I secretly kissed my room-mate good-by for the summer. Chad was heading back to Pheonix for the summer, I was heading for my parents home in St. Louis. We were both attending a university in Colorado.

It was about three weeks after we had parted I got the most shocking news of my life, or at least up to this time.

Chads Parents decided they wanted him to go to Stanford University in California, I was devastated, not to say the least.

Point one, Chad and I had become not only very good friends and buddies, we had become good everything.

I had fallen in love with Chad, we had had one of those Heated, Passionate Love affairs that a few men seem to get with each other at certain times.

It began the day we were chosen as room-mates.

I was setting on the bed in the Dorm room when Chad came in with his bags. Funny thing was, I was just in my white briefs, actually I was not expecting a new room mate until later that week.

I noticed how good looking he was, and as I sat there and he introduced himself as my new room-mate Chad, for the year, we shook hands and he held on just a little longer than usual for a handshake.

He just kept sorta ogling me and checking me out, which I loved, but I couldn't expect anything else, I was almost naked,but I wasn't going to look such a gift horse in the mouth.

Chad put his bags down, sat down on the bed across the room and just smiled, "Damn dude, your one hot looking stud, you know that?" he said with one of the most sexy voices I had ever heard.

As I sat there watching Chad, I noticed he kept just almost stripping and raping me with his eyes, they sparkled , gorgeous, his body seemed to be very well built, and taken care of and I noticed a slight swelling, pushing out his trousers in the front, making a very defined penis line. Chad was not a little dude there, he looked like he might have a good eight inches of quite thick cock, that sight made my own swell out and was pushing up the white material of my briefs, which made it impossible to hide the inevitable. By the time twenty minutes had passed I was beginning to leak pre-cum, and that was not unnoticeable.

I was almost shaking as Chad began to change into something more comfortable.

It was my turn to stare, and I watched as he took off his shirt, revealing a gorgeous lightly hairy chest, which I love on a guy, and a treasure trail, running from his navel to his shorts.

His trouser's came off' and his legs looked like a track runners legs, Chad was fucking well built, and when he turned around and I saw his half hard cock swinging loose under those boxers, I couldn't stop staring..

Chad walked over to the bed I was setting on and sat down, making his cock to pop out through the opening in his boxers, damn it was thick, cut, hard, and he looked straight in my eyes.

"Well Ken, looks like we have a little situation here, What to do about it?" he said with a grin.

Chad reached and without batting an eye, this gorgeous hunk reached over and squeezed my hard-on through my white briefs, "Could I maybe give you a hand with this?" he said.

I just nodded and sorta whimpered, I hadn't felt someone touch my hard cock in a couple years.

Chad just reached over, took the elastic band and slid my briefs off me, there I lay, naked, vulnerable, wanting, and as he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth, I let out a gasp and slid my hand to his crotch, and took hold of his very thick cock.

He let out a little moan as I began to stroke his cock.

Well, needless to say that was a great beginning to a wonderful first year at college, Chad had told me that he wanted to be upfront and truthful about his sexual orientation from the beginning.

Chad and I did every thing that first year, How many times did I suck his nuts dry, or had him suck mine, but his favorite thing was when I got to eat out his gorgeous lightly hairy ass,which I loved doing, he would let me do that for hours at a time, and stroke his hard cock as I brought him to ecstasy.

Now this particular day I was so up-set that I thought I would die after I got the call. I would always remain close buddies and friends with Chad but now, only at a distance.

Well time heals all wounds and I slowly came to accept it and get on with things.

My Father had ask me if I wanted a job with his construction co. He was a regional superintendent for this large Major Construction Company who did Large building construction all over the country.

I walked into the office and met his office Manager, and big dude, named Andrew, Andrew looked like he needed a shave, but in a very sexy looking way.

I shook his strong burly hand and noticed his hairy chest through the buttons of his shirt, he was not wearing an undershirt.

Andrew was wearing these light tan shorts, and sneakers.

I took it he was Dad's right hand man.

I shook his hand and introduced my self, "Yeah! man, your Dad has told me lot's about you. Glad to meet you dude and have you aboard."

For the first month or so I had been actually a "go-for" doing odd little things, and taking some materials and supplies to the job sites that were fairly close.

