After Clay left the first night, Josh and I lay cuddled together and talked about Clay and how he suddenly changed.

"I've never seen a guy change so fucking fast in my life," Clay said.

"Well, undoubtedly he had either sucked cock before or was desperately wanting to do it. Most guys have trouble swallowing their first time but he certainly didn't," I answered.

"I noticed that," Josh said.

Later, we had a hot sixty-nine before going to sleep, cuddled in each others arms. The next morning we were awakened by a constant knocking on the door.

As Josh sat up, he said, "Who the fuck can that be this early in the morning?"

Going to the door, he looked out to see Clay standing there. As he opened the door he asked, "Is something wrong?"

Clay stepped in saying "Other than my ass being sore as hell, every thing's fine."

"Then what the fuck do you want?"

"You two," he answered, grabbing Josh's soft cock. "Let's go to the bed."

I was still laying in bed when they entered the bedroom area. Clay told Josh to lay next to me,and after he had, Clay knelt between us.

He began to stroke both our cocks, bringing us both to total erections. Once we were both hard, he leaned forward and began sucking my cock as he continued to stroke Josh. After a few minutes he switched and started sucking Josh as he stroked me.

Josh turned his head to me and smiled. I smiled back and we began kissing passionately as our cocks were sucked. Before long, Clay brought me to a roaring climax, eagerly taking all my load into his mouth. Without swallowing, he turned to Josh and quickly brought him to his climax.

Clay now had both our loads in his mouth, and as he pulled off of of Josh's cock he looked up and swallowed both loads.

"Man, for a guy that said he never sucked cock before, you sure seem to enjoy it now," Josh said.

"Okay, I admit it. I have been extremely curious about sucking another guys cock. I've been eating my own cum for about two months. I wanted to see what it tasted like. I liked it so every time I jerked off, I'd eat it. Last night, you gave me the first real chance to suck a guys cock. I loved it. Now, I want to make up for lost time. I'd love to suck you both several times a day."

"Hold on Clay. Mark and I will agree to you joining us at times, but it's not going to be several times a day. Man, you're on your own there."

"I understand but will you two both fuck me again tonight like you did last night?"

"Sure. I guess we can do that. Be here about nine."

"I will. See you two later."

He left and Josh burst out laughing. "Fuck it, Mark, I think we may have created a monster."

"I wouldn't call him a monster. I'd refer to him more as a cum slut."

"Perfect description," Josh said.

I spent the day with Josh as he groomed his horse and checked his gear. Together we went to the canteen and had lunch before returning to his motor home and fucking each other lovingly.

That night, we again double fucked Clay's ass as he moaned in pleasure saying how great it felt. Afterward, together we sucked him off and after his climax, which Josh took, we kissed and passed it back and forth between our mouths. Clay spoke up begging us to feed it to him. We did with Josh going first, letting it drip from his mouth into Clay's. Then I did the same. When Clay had it all he hungrily swallowed.

I left and returned to my apartment after a hot passionate kiss with Josh. On the way home, I couldn't believe how fast things had developed between Josh and I. I had cared for guys before, but not as intense as I cared or Josh, and certainly not as fast.

I reported to work the next day and was soon called to the volunteer chairman's office.

After I went in, he coldly said, "Mark, I'm removing you from our volunteer list. Please turn in your badge."

"Why? What did I do?"

"The volunteers are not permitted to fraternize with the contestants. You were seen with one of them all day yesterday."

"I was never told that we couldn't associate with them. We just got to talking and became friends."

'Rules are rules. Undoubtedly, you didn't read the brochure we gave you. I need your badge."

I removed my badge and tossed it at him strongly, saying "Here, take your fucking badge and shove it up your ass." I turned and stormed out of his office.

I had to somehow contact Josh. Since I no longer had a badge, I couldn't get into the restricted area. I waited around a short distance from the gate, watching for him. About an hour later, I saw him coming out. Rushing up to him I said, "We have a problem."

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

I told him what had happened.

"You're fucking kidding me. We can't be friends?"

"Not if I'm a volunteer. I can no longer go into the area."

"I can solve that. You are now my employee. Your responsibilities are to care for my horse. come with me."

We went to the registration office and he had them list me as his horses groom. Being his employee, I was issued a "Contestant Associate' badge. I now had admittance to the area.

"This is better anyway. Now you can spend more time with me and we can get to know each other better."

"You may get tired of having me tag along beside you all day."

"Never," he said.

I was even happier now. I really enjoyed being with Josh, regardless of what he was doing. He told me he wanted me to spend twenty-four hours a day with him. I took him to my apartment while I got several changes of clothes.

The rodeo began and Josh was the leader in points. Then, on Wednesday night after dinner he said, "Let's go for a walk. I need to get out of this place for a while."

