This upcoming series is fiction. Nothing in here is true. All rape or sexual harassment is made up and not true. _____________________

The Roar:

The darkness overwhelmed me. Voices in my head saying i was stupid. I had disobeyed father. I knew he wouldn't forgive me. The Roar had captured me, like they did to every young 18 year old. Father never told me what they did to the kids they took. He just told me to stay beside of him and look younger then eighteen.  

The room shook violently and I was forced to one side. I felt the cold metal against my bare bottom. The cold chains on me feet made a loud scrape against the floor whenever it moved.

The Roar happened four years ago. I remember seeing it on the news when I was playing with my laptop. They built big walls and trapped us so we couldn't escape. Nobody has been over that wall except for them. I didn't believe such cruelty could happen. They killed people. They raped men and killed half of them if they weren't good enough. My father didn't know that I knew what they did. My best friend was taken. He was walking to school with me and father when a drone came and scooped him up quicker then a blink. When father told me what happened that night, I cried. 

Mama still marks the calendar. "Someone will save us from this hell. Jesus will. Jesus will protect us from this devil." She says. I didn't believe her. Much of my loved ones were taken from me. I lost it when father was taken by them. We were walking home from the bakery. one second, I looked at a nice house, the next, I heard a scream and my father disappeared. I cried as I watched the drone fly away. I ran all the way home to mama and told her what happened. She cried non-stop. 

I'm turning fifteen next week, mama is scared for me, I am too. I didn't want to be taken. But at the same time, I wanted death, I wanted to be out of this world. It was miserable. Mama made blankets and sewed torn jackets for money. I worked on the farms. We did this for little money a month. Mama believed there will be independence one day, we will be free. For once, I didn't believe her.

School is long and slow, 8 hours a day. We are learning about the American Revolutionary War. It was decades ago,  America isn't even here now. They said that it was the most advanced on technology and military, but if it was, they would've saved us already. 

There isn't war. Nobody is going to try to protect us. I don't think there is anybody left but us and The Roar. If there was anybody else, they wont get us out of our torture.

 I was working on the farm. Now 18. I was scared for that a drone would come and take me away. I bent down to pick some grown tomatoes and put it in the bucket when I heard a swoosh. I felt metal rings around my body. My friend next to me screamed. If only I had done what my father said, stay low, I had done wrong. I had stayed in an field where I could be easily found. I heard a roar sounding as I was carried in the metal rings fast through the sky. I was finally pulled up into a dark room. Where i end up now.

I was awoken from my sleep with a shake of the room. It had been forever. I couldn't see on my watch. All i could do was sleep. There was no food or water. My mouth felt drier then a desert on a hot summer day.  I prayed to be let out soon. Finally I went back to sleep. 

I saw light when I woke up, it was so bright that I had to shut them and block the light away. When my eyes adjusted, I was pulled up. These two men carried each arm down a long shadowy hallway. They didn't give me clothes at all when  I was thrown into another room. There was a tray with a sandwich. There was a cup of milk on the tray as well. It say on a small table. There was a bed and a toilet. Beside the toilet was a sink. I ate quickly, I was full of starvation. I gulped down the milk and enjoyed the coldness and wetness of it soothing down my throat. I walked to the sink and saw a mirror. I stared at my black hair and brown eyes. My face was so dirty. I turned on the sink and washed my face. I heard a knock and wiped my face on the thin cloth that was given to me as clothes. I sat down on my bed as a man came in. 

He was tall and muscular. He had dirty blonde hair with dark blue eyes. I just glared as he came in my small room.

"My name is Jacob Garrison," he held out his hand. I simply glared at him.

"No? okay" he said awkwardly. 

"You have been assigned specifically to me. I am told you have special powers?" He said.

Powers? What? I don't have 'special' powers, unless finding a nickel counted as a power. I just stared at Jacob.

"What is your name?" He asked. I was sure he knew it already. 

"Gabrielle," I said quietly.

