The Rest Stop

As a teenager, I was all hard-ons and hormones. From the moment I could get stiff, I can remember sneaking around to find places and ways to jack off. All my fantasies centered on women, usually shapely women whose pictures I'd culled from my mother's women's magazines, Sears and Roebuck catalogs or from used porno magazines I'd found in the acres of woods near my house.

I spent a lot of time playing sports after school, but days I didn't have practice I spent combing those woods for used porn. There were two places in the woods that were always fruitful, one was a clearing at one end of the woods that our neighbors used as a dumping grounds and the other was a highway rest stop that served as the boundary of the other side of the woods.

During my freshman year of high school I broke my left wrist playing football. Although disappointing at first, I found it freed up a lot of time to scour the woods and get off. Since both my parents worked and all my friends played sports, I was pretty much left to my own devices...or vices...after school. That freedom made me ache for classes to end and the long bus ride to my house to finally deliver me to my playground.

My searches were always fruitful and most afternoons you could find me jacking my cock to a recently discovered copy of Hustler near the dump. After a while, the reserve at the dump was depleted and I started spending more time near the rest stop.

I was naïve then and had no idea that rest stops, like the one near my house, were used by gay men as a place to meet and hook-up.

One day after getting home from school, I changed into Levis and a sweatshirt and darted into the woods towards the rest stop. I hopped the chain link fence with butterflies in my stomach, anticipating great finds. I scoured the ground but found mainly used condoms and a few scattered newspapers. Finally, I spied a magazine with some color photos and bent down to inspect it. It was a body building magazine with shots of muscular guys pumping iron. I was mildly aroused by the naked sweating skin, but guys didn't do it for me.

As I stood to leave, I noticed a man not ten feet from where I was crouched. I hadn't seen him approach and his presence startled me. He was only about 5-foot 9, about 4 inches shorter than me and looked to be about 40 years old, 20 or so years older than I. He had on Levis like mine with a big belt buckle and a blue flannel shirt. He wore silver aviator shades that blocked his eyes. He wasn't menacing, but his presence made me uncomfortable.

Pointing to the magazine on the ground he asked, "Is that yours?"

"No," I said, a little embarrassed that I'd even been seen flipping through it.

"Oh," he said as he sidled up to me and pinched my ass. "Would you like to join my friend and me?" he said pointing to another man in the distance I had also not seen until then.

"No," I replied emphatically, insulted that he thought a kid like me would want anything to do with two dirty old homos.

I hopped the fence back into the woods and ran off. Once I got home, I had time to reflect on the incident. Although I never considered myself gay, I was suddenly totally aroused thinking about the encounter. The man was so brazen and forward. It thrilled me to fantasize about what may have happened had I not turned tail and run. For years later I thought of that encountered and fantasized about watching those two men fondle and fuck each other and then about them kneeling before me and sharing my cock and it's cum.

Four years later, I finally decided to do something about it. After a night shift of waiting tables at restaurant in town, I'd gotten pretty sauced with some of the other floor staff after work. As I was heading home, my cock began to throb thinking about the possibility of free sex at the rest stop. I'd driven by many other nights but never had the cojenes to stop and check it out for fear of getting caught by the police, or worse, someone I knew.

This night I decided to throw caution to the wind and pulled into the rest stop hoping to get lucky. The summer night was warm and steamy and there appeared to be a pretty good turnout, with about a dozen or so cars parked there. As I eased down the line, a tall strapping man came into view as my head lights danced on his body. As I pulled to a stop, he approached my car. I rolled down the window and he asked, "How you doing this fine night?"

"Pretty good," I stammered, shaking from the sheer exhilaration of what was happening.

"What are you looking for tonight?" he asked.

"I don't know," I said, "It's my first time. What are you looking for?" I inquired, still shaking with adrenaline.

"Calm down, son its ok," he said, "I'm looking to suck cock."

"Me too," I almost whispered. And I was. I wasn't even thinking of getting a blowjob. All I could think about was getting a hot, hard, cock in my mouth. I wanted to know how it felt to be in control of a man's cock. To make him beg me to finish him, to taste his skin, fondle his balls and, most of all, swallow a big mouthful of cum.

Since we were both looking to suck, I decided to get out and play the field a little to see what else was out there. After all, you never buy the first item you see. So into the woods I went in search of cock. I passed a bunch of guys who all seemed to be paired up and engaged in all manner of sex acts.

Since I felt somewhat comfortable and a little attracted to the bulky man that had greeted me, I decided that receiving a blowjob would have to do for now. So I sought out the man whose lips I now needed to have wrapped around my cock and found him right where I'd left him.

