As Brad, dressed in his sharp Marine uniform, eased his hand up my thigh closer to my boner, I decided to make my move.

Before I had the chance, he suddenly removed his hand and stood, asking if we could visit with Greg and his mother. I was totally caught off guard by his actions. I assumed he was wanting something else.

"Uh, sure," I replied as I stood up. I led him next door, and after knocking, Greg answered the door. I told him that we were wanting to talk with him and his mother.

Once inside, I introduced Brad to June, and asked if we could talk. June led us to the living room and as she and Greg sat on the sofa, Brad and I took the chairs facing them.

"Mrs. Parker, you have an exceptional son there. His scores on his aptitude test were extremely high and indicate that he is best suited for administrative duties. He would be a great asset to the Marine Corp."

"I know it's what he wants," June began, "but I have so many reservations about him joining, with all the unrest in the middle east."

"If he goes into administration, it's doubtful that he would be on the front lines. He wouldn't be in the fighting."

We talked further and he told Greg and June about his benefits and the availability of the GI funds for college after his enlistment. "He can start his college education on line while serving and the military will pay for it," he said.

After the visit, June thanked Brad for coming by and said that they wanted to talk it over and that someone would be in touch.

Brad and I left and as we walked across the yard to my place, I asked, "Are you off duty?"

"Officially, yes. I stopped by on my way home on my time. Usually these conversations occur in the office."

"Well, if you're off duty, how about a cold beer?"

"That sounds great to me, he said, with a devilish smile.

We went inside and as I closed the door, I looked over at him and said, "Make yourself at home and get comfortable while I get us a beer."

I headed for the kitchen a took my time getting the beers. When I returned to the living room he had removed his jacket and tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons on his snug shirt. The opening revealed a nice crop of hair on his chest.

"Let's go out to the den. It's more comfortable out there."

We went to the den and he sat on the small love seat, just big enough for two. Instead of sitting in my usual chair, I sat next to him, making sure my leg was against his.

We began talking and I asked how long he had been in the corps. He told me and said he loved it, although in a way, it did put a strain on his personal life.

I asked what he meant by that.

"Well, being a Marine, we're held to a higher standard than most people. We have to always be on our best behavior. It's hard to relax and just be yourself. You cant do anything that might reflect negatively on the corps."

I took a deep breath and decided to get personal.

"Is that why you removed your hand from my thigh earlier?"

"What? Uh, no, I just thought we needed to visit with Greg and his mother."

"Brad, I wasn't born yesterday. I know when a guy is putting a move on me, and you have been sending signals ever since we met. Being gay myself, I know those signals."

He didn't say a word. He just looked at me. Finally, he asked, "Was I that obvious?"

"Maybe not to a straight guy, but to me you were, especially with your hand on my thigh and the way you kept looking at my crotch."

I paused a second then said, "You're gay also, aren't you? You can be honest with me. Anything you say will stay just between us."

He was silent a second, then said, "Yes, I am, and you have turned me on since you brought Greg to the office."

"You did the same to me," I replied as I placed my hand on his thigh. He smiled and placed his hand on top of mine and pulled it into his crotch. I could feel his cock stiffening.

He smiled again, and leaned toward me. I leaned toward him, knowing what was coming. Our lips met and we immediately exchanged tongues in a hot passionate kiss. I soon felt his hand rubbing my hard cock.

After the kiss, I stood and took his hand and said, "Why don't we go to my bedroom and get more comfortable?"

"Great idea. Lead the way."

We got to the bedroom but before I let him undress, I stood facing him and after a short kiss, I dropped to my knees and began unzipping his uniform pants. After extracting his long thick beautiful cock, I swallowed it. I sucked for several minutes before he stopped me, saying, "Not yet."

I stood and as I looked at him I said, "Ive always wanted to suck a Marine in uniform."

He smiled then said, "If I have my way, you will have plenty of opportunity in the future."

We stripped and as soon as we lay down we began kissing and fondling each other. Brad began working his way down my body and was son sucking my nips then my balls. Lifting my legs he began licking and tongue fucking my ass. He returned to my cock and began sucking me with expert maneuvers. I soon fed him my load which he eagerly and hungrily swallowed.

After another kiss, he said, "Damn, that was good. It's the first cock I've had in months."

"Why?" I asked.

