** ** **

Oscars P.O.V

** ** **

My eyes roamed over the smooth expanse of his chest noticing the defined ridges of muscle visible.

"Lose the dressing gown" he said slowly.

I undid the front and slipped it off my shoulders. leaving my with only my towel wrapped around my waist and the thin silver chain around my neck. He advanced slowly giving my time to appreciate the view of his muscles flexing as he walked. I gulped visibly as he neared me. My heartbeat tripled pounding in my chest.

I was suddenly nervous, my throat seemed to close in as anxiety clawed it's way out of my stomach. Zak was grinning at me reassuringly. He neared me and extended a hand running it over the partially defined muscles of my chest.

Zak must have seen I was nervous and probably heard my heart had sped up, because he now grinned at me reassuringly. His hand skimmed down my ribs trailing over the pale skin of my chest. The skin his fingers trailed over tickled with electricity, sending pulses of feeling along the skin. I extended my arms and pulled him towards my chest. His face neared mine and his lips inched closer.

His cool breath danced across the skin of my face, and his hands moved up to hold my face. My heart accelerated at his touch again, and my face flushed red as he pressed against me. His lips brushed mine gently and he pressed his body against mine. My hands skimmed up his spine causing him to arch even further into my chest.

Zak pulled back and rested his head against my shoulder panting.

"I do not know how much longer I can hold out" he said breathlessly

"Hold out against what?" I asked, hardly concentrating as I felt his body press closer against mine.

"Feeding" he said quietly

To accentuate his point I felt his fangs drag across the skin of my neck, wickedly sharp.

"Then what is stopping you?" I asked playfully.

"Feeding is very personal, and with you I don't know if I could stop. Something is in your blood that draws me to you, enticing me to feed"

"Do it then. Bite me." I said leaning down towards his ear

"You don't know what you're asking"

"Then show me" I said enticingly

"If you're sure, Lean back and relax"

I leaned against the wall and tugged Zak onto the bed. He fangs protruded from his lips and he extended his hands towards my body. A tremor ran down my spine as I felt his cold hands brush against my neck lightly touching the silver chain around my neck and running along it, his thumb resting over the Valknut. I had to bite back a gasp as his tongue flicked against my neck. His eyes met mine, asking me a silent question. I gave a tiny nod of assent, as I was unable to do any more from his dedicated ministrations.

I felt him withdraw, and moaned quietly at the absence of that clever tongue. Then a sharp sensation of pain woke me from my pleasurable haze before it threw me into the throes of sheer undiluted ecstasy. His razor teeth sliced through the skin without resistance, penetrating into the flesh of my neck as they cut into the thick vein and permitted it to spill its precious liquid.

As the scarlet fluid flicked onto his tongue, he moaned along with me as he latched onto the wound with his entire mouth and began to greedily suck upon it. His flickering tongue kept the wound from clotting over, and I relished the sensation that his most talented muscle gave the ripped flesh.

My body felt on fire with sensation, burning from the inside out, and yet, I needed more, so much more. The deep ecstasy felt more intense than anything I'd experienced in my entire life.

I sucked in a startled breath as I felt a heat emanate from my chest.

Zak had only been feeding for a few seconds and I knew he could feed for a while yet. He slowed his sucking however and pulled away after a moment or two more. I groaned annoyed as he pulled back licking his teeth clean.

"Your turn" he said eagerly

I froze as he looked at me leaning towards me his neck bared. I sucked in a breath then said

"Won't it hurt you?" I asked concerned.

He laughed then said

"Your bite will be anything but painful. I haven't opened a vein in over 1500 years. But now I want to. I want you to"

His lips neared mine and he kissed along my jaw until he reached my lips. He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me quickly before once again offering his neck. I leaned in still hesitant then asked

"My teeth won't be sharp enough will they?"

He shook his head then said slightly less enthusiastic

"If you really want you could feed from my wrist?"

