Oliver set down the pan he was holding on the stove, slowly giving Conrad a one-over. “You’re looking very. . . naked,” he observed.

Conrad, weak at the knees suddenly, put his hand on his stomach. “Oliver, what? What are you doing—“

“I live here,” Oliver said quietly. “Marcus and I are roommates.”

Conrad moved his hand up to his chest, finishing up catching his breath. “Where is he?”

Oliver shrugged, looking down at the eggs in his pan.

Watching Oliver closely, Conrad regained weight in his legs and stood up straight. “It’s been so long, Oliver, don’t you have anything you want to say?”

“You look different,” Oliver said. “Not just. . . naked I mean. You look different. It looks good.”

Conrad’s heart, while leaping in hopefulness at the compliment, was at the same time disappointed. Of course he looked different after all this time; Oliver looked different, too. The way his hair was now was different. His hair was shorter at the sides rather than full-grown on every single side and his eyebrows were plucked thinly at the ends, blurring the line between a soft expression and an angry one. His skin, like Conrad’s was glowing and flawless since the last time Conrad had seen him. His frame was wider, allowing more hard muscle to build down his body and his biceps had thickened. Besides that he was a few inches taller, but Conrad had grown as well.

“That’s it?” Conrad asked.

“Of course not; there’s so much I want to say to you but I don’t think here is the appropriate place to say it,” Oliver quipped. “Do you want some eggs?”

Conrad shook his head, and then silently watched as Oliver spread to the eggs onto two plates. “I shook my head—“

“I saw.”

Just then, a dirty-blond man not too much older than the two of them passed Conrad from behind, rounding the counter into the kitchen and pushing his arms around Oliver’s neck. His hair was a little bit curly but mostly wavy and his olive skin was tanned. His eyes were a light grey, and his lips were nicely proportionate. His bottom half was covered in a towel, but his top half was impressively muscular. His biceps flexed over shoulders and his bulbous pecs stretched up as he lifted his arms. Additionally, he was impressively groomed, with short golden-brown hairs spreading themselves over his washboard and across his chest, gathering in groups under his arms. He looked like an angel.

Conrad watched, his heart deflating at an alarming rate, as the two made googley eyes at each other for a few seconds before the new mystery man turned his attention to his audience. He gave Conrad a one-over just as Oliver had, pausing surprisedly at Conrad’s junk, and then squinting at his face. Conrad looked slightly offendedly at the new guy analyzing his body so critically, then at Oliver. Oliver gave him an innocent look.

“Who’s this, Ollie?” He asked.

“This is Conrad,” Oliver introduced, “Conrad, this is Adrian”

Adrian smiled and waved, showing off pearly white teeth. “Nice to meet you,” Conrad continued looking at Oliver, almost in disbelief. Adrian pulled back his arms, and headed into the fridge. “You guys know each other or somethin’?”

Oliver murmured, “We went to high school together.”

“Oh, no way,” he said with an impressed tone. “And neither of you knew the other was gay?”

Conrad stiffened. “I’m not gay,” he lied. Oliver looked at him angrily.

“That you both liked boys then,” Adrian corrected, looking up at Conrad apologetically before turning back to the fridge.

Conrad shook his head, “I don’t-” Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

“Dude, there’s dried cum all over your face and someone was being loud as hell last night. You gay, or what?”

Conrad’s light brown skin turned red with embarrassment. “I’m gonna shower.”

With that he turned and started back towards the hallway, his head swimming. Oliver’s boyfriend was incredible looking, which combined with his nudity and humiliatingly unconvincing lies, was making him more than fairly insecure. He stopped before he got to the hall and sighed.

“Which one’s the bathroom?” he called.

The soft murmurs stopped and the sound of footsteps ensued, Adrian turning the corner. “It’s a Jack and Jill, so it’s between Marcus’ and Ollie’s room.” he explained. “Here,” he pulled off his towel, revealing three inches of limp cock and two hefty balls under it. “I didn’t use my towel, so you can have this one.”

Conrad couldn’t help but stare down at Adrian’s manhood and despite his own dick, which was notably larger than Adrian’s flaccid, didn’t say anything.

“Don’t be so modest,” Adrian said, obviously picking up on Conrad’s insecurity. “You’re totally fuckin’ hung, dude.”