"Like I said, being a Marine, I have to be cautious."

"Were you gay when you joined or did you start after you joined?"

"I was gay when I joined. Like so many others, I lied when asked if I had any homosexual tendencies."

"When did you realize you were gay?"

"I started experimenting with a bud at thirteen, just jerking together and each other. One afternoon his older brother who was seventeen caught us. He said that we had to let him join in or he would tell both our parents. We let him and before it was over he had sucked us both off and had us take turns sucking him. I happened to e the one sucking him when he climaxed. he had swallowed our loads and I didn't want to look like a wimp so I swallowed his. I knew then that I wanted to do it again. My bud and i would suck each other and when his brother was around he would join us. they started doing each other at home almost daily. After a while we all started fucking each other. I've been at it ever since."

"Nice. Do you ever see them now?"

"When I have leave, I'll go back home and visit them. My bud is single but his brother married, but that didn't change anything. When I'm there, we all get together at my bud's place and have hot sex, and they still do each other a couple times a week."

"Nothing better than brotherly love," I said, before moving to his nips and sucking them. I soon had his large firm balls in my mouth and after a few seconds I moved to his ass and ate it hungrily. I soon moved to his cock and sucked it dry. His load was huge, thick and creamy and exceptionally sweet. After swallowing, we kissed again.

I asked if he ever had sex with fellow Marines and he said he had on numerous occasions, both n basic and afterward. He said one of the hottest experiences was with his drill sergeant and another drill sergeant while in basic after accidentally waking in on them having sex.

After another kiss, I asked if it would be possible for him to spend the night.

He said he could but he had promised the Army recruiter that he would have dinner with him and his wife and if he didn't hurry he was going to be late, but if it was okay with me, he'd come back afterward. I told him sure and to please hurry. He laughed and said he would.

He quickly dressed and after a hot farewell kiss at the door, he was gone. At just after ten he knocked n my door, dressed in tank top and shorts.

"I decided to come comfortable," he said.

"Nice, it's just less for me to take off of you," I said as I began lifting his tank up and over his head. When I opened his shorts to remove them I found hie was commando.

"Um, perfect. You really know how to dress."

He removed my one article of clothing, my bath robe and said "So do you."

We went straight to the bedroom and after another kiss we were soon in a hot sixty-nine.

Afterward, we lay cuddled and he said, "I've been wondering about something. Greg is one hot young man. Does he know you're gay?"

"Yes, he does."

"And he's cool with it?"

"Oh yea."

He looked at me fr a moment then smiled and said, "You're having sex with him, aren't you?"

"Will my answer affect his enlistment?"

"Hell no. But it will give me information as to what to put on his forms."

"Brad, Greg is totally gay also. We have been having sex for over a year."

"You lucky bastard. I'd love to get him in bed also."

"Well, if you don' mind me telling him about you, I will be glad to discuss a three way with him."

"Do it, but make sure he knows to keep his mouth shut."

"You can trust him, I promise. I'm sure he will love the idea so keep next weekend open."

"Don't worry about that. I definitely will."

We kissed then he looked at me and said, "I want that hot cock of yours up my ass, now."

"Only if I get yours up mine afterward."

"Deal," he replied.

seconds later we were both lubed and my cock was sliding into his hot tight hole.

"Oh yea. Man, I've missed this. Fuck me like a wild man."

I did just as he requested and soon filled his ass with my load.

As I pulled out, he said, "That was awesome. I can't remember when I was fucked like that."

I soon had his cock up my ass and did he ever know how to use a hole. I felt like I was floating in space it was so awesome. And when he climaxed, it was with such force that I was sure his load would come flying out of my mouth.

We cuddled together and were soon asleep in each others arms. The next morning, we began the day with a sixty-nine.

After swallowing each others loads, he said that he didn't want to leave but he had to. He needed to go home, shower, and get to the recruiting office. I saw him to the door, then showered myself and headed for work.

That evening, I had barely opened my door before Greg was there with me.

Once inside, he said, "Brad is gay isn't he?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Last night after you left my house, I noticed he came inside with you and stayed quite a while before leaving. Then this morning I saw his car back in your drive and when he left he was in shorts and tank top. He spent the night with you didn't he?"

"Yes Greg, he is gay, but just who are you to spy on who I have over. We're not a couple."