I nodded quickly and Zak pulled back then said

"We can try the neck and other areas later"

I looked at him questioningly, he ignored my gaze then he pulled his wrist up to his mouth and bit cleanly into the flesh, setting his blood running down his wrist.

He nestled against my side and held his wrist out for me. I took hold of his wrist and hesitantly pressed it against my open lips. A moment later I forgot my previous hesitation once the first droplet of blood trickled against my tongue. The taste was incredible so sweet but not overpoweringly so. It sent tingles across my body and caused my cock to strain even harder against my towel.

His blood was incredible, it spread like fire through my veins bringing strength into my body. I tugged Zak's body closer to mine clamping my lips over the puncture wounds on his wrist. My heart thudded powerfully and accelerated, all of the new found blood entering my body all seemed to be flowing to only one place. I sucked on the wound strongly causing Zak to moan next to me. The pleasure of the feeding spread through my body as his blood spread through my system.

Then suddenly I felt my limbs grown weak and a dark haze descended over my vision and mind, dulling all sensations. The pain grew and I felt Zak pull his wrist away and heard him demand something in my ear.

I slipped away from conscious thought into a free-fall through darkness. My limbs failed to respond to my commands and I could do nothing to stop my fall. My ears detected a voice muttering away slowly coming to the forefront of my mind, repeating the same verse over and over at me:

You are the air in the sky

You are the oracle of life

You are the heat within fire

You are the life in the trees

You are the water in the sea

You are the dawns first light

You are the dark of the night

You are the whisper of nature

You are the metal of the earth

You are the creak in the forests

You are the shadow in the corner

You are the cold breeze at midnight

You are the silver of pale moonlight

You are the seer and guardian of nature

You are the giver and taker of all ill and strife

You are the a constant, a corner stone of balance

You are the mate of one, whose soul you do share

You are the keeper of secrets of knowledge long lost

You are a keeper of the forest and the cavern and the stream

You are the dawn, and the dusk and the shadows in-between

You are the lost and the forgotten the knowledge long since dead

You are Sidhe, Fair Folk, and a Child of Dream

You are Fae"

I wondered loosely if this was some form of hallucination, brought on by Zak's blood. The voice was soft and comforting, like that of my grandfather. I also heard another voice though. It was coming from deep inside of me and was stronger and louder than the denial in my mind. It was putting words to the feeling in my bones and in my heart. It told me that I knew the words at the end of the verse were right and true and that I was finally my true self. There was a sense of freedom that came along with this.

The two voices began to fade however as my hearing was slowly restored. I knew this because I heard two voices near me. My heart stammered when I recognized the first voice. It was Zak. He sounded in pain and I felt the urge to hold him and not to let him go. To tell him I was fine, to stop his pain.

But I couldn't move. Lead weights seemed to hold down my limbs and my mouth shut. I listened to the voices only recognizing Zak's.

Zak spoke first

"I do not know what is wrong with him. He was feeding from me and..."

Another voice cut him off obviously surprised

"You let him feed from you? Your Majesty as a monarch you shouldn't..."

He was cut off when Zak snarled and I heard Zak say

"Shut the fuck up Dominic, I am your King and I can do what I please with whom I please."

"I forgot my place cousin. I apologize it is just he's human" Dominic said with just a hint of disdain

Zak started to laugh then said

"Take in his scent then tell me he's human"

I couldn't feel the breath on my skin but I could hear the slight whisper of breath as he inhaled

"What is he?" Dominic asked his voice taking on a tone of curiosity

"I do not know" Zak said uninterested

"And I do not care what he is. With him I feel something different. I cannot describe it. I just...I do not know what is wrong with him" He continued.

"Have you tried giving him your blood?" Dominic said hesitantly

"My blood is what caused this, why would I give him any more?" Zak said getting frustrated.

"You do not know that it was specifically your blood that caused this." Dominic said affirmatively.

"What are you talking about. He lost consciousness after I gave him my blood" Zak said slowly

Dominic said slowly obviously choosing his words carefully.

"What if your blood was not the cause of him losing his consciousness?