We began walking around the fair grounds, taking in some of the attractions, laughing and having a good time. We left the attractions and strolled by some unused stables. As we did, he casually reached over and took my hand in his. After a few minutes we realized we were at the edge of the older stables. Turning around to head back we heard voices coming from inside the empty stables. As we headed toward the voices we saw a dim light.

Going to it slowly, we soon spotted the men.

There in one of the empty stalls was Clay totally naked.With him were four other contestants, also naked.

One was sucking Clay as Clay sucked another. A third guy was fucking Clay's ass while the fourth waited his turn, passionately kissing the guy fucking Clay.

We knelt down and watched the action and as we did, Josh leaned close to me and whispered, "I know all those guys and never ever dreamed any of them were into male sex."

"Well, the all sure seem to be enjoying it," I whispered back.

We continued to watch and saw each of the guys suck cock, eat cum, and fuck Clay. A couple of the others got fucked. As there activities ended and they began dressing, Josh and I slipped out and returned to his motor home.

With both of us being turned on by what we had seen, we had wild hot sex. Josh named the guys for me and told me where each was from.

"I've competed with all of them for several years and had no idea that they were bi or gay. I know one of them is engaged to marry a former beauty winner."

The next day Josh invited Clay over that night. When he arrived, Josh asked casually, "Did you have fun in the old stables last night?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" he asked nervously. "I wasn't in the old stables last night."

"Yea, you were. We saw you and the others. We watched most of the action." Josh then told him about our walk and hearing them talking and then seeing the action.

"Oh shit!" Clay said.

"How the fuck did it get started?"

"It was totally by accident. I was walking my horse back there yesterday morning and walked up on Luke back there jerking off, using a dildo on his ass. I asked if he needed any help. We ended up sucking and fucking each other. as we left he asked if I was interested in meeting with three other guys. I said sure. We agreed on a time and you know the rest."

"Man, I had no idea those guys were into it."

"Neither did I. I as totally shocked when i got there and saw them all naked and making out. You should have joined us."

"Nah. I prefer to keep my sexual preference private since I live here."

"I can understand that," Clay responded.

We then sucked each other and later double fucked Clay.

All too soon the rodeo ended with Josh one point out of first place.

"Mark, I'd like it if you could come out to the ranch and spend some weekends with me."

"I'd like that," I said, "and if you're in town, you know where I live. Just give me a call so I can make sure I'm home."

"Why wouldn't you be if it was at night?

I then explained the real reason I was in Cheyenne and what I would be doing. "I might be working some nights checking the books."

"Damn, your boss must really have confidence in you."

"He says he does."

We went our separate ways but at least once a week, Josh would stay the night with me and about every other weekend I would go to the ranch.

As I worked on the books, I found that the manager was and bookkeeper were skimming funds with the help of one of the accountants in the main office. I had made frequent calls to Mr. Jamison as I found problems. He had me make copies of everything and soon all three were arrested and charged.

He promoted me to manager with a nice raise.

Josh was proud for me when I told him on my next visit to the ranch, but said it messed up his plans.

"How does it mess up your plans?"

"I was hoping that I could hire you as my business manager and have you live here at the ranch and travel to the rodeos with me."

"Josh, I wish you had said something sooner. I would have loved that."

"Really? I'll match his salary if your willing."

"Give me some time to think about it, please."

"Sure. But I really would love to have you here."

After I returned home, I did a lot of soul searching. I could tell Josh really wanted me with him and I wanted to be with him.

It was about three weeks after that Mr. Jamison called and said he was coming out. I was glad because i anted to talk to him in person.

Mr. Jamison arrived and entered my office smiling. I knew he wouldn't be smiling for long.

"How's it going, Mark?'

"Pretty good sir," I replied.

We talked for a few minutes as I built up my nerve to talk to him. I finally decided to take the plunge.

"Mr. Jamison, I need to talk to you about something."

"What is it?"

I took a deep breath and finally said, "Sir, I will be eternally grateful for all you have done for me, but something has developed and I need to resign my position."

"What's up, Mark?"

"When I came out here, I had some time to kill." I went on telling him about volunteering at the rodeo and meeting someone.

"Sir, the problem is that I've fallen for this person and have been offered a job. Mr. Jamison, I'm gay and the person I've fallen for is a man. He owns a ranch nearby and travels the rodeo circuit during the season. He has offered me a job as his business manager for the ranch and traveling companion when he competes in the rodeos."

"Mark, do you love him?"

His question totally stunned me. "Yes, sir, I do. Very much and i think he feels the same toward me."

"Son, I totally understand."

"You do?"

