'I don't know, you tell me.' I was a bit shaken up by the way his voice was so suave and smooth. It was like he was intoxicating me with the sweetest scents Earth had to offer. 'Why don't I show you to your locker, maybe after that we can head to my favorite place to think.' There goes that smile again, melting my inner being, making my body cold and very full. His eyes twinkled in the light and I noticed they were a bit darker. 'Your eyes, th-they've changed, they were like silver earlier an-and now they're a deep reddish brown.' I was taken back and slightly confused. How the hell could he have changed the color of his eyes? 'Did you hit your head or something? They've always been this color.' I was almost certain he was lying, his pupils dilated and the corner of his mouth twitched just the slightest centimeter. I smiled and shook the thought out of my head. We stopped at 613, my locker and he spoke in his mesmerizing voice. 'There's a trick to these old ass things.' He pounded the locker twice, once up top, once on the bottom before spinning the dial in one motion. He pulled the lever and pounded the locker once more and it popped open. 'You try.' He pronounced. I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to do what he did. I pulled the lever and pounded the locker and it again popped open, but this time clumsy me got hurt. The corner of the locker lightly sliced my forearm open making it bleed a little bit. Matthew's eyes got wide, like a deer caught in headlights. 'Uh, I have to, I have to..' He stammered as he started backing away before turning around and walking briskly towards the exit. 'Wha, wait!' I called after him, a bit confused as I took a tissue out of my pocket to wipe up the blood.

It was as if he had completely disappeared. He wasn't anywhere to be found the rest of that day. I asked Alexis and looked for him in between periods and during lunch. No where. I decided to give up and get over it. 'Who am I to him, no one. He doesn't want my ugly ass'. With that I forgot about him, even though he still lingered in the back of my mind.

That night I dreamed of him. His perfect body intertwined with my own. We were on a beach, the moonlight shining brightly upon us. His eyes of silver piercing through my soul. 'Don't say it', he would say. I smiled thinking to myself 'how did he know I was going to say it, I was going to ask for his kiss'. 'Just do it.' He said as he slowly moved towards me. 'I've been waiting for forever to do this.' His words melted through me as our lips met, a spark of realization flowing through me as I woke up, panting heavily. My cock was hard just thinking of the dream.

The dreams never left. Everytime I was asleep he was always there. As if he could let himself in. There was no escaping him and slowly, very slowly, I was falling in love with him. It confused me at first. How could I love someone I barely knew. Someone I had just met. I had to talk to him, I had to go and find my love.

It isn't easy finding someone who disappeared the first time you met them. I was almost ready to give up. 'Hey Ricky! How are you?' Lexi had some how found me in my hiding place..the library. 'I'm good, just studying a bit what about you?' 'Nothing..come on someone wants to talk to you.' I couldn't imagine who she was talking about, but I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to follow her out of the library only to run into him.



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