I'm Mark Rivers, a twenty-nine year old gay male. I began my sexual experiences with other males at the age of fifteen. I also dated and had sexual relations with my girl friends. In order to hide my true sexual preferences, I married my high school girl friend at the end of our freshman year of college.

As a wedding gift, her very wealthy father gave us a large home on five acres in an exclusive neighborhood. After graduation, we both acquired nice jobs in our respective fields.

She was a fashion buyer for an exclusive ladies clothing firm and traveled a lot to view new fashions. She also had an extra job, unknown to me. On her trips, she was also transporting drugs back into the country. She got caught on her return from one of her trips and received a lengthy prison sentence.

I filed for divorce and received most everything we had. I sold the home, and received a transfer to another office out of state that my company had.

I found a nice new home on a large lot in a nice area outside of town. I was quickly accepted into the circle of friends on our street. I was twenty-seven at the time.

Next door to me was a divorcee in her late thirties with a sixteen year old son. Greg was an athlete in school, playing both football and baseball. He was muscular and well defined and damn nice looking.

I totally enjoyed watching him take care of his mother's yard in his snug gym shorts and shirtless. I soon hired him to take care of my yard.

He and his mother and I quickly became good friends and she enjoyed the fact that I took an interest in her son. she said he needed a father figure type in his life.

Greg and I would spend a lot of time together, going to sporting events, camping, and watched sports on TV. We really bonded.

About nine months later, we were watching a baseball game on TV one Saturday afternoon after Greg had finished my yard. He was still in his gym shorts and shirtless.

At one point he shocked me when he said that one of the players looked like he had a boner. when the camera again showed the player he said "Mark, you see what I mean. His cock is boned." As he said it he rubbed his crotch.

"I see what you mean, but it happens to all us guys, sometimes when we least expect it. It's part of life."

"You ever get boned when your at work or out in public?" he asked.

Taken totally by surprise, I said, "Well, yes, I have."

"Me, too," he said, then laughed and said, "Seeing him is giving me a boner."

"It is?" I asked.

"Yea. And sometimes when I see you without a shirt and in your shorts, I get one. I think you're hot?"

"Greg, you have to be kidding with me," I said in shocked surprise.

"No, I'm not," he said softly, then looked over at me and continued. "If I tell you something, will you promise me that you won't tell my mom?"

"Greg, if there is ever anything you want to talk to me about privately, please feel free. I won't say anything about any of it to your mother if you don't want me to."

"Mark, I'm gay. That's why you give me boners. I've wanted sex with you since you moved in."

"Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting you to say that," I replied. "Are you having sex with other guys?"

'Yes, I am. I have been since I was thirteen. It started with a buddy from school. Now, I have sex with men I meet at the park and also with my baseball coach. I enjoy both oral and anal sex."

"Greg, first off, I promise I won't say anything to your mother. Secondly, you need to stop meeting guys at the park. The cops watch for things like that and you never know when one of the guys you meet might be a cop. If you're arrested, it could ruin your chances for a scholarship to college."

"I'm not going to get a scholarship. I'm good but not that good in sports and my grades aren't that good either."

I just sat and looked at him, not knowing what else to say. I could tell he was partially boned and it had an unwanted reaction on me. Now knowing he was gay, my own cock began to stiffen.

"Do you hate me for being gay? Say, something, please," he said.

"Greg, I could never hate you. I've come to look at you almost as my own son, but more like a younger brother. I'm just so shocked. You are very masculine and just don't come across as gay."

"That's what some of the guys I've met say," he replied, glancing over at me.

Seeing my now more obvious bulge, he said, "Damn, you're getting a boner also."

"No, I'm not," I lied.

He quickly reached over and grabbed my cock and smiled. "If you're not boned, I've never felt one before. I'd love to taste it."

"Greg! Stop!" I said, although I loved the feel of his hand on my.

He began trying to unzip my shorts as I tried to stop him. "Greg, don't. This just isn't right."

"Why not? We're not related or anything. I don't expect you to do anything. Being single, you have to get horny. I can solve that for you."

I realized he was smarter than I had thought and his logic made sense. My will power began to crumble away as I slowly quit trying to stop him.

Seconds later, he had my shorts open and was reaching inside my briefs. Looking at me he said, "Let's go to your bedroom."

He got up and took my hand and led me to my own bedroom. Once there, he quickly removed my shorts then my briefs. Looking at my rock hard cock, he smiled and said "Beautiful."

He had me lay in the center of my bed and as I did, he removed his shorts and jock strap. I looked at his cock and it was magnificent.

Getting between my legs, he began slowly stroking my hard cock as he gently sucked on my balls. after a moment, he moved up and swallowed my cock.

