I had been living in Envigado, a suburb of Medellin once home to the most notorious druglord Pablo Escobar for many years. After his demise in 1993, Envigado has become one of the safest suburbs of Medellin I live in Mangazul, a  word translated into English as ¨Bluegrass¨a strange name I guess but Envigado does have a fame for its horses. Every day there are numerous street peddlers selling their wares, from mops to mazamorra. Mazamorro, a boiled corn based  broth sold house to house . It is served with meals usually lunch with bocadillo a sweet paste made from guayaba a common fruit in Colombia.

   In my barrio there are several peddlers of mazamorra, each having a distinct taste and recipe. I´ve tried them all but  I buy my mazamorra from a moreño or negro man who has the best tasting  mazamorra in Envigado. I asked him one day what his recipe was and he laughed. He said if I told you  youu wouldn´t believe it. After months of trying to learn the recipe he told me he would come personally to my house one day and show me. First, I wanted the recipe what made his mazamorra so good distinct and delicious, but second I wanted this black guy´s cock.

   Jeison, the mazamorra peddler would turn me on each week when I bought his ware. He always had a bright white smile of his teeth which contrasted with his dark skin. He always wore loose fitting gym shorts which  if I was lucky  would get a glimpse of his big black cock and balls hanging down between his muscular legs,as he was sitting on his bicycle  behind the wagon of his stainless steel cans of steaming mazamorra. At times,I would linger and bring up a conversation about whether he was married ,where he lived , small talk so I could catch glimpses of his dark package between his legs. I´m sure he knew I was perusing his crotch while he was laddling the corn broth into the plastic container I had brought. Jeison had what I estimated from all my experience with men´s cocks a soft eight incher uncut which would grow to ten or eleven inches hard Some way I had  to get a taste of his black cock and low hanging sperm bloated balls.I would hear him every morning shouting the word mazamorra throughtout the neighborhood.

   After buying my mazamorra for the week he said he would stop by after his route and show me the special ingredient he put in my mazamorra. He always laddled my mazamorra from the same metal steel container that he kept at the rear of the wagon I thought it was strange since he had at least six other containers that he could give me mazamorra from. I asked him about it and he said it had an unique ingredient just for special customers. He said he knew I liked more broth than kernels of maiz or corn and as he handed it to me he would give me that same smile which was almost a knowingly smirk. At around six one night, Jeison was  at my door after he had finished his daily  route.Jeison was holding the container from which I bought my mazamorra.I offered him a beer which he gladly accepted. I even joined him since I had come across a beer that was made  from the coastal area of Colombia where he was from originally. Jeison noticed the label of the beer and said I had good taste. I told him once I had found something unique and flavorful like his mazamorra  I would stick with it.I asked him about the taste that I had tasted other mazamorra and it had a nutty taste that i couldn´t quite identify. He sat on the sofa enjoying his beer with his loose fitting shorts and this time I could see his cock and balls exposed since he never wore any underwear with them. His cock was hanging to the left side of his shorts hanging down so innocently almost peeking out from the nylon leg.As we were drinking our beers and conversing I was actually getting a hard on both by the view of his cock and by his sweaty smell from his body after  a hard day peddling his bicycle.

   I asked again whether  he was  going to tell me what exactly  made his mazamorra that he sold me each week so good and why my mazamorra was taken from a  container he kept almost concealed and  hidden from  the other buyers. He smiled and asked whether I truly wanted to find out the secret ingredient. I said sure where upon he said he would show me after he took a leak. I showed him the bathroom and I went to the kitchen to get us two more beers. As I turned around with the beers, he had emerged from the john with his shorts pulled down over his thighs stroking a much bigger black cock than I had estimated. It had to be at least twelve inches and still it´s head was covered with its heavy foreskin yet stretched. Jeison was actually jerking off in front of me . He smiled and continued and told me to take a seat and watch him make the secret ingredient fresh. As he was fisting his cock I watched intently had he lovingly stroked his cock and his his eyes were cemented on mine. Until he abruptly told me to bring the small container close to him. I got the container and put it on the table where he was jerking off. All at once he grunted and spurted his load within the container until his balls were emptied of his jizz and his cream was floating on the top of the broth. Jeison smiled and said now I knew the secret ingredient in the mazamorra I had been buying from him. I told him I didn´t believe  and he laughed and said he knew I had been looking at his cock each time I bought my mazamorra so he decided to make a special batch each week for me and give me a taste of him until he would find some way to get me to suck his cock . He brought the container to the kitchen and laddled a portion for me which I accepted. I could see the heavy stream of semen floating on the top. He made me sit and savor the mazamorra after he stirred it. It tasted exactly like the mazamorra he sold me each week.

   I finished the sperm laden mazamorra and asked him what now. Jeison came close to me and as I arose he started to kiss me savoring his own fresh  cum from his balls. I felt his cock regaining its composure and rising up as we kissed. Soon it was erect again ready to be consumed within my lips. I started to lick around its head still tasting his strong nutty tasting semen and finally trying to engulf all of its  length as I could. After a bit I had to taste his balls which were sweaty and salty at the same time. We were both getting real hot and we only made it to the staircase where he forced me to lean against the wall as he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans finally pulling my jeans down. After mouthing my ass through my white  briefs he pulled them down and started to eat my ass and lubricant my hole with his saliva. He then stood behind me and ran the head of his swollen cock until it touched my well lubricated hole. All at once I felt the pressure of his cock head piercing and entering with one thrust of his body. It was so intense and rough striking my g spot just right that I shot my load against the wall . I felt his whole length entering until I felt his balls smack against my ass. Jeison started to fuck me hard with his black cock til I felt him gasp and his cock thicken. I could feel the spasms of his cock as it filled my ass with his load until I could n´t take no more. I let him withdraw his member and got down on my knees and drank the remaining  load from his cock. As his cock shrank  in my mouth he asked me whether I would still want the special mazamorra he made me each week. I said hell yeah and more. So everytime he sells me my mazamora he comes inside and takes his cock out for me to suck  til he cums and empties his balls  into my mazamorra.

   Jeison still provides me to this day with the best tasting mazamorra and the biggest  black cock from the neighborhood.I just hope his wife doesn´t ever find out the special mazamorra  and  treatment he gives me. 




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