With that he turned and started back to the kitchen. Conrad got a good look at his ass as he walked away, and he licked his lips. Adrian had an impressive muscle butt, which moved beautifully side to side as he walked. Conrad didn’t know what to feel. Adrian seemed like an open, nice, guy. Although his body wasn’t as impressive as Conrad’s, it was still impressive, and it made Conrad really insecure for some reason.

- - -

After Conrad had cleaned himself, he slipped on his short shorts that he had on the night from the gym and his drop-armhole tank. From the sound of laughing in the other room, Conrad guessed that Marcus had returned. He made his way into the dining area, where all three men he’d spoken with within the last twelve hours were gathered. At the sight of him, Marcus got up and put his hand on Conrad’s back, landing a kiss on his cheek. In a rush of thought Conrad accepted the kiss gratefully, gazing down at Oliver in search of a response.

“I brought coffee. I didn’t think you’d be up so early. I don’t know.” Marcus said, trying to justify his earlier absence.

Conrad laughed a little, turning his attention to Marcus. “It’s okay. It’s only, like, ten thirty.”

Marcus chuckled rather nervously and pursed his lips. “Oliver offered to drive you to your car. I hate to cut this short, but I need to head off to work and I didn’t want to leave you without a goodbye—“ he turned a little bit pink as he said the last part.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Conrad smiled at Marcus, who beamed back. Conrad then turned to Oliver, “Is now okay?”

Oliver nodded. “Of course.”

“Alright, do you mind if I meet you down there?”

Oliver shook his head and started out immediately, Marcus and Conrad following closely behind. Fortunately, Marcus brought Conrad’s gym bag in, and Conrad took it up onto his arm. While Oliver went down to the parking lot, Conrad stood outside the door with Marcus. Marcus looked at his feet like a nervous kid.

“So, is this it?” Conrad asked.

“I don’t know. I mean, I really enjoyed last night a lot.” He bit his lip and looked up at Conrad. “I’d really like to see you again.”

“How about tomorrow night? Dinner?” Conrad offered.

“Dinner sounds good. Here, give me your phone,” Marcus demanded. He put his information into it and handed it back. “Okay. Tomorrow.”

Conrad leaned over to Marcus, pushing his lips against Marcus’ and swirling their tongues together. In response, Marcus pulled Conrad closer, and held his waist. They kissed for a fifteen or so seconds before Conrad thought of Oliver waiting and pulled away. The two said their goodbyes, and Conrad made his way down to the parking lot, where Oliver was waiting in his car. Conrad let himself in on the passenger side and uncomfortably scooted around. The car ride was mostly quiet until finally Oliver pulled into a parking spot at the gym next to Conrad’s car.

“Well, thanks.” Conrad uttered, before beginning to open the door. Oliver quickly stopped him.

“Wait. We need to talk.”

“Right now?” Conrad whined.

“Yes. I have some things I need to say,” Oliver hissed. Then his tone softened. “I owe you an apology. I ended things badly. I don’t want to blame you for anything. I want us to be friends. I miss you, and it wasn’t fair how I dismissed you that day, especially without hearing you out like I did.”

Conrad didn’t like to thing about that day. For the last few years he’d kept himself busy with nothing but sex with strangers mainly to not think about that day. He blamed himself for all of it, and even though Oliver was trying to justify what he’d done now he still couldn’t forgive himself. On the other hand, as unbelievable and partially traumatizing that day had been for Conrad, he really did want Oliver to believe him.

“I ended things unfairly. Things with my dad got bad in college, and he and my mom split up because of it. Because of me.” Oliver whispered. He was tearing up a little bit.

He went on to tell the story of how his mom divorced his dad after catching him with a man. While this didn’t shock Conrad very much, especially after his personal experience with Oliver’s dad, what Oliver said next made him feel terrible. One of his partners in college had been similarly coerced by Ned in the way that Conrad had, and only felt comfortable enough to say anything after Oliver’s parents had split up. The following months for Oliver were ones he spent with his mom, during which time he realized his mistake with Conrad.

“Conrad I don’t want you to blame yourself for what my dad did. You were a teenager at the time and it must’ve been intimidating for your boyfriend’s dad to trap you like that. I just don’t want you to blame yourself for our breakup.” Oliver reached over and took Conrad’s hand, squeezing it comfortingly. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”

Conrad’s face got steely like it used to when he was in high school. “I’m still sorry. It shouldn’t have been as much of an option for me as it was. I’m not going to say it wasn’t partially my fault, because it was. It was so dirty and terrible, and I'm sorry. And-“ he paused and didn’t finish. He just looked at Oliver.

