I was in vacation with my parents and my sister, we were in Greece and the guide was going on and on about this and that god and stuff like that. I've always thought that was bullshit and just wanted to see the beaches and the hot girls that my friends told me about.

"And this is the temple of Aphrodite, aslo known as the goddness of love and beauty. It's said that she used to have a ring that would give beauty and fill the hearts of men with lust towards who wears it. No one have ever found such a ring but if the legend is true, she was beautiful enough to do that with or without the ring haha..... "

"Man i can't stand this anymore, there're no such gods or whatever, I wanna go to the beach!"

"Shut up lil bro, i wanna hear that. Would be sooo cool if i had a ring like that."

"Haha, yeah, you sure could use some beauty..." Jenny hit me on the shoulder when i said that but it was tottaly worth it.

As the group moved on I stayed back to take a better look at the beauty god statue. It was kinda hot actually. As i got closer, i saw something shinning on the left foot of the statue. I got closer and then realized there was a ring around it's thumb.

"Oh, great, I just found her ring haha" i said to myself. "Someone must have put it on the statue as a joke or something... It's a cool ring though, maybe i could get it and give to Jenny or Zooey." I looked back to see where was the group and after i checked that there wasn't anyone looking i got closer and took it off. It was harder than I thought it would be and i think i took off part of the thumb with it. I sure wasn't going to stay long to check it so i went to the group again.

"Hey Jen, check this out!"

"Oh it's beautiful, where did u find it?"

"Aphrodite's foot."

"Haha, I'm not that stupid Jake, you wasted your money."

"I'm telling the truth but if you don't want it I can give it to Zooey."

"Again, you can keep it. It's too heavy anyway, and too big. Next time buy a girl's ring ok?"

I wasn't going to argue with her if she didn't want it so I kept it to myself and put it around my thumb. It fit just right there, which made me think Jenny was probably right.

The rest of the trip went pretty smooth, we saw a lot of nice places and the food was tasty. There was just this one thing that i was getting really horny, but i figured it was because i was sharing a room with my sis so i couldn't jerk off as much as i would do at home.

We were on the plane home now and there was a lot of time to talk till we got back to Los Angeles.

"Meh, it must be kinda frustrating to live there, so many hot guys and most of them gay..." Jen said to me.

"What are you talking about? How could you be sure they were gay?"

"They kept looking at you the way they should look at me.... thrust me, i know the difference."

"Fuck you, i don't look gay and there wasn't anyone looking at me!"

"You're so immature Jake, you should take that as a compliment, hot gay men were checking you out!"

"Nah, thks, I don't want gay guys checking me out."

We chatted for a while and then I told her i wanted to get some sleep. I wasn't really sleepy but i wanted to think about what she said, I know I'm kinda hot, but I don't think I'm hot enough to get much attention on the streets. I'm 5'8", about 150lbs and with a hint of a sixpack, short dark brown hair, brown eyes and square faced. Anyway, getting attention of gay guys isn't what a straight guy would want but i guess it's better then nothing right?

"Come on man, tell me what you're taking! You know i wanna get bigger too!"

"I told you i'm not taking anything, I'm just working out as usual."

"Bullshit, u've definetly got bigger in the last two weeks. You've told me you're weighting 172! u've got 20 of muscles in two weeks and u say u're not taking anything? fuck you!"

"Hey Marc, i'm not taking anything, you know i would tell you if i was! Hell, i would share it with ya, but i'm not... i guess it's just a phase or something."

Marc is my best friend, he used to have a better built than me but somehow my body just kept getting bigger and more ripped. He kept going over that topic and i was really getting tired of it. But i must agree with him, my body was going through some weird changings... First, it was way more ripped that it used to be. Second, my nipples were bigger and overly sensitive. Third, my body hair was getting thinner on some places and hairier on other... like my beard was filling out faster and my butt was pretty smooth. And forth, I was always so fucking horny! Actually there was yet another thing... sometimes when i was jerking off i couldn't help but think about someone fucking me in the ass and then realizing i was somehow fingering myself with my left hand.

My mom was also worring about me, she already asked me if i was using some protein shake and once i found her in my room, looking for something. With all that in mind, i decided i should go see a doctor, maybe there was something wrong with my hormones... I talked to my dad and he agreed i should check it out and set an appointment with an endrocinologist.

I was sitting on there on the mattress, waiting for the doctor when a guy entered the room. He was blond, blue eyes and pretty muscular. I guessed his age to be around 30.

"Hey, you must be Jake, let me just put on my coat and i'll check you out."

I was surprised that he was the doctor but since i was here to see about my testerone i guessed he was just the right guy.

"So, what's your problem Jake?"

"Ah, Mr..."

"Sorry, call me Jeff."

"Oh, ok. So there's one thing that my mom is worried about that it's I'm getting too much muscles too fast. You see, i was 150lbs two weeks ago and I'm not taking anything and i haven't changed my diet either."

"Wow, i see... but there must be something else, guys usually don't come see me if they're getting too hot"

I thought it was weird how he said it but i figured he wanted to lighten up the mood so i forgot about it and told about my nipples and with a bit of uneasyness about how i was constantly horny.

