Myles had been working on his 10 day's straight over at THE LOG CABIN  Sporting good store   in St Pauls Minnesota. He had work very hard into becoming Marc Assistance Manager in just over 15 month's since he started to work there. His favourite things is working in the Men's clothing department for 10 hours during his week. He love helping out the Hunter's and other hot looking fisherman in finding out what is their best clothing line and products to meet their needs.

He really made sure and keep updated on new Product that is coming onto the market and what is their competitors were bringing into their stores. His secretary  Milly arrange a meeting with the Market Manager for the Duluth Underwear company. Myles was all excited when Bob his Store Manager made him completely in charge of any decision he would like make during this special meeting.

The meeting began with Myles and Sam Davis who is the regional marketing Manager for the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mr Davis was retire former NFL football full back that play on many teams throughout his career. He was also very good looking for someone who is just over 5'9. He was separated from wife number 2 and does like to go out with the guy's to some raunchy strip clubs.

Sam began to show off the new style of Underwear for the outdoors men which made Myles get a little semi on under his Dockers dress slacks. The underwear came in a few different types like long boxer briefs, mid size briefs and a new pouch crotch fitted briefs. The material is made from polyester,silk,spandex and a new type in which keep the men dry and cool from when they started to sweat. It also can keep them warm when the temperature gets cooler out.

" What are the sizes they all come on in Sam ? "

" Well Myles they start of with small and works it way all up to a Double X for the bigger man"

" As for the colour Mr Davis "

" It comes in White, Navy Blue, Base, Powder Blue, Black and sexy dark Red that we are hoping that the females well get all excited about. The meeting lasted just over 1 hours before they went out for lunch over at TGIF. Lunch was great and Myles agree to take 4 boxer to see if it sell well at Log Cabin. Over the next 2 weeks the underwear sold very well and the clients were wondering when the next order well be coming in. Some older women ask to see if there is a T-shirt line with the same material coming onto the market. 

Sam and Myles hook up once again over at the Holiday Inn to sign the huge contract for the Log Cabin Hunting and Fishing store all throughout the Northwest. Myles made sure that he inform Myles that there will be a new product line of T-shirts coming onto the market in the next couple of months.

They were both well into their 3rd shot of Rum and Coke before Myles made a pass at Sam down in the Hotel Lounge. It was a short time later that Sam was fucking the shit out of Myles bubble butt ass good and hard.

Sam shot off a huge load of his male juice all over Myles hairy cheeks and cum filled hole before they grab a shower to get all clean up. Myles loved watching Sam pull up the red colour briefs that was his number one seller in the store. They both gave one another a hug a door before they got back into their SUV.

Over the next few weeks Myles and Sam hook up on several occasion before Sam got a huge promotion with Duluth Underwear Company. Myles did very well in which he became the Company's new Marketing Manager. Their stores are going into 5 more different States and in which it will give them around 40 stores in the entire Chain.

It was late November when Myles meet the man of his dreams at a Sporting Goods Convention down in Las Vegas. He was in the sports bar at MGM Grand Hotel were he meet Brute who was a Cowboy and had his own ranch in North Dakota. His real name is John but they call him Brute since childhood because he was real strong for his age. He could ride at Bull like know other person his age could. He was 5 times world Bull riding champion and won the famous Calgary Stampede Rodeo twice before the age of 25.  

Brute was around 6 feet with a solid 180 white short day curly hair, greenish blue eyes and kept Handel Bar Moustache nicely trim. Myles went over to Brute place for a weeks holiday just after New Years and was deeply impress with the 2,000 sq. foot log cabin home facing the Mountains.  Brute got a few surprise gift from Myles for Christmas. Of course he love the 2 variety package of briefs from Log Cabin. He then let Myles get rid all of his old style white Hanes and FOTL that where in his dresser drawer. 

It was very cold outside with snow was falling down that Brute and Myles were in the hot tub zipping on some good and old Souther Comfort Whiskey. Brute began to eat out Myles ass real good and slow, He then rub 3 amounts of spit from his mouth to make some lube to rub all over his nice 8 inch thick cock. Myles was screaming of sexual passion now as Brute was now in full throttle fucking the shit out of Myles.

" My God it feels so good Brute "

" Jesus that is so fucking hot "

Brute was now standing on his tip toes driving and slamming his cock and balls into Myles ass like a torpedo.

" Almost there Myles "

" Come dude please come "

" I am getting real close now "

" Fuck me, Fuck me "

" Here it comes "

" Holy shitttttttttttttttt  "

Brute took a huge deep breath before he howl like a wolf as he hit a massive orgasm from his cock. He pull out of Myles real fast as he watch his white juicy load fly all over the top of Myles lower hairy back and ass cheeks.  He they bend over to grab the towel so he can wipe off the rest of the cum that was still left after his orgasm.

" My God that felt great Brute "

" It sure did Myles "

" Time to dry off and turn in for the night "

Over the next 5 days all they did was fuck and suck one another anywhere and any place you can think off on the 200 acres ranch. Myles finally made home just after 10 pm Sunday and began to look over his work schedule for that coming week. His ass was still soar a bit from all of the fucking Brute and him did over the pass week. It took until Wednesday that he was comfortable once again and he got a surprise call from Brute to join him on a 7 days Bear cruise leaving from Miami on RCI new ship.

The End Part 2 to Follow.





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