Oliver wiped away tears from his face on his sleeve and smiled. “I just hope we can still be friends, okay? I miss you so much. Maybe we can go running together sometime?”

Conrad rubbed his thumb over Oliver’s hand. “I’d like that.”

“Okay, get out, it’s getting steamy in here.” Oliver said, breaking the tension.

- - -

The few lights that were lit around Conrad’s apartment were dimmed; he wanted to set a nice mood for Marcus when he arrived. Before setting the mood he’d cleaned up by pushing his hair a little bit back and putting on a dress shirt and nice leather shoes. He’d also washed his ass, but that wasn’t something he could show off in a classy way. Conrad hadn’t felt this ready for a date in years, and he was excited to get back out there. Not long after the designated time for Marcus to arrive, there was a knock on the door. When Conrad reached the door, he looked down at himself, making a few last minute adjustments like opening another button on his shirt and readjusting a few locks of hair. With another breath, he opened his front door to Marcus— and company.

“Hey!” Adrian extolled from behind Marcus. He raised a small dish. “We brought lasagna!”

Adrian proceeded to enter the apartment, pulling Oliver in with him. Marcus stepped in behind them, shrugging apologetically to Conrad and then holding up a bottle of wine. Conrad raised his eyebrows at Marcus and leaned in for an embrace. Marcus kissed him on the cheek and held his free hand on Conrad’s back in an act of comforting.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, they last-minute invited themselves.” Marcus muttered.

“It’s fine.” Conrad said.

While Adrian and Oliver took to the dining room together, Conrad pulled Oliver into the kitchen for more dinner preparations. Since Oliver and his boyfriend had obviously covered the main dish, Conrad pulled out the ingredients for a good salad that his mother used to make for him. Marcus listened intently to Conrad as he diced up various vegetables and told Marcus his coming out story. For the night’s sake, Conrad left out Oliver’s name. But he included everything: the secret hookups in the bathrooms and out behind the sports fields, Madison’s terrible blackmailing, and Tyler’s wicked attempts at cutting Conrad down for his sexuality. He was in the middle of telling his tale of Madison’s intrusion of the men’s room when Oliver walked in searching for more wine.

“What’re you boys up to in here?” Oliver asked, pouring himself and Adrian more wine. Then he poured some for Marcus and Conrad.

“Conrad’s telling me his coming out story,” Marcus informed.

Oliver raised his eyebrows, glancing at Conrad. “Oh really?”

Conrad stopped cutting to take a sip of his wine and nodded. “Yep. It’s a bit of a crazy story.”

Eyebrows still raised, Oliver turned around and started to take his leave. “Maybe you can tell it to me sometime.”

Shaking his head, Conrad went back to his story and cutting up the lettuce. Once they’d prepared the salad, Marcus and him set the table for four, setting up the plates for eating. When everything was organized, everyone sat down together. It wasn’t a very large table, but they all fit. Oliver sat across from Conrad, and Adrian countered Marcus. They all ate and discussed the LGBTQ+ community in their town, until Marcus briefly brought up the drama of Conrad’s coming out story. At that, Adrian brought up Oliver’s.

“Ollie, why don’t you tell Conrad how you were outed?”

Oliver and Conrad simultaneously. Oliver choked out, “I told this guy I liked him and he sort of panicked and outed me I think.”

Adrian shook his head, “You’re so strong for that. That guy’s a dick. He was probably really insecure about his own sexuality.”

Conrad coughed on a piece of lasagna and set down his fork. “Everyone else done, too? Great, I’ll grab your guys’ plates.”

Oliver stood up as well. “Here, I’ll help.”

They met up in the kitchen, where Oliver started washing the dishes for Conrad. By now they were all on a third bottle of wine, and Conrad was pouring himself another glass. Oliver intently washed the dishes, quietly thinking up something to say. Finally, it was Conrad who spoke.

“Oliver, I don’t know what kind of things you keep from Adrian, but now this is something I have to keep a secret too. From Marcus.”

“I know, I’m really really sorry, but he’d get really insecure about us being friends if he knew.”

Him? Insecure?” Conrad asked disbelievingly. Oliver laughed. “Seriously, Ollie—“

“Ollie?” Oliver set the last of the plate into the dishwasher then looked at Conrad. He held out his wine glass.