Zak tell me, what would happen if you gave blood to a human under a spell."

"It would break it" Zak replied bluntly

"What if there was an enchantment or other such magic on Oscar when you gave him your blood" Dominic said sounding slightly excited.

"Then my blood would attempt to break the enchantment" Zak responded sounding as if he was catching on to Dominic's train of thought

"And if your blood could not break the enchantment easily" he trailed off allowing Zak to catch on.

"Then my blood would place his body into a coma to focus his body's energies on breaking the enchantment."

The joy in Zak's voice was evident.

It faded however as Dominic finished his next sentence. "An enchantment like that would require some kind of item. It would not have to be worn continuously but something he would at least be on most of the time. Think my cousin, what has he worn every time you have seen him?"

I too was trying to figure it out, and came up with the answer quickly. The only thing I had worn for almost as long as I could remember was the silver chain around my neck. It was simple pure silver with a Valknut charm on it.

It was given to be my mother who said my grandfather had left it to me. I prayed that Zak had noticed it too. To my relief he had.

"The chain around his neck, That is all I can think of" Zak said to Dominic

I guessed that Dominic had examined it as he said

"The charm looks old, it appears to be a Valknut"

"How is that important?" asked Zak

"The Valknut is linked to Odin and the laying on of bindings, both mental and physical. If I am right this is the source of the enchantment." Dominic said

She must have known. My Mum must have wanted to stop me from being my true self. But why?

I listened as Dominic and Zak continued to speak.

"Dominic what can I do to speed the blood's progress along?" Zak asked almost inaudibly

I felt a feather light touch around my neck as Zak obviously removed my chain.

"This isn't exactly my area but if we look at this as a normal healing, then the more blood the faster the healing. Now that the Valknut is no longer strengthening the enchantment it should be easy to break. Feel lucky your are so old or it would take a lot more blood to awaken him"

I heard Zak whisper close to my ear

"Oscar I don't know if you can hear me but please just come back to me."

Life flowed into my veins, and my body immediately responded to the liquid healing flowing in through my mouth. My senses returned and I found I was able to open my eyes, I did and was met with the beautiful blue eyes of Zak. I found I was lying down in a bed with the blankets pulled up over my almost naked body, thankfully while I slept someone had put underwear on me.

He pulled his wrist away from my lips and I saw a blood tear begin to run down his face. I reached up weakly to touch his face attempting to soothe him. I ran the back of my hand over his cheek and he closed his eyes leaning in towards my hand. His blood smeared along my hand but I couldn't care.

As I was about to sit up and pull Zak into my arms when something about my skin caught my eye. I was faintly glowing. The glow escalated and Zak opened his eyes and stared at me his eyes wide with fear. My skin itched as though a million spiders were crawling over every inch of my skin.

The itching sensation grew until it turned into a heat searing over my body. I saw Zak leaning in close to my face his eyes wide with fear. I cried out as the fire consumed me blazing over my skin and the golden light shining out from my skin brightened. Zak pulled away shying away from the brilliant glare of my skin.

My back arched off the bed tugged upwards by some unseen force. Suddenly, the pain vanished and I fell against the bed, feeling my energy drained. Zak moved quickly to the bed. A look of utmost concern spread across his face as he gazed down at me. He leaned down and brushed his lips lightly over mine.

Realization spread over his face as his gaze flickered over the top half of my body.

"I know what you are now" he said

"So do I" I replied using the last of my strength "I am Fae"

Saying that took my last drop of strength, the container holding my energy was finally empty. With that I fell back against the pillows and fell back into the darkness that had previously consumed me. But this time I wasn't alone. This time I dreamed.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

My dream started out normally enough. Well, normal for me. My mind wandered as it normally did skimming over random images and thoughts. My mind often did this before the main part of my dream.

Ever since I was small I was able to control my dreams. I suppose you could call me a lucid dreamer. It helped me relax, since in my dreams I could do anything. Be anyone, an escape from the near hell of my life.