"I know, and I didn't mean it to come out that way, but I think he's hot and knowing you two were probably having sex made me jealous. I'd love to do him also."

"Well, he feels the same about you."

"He does? Did you tell him I was gay?"

"He asked and i told him. If you want, I've invited him to join us for a three way this coming weekend."

"Perfect. Mom's going to visit her sister and she's leaving on Friday afternoon and won't be back until Sunday evening. I can spent the entire weekend with you and him."

"I'll let him know. He'll love it."

I called Brad the next day and told him that Greg had seen him leaving and figured it all out and that he was looking forward to the weekend. Brad said that he had made arrangements to be off Saturday and would be at my place shortly after five on Friday and could stay until Sunday evening. I told him that was perfect.

Friday arrived and when I arrived home, Greg had used his key and was there waiting for me totally nude. I went in and asked if he wanted to greet Brad clothed or nude.

"Let's answer the door nude. I want to see his reaction."

"You can answer the door," I said.

Close to five thirty, Brad knocked on the door. Greg jumped up and headed for the door. Standing behind it, he invited Brad in.

Seeing us both nude, Brad's eyes lit up and he smiled broadly and said, "Damn! What a fucking nice greeting."

"Join us," Greg said.

Brad sat down his small travel bag and immediately stripped.

"Fucking nice!" Greg exclaimed upon seeing Brad nude.

"So are you," Brad replied.

There were 'hello' kisses all around before we headed for the den. I had prepared dinner for us and after eating we sat in the den. Greg was ready for sex as he always is and immediately went to Brad and began sucking on his cock. Brad stopped him and got them on the floor in a sixty-nine. I watched the hot action and heard their moans as my hard cock leaked loads of precum out onto my stomach. after the had devoured each others loads, Greg came over and licked my stomach clean then began sucking my cock.

Brad sat close by and told Greg not to swallow when he took my load. "Kiss me stud and let's share it," Brad said. Greg did as requested and it was hot watching them pass my load back and forth between their mouths.

Later, Brad told Greg to fuck him and as Greg fucked Brad's hot ass, Brad sucked my cock. After we climaxed, Greg had Brad fuck him.

All weekend was spent sucking, fucking and rimming. We never left the house or dressed.

On Sunday after lunch, Brad had a serious talk with Greg, telling him that sex would be almost non-existent during basic.

"Greg, you won't even have enough privacy to jerk off. Be prepared to do without."

He told him that after basic, to be extremely cautious because some of the others he would meet are undercover police and will try to get him to agree to sex and when he does, he will be busted out of the corps. Greg said he understood.

Greg ended up signing on with the Marines and Brad arranged for a delayed enlistment date. It gave the three of us time to do a lot more playing.

After Greg left for basic, Brad and I played regularly, with Brad saying how great it was to once again be able to have regular sex.

Greg came home for leave after basic and we had a wild three way, before he left for his first assignment. He began taking courses on line in business management at he governments expense.

A year later,Brad was transferred to another city but whenever he took leave he visited me.

Time passed and Greg completed his enlistment and returned home, enrolling in the local college. He completed his courses and got his degree in business management

During his enlistment, I quit my job and opened my own firm. After he got his degree, I hired him on as office manager.

A short time later, June passed away and greg was devastated. he said he couldn't stand to be in the house alone. I suggested he sell it and move in with me. He did and a while later we became lovers.

On brad's next visit we told him that we had become overs and he said he wasn't surprised. he said he was considering leaving the Marines and moving back to our town because he loved it here.

Greg and I talked and together we told Brad that if he did quit the Marines, he would have a job with us and was welcome to move in with us. It shocked him but he said he appreciated the offer.

He did quit the Marines and moved in with us. Together, we found a larger house on wooded property on the edge of town where we could have total privacy when out in the yard. I sold my home and we moved to the property.

The back yard was totally private and we were free to go nude outdoors all we wanted. We had a pool installed and would have our gay friends over for parties. Of course everyone was nude and sex was everywhere.

Greg and I talked again and did something very out of the ordinary. we asked Brad to be our lover also. None of our friends had heard of a three-way lover arrangement. However it worked perfectly for us.

That was three years ago and we're all extremely happy and deeply in love with each other. We all look back and relish the day Greg and I went to see the recruiter.




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