Conrad poured him another glass. Oliver put his glass to his lips, barely smiling. Conrad drank with him, and they took the bottle back into the dining room. At this point Adrian was heavily slurring his words together from all the wine. Marcus listened patiently, laughing every now and then at Adrian’s sobriety failure. It seemed like this was the point for Adrian to take a break, and his making an effort to stand up marked the end of dinner. Oliver couldn’t help but also giggle at his boyfriend’s clumsiness. Marcus, while entertained, worried that the two wouldn’t be able to take the car.

“It’s okay they can just sleep here.” Conrad affirmed.

“Are you sure?” both Marcus and Oliver asked simultaneously.

Conrad graciously nodded, and showed them into his second bedroom. Oliver thanked him for the wine and hospitality and then shut the door as Adrian started stripping. Marcus tapped the door safely once it was shut and then turned to Conrad, biting his lip. Together they went into Conrad’s room. It was rather big and the whole thing was fairly symmetrical. All dark and metallic tones. Marcus sat down on the bed, looking around at his surroundings and unbuttoning his shirt. He’d kicked off his shoes when they went in and lined them up next to the door. He had his shirt off fairly quickly, leaving him in a tight black tank top, and he laid back on the duvet.

“Tonight was awkward,” Conrad voiced aloud. He couldn’t shake the thought of himself outing Oliver in high school.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. They just came along.” Marcus responded.

Conrad paused, confused. Then he shook off his confusion. “Yeah, it was a bit unexpected.”

“Otherwise I think the night went well,” Marcus said.

Carefully, Conrad climbed up onto his bed and straddled Marcus’ stomach. Then he leaned down and kissed him softly. Marcus kissed him back equally as tenderly, reaching up and putting his hands around Conrad’s cheeks. It was passionate; Conrad hadn’t kissed someone passionately in a while, and it was something he missed. Kissing Marcus this tenderly felt good to him. Then he rolled off Marcus, sighing.

“I had dessert planned.” Conrad groaned. Then he shot up on the bed. “Oh shit, I forgot to tell you something— hold on.” 

Marcus watched as Conrad launched off the bed and headed through the door. He sat up on the bed, confused, then caught his attention on a small elephant-shaped book stopper on Conrad’s bookshelf. He stood up and walked over to it, examining it closely. It was such a beautiful room, and it made him wonder what Conrad even did for a living to afford all of it. Very quickly, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Conrad’s voice by the door.

“I uhh—“ Marcus turned at Conrad's mellow tone. “Dessert?”

Conrad stood in the doorway in front of Marcus in a pair of grey briefs painted in similarly-toned red leopard print, giving his underwear a popping texture. In his right hand was a long red can, which explained the small heart drawn onto Conrad’s left pectoral muscle in whipped cream. He was biting his lip, grinning a little bit. Marcus couldn’t help but grin in response, and he pulled off his belt quickly and dropped his pants, stepping out of them fast. He raised a row of his fingers and beckoned Conrad to advance, to which Conrad complied, closing the door quietly behind him.

Once they’d met midway, Marcus immediately leaned down and pulled his tongue up over Conrad’s nipple, sweeping up whipped cream with him. When the tip of his tongue pulled away near Conrad’s neck, he looked down at the small smear in the middle of Conrad’s heart. Then he looked up at Conrad, who grinned proudly at Marcus, then opened his mouth. Marcus leaned over to Conrad’s tongue, sharing the sugary foam he had collected with his new lover. Conrad was smiling as he kissed Marcus, excited for the fun they are about to have. Marcus reached around Conrad’s body, spreading his fingers around his butt and lifting him up. Marcus turned and carried Conrad over to the bed and threw him onto it, quickly snatching the can out of Conrad’s hands.

He watched Conrad on his back, propping himself up on his elbows to watch Marcus carefully. His legs were spread slightly, showing off a prominent bulge in his undies. Marcus pushed himself forward onto the bed, resting at Conrad’s feet. Slowly, he reached forward and dropped a dot of whipped cream onto the middle of Conrad’s chest, between his pecs. He stooped down quickly to lap it up, and then the remaining bit that was still on Conrad’s chest. Next, he straddled Conrad’s stomach and pulled off his undershirt and black boxer briefs, which left him in only a air of long black socks. He sat his plump behind on Conrad’s lower abdomen and pushed Conrad back fully down onto the duvet, pushing his arms above his head, too.