The dream last night had been different. Normally when I dreamed about people I could control them. Last night I had dreamed about Zak. It had started out with me controlling him but then he changed somehow taking on a mind of his own. As I pondered my dream shaped itself into a replica of my room at school. More of a home than my own had ever been. Zak was sitting on the bed and I couldn't help but smile even though I knew he wasn't real.

"Oh I can assure you I am real" The facsimile said.

I stood numb as I watched Zak swing himself of the bed and sauntered towards me.

"I am the real Zak. Right now I am lying down next to you on the bed in my..."

he paused looking for the right word then finished

"House." he finished

I thought about this for a second and then asked

"Then how is it you are here?"

"Some of the older vampires have learned how to enter and shape someone's dreams. That is what I am doing now."

I though about this for a second then clapped a hand over my mouth. I moved my fingers away a few seconds later and said embarrassed

"Then in my dream last night that was...." I trailed off my embarrassment my cheeks colouring red.

"Yes that was me. But in my defence I did not begin the dream about me. I simply took over my part inside it." He said now standing right in front of me.

"We need to talk" I said coming to my senses

He nodded glumly obviously having had something else in mind

"How long do we have in here?" I asked looking around my room

He took a seat on the bed and patted the spot next to him. I sat down next to him and he snuggled up against my side. I put my arm round his shoulder and leaned back against the wall.

"This dream can last for quite a while. In a dream, time moves differently. This entire conversation had happened in a few seconds. So..." he replied then slowly inched his lips up towards my neck. His lips brushed the soft flesh sending electric shivers across my body. I briefly saw the room shimmer.

If just kissing him in the dream caused the room to shimmer I'd love to see what would happen when we really got going.

"You're right we need to talk. Now that I know what you are, it explains a lot of things. Your blood for one thing, Fae blood is known for being delectable and almost irresistible to Vampires." Zak said affectionately

"What was that before I passed out. That Light and pain?" I asked my brows furrowing.

"That was your Fae blood taking over. Transforming your body into that of a Fae, and removing the traces of human from your system." he said nervously

"My new body?" I asked hesitant as to his answer.

"Yes about that. You still look the same just a few things have been changed. Your Fae blood has amplified all of your attractive features."

"What does being a Fae mean? How are they different from humans?" I asked trying to grasp my new identity as a member of a species I hadn't known existed when I had woken up yesterday.

"Well for starters you are immortal" He said matter-of-factly

I cut him off quickly and asked

"Wait Immortal, as in I will never die?" I asked disbelieving

"Well you can still die, it simply means that as long as you do not catch a disease or are poisoned or mortally wounded, then yes you will live for ever and be eternally young." He said happily

"Anything else" I asked interested.

"I've hardly begun" I froze at the endearment. For once he used a contraction when he spoke, he continued speaking snuggling closer against me. I had to admit his dream body felt very real to me.

"You can cast Glamour, on yourself to hide your true appearance. You can heal almost any illness or injury. I know this seems like a lot but there is much more. You should be able to summon and control the elements but I would not try that yet. Charming"

"Thanks" I said

"No not you, although you are. But I meant as a power, Charming. It lets you control the hearts and minds of men, as some put it. The gift of tongues. You can speak almost any language without thinking about it. You are now much stronger and faster than humans, and your muscles will have gained greater definition. There is also gift of sight. You can see thing others cannot, and it includes the ability to see the future."

"Wait what?" I asked disbelieving

"Fae have the ability to see into the future, that one may take time to become apparent however.

Let me think. You should be able to sense another Fae, and to be able to see Fae marks" he said thoughtfully

"Fae marks?" I asked curious

"That is when a Fae marks someone as their mate and is not to be touched or harmed. You can also cast magic although that may take time to come. The arts of magic as I understand it are usually awakened by emotional states. There is one other power, it however is mostly unknown. It is called the touch. It's is a conscious release of magical energy through physical contact. From the Fae to another. From what I know the release of energy is pleasurable to the one receiving it, and it enables the Fae to pass thoughts and feelings as well."

