The crowd began to file out of the isles and heading home Joshs parent's had not attended the game since they both where on a trip across the world.

The entire team had carried handsome Josh towards the locker room cheering his name.

"Josh,Josh,Josh" the team said.

"Alright fellas put me down i do have to go" Josh said.

The team groaned since they wanted Josh to attend an after party on the seasons end. The team left but not before a few dozens ass slaps to Joshs bubble butt.

They could feel his jockstrap through his jeans.

When the entire team had left Josh thought it was time to leave, since there was no one else there.

So he just grabbed his stuff and left.

The parking lot was completly empty except for his black and red Dodge Charger he had received for his 18th birthday last year.

He started the ignitiion and drove home to find that his house was empty.

"It's so good to be alone" Josh said throwing his stuff down.

"That's a light off my shoulders" he said heading to his bedroom rubbing his shoulders.

His room was pretty big for a 19 year old large queen-sized bed, plasma screen tv, green wall paint and a window that faced the moon and the pool. A sky light that let moonlight in and doors that lead right to the pool.

He begged his parent's to give him this room he loved to look at the moon.

Josh toke his clothes off down to his tight white t-shirt, and jockstrap that held his very large and round butt.

Josh looked in the mirror he was 6ft 2in tall, had his fathers muscular build, wild short black hair with a few trands in front of his face, long hairless legs, amazing pec's with slightly large nipples, his 6-pack stomach turned heads when someone saw them.

Josh had his mothers slightly pale skin, thin lips and blue eyes.

Josh noticed his jockstrap was bulging he smirked at his next thought "Time to get off" he said.

Josh reached under his bed and pulled out a fleshjack he bought with his dad's credit cards.

His father never knew he did.

Josh reached under again and snagged a 11 inch dildo "Yeah" he said.

Josh reached into his night stand and pulled out lube from a secret compartment and lubed his sex toys.He grabbed the dildos remote as well

Josh went outside the crisp cold hair made his nipples perk up.

Josh sat at the edge of the pool and palced the suction part of the dildo hard on the ground.

Josh bent over and slid onto the dildo slowly not wanting to tear he moaned aloud as the head pierced the tight ring.

His jockstrap looked as if he was going camping.

Josh easily slid the rest of the dildo into his rectum. He moaned loudly since no one was home.

Josh pulled his dick out of his jockstrap letting his 7 in dick hit his stomach.

Josh reached for the fleshjack and slid it on his own cock. "Yes" Josh moaned. He flipped the switch

on his fleshjack making it spin.

Josh bucked into the fleshjack and reached for the dildo's remote. The remote and 12 settings Josh flipped to 3.

Josh couldn't stop moaning "Fuck yeah" Josh said as riding the dildo harder when it hit his prostate Josh nearly lost it.

"YES!" Josh yelled.

Josh turned the dildo to level 7.

"Oh god fuck me" Josh moaned out.

While Josh was getting off there was something watching himi in the woods not to far from his home.

"He is the one" the thing said running off towards the front off Joshs house.

Josh never noticed someone watching him he was focused on getting off.

In Joshed mind he was having some really amazing sex.He was fucking a girl she was begging for more.

While during all that a dude was fucking him from behind hard.

"Fuck me Josh, yes your dick feels so good" the girl said.

"Josh your so wet,tight, and hot it's not natural for you to feels so good" the guy said.

Josh was approaching his orgasm but for some reason it just wouldn' reached the point of ecstasy.

"Come on , come on, yeah" Josh moaned from the pleasure racking through his body his bubble butt and cock bouncing as Josh did.

"So close, almost, yeah, yeah" *DingDong* "Damn it!" Josh yelled as his orgasm was cut off short.

Josh got off his dildo and placed the fleshjack down turing both off and ran to the front door not bothering to change out of his jock.

"Yeah" Josh said opening the door only to find a package labeled 'For Josh'.

"Huh i didn't order anything" Josh said grabbing it.

"Thank you i guess" Josh closed the door and at that moment a man stood in the quiet street the wind made his trench coat flow.

"It is done" he said before disappearing with a moan.

Josh grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut the box open to find a bright purple 12 inch dildo.

From tip to balls was inscribed with rune symbols.

"Cool, but i didn't order it" Josh said he was going to pack the dildo up but something urged him not to.

Josh suddenly had an insatiable urged to suck the dildo.

So that's exactly what i did he placed it in his mouth and pushed it in until less then half of it was in his throat.

Josh dared not to pushed any further fearing he may choke.

But something told him to so he pushed and pushed until all the dildo was in his throat he was suprised because he didn't choke at all.

The dildo felt warm in his throat and began to taste sweet.

But then the dildo tasted salty like cum.

At that momemnt Joshed wanted it up his ass NOW.

Josh put the dildo on the couch and eased himself on it it slid in pretty easily.

Josh felt the balls of the dildo touch his he couldn't beileve that he did it.

Josh began bouncing on the dildo but eventually went in his hands and knees and thursting the dildo fast in and out of his hole.

The dildo felt warm again and Josh thursted faster and jerked his cock in time with his thurst.

Josh found himself pushing his butt back to meet the thrust.

Josh felt his orgasm appraoching again and there was no stopping it Josh moaned out in pure ecstasy his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Josh began cumming all over the couch with a strangeled moan.

Suddenly Josh felt energy flow into him through his anus, he felt the dildo began to shrink fusing into his body.

The runes on the dildo glowed a passionate red before the dildo was gone and Josh orgasm made him passed out through the night.

He layed there in his on spunk puddle. Groaning as another spirt on jizz shot from him making a total of 13 shots.

Somewhere far from Joshes home "Do you really think it's a good idea to give a hormonal teen all that power" a man said.

"He's the only one how came control that power im sure of it trust me" another man said.

"Alright now i want you in my bedroom at midnight and wear something sexy" the first man said before diving into a pool of jizz vanishing.

"Oh man" the second made said disappearing with a moan.

To be continued?



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