"Well Gabrielle, you are lucky you got me instead of the others. You can talk to me about anything." He said with a smile. I just said nothing and he left. 

I thought about mama that night. I laid in the thin bed and stared at the concrete ceiling. I prayed that I would be free soon, although there is no hope left.

Days have gone by, Jacob brought me lunch and dinner. He asked how i was and said that soon I would be moved and used. I felt nervous about that. All I could do is stare at the wall or ceiling of this tiny room. At night, I got down on my knees and prayed on my pillow for freedom soon, the prayers didn't seen to work though. 

It felt like weeks. I worried about mama. I want to go home. I get the same foods everyday. Its dim in my room. I have no idea what time it is, only when Jacob feeds me, which is around afternoon and dinner time.

"They are ready for you." Jacob said this time when he came in.

"Who is ready?" I blurted without thinking.

"I cant tell you that. Just follow and do as you're told, they wont hurt you." He said. 

I followed this man down a long corridor with reluctance. I was led into a large room. There was ropes, mats on the floor, there was a bench. A big wooden bed with straps. I have no idea what they are for, and I don't want to.

"Trevor Blackmon?" I heard a mans voice. He was very handsome. He has blonde hair, he was thin and full of muscle. 

"Yes?" I replied to my name. Yes, that's my name. 

"Jacob, is this the one with powers that you said?" The man asked looking at Jacob.

"Yes," I heard Jacob reply.

WHAT POWERS? I thought in my head.

"alright, Jacob you may leave," I watched as Jacob left me alone with this man.

"My name is Michel, drink this," Michel demanded. He pulled out a cup and poured a liquid in it, I drank as I was told. The room started spinning, I felt the ground shaking and fell to the floor, blackness invaded my vision, and I fell asleep.

I woke up, my face blindfolded. I felt cold air on me and knew I was nude. 

"Wake up!" I heard a Michel say, I was startled and jumped. My hands were tied to a big board. My feet were hanging. I soon knew where I was, I had a flashback of me watching the news and them talking about the rapes. 

"Loosen your ass a bit," Michel demanded, I felt something warm placed in it. The pain made me gasp, more and more pain came. I didn't dare speak. I felt Michel's body against my back. He started thrusting in and out and the pleasure tickled my whole body. 

"God you're so hot," I heard Michel say. I can feel his sperm inside of me. I soon had myself cumming.

"You love this don't you," I heard Michel. I moaned to tell him yes. I felt the straps loosen up as Michel pulled out. He threw a towel at me and demanded me to clean it up. I did as told and Jacob came in. He told me to get dressed, when I did, he led me back to my room. 

I'm alone again. Alone with nothing but a bed, toilet, and a sink. I stared at the ceiling, replaying the joy that happened moments before. Finally sleep came slowly.

I arouse from sleep hoping that my nightmare alone was over. Except i woke up back in the same room with a toilet by my face. when i woke up completely, Michel stood there.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Ready, for what?" I asked.

"Well I enjoyed you yesterday, so I claimed you." He explained.

Claim? Is that what this is? They choose innocent boys and kidnap them, they fucked them and decided who wanted him? 

"Well come on," he finally said. I got up and he led me to a small room. It was like a sphere, like the drone I saw them use to take my father. There was a couch, a chair, a big counter with controls. I saw a window. I stared out the window, not believing what I saw. 

Miles and miles of blackness. Stars everywhere. I saw Jupiter near us. Michel pulled me in all the way, and the wall slid shut. He sat in the chair and began typing something.

"Am I going home?" I asked, I knew they wouldn't let me go easily.

"You're going to Earth, but not your home," Michel said. "Sit on the couch." 

I did as told, the couch felt so soft under me. 

"What do you guys do with the people you kidnap?" I asked.

"Kidnap? Where did you get that term. from?" He asked, he turned the chair around.

"Uh, sorry," I looked down in shame.