"Have you met other Fae?" I asked

"Yes I have, a few times. The last time I met them was in 1946 when I had to fight off a group of half crazed Fae. They had gone insane and I had to deal with them. Before that I met one in India in 624 ad. That is how I know so much about them. Now then I think I've talked enough"

"So what should we do now?" I asked naively

I looked down at the sly grin on Zak's face.

"Oh" was all I managed to say before I was pinned to the bed with Zak straddling me.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against the supple skin of my neck, sucking gently. His touch was electric, tingling against my skin.

Zak nipped the skin of my neck sending a jolt of pain through me. My breathing accelerated even though I didn't need air in the dream. Zak kissed his way along my jaw and pressed his lips against mine. He was being gentle as he kissed me. I felt his tongue tentatively tap against my lips seeking entrance. Whilst I had been distracted by his lips he had been trailing his hand down my body.

I hadn't noticed his hand until his hand rested over my crotch. I jolted in surprise, moaned and parted my lips. I wrapped his arms around Zak's neck, trying to pull him closer against my body.

His hand rubbed my crotch causing my previously half hard cock to become a fully fledged erection.

I vaguely saw the walls shimmer, but ignored them. Only caring about the feel of Zak's body on top of mine. I pulled my lips away from Zak's noticing the groan of irritation. Zak's cool breath danced across my face at irregular intervals. I said slowly

"You are so not how I expected a vampire to act" I said smiling up at his face

"Let me guess you were expecting a 6ft tall guy with muscles up to his eyes. Obsessed with dominating you. No inhibitions and into BDSM etcetera etcetera" He said smiling.

Zak's eyes were a dark shade of blue. I was learning to use them as a judge of his arousal but as he spoke they lightened to their natural shade.

I laughed out loud and nodded briefly

"Well there are some of my kind like that. But you have to remember that my kind were once human. So there are quite a lot of different orientations. I personally cannot stand BDSM.

I know it is all about trust, but to me the idea of pushing someone's body to the limits with whips, chains, nipple clamps, and electro stimulus machines disgusts me. I'm not opposed to pain and pleasure mingling but it has it's limits. But those instruments specifically designed to cause pain, to me, they cross a line. I prefer to push someone's body to it's limit in another more pleasurable way"

He trailed off and his hand squeezed me through the jeans I was wearing. I looked down for the first time noticing the clothes I was wearing. I was in blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt. I had previously managed to stifle the moan that built behind my lips but lost it when Zak squeezed me again. The walls of the room shimmered again more, more violently this time.

Zak noticed it too saying

"Well it is good to see I can disrupt your mind to such an extent that even your mind trembles.

Last time all it took was a bite in here and a kiss in the real world and the dream shattered"

At this point he leaned in towards my neck and kissed the skin. I felt the sharp points of his fangs gently scrape the skin of my neck. I shivered as the point of one fangs placed just enough pressure on the skin to break it. His tongue lapped at the flesh licking away any blood that seeped out.

I shuddered and saw the walls shimmer more violently this time, the entire dream scape threatening to crack. I pressed against Zak's chest and he pulled away from my neck moaning in disappointment.

"Unless you want me to wake up, we should slow down" I said hating the fact that I was right.

Zak groaned then nodded.

"Well then where should we go?" Zak asked

"What do you mean?" I asked curious

"Well this is your dream, you can change where we are and show me anything you can imagine." Zak said with a smile on his lips

I thought about this for a second considering what to show him. My home was a definite no. My mother was another no. Even in my dreams she was still a bitch. Always pushing me for things she wanted.

I thought back to her reaction to my coming out. She hadn't taken it well spouting some shit about me getting prejudice in later life and thinking that I would grow out of it. That me being gay was a phase. That hurt more than anything she could have said. I felt pain whenever I thought about it. My own mother rejecting me. Before, I had had my cousin to lean on. He had accepted me and I even found out he was gay as well. But he moved away with my aunt to Virginia in America.

