Technically it was really early. Someone could also argue that it was really late but that’s not how Oliver saw it. He saw it as really early. It was 12:57 a.m. and he was fully dressed and sitting at his window seat instead of in his boxer briefs under the covers of his bed. He had on his normal preppy clothes on and had his dark brown hair all gelled back, and his baby blue eyes were scanning the street below through the glass. His phone buzzed a minute later, and he immediately picked it up to read the text.

I’m here.

He slipped the device into his pocket and stood up, giving outside one more quick glance. There, across the road, a bit out of the light of the streetlamp was a figure. Oliver’s face didn’t move. He held a grim expression and turned to his bedroom door, beginning to tiptoe over. He paused when he was outside  his room, only to shut his door as silently as possible, and to peer down the hall at the master bedroom door when the handle clicked. No sound was made. He whirred around and continued lightly treading to the stairs, where he gently slid down the banister as to avoid any creaking of the steps’ floorboards. Stopping himself at the post at the bottom, he gently put his loafers on the ground and continued to the bathroom next to the front door and slipped through the window. 


Oliver almost fell over. “Jesus Christ, you scared me,” he whispered sharply.

The figure from the streetlamp was at the bottom of the steps now, and was looking up at Oliver. In closer vision, his features were more clearly made out. Buzzed almost black hair and thick but precise eyebrows. A boyish smile. The letterman jacket. Under his tank top, there were clearly protruding pectorals and his jeans tightly fit his waist and butt. It was him. The team quarterback and the track star, Conrad was a piece of work. He was looking up at Oliver with his dark brown eyes and he was biting his lips and smiling. Oliver’s cheeks flushed and he walked down the steps.

“Hi,” Oliver greeted.


They didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Considering the awkward situation they’d been in a week before, this was even more awkward of a situation. It was the last period of the day when Oliver finally mustered up the courage to ask what he’d been wondering for years. He had left his literature class to use the bathroom and on his way back Conrad was leaving class to ditch. That was the moment that Oliver took his leap and asked Conrad for a minute. ‘You’re straight right?’ Conrad’s little half chuckle and the answer he gave before Oliver exhaustedly dismissed him with a goodbye. Conrad was straight.

“So did you just wanna hang out, or. . ?” Oliver trailed off after holding the last R.

“Nah, I wanted to talk to you about that thing you asked me last week.”

“I’m so sorry, that was really insensitive of me to ask out of nowhere.”

Conrad bit his lip and turned towards the street and started walking. Oliver started following.

“Well, I’ve just been thinking. . . maybe I could try it out?” He stopped walking after he said it.

Oliver reached out an put his hand on Conrad’s shoulder, “Conrad.”

Conrad didn’t say anything. He just waited.

“Conrad, I’m flattered that you came to me for this, but I don’t know, I just can’t. I need to think about myself on this. I don’t want to be a phase for a confused straight guy,” Oliver murmured.

“I think I’m gonna go,” Conrad whispered.

“Wait,” Oliver said shortly. Conrad turned around into a surprise kiss. Oliver’s lips pressed strongly into his and Oliver slipped his hands under Conrad’s letterman and around his waist. Thirty seconds passed before Oliver pulled away. “That’s all I can give you.”

When Oliver returned to his room and looked through the window Conrad was gone.

 - - -

Two days passed before it was Monday again and school forced them back into the same room. Sixth period AP Literature. Oliver sat down in his desk, sliding his messenger bag under his chair and looking down at the glossy top of the workspace. He didn’t want to look up and see Conrad. He knew he would feel guilty and he was getting extremely anxious about seeing the hottest guy at school to whom he had turned down a hookup. Instinctively, Oliver took out a palm-size bottle of Purrell and squirted a small amount into his palm before closing the lid and rubbing it around his hands. He counted how many times he alternated sanitizing each hand, and he lost count at thirty-three when the teacher asked for the class to draw their attention to him. 

Oliver turned his head upward and flicked his pupils in Conrad’s direction. Conrad was fiddling around with Christian Mendoza who was seated next to him, and was paying Oliver no mind. The period seemed to go on forever. Oliver had expected the most uncomfortable of situations between them both, but it was just him. Conrad paid absolutely no attention to Oliver. Oliver kept a neutral expression, but really it killed him that Conrad seemed to be so careless after an encounter like the one from early Saturday morning. He got up and left after too long, because of his nerves, and he walked across campus to the back bathroom. Nobody used it so it was usually in pristine condition. He opened the door and walked inside, followed quickly by a pursuer.