As he began sucking me, without thinking, I said, "Oh fuck, yea!"

He paused just long enough to say, "I'm glad you're enjoying it," then returned to sucking me.

As he sucked my cock, I couldn't help but moan softly and it didn't take long for me to near my climax. he could tell I was close and began sucking me more eagerly. My cock exploded into his young hot mouth and as it did, he collected it all. Once he had me drained, he pulled off and smiled as he swallowed.

All my inhibitions were gone. He had just turned seventeen and in our state he was now the age of legal consent.

As he lay back up next to me, I immediately sat up and leaned down and swallowed his hard beautiful cock. As I sucked, I worked myself between his spread legs. I wanted his load desperately and worked for it.

He began moaning and I was lost in my own world. I vaguely heard him say, "This isn't your first time sucking."

I soon brought him to a roaring climax and as his sweet cream filled my mouth he said, "Keep sucking. I usually shoot twice."

I swallowed what he had given me and continued sucking his still rock hard cock. A minute or two later he began moaning again and his cock exploded for the second time, giving me a load as big as the first. I eagerly accepted it before swallowing.

As I began to return to a normal state of mind, I lay atop him and lovingly began kissing him, our tongues quickly exploring each others mouth.

As our kiss ended and we lay side-by-side, he asked, "Mark, I can tell this isn't your first time with another male. How long have you been gay?"

"Since I was fifteen," I replied.

"But you were married."

"Yes, I was, but she traveled a hot and it gave me time to play." I didn't go into details.

"I hope we can do this again and often," he said.

"Now that we know about each other, I don't see why not," I told him. He kissed me again then said, "Next time I want you to fuck me."

"Only if you fuck me in return."

"Gladly," he replied.

We cuddled a while and kissed more, before I told hm he better go home before his mother came looking for him.

He did and I sat with a cold beer, reliving the events in my mind. I definitely wanted him again and often.

The next afternoon I called his house and June, his mother answered.

"Hey, June, this is Mark. There is a ballgame starting and I was wondering if Greg would like to watch it with me."

"I'm sure he would, and Mark, thanks again for the time you spend with him. If he becomes a nuisance, don't hesitate to send him home. All he talks about is how much he enjoys having another man around."

"I enjoy his company. He's no problem at all, and while I've got you, do you mind if he goes camping with me next weekend?"

"Not at all."

"Great. I'll make the plans and tell him myself."

"Sure, and I'll tell him you're waiting for him to watch the game."

"Just tell him to come on in. The door is open."

Seconds later, Greg arrived and came in without knocking. Hurrying up to me he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately.

"Slow down, stud. We've got all afternoon," I said.

We went to the den and he asked, "Can we get nude?"

"Sure, anytime your here if you want to."

We both stripped and began watching the game, with me sitting on the sofa and Greg next to me, his head on my shoulder and my arm around him.

After the third inning, he said, To hell with the game. I want you to fuck me."

Laughing, I said, "Sounds good. Let's go."

We went to my bedroom and seconds later we were both lubed up and my cock was sliding into his hot muscled ass.

I went in balls deep at his request and fucked him eagerly. As I umped in and out of his ass he said, "Yea, Mark. Fuck me. I want to feel your hot cock shoot that load deep inside of me."

His talk and the way he worked his ass muscles quickly brought me to my climax. As my cock exploded, I drove it in as deep as I could and filled his ass with my load.

"Fuck yea, daddy. Shoot that load."

As I slowly pulled out, I asked, "What did you call me?"

"Daddy. You are older than me."

"Maybe so, but I'm not old enough to be your father."

"It was just a loving expression. I won't use it if you don't want me to."

"Hell, I kind of liked it but only use it when it's just me and you around."

"Okay, dad."

I smiled and said, "Now it's my turn."

I rolled onto my back and pulled my legs up. He quickly lubed my ass and his cock and slid it deep into me.

He began pistoning in and out and I loved it. As he did, i looked at him and said, "That's the way son. Fuck daddy's ass. Shoot your seed in me."

He soon climaxed deep in my hole but after his climax he returned to fucking me. Moments later he added a huge second load to the first and I was floating in space at feeling.

After he pulled out, we headed for the bathroom and showered together, kissing as we washed each other.

After the shower, we returned to the den and as we again watched the game, now in the last inning, I asked, "How would you like to go camping again next weekend?"

"Hell, yea, but the place we normally go isn't that private."

"I'm going to ask a friend of mine that has some property with a lake, if i can use it. I've been there before. It's totally private."

"Have you been there with him?"

"Yea, why?"

"He gay also?"

"Yes, he is."

"Nice. You think he'd like to join us?"

"You want me to invite him?"