"Depends on age, fifteen to twenty are kept for us to claim. Twenty one to thirty five become one of us. Thirty six to forty are the 'Daddy'. They are violent, we are scared of them as well. Forty one and up are killed. Unless their cocks are large enough but not to many live, if they are fifty five or up, they are executed." Michel explained.

My dad was fifty seven when they took him.

Michel turned back around and hit a button. He got up and walked towards me. He demanded me to undress him. I did and got to see his nice cock. It was at least eight inches, and it wasn't hard yet. 

"Suck it, make it hard." He demanded. I tried taking it all in but my gag reflex came. "Relax, relax your throat," he suggested. I tried his suggestion and it helped a lot, I got more in. I started sucking up and down on his shaft, I played around with it and listened to Michel's moans. I enjoyed the taste of it in my mouth. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed.

"Gosh.... Mmmmm..... Ooooh yeah, oh yeah, that's it," he moaned. I felt his seed in me, the flavor was salty, but sweet. It sent shock waves all down my spine.

"I got another load, lay down!" He demanded. I laid on my stomach and felt him beginning to fuck me. I felt his lips on my neck. I felt shame when I moaned, showing i enjoyed the gayness. 

Mama would be ashamed. Maybe that's why god never responds to my prayers, maybe he knew I was gay. Father said gays go to hell. I didn't blame men for being gay anymore. 

"I know you love it, I love your tight ass," Michel moaned.

"Oh yes. I love it, more!" I said wanting more. He continued for a while, I felt his cum inside of me. He pulled out and went to the chair. I sighed and rolled over. My hard dick was 8 inches.

"You can jack off or whatever you want, we got about one hour left." He said. I craved to suck his cock again. I wanted to feel myself tremble when he cummed. I crawled over and in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. 

"I done shot my load, it isnt.... Ohhhhh, mmmm fuck yea," he started but moaned.

"I don't care, I love it!" I snapped.

Just three weeks ago, I was working on a farm for a few bucks a month of money. Now, I'm a cock slut. 

I continued sucking him for a long time, enjoying his cock. I played around with it in my mouth and jacked it off. I tried all kinds of things with it. Doing different things to please Michel. I figured out his favorite, I would hold my hand twisted, I squeezed the top and pulled my hand up, I kept it up and it drove him crazy with the pleasure. I was finally pushed away, Michel was gasping for air. 

"We are about to land, when we do, I will so ram your ass up." Michel said with a laugh. His laugh was pleasing, it made me smile. I couldn't believe that I had became gay so quickly. We landed in a open field. Michel then got out and told me to follow. He pulled out a pad and started doodling something. I saw that he was drawing a house, it was large. He handed it to me.

"Anything you wanna add?" He asked. I looked at the screen. I saw the time at the top; 11:48    6/29/2616. Time had passed so much. Last i remember, it was April of 2600. 

"16 years have passed?!" I blurted out.

"Oh yeah, the space shuttle makes time seem quicker, we don't age though, don't worry, you're still 18." Michel explained. I handed him back the pad. 

Michel then squeezed his hands together, the length of the pad decreased to a cylinder. He then placed it in the ground, one top facing up. It then went deep into the ground. Michel pulled me back about twenty feet and I watched as a house started to be built. It was finished in seconds. 

I followed Michel inside. He looked around in each room. When he found the right one, he jerked me in and slammed me onto the bed. We were already naked, so we got to business. He pulled out a bottle of some liquid and began shoving some into my ass with his fingers, he then stroke his cock and began fucking me. I laid on my back this time. He rammed my ass harder then ever and it felt so good. 

Father said this was bad. How could something so wrong feel so good? The pleasure felt so good that i was shaking. I grasped Michel's waists and tried making him go faster, but he was already going full speed. He came, it was a large load, half of it was coming out onto the bed. I wanted more and more, but it was over.

-----------------Chapter two coming, hope you enjoyed this one. Comment if you have any ideas for the next one!




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