“Oliver, you’re driving me crazy.”

Oliver turned around to be nose to nose with Conrad, who began wrapping his muscular arms around Oliver’s body. Conrad then continued to walk, pushing Oliver’s back against one of the stalls. Oliver reached backwards with his left hand and opened the stall door, allowing both of their entrance. He held his right hand on the back of Conrad’s head and pushed their faces together into a passionate kiss. They spent a full sixty seconds rotating their faces back and forth, angling their kisses differently each time, pushing at each other’s tongues with their own. Then Oliver kissed Conrad’s cheek. Then his chin. Then Oliver spent time on Conrad’s neck. Conrad tilted his head up and breathed slowly, controlling himself from making any louder noises.

“Oliver, you drive me so crazy,” he sighed.

Oliver reached up Conrad’s long-sleeve thermal and ran his palm and his fingers up and down Conrad’s washboard abs. Conrad, after too much fidgeting with his hands, lifted his shirt over his head carefully and let Oliver kiss lower until it seemed to basically be his around chest. He continued to sigh and breath and he pulled Oliver’s head in closer. Oliver dropped down to Conrad’s more sensitive nipple, the left one. Conrad let out a whine. Oliver pulled back.

“God you’re hot,” Oliver sighed. He stood upright and exited the stall, walking over to the mirrors.


“You’re hot,” Oliver repeated.

“Why did you stop?” Conrad inquired disappointedly from inside the stall.

“We’ve both been gone a while and I know how important your reputation is for you.”

“Oliver, I can’t go back to class like this.”

“Then put your shirt back on.”

“What I mean is you gave me a fucking huge-ass boner. What do I do about that?” Conrad said as he emerged from the stall.

It was true. Conrad was throwing wood hard. He looked about 8 inches through his pants.

“Damn. I wish I could help,” teased Oliver, before giving it a quick tug through Conrad’s jeans and leaving.

Conrad stood wide-eyed in the middle of the men’s room with his tool at full attention, hickeys up and down his neck, and without a shirt.

 - - -

A few days had passed since the bathroom. It became a regular thing for Conrad to disappear during lunch to sneak off for make out sessions with Oliver. Oliver would frequently take bathroom breaks for quick groping appointments with his new subject. Nobody suspected a thing from the masculine high school quarterback, and they definitely didn’t suspect him to even be affiliated with the down-to-earth musical star. They were free to sneak around and screw around whenever they wanted and nobody batted an eye.

Two weeks of saliva and groans and muscle-groping went by, and it was homecoming. Nobody had asked Oliver to homecoming, but he knew he wasn’t going to be alone when he was there. Conrad was going to be there with his date, Madison. Madison Trainer was by far one of the biggest bitches at the school. If people didn’t know her before she won Junior Prom Queen, they definitely did after that. She was perfect; Blonde curly hair and porcelain skin and shiny blue eyes. Her teeth were completely white and she was extremely well-shaped for her size. With her toned waist and D-cup bra size, almost all the boys in the school wanted her. But she wanted Conrad.

The school’s hallways were mostly empty until the foyer to the gym was found. Oliver leaned down and polished the tiniest scuff mark on his right dress shoe. When he stood up, smiling, he looked around through the crowd of his friends around him. He couldn’t find who he was looking for, and he couldn’t hear Conrad throughout the chatter and the booming of the music through the walls. All he could hear were his friends, who were beginning to walk through the door. He quickly adjusted his blazer and fiddled with his hair and followed suit.

When he entered the room, the flashing lights and booming music immediately was too much for Oliver. He looked around nervously at the door. It seemed accessible if he wanted to go. But for now, he was pushing into the crowd of dancing people with his friends. Everybody was whooping and singing and fist-pumping and hopping up and down. It was a lively event and there were so many people, so Oliver just danced with his friends in their group. He twirled and jumped and thrusted and suddenly his mind was gone. All he could do was dance. He was having so much fun.

About thirty minutes passed before he felt a hand touch the front of his waist from behind, Oliver leaned back and pressed his back against his dance-partner’s chest. The thick pecs gave it away immediately. Oliver looked around. Nobody was paying any attention because they were all so focused on the DJ on the stage that was set out. Conrad pulled Oliver closer to him by the waist, and began his move. Oliver felt a pressure against the material on his ass and reached back to grab Conrad, who proceeded to begin rubbing his package up and down Oliver’s butt. Everyone was