"Mhm, a horny teenager... that's so unusuall hahaha. But let's check out your chest, let's take out that shirt of yours"

He just got closer to me and pulled my shirt off, let out a gasp, and then put each thumb in one nipple and began to rub them.

"Damn, they sure a big. How do they feel now?"

"Ah... mhm nice, they feel very nice..."

"It's not hurting then... what if i pull it like this?"

He then, started to pull my nipples and squeeze them. I let out a moan and my cock began to get hard.

"Man... it hurts a bit, but not in a bad way.... it's kinda hot actually" I couldn't believe I said that to a doctor but he was making me feel so good!

Jeff kept doing that for a while, and then looked like he forced himself to stop.

"Ah, sorry. Ok, it seems to be alright there but they do are bigger than normal, and since you said they weren't always like that... This is going to sound a bit awkward but i need to do a prostrate exam on you."

"Gosh, you serious you need to do that?"

"I'd better do, it doens't look like there's anything wrong with you but i must check it anyway. Take off your pants and bend over the desk, will you?"

As I was removing my pants, my face got closer to his waist and I noticed something that really looked like a boner inside his pants. That got me worried but I took it out of my mind because he was a doctor and must do that all the time. My dick was still sorta pumped but not hard so he didn't say anything, but i do think he checked it out...

"That thing on my nipples got me kinda hot, sorry"

"Hell, no problem man, that's completly normal... This might get you hot too so don't freak out if you get hard ok?"

"Ah, yeah, I know..." He smiled and then i realized what i just said.

"I mean, I heard about it! I don't..." damn, why did i say that? now he must think i'm used to have things up my ass, i'm so stupid!

"Just bend over ok?"

I did as he said and soon felt his hands on my butt. I'm not sure but i guess he didn't need to do that much gropping but again, he was the doctor, not me. I then felt his finger probing on my asshole and if i was right, his face was pretty close because i could feel his breath on my butt.

"So smooth, is it natural?"

"ah, yeah, I forgot to tell you about that, it's another thing that has changed in these weeks. mhm" i let out another moan and i felt his finger go deeper.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, it's ok. oh gosh" what was happening to me? couldn't i just shut the fuck up? And worst, my dick was fucking hard alredy.

He obviously knew i was liking it so he just got bolder and now there wasn't anything medical about it. He was slowly finger fucking my asshole, and unfortunelty to me, it was making me so hot i was pushing my ass against his finger, clearly wanting more of it.

"Oh yeah, man, ask for more. Show me how hot i'm making you!"

"uh mhm, oh..."

"C'mon Jake, say it."

"Oh man"

He then took his finger out of my ass and stood up. I looked back to see where did his finger go and saw he was taking off his pants. He then let out a fucking hard big dick, leaking precum.

"You're so hot Jake, I can't wait to fuck you. But i'm not going to do it unless u ask for it." After he said that, he aimed his dick at my hole but just hold it there, pushing a little bit, teasing me with it. I couldn't help it, i just wanted it so bad! I tried to push my ass against it but he moved away.

"Say it Jake, you know you want it as bad as i do."

"Oh fuck... Fine, fuck me Jeff, fuck me hard!"

"Sure will stud! You'll come back for more later."

I felt his dick push through my asshole, its head was wide and my ass gripped his shaft after it passed through. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, but it still hurt a lot. But it wasn't a bad pain, it made me fucking hot and I was feeling full now, somehow complete.

It was pretty intense, after he got all of his dick, about 8 inches i guess, inside me he began to fuck me with slow and deep strokes, building strength and speed as my ass got more adjusted to his dick. All the time i was moaning and asking for more, leaking precum all over his desk. After about 5 minutes like that, he took his dick out and mentined me to get up and lie on my back. I did it and grabbed my legs, offering my butt to him, which he took in a hurry.

Soon he was fucking me hard and then he almost drove me mad as he squeezed my nipples as he fucked me. I could hold on any longer, i grabbed his neck and pulled him closer for a kiss and we made out as i shot all over myself. As i did it, my ass must have done something to his dick because he too let out a groan and cummed deep inside me. We made out for a bit longer and then just rested in the position, with his big dick still inside me.

"Wow stud, that was fucking hot! Please tell me we can do it again."

I didn't say anything, i was still concentrating on just breathing because i felt as if i did anything else my world would crumble down. I looked into his eyes, deep blue, waiting for an answer and all i could do was kiss him again. Damn, all I wanted to do was kiss him like that, with his dick inside me, with my ass well fucked and my body covered with cum.

"Jake, you ok? Don't tell me I was your first...?"

"Yeah, you were. This was the first time i ever did anything with a guy... But it sure won't be the last!"

"Haha, I do hope i can be part of your future fuckings. Oh, about your prostrate, there's nothing wrong with it, or with you. Maybe these changings are just my wish coming true. I always wanted a perfect bottom boy to myself! hahaha"

"Oh shut up and kiss me!" We did make out for about 5 minutes and then he pulled his dick out of my ass and got a towel to clean ourselves.



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