Apart from him my other aunt and me had never been very close and I hadn't seen my other cousin in years,

All of these thought flashed though my mind in a matter of seconds. My thoughts moved back to the fact that even my own mother had abandoned me. And I felt a stab of pain as I recollected the phone call I had had with my mother the day after I had gone back to school. Her plan had been to pull me out of school before I was kicked out. We argued over my decision to stay here and the phone call ended with her saying she didn't want to talk to me and that she didn't know when she will see me again all she said was "I'll see you at Christmas"

I could feel the pain brimming. I tried to keep my thoughts away from my mother but every once in a while I did and the effect on me was the same. I felt Zak's lips press against mine and the electricity of his touch jolted me out of my downward spiral of thoughts. God he knew how to distract me.

I was still reclined on the bed with Zak on top of me. My mind occupied trying to hold the dream together. Zak wasn't making it easy, he broke away from my lips and moved towards my ear. He nipped my ear lobe before he whispered

"Don't think about her. Just feel, feel my body over yours. You will never be rejected. I will never leave you. Your mother cannot see your true worth and it was her that blocked your Fae side from surfacing at puberty."

His lips skimmed back along my jaw and locked his lips over mine. I grinned against the kiss and a few seconds later when Zak pulled away all thoughts of my mother was gone. If there was someone I wanted to show to Zak it would be James, my cousin.

He and my Aunt Ingrid had always took me in when I argued with my Mum. Even my Aunt knew how bad her sister could get. When they had moved away a couple of weeks ago it had left me alone with my mother. My worst nightmare. Well not quite alone. My aunt Becca by marriage was around but her son had moved out to north London, and had sort of lost contact with the family.

I turned my focus back to the dream scape and morphed the room into my Aunt Ingrid's old house with her and my cousin sitting on the sofa. This was my last memory of them. Zak and I stood up and he observed my family with interest.

"And who might they be?" he asked curious, turning his head to look at me

"They're my cousin and my aunt. Whenever I fell out with my mum they were always here."

I looked over my cousin. He was shorter than me but his musculature made up for it. Thick powerful arms built from the 4 years he had slaved over his body in the gym. The two of us looked nothing alike. His hair unlike mine was blond, and his eyes were a light blue, as opposed to my blue green. James' eyes were somewhat similar to Zak's in colour, but were missing the depth in them. My skin was pale white. It came with the hair, and the freckles.

I ran a hand through my rust coloured hair and sighed quite content in this dream. Here I could at least see my cousin. Even if he wasn't real.

Zak's eyes scanned over James and my Aunt then turned to me and asked

"I take it they moved away?"

I nodded and prepared my answer to the question I knew he would ask

"Where did they move to might I ask?"

"They moved to Virginia. To somewhere called Hampton in Virginia."

At that his face dropped and his eyes glazed over

"Zak what is it? What's wrong with Hampton?"

The life returned to Zak's eyes and met mine before continuing

"It is just that there is an old...well I don't think you could call him a friend more of an adversary. Anyhow he lives 16 miles away from Hampton I am just worried about your cousin's safety"

I hadn't known Zak long but for some reason I knew he was holding something back

"Zak what aren't you telling me?" I asked

A smile twitched at the corners of Zak's mouth before he spoke

"You are right. I am keeping something back. That specific area of America is not just home to an old adversary but to someone important to me."

I froze at the word "important" as the cold dagger of rejection stabbed at my stomach. Zak saw the look on my face and quickly added

"Not like that. Never like that. He is...family"

The dagger vanished instantly and in it's place curiosity arose

"How can he be family?"

"He is family in the vampire way. It is complex. I will try to explain. Humans have a father and mother. For vampires it is slightly different. When we create a vampire a bond is formed from the maker to their progeny. In the eyes of a vampire a progeny is the child of their maker."

"How does this relate to the member of your family in Hampton?" I asked

"I am getting to that Oscar. Whilst I was in Valencia in 1417 I created a vampire.

His name is Santiago. He had one progeny, a vampire called Marcus whom he turned whilst in Santa Marta in 1526.