"Hell yea. I'd love having one of you fucking me while I'm sucking the other."

"Well, then, I'll ask him."

"How old is he?"

"A little older than me. He's twenty-nine."

"Nice." he said.

On Monday, i stopped by Jake's place and asked if I could use his property the next weekend.

He said sure and asked if I was taking someone with me. I said yes and told him about Greg.

"You lucky bastard. Spending the weekend with a hot seventeen year old."

"You want to join us?"

"Man, are you serious?"

"Sure. When I told him I was going to ask to use it he asked if you were gay. When I said yes, he's the one that suggested a three way."

"Fuck yes, I want to join. I'll get there early and set things up. I'll leave the gate unlocked, so lock it when you come through."

Friday arrived and Greg and I headed out. I had taken off work early so we could get there way before dusk.

We arrived and Greg opened the gate and after I pulled through he put the chain in place and locked it.

After a drive through the woods we arrived at the clearing to find everything set up and Jake nude, except for work boots.

I introduced Greg to Jake before Greg and I stripped.

It wasn't long before Greg was on his knees sucking Jake's long slim uncut cock. Afterward, Jake sucked Greg. As he did, I told him not to stop after his climaxed. Jake loved the fact that Greg was a double cummer.

Later we fixed some dinner and Greg said he wanted to watch Jake and I have sex. We began my kissing and making out and ended in a hot sixty-nine.

We all slept on a king size air mattress, and the next morning after breakfast and coffee, Greg announced that he wanted to be fucked.

Jake and I quickly agreed, and I told Jake that he could go first. Greg had Jake lay on he mattress and he sat in Jake's cock. After a couple of moments, he leaned forward and lay on Jake's muscular chest and said, "Mark, go in with Jake. I want to get double fucked. Go slow because I've never done it before"

"Are you sure?"

"Hell, yea. Do it."

I lubed my cock generously and got into position. I began forcing my cock into Greg's hole with Jake's.

"Mother Fuck!" Greg exclaimed as my cock head slipped in. "Don't stop!"

Seconds later I was buried in Greg's ass. Mine and Jake's cocks rubbing together. I began pistoning in and out as did Jake. With our cocks rubbing together, it didn't take long for us to reach our climax. Our cock erupted seconds apart as Greg moaned loudly, saying how awesome it was.

We all collapsed in a pile, all breathing heavily. Slowly, I removed my cock then Greg began to climb off of Jake's cock.

"Stud, I'll do that again anytime you want to," Jake said. "It was a first for me also and I loved it."

"So did I," I added.

We went for a swim to wash off, and after returning to the mattress Jake and I sucked Greg off, each taking a load.

That evening we again double fucked Greg. Overall, it was a wild weekend.

When Greg was visiting at my place, e would sometimes call Jake to join us. Jake never refused.

Greg started his senior year in high school and he and I continued having sex regularly. Graduation came and unfortunately he didn't get a scholarship.

His mother couldn't afford to pay for college. Greg and I talked and he decided to go into the military for a while then go to college and let the government pay for it.

We talked to his mother and she reluctantly agreed that it was a good idea. She asked me to go with him to see the recruiter. I agreed and asked which one he wanted to talk to.

"I'm leaning toward the Marines," he said.

I took off that following Monday and we headed for the Marine recruiting office. We entered and my breath was taken away.

The recruiter as about twenty-seven and over six foot tall. He was handsome as fuck and well built. When we entered, he stood up and smiled and I'm sure he saw me checking him out because of the way he looked at me and smiled again.

We introduced ourselves and I explained that he and his mother were my neighbors and that she asked me to come with him.

The recruiter began his talk but kept looking over at me and smiling, and occasionally would give me a wink.

After his speech, he took down mine and Greg's address and had Greg take an aptitude test in another room.

During the test, the recruiter, Brad Daly, and i stood and had coffee. I noticed that Brad kept easing closer to me. When we were inches apart, he placed one hand on my shoulder and said he thought it was great I took such an interest in Greg. He squeezed my shoulder several times.

As I wondered if he was making a pass at me or not, my cock began to stiffen. I noticed his eyes glance at it several times and a bulge began to show in his uniform as Greg returned with his completed test.

He said he would evaluate it and be in touch.

Two days later, just after six in the evening, he knocked on my door. I invited him in and as we shook hands, his grip was strong yet gentle and he held my hand much longer that necessary. he said he wanted to talk to me.

We sat on the sofa with his leg against mine. He began going over Greg's aptitude test and as he did he soon rested his hand on my thigh. I instantly got boned and it was obvious. I vaguely heard him say that according to Greg's test, he was best suited for administrative duties.

I noticed that he was boned also and that he had slipped his hand closer to my erection.




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