But the thing that was a real kicker was, I could not take my eyes off Andrew, the more I looked at him the more turned on I was getting, those thick, body builder like arms, with bulging veins, his tanned legs, muscular and hairy like big hairy tree trunks sticking out of those shorts.

I guess the day the dam broke for me was the week my father was gone to another state to check on a job site and see what might be needed there and meet with his foremen under him.

I was setting in the office when Andrew walked in with his shirt unbuttoned, Holy Fuck was his chest awesome, I couldn't stop ogling his gorgeous guys body. Oh yeah! something else I noticed that day. he had a bulging thick package, and I noticed his cock just laying downward in those tan shorts. Damn dude, it looked like a fire-hose.

Andrew noticed me looking at him and especially his crotch, he just looked up raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Hey Ken! I need to take today's payroll over to the south Mill site, would you like to go along?" he asked.

"Yes, I'd love too." I responded.

"Maybe we can get a bite to eat while were out, if you'd like." he said.

" Sounds like a plan to me." I responded."

We jumped into the company truck and off we went as we drove, we hit up a conversation.

Andrew looked over at me, smiled, "Hey man' I have been noticing you looking at me, you know, sorta staring, Is there something you'd like to ask or say."

I was in a state of shock, not knowing what to say. but without a thought, I blurted, "Truthfully Andrew, I think your one of the most awesome, gorgeous dudes I've ever met, Wow, your body is fantastic. Sorry dude, but I feel this sexual attraction to you, hope that don't piss you off."

Andrew smiled, "You like my body? Humm! I also noticed you staring at my crotch, is there something in there you might like, or might be interested in," I couldn't help but take another look at Andrew's crotch, but this time it was different, Holy Fuck man, I was swollen, Andrew had sprouted a boner, and I was about to swallow my tongue.

I was almost aching all over, wanting, hurting, aching to touch that gorgeous thick swollen cock.

" What would you do If I reached over and felt on it a little?" I said.

I would be disappointed if feeling on it was all you did, I love to feel the touch of a dudes hand, or warmth of a guys mouth." he responded.

It was like the door to heaven opened, we pulled off the road to a side gravel road, and I undid Andrew's shorts, I reached in the opening of his boxer's and felt a monster, his cock was like the rest of him, uncut, big and thick, I loved it.

I lifted up his nut-sack, and wrapped my hand around that thick cock, I Leaned over and began enjoying his manly aroma, his moist cock head with a slightly acrid taste just enough to make it delicious. I felt his hand begin to rub my body, and his hands running through my hair as I began to give the best blow-job I could give, I wanted Andrew to be my best friend and even lover.

I felt Andrew's hand slide down inside the back of my trousers, and I stopped long enough to undo my trousers and slip them to my ankles.

I was sucking away, when I felt Andrew's middle finger wet and awesome feeling slip into my asshole and began to finger fuck me, I was in heaven.

I had blown Andrew for almost twenty minutes and I knew he wasn't going to last long when he stopped me, pulled me up and began kissing me like crazy, "Ken, your ass is awesome, and he lay me on my back and lifted my legs and began giving me the most awesome rim job I had ever had, I could feel his tongue penetrating and going about two inches into my asshole and I wanted more.......

It was about that time when I thought I couldn't take anymore pleasure back there that Andrew, lifted up my legs and placed the head of his cock against my opening and with one swift thrust, the lube from his saliva worked with his pre-cum, and he stuck his thick cock, balls deep inside my body, I let out a loud Moan, the next thing to come out of my mouth was "Oh God Andrew, Fuck me, Fuck me hard." and fuck me hard he did.

Andrew fucked me tired, and then he reached down and started stroking my cock, as he fucked away, "Cum with me Ken, Cum with me." "O.K." I said, and as his excitement built up to eruption point, so did mine and he began to grunt, shake, and he shoved his cock to the balls deep inside as he let loose a torrent of cum, My balls began to turn loose here love juices, and I got a bath in my own cum.

We both collapsed there for a few minutes.

On the way back I felt such love and warmth towards Andrew, he has become my protector and lover.

I found out that going to work was a real pleasure and I look forward to it every day now.

I couldn't have asked for a better summer Job or a better office mate, among other things. Life is good......... Possibly a second chapter to this one..........Ciao good Buddies.





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