Marcus has two progenies the younger of whom is Sebastian, but he is not the one I am talking about.

The other progeny is a Vampire called Louis who currently resides in Hampton" He said slowly trying to give me time to absorb the information.

"And why did you react so badly when I mentioned it?" I asked slowly

"There is a situation at the moment in that area involving Santiago. He has gone missing and Louis and Marcus are attempting to find him as we speak." He said sadly

"I'm guessing it was Marcus you met in the woods last night?" I said

Zak shook his head then replied

"No actually, that was my Maker Dieter. He informed me that Santiago has gone missing"

"Then why aren't you over there trying to find him?" I asked moving closer to Zak.

He looked up at me and grinned weakly

"You" he said his smile widening

"Me?" I asked confused "What about me?"

"I did not want to leave you. I do not think I could have left even if I had wanted to." he said.

I could tell he meant it. The smile was a real one. I could tell because the twin dimples showing at either side of his mouth. I laughed internally at that, a vampire with dimples. By this point the room had shifted removing James and my aunt and leaving us alone. They may not have been real but it was still disconcerting.

I thought about the fact he had chosen to stay with me rather than going after his vampire equivalent of a child. It brought a smile to my lips. I thought for a second. If this was my dream then I could technically change the laws of physics to suit me. Oh this was going to be fun. I pushed against Zak's chest sending him back against the wall with more strength than I thought I had.

The look of shock was evident on his face. I moved as fast as Zak could and pinned him against the wall with my body. I leaned down to his level and brushed my lips over his. I ghosted them along his jaw and pressed them against his exposed neck. He shivered lightly and I nipped at the skin of his neck and felt him jolt against my body.

Zak's voice sounded breathless in my ear

"I do not know how much longer I can keep this up. I have spent too much time here as it is, I can feel myself slipping away."

If that was the case then I intended to take full advantage of whatever time I could have. I pulled back and moved our hand between our bodies. I rested it on his crotch and squeezed him lightly.

I was rewarded with a hum of appreciation from him. His body seemed to be fading slowly.

Well here goes. My heart hammered in my ears. As I ran my thumb along the waistband of his boxers. I felt him freeze before relaxing against me.

Thankfully the jeans had some give or this next part would have been difficult. I slid my thumb beneath the waistband and teased the delicate flesh of his abdomen. Even though this was all in my head it felt real. The hardness of Zak's cock pressing against my leg and the feel of his body against mine.

My thumb continued to tease the flesh, deliberately avoiding his cock. Zak moaned loudly then breathed

"Oscar I need....I need" He broke off with another moan as my crotch ground against his

"Tell me what do you need babe" I said again teasing the flesh of above his cock

"Please just.....touch me" his voice was layered with desire and I saw his body begin to fade from his feet slowly creeping up his body.

My heart beat tripled again, thundering in my ears as I slipped my hand under the waistband of his boxers and wrapped my hand around his cock. I hadn't done this before.

Well. Not to anyone else at least. I relished the feeling of the soft skin of his cock in my hand. I couldn't see his cock but it felt impressive in it's size. I moved my hand slowly loving the way Zak's head was slumped against my shoulder. I ran my thumb over the head of his cock and was rewarded with a loud moan from Zak.

With my right hand I pulled his lips to mine and thrust my tongue into the wet cavern of his mouth relishing the taste of him on my tongue. Alas even before Zak had fully faded I sensed the dream scape begin to destabilize as my excitement levels grew. I had a few seconds left until the connection was severed and I planned to make use of them.

My left hand sped up on Zak's cock and I ran my thumb over the head of his cock rewarding me with a moan from Zak muffled inside my mouth. That did it. The dream scape cracked and the walls themselves shattered. I savored the last few seconds of the dream with Zak and lazily kissed him enjoying the last few moments before I slipped back into the void. Free falling in the darkness.

Zak's form faded to a mere glow of his outline before that too faded, leaving me alone in the depths of my mind.

To be continued..........


Thomas Auger

[email protected]


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