"Yes. You see, my oldest son is also gay and he has a partner. I've totally accepted his lifestyle and see the love he and his partner have for each other. In no way do I ant to stand in your way of having the same happiness. However, I would like to meet this man."

"Sir, I don't know what to say."

"You don't need to say anything. I just want to know your happy."

"I'm sure I will be."

I called Josh and said I needed to see him.

"What about? Have you made a decision?"

"I think I have," I said.

"I'll be at your place by six this evening."

I told Mr. Jamison that Josh was coming into town this evening.

"Great. I'll take you both to dinner."

Mr.Jamison and I talked and he asked if I had any suggestion as to who should take my place. I made my suggestion and he quickly said that it was the same person he was thinking about.

Mr. Jamison left the office and checked into his hotel. I told him Josh and I would pick him up for dinner and that I'd call when we were on our way to the hotel.

Josh arrived and immediately gave me a kiss and said, "I hope you have good news for me."

"I might," I said. I then told him about my telling Mr. Jamison about his job offer and that I was gay.

"Holy shit! How did he take it?"

"Very well," I said, then told him about Mr. Jamison telling me that his older son was gay also. "He wants to meet you. We're picking him up for dinner."

"So he knows that I"m gay also?"

"Yes, he does."

We picked Mr. Jamison up and went to a restaurant he had chosen. We were escorted to a table in the corner, after Mr. Jamison told the hostess we wanted some privacy. We had a nice general conversation during dinner and things went well. Then after dinner, Mr.Jamison looked over at me and said, "Mark, would you go to the bar and let me talk to Josh privately for a moment?"

"Uh, sure," I replied as Josh looked at me questioningly.

I left the table and went to the bar and ordered a drink. As I sipped it, I'd glance back at the table. Everything seemed okay as they talked. After about half an hour, I saw them stand and shake hands and head toward me.

Josh had a big smile on his face. I wondered what had been said.

"You ready to go?" Mr. Jamison asked.


I downed the rest of my drink and we left the restaurant headed back to his hotel.

"When you get to the hotel, park in the garage. I want you two to come up for a drink."

I did and we went to his suite. As he prepared our drinks he said, "Mark, I think Josh wants to talk to you."

I saw Josh smile and as we sat on the sofa he reached over and took my hand.

"Mark, one reason I want you as my business manager is that I need you in that position, but the main reason is that I love you with all my heart. I've never felt that way about anyone before. I want you as my life partner if you'll have me."

"Oh shit! I wasn't expecting this," I said.

"Well, are you going to answer him?" Mr. Jamison asked.

Looking back at Josh, I said, "I love you too and I would be honored to be your life partner."

Josh grabbed me and kissed me right in front of Mr. Jamison as he handed us our drinks.

"I think a toast is in order. Here's to two great guys and a full and prosperous and happy life together."

We had our toast and Mr. Jamison told me that he had something for me. I found out that in the restaurant he had come straight out and asked Josh how he felt about me and Josh had said he loved me. Mr. Jamison handed me a check for five thousand dollars as a gift to us. He had written it in the back of the car on the way back to the hotel.

I moved to the ranch that weekend and after I was settled in, Josh called in his ranch foreman.

"Buck, you know Mark, right?"

"Yes sir," replied Buck, a man in his early fifties.

"Well, Mark is now my business manager. He will be handling the checkbook from now on. Anything you need get with him.

"No problem, Sir."

"Buck, there is something else I think you should know. Mark and i are both gay and he has also agreed to be my life partner. Will that fact affect how you feel toward me and your job here?"

"Not at all sir. I've suspicioned it for a while now since Mr. Mark started visiting. I could see that look in both your eyes as you looked at each other. It doesn't matter to me. I worked for your grandfather for years and saw you grow up. I just want you to be happy."

"I am Buck, happier than I have been in years."

"Are you going to tell the rest of the hands?" Buck asked.

"Yes, I think I should, but I wanted to tell you first. How do you think they will handle it?"

"I think they already suspicion it. There has been talk but they seem to be okay with the idea."

Josh called a meeting of all the hands that evening. He told them everything, not holding anything back.

"If the fact tat mark and I are gay bothers any of you, you are free to leave, and I'll understand. I'll gladly write a letter of recognition praising your work."

Not one person said that they would leave. In fact after a few seconds one hand spoke up saying "Three cheers for the boss."

We got three 'hip hip hoorays' from them.

"Gentlemen, I just have one favor to ask of you. I'm sure people around town might suspect something. I ask all of you not to confirm anything if your asked. Please do not announce the fact that we are gay."

"No problem boss," one of the hands said. the others nodded in agreement.

Josh and I have been together for three years now and couldn't be happier. He has signed over forty-nine percent of the ranch to me. We are not only life partners but also business partners.

I love Wyoming now.




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