close calls to figure out my game, you only have 43 seconds to cum. If not then we start over." I knew I would be able to cum. I was so close that a breeze would set me off.

He started and I realized I was wrong. He was going SO slowly that even though it was making my wild, it would not be enough to make me cum so quickly. He was so slow and thought I had failed, until I realized that more time had passed than 43 seconds. Damn him, he tricked me again. I began to laugh a little. "Ahh, I see you figured me out again. A little quicker than last time, too."

He worked my cock slowly for another 15 minutes, until he suddenly started to pump it faster. "You do not have my permission to cum yet, boy," he said. I panicked. I was seconds away now. I began to shake my head wildly to have him stop, but I was too late. The orgasm I felt was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I stopped breathing, my whole body was ridged, and it felt like I had died and went to heaven. It was the most pleasure I had ever felt. I can't even tell you how much cum there was. It went everywhere, like a fire hose left unattended. Even Master laughed at the amount. After I came down from this incredible high, reality sunk back in. I was about to be punished...




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