Pointing the can onto Conrad’s bicep, he sprayed more and didn’t stop until he’d made a ring around the bit of hair under his arm. Conrad turned his head to the side, shutting his eyes and biting his lip as Marcus slowly circled his armpit with his tongue, and licked up his bicep. After he’d done that, he sprayed a line down Conrad’s killer abs and scooted back until he was able to lean down to the bottom of his line which was at Conrad’s belly button. He dragged his tongue up there, stopping once in a while to form kisses on Conrad’s stomach. Conrad’s legs twitched in these instances. His stomach had always been an erogenous zone for him.

Marcus reached down and slid his hand around the rounded bulge in the front of Conrad’s briefs, cupping it and tightening his grip. Conrad breathed in deeply when he did it, enjoying the feeling of all the different fibers of his underwear grinding almost microscopically against his manhood. His cock twitched, a sign that it would be at full attention fairly soon. He could feel the blood rushing in and his rod expanding to full size inside of his lingerie, flattening to the side of him and his hip. Marcus smiled and rubbed it longways through the fabric.

“All mine. . .”

He quickly grabbed the waistband of Conrad’s underwear and almost tore it off down his legs, flinging it onto the floor. The previously trapped meatsicle sprung up and laid down flat on Conrad’s stomach. This time instead of directly spraying the whipped cream, he directed it onto two fingers and rubbed it up Conrad’s balls to around midway on his cock. For a final touch, he dropped a dollop onto the head of Conrad’s dick.

Starting at the balls, Marcus inhaled them both onto his tongue and into his lips. Conrad sighed at the warm wet feeling around his sack; Marcus swirled the flesh in his mouth, sucking gently at it. He put his hands on Conrad’s inner thighs, near the base of his erection, and slid his hands back and forth across them, providing extra sensation through Conrad’s legs. Conrad curled his toes, breathing heavily.

Inch by inch, Marcus began to swirl his tongue up Conrad’s man meat, lifting it gently at the base with his fingers, and held it upright. His tongue stroked up the soft skin of it, and just before he got to the tip he enveloped the entire thing with his lips. He sucked hard once his lips were secure, and a whimper caught in Conrad’s throat. Further and further down Marcus went, pulling the entire piece of meat into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on Conrad’s cock, his saliva acting as an easy lube for his mouth. It wasn’t long before his throat began to open and he was deep throating Conrad’s impressively sized dick. 

Only a few nights ago, Marcus could hardly make his way around Conrad’s tool and now he was literally making his way around it effortlessly. The flesh of his throat had encased the entire thing, and was malleable enough to not only take every inch of cock being pulled into it, but it was sturdy enough to handle it. Conrad was getting close, already, too. He laid still and gripped the duvet’s fibers, breathing heavily and whipping his head to and fro. Marcus only continued, not seeing Conrad’s tells of immense pleasure. He just continued sucking and swallowing the saltish taste of Conrad’s cock, mixed with the sweet taste of sugary cream-flavored saliva.

Conrad came suddenly. It took Marcus by surprise, and as Conrad started pumping his hips in ecstasy, Marcus began to pull away out of total shock. Conrad seemed to have other plans, though, and gripped the back of Marcus’ hair, holding his cock in Marcus’ throat. Inside of his throat, Marcus could feel heat building upon itself. It was only until Conrad’s thrusting got less intense did Conrad ease up on the force, and Marcus was able to pull Little Conrad farther out of his throat into just the inside of his mouth, where he could the last few weak shots of cum.

He smacked it between the roof of his mouth and his tongue. “Tastes better than whipped cream.” He said.

Conrad laughed a little, allowing Marcus to come up and kiss him, sharing the bit of his own semen from his tongue with him. Marcus smiled, biting his bottom lip, and turned Conrad around, wrapped his arms around his stomach in a spooning position. He curved forward a little to accommodate for Conrad’s sizable ass, but his pelvis fit perfectly against it.

Laughing again, Conrad wiggled his butt around Marcus’ semi-hard cock. “Warm.” he observed.

“Just wait until we have a damn blanket.” Marcus joked, kicking up the throw blanket from their feet and covering the two with it.

“You don’t wanna. . . handle that?”

“Nah, I’m cool with cuddling against that cute little butt of yours.” Marcus yawned.

“Okay, I’m pretty sure we talked about this. . .” Conrad said in a jokingly accusatory tone.

“Lovely and plump,” Marcus corrected, nuzzling his face into the back of Conrad’s neck. “I mean it.”



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