When I found him, I told him, "I changed my mind about looking for a cock to suck. Now wanted you to give me my first gay blowjob." He looked pleased and grinned as he led me to a clearing in the woods.

When he reached down for my cock and I trembled. I was so nervous and excited I was actually shaking all over. As he fondled me through my pants I reached for his cock. We pulled each other's out and for a brief moment compared our respective cocks. We both agreed that we each had lovely cocks and continued to stroke them.

After a few moments of having this strange man work my throbbing cock I was ready to go. I told him to, "Get on your knees," and he kindly obliged. He ran teasing fingers up and down my shaft until I practically had to beg him to envelope my cock with his mouth. He began with the tip, swirling his tongue in brilliant circles around the mushroom head. He then ran his tongue up the length of my shaft and when he got back to my cock head, he gave it a gentle kiss. He then swallowed all I had to offer in one swift motion.

As he bobbed up and down on my cock he gently fondled my balls, tickling the hairs and making my entire body quiver with excitement. After a few moments of this treatment, I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh god, I'm cummmmmming! .... Cumming! .... Cumming! ...." I screeched as I sent gobs and gobs of sticky me shooting down his throat. He dutifully lapped up all I had offered and then sucked anything that was left from my still stiff cock. When he was finished, he stood up and grabbed my ass and promised me he'd be there whenever I swung by again.

The blowjob was fantastic and it excited me in a way that made me even hungrier to suck my first cock. Energized by my first gay experience I took off looking for my second. I searched the woods and found a man who had just finished sucking off another. His partner had left and he was free and looking for more. I approached him in the darkness, not really able to see what he looked like. From what I could make out, he was roughly six feet tall and muscular.

I asked, "What he was looking for?" since that seemed to be the ice breaker most used here. When he said, "I'm looking to get sucked off" I dropped to my knees, ready for my first taste. He put his hands on my shoulders and I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his Levis and unzipped his fly. I gently eased his pants down and saw the bulge of his monster cock awaiting my attention. I could smell his muskiness as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and slipped his boxers down past his knees, exposing a large and intimidating package...and it wasn't even fully erect yet.

I was anxious to suck my first cock but this was almost too much for me. I was still shaking from head to toe with the excitement of the entire situation.  I started stroking this monster and revealed in its growth. When it had raised to its full length it was roughly 8 inches. Not a record breaker, but quite a challenge for my virgin mouth.

Hands shaking, I reach up to gently touch his hard, throbbing cock. I took it in my hand, caressing it gently, stroking his shaft and moving my other hand down to caress his balls. I can tell he enjoys my touch as he arches his back, pushing himself against me. Taking the hint I started to suck lightly on his balls. He tasted salty like he'd been at work all day and had been perspiring, causing his balls to be bathed in a sea of salty sweat. Flicking my tongue, licking and probing, I moved under to his 'taint' and massaged it with thrusts of my tongue.

Taking his balls one by one into my hungry mouth, I ran my tongue softly around them. Warming them up, caressing them with gentle suckling strokes of my tongue.

Taking a tip from my latest exchange, I sent a testing tongue up length of his shaft and plant a kiss on the tip. I licked the tip with vigor and then dove in. I took as much of his hard throbbing cock as I could and continued to stroke what was left. I can feel his erection growing in my hand

I run my face over his entire cock and taking the head of his cock into my mouth running my tongue all over it and started to softly suck him into my mouth. I found the smoothness of his skin to be sensual and powerful at the same time, I took the head out of my mouth and run my tongue right under it, circling ... licking, and sucking him into my mouth. My right hand encircles his shaft and I started to rhythmically stroke him in time with the action of my mouth. I ran my tongue all around the head and then started moving my mouth up and down, taking all of him on the deep stroke. Bobbing my head, I sucked faster and faster.

After about a few minutes of this action he get even stiffer and knew he was about to cum. I readied my mouth and throat for his onslaught as best I could and braced for the rushing goo. When it arrived it slammed into the back of my throat. I couldn't believe how forceful it was. I swallowed what I could and licked the rest of it off his head and my hands. The taste of his cum wasn't anything like I expected. I guess maybe I expected it to taste sweet, but instead it was hot, thick, and had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. Not very pleasant the first time. I guess it's an 'acquired taste.' something you have to get used to, but once you do it tastes so good that you crave it. I think the biggest thing to accept is where it's coming from...out of another guy's balls.

When I was finished, he reached down and pulled me up to him. Thanking me, he gave me a long and powerful kiss, another first for me.

Feeling fulfilled, I got in my car and headed back home. I left vowing to return.

The end...



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