I was never the popular kid at school, nor was I ever bullied around. I was the average Joe. I had a few close friends, and I used to swim. I had a pretty decent life. This is the story of meeting the most indescribable person in the world.

I'm Rick, I have just recently moved from St. Louis to Pittsburgh. Major difference, let me tell you. I miss the city life, every weekend going to a different club or party, having a few drinks and dancing like the night never ended. Somehow I never managed to meet anyone. At one point in my life I though I didn't look good, something must be wrong with me. How could that be? I was about 6 foot tall, 170lbs of lean muscle, a decently toned body. It wasn't my looks, it was my shyness. Around people I didn't know, I was profoundly shy. I wasn't the worst shy person in the world, but when you act like that towards your friends as well as strangers, something's wrong. I'm a senior in high school and today is my first day at the new school. I managed a quick good morning to my parents and went to my car. It was a little Chevy Cavalier, my little baby. I drove to school in silence, the music being too much for my mind while I worried about the new school. I put it in the back of my mind as I pulled into the parking lot. There were kids everywhere. Whether they were just arriving, or just hanging out by their cars. I found a space and parked while kids around me stared. I grabbed my iPod and put it in putting on Phil Collins to drown out the sound as I got out of my car. Some kids smiled at me, others just stared. The girls and men alike were looking at me like I was this new hot piece of meet. I smiled and started towards the school. My arm was suddenly hooked on some girl's as she introduced herself, 'Hi! I'm Alexis, you can call me Lexi for short, and I will be your guide around school for today. Rick right?' Her voice was loud and annoying as well as cheerful and soothing. 'Yeah Rick, pleased to meet you.' I stammered surprised at her openness. She looked me up and down and brought this wierd little smirk to her face, 'Believe me the pleasure, is all mine.' I chuckled at her comment and shut her down quickly, 'Lexi, I'm gay dear, but I would love your friendship.' She looked funny now, 'What the fuck! All the cute one's are gay.' She sighed before continuing. 'Well follow me gay boy, let's go get your classes and introduce you to a few people. I could tell she was going to be one of my best friends, just by her attitude. She was a cool cat I guess. We swung by the office to get my classes, which were fairly decent. She then took me to the cafeteria to introduce me to her table of friends. 'Guys this is Rick, he's the new kid. Rick this is Liz, Rachel, Gary, and Megan.' She beamed a smile and sat down next to Gary who wrapped his arm around her quickly. 'Nice to meet you all, do you guys mind if I sit?' Rachel smiled and patted the seat next to her, 'Not at all. So where are you from?' She asked curiously. 'St. Louis, it was big change, I'm just gonna have to see if...' I trailed off as I saw the most beautiful group of people walking into the Cafeteria. Rachel snickered. 'They're the Foxes.' She continued. 'The first front two are Emily and Allen, pure creatures of Beauty, that's Shea and D.J., a rather odd pair if I say so myself.' She was right they were all beautiful and Shea did act a bit odd as she inhaled deeply the scent of the cafeteria. 'Who's that?' I asked as beautiful pale being entered the room, his hair was flat and light brown, his eyes the color of silver and gold. His build like a greek god, his posture so perfect, his walk so swift and gentle. 'Oh, him, that's Matthew.' She smiled as she caught me staring at him as he walked. He smiled to himself as he passed us, and my heart felt like it had stopped and melted to the ground. 'He's beautiful, pure beauty.' I exclaimed as the table laughed. 'Why are you all laughing?' I asked turning to them. Megan smiled brightly and pointed past me. I turned in my seat only to meet the gaze of Matthew. 'Oh, uh, h-hi. I-I'm Rick.' I managed to stammer out as he smiled again. 'A pleasure to meet you Rick, I'm Matthew, but please call me Matt.' His eyes twinkled and I felt as if a shield had been placed around me and the only one coming in the shield was him. He turned to the table, 'Would you guys mind if I showed Rick around the school for the day?' I looked at Lexi and she smiled, 'No please go ahead.' She said giggling madly. I felt my face go beat red. Matthew's face twisted slightly for a second as if he had just smelled something putrid. That smile was re-composed on his face as he stepped back. 'Well we should get going Rick.' He said in a voice so sweet I didn't think I would be able to stand. I slowly got up from the table and grabbed my bag swinging back around to the beautiful man before me. 'Where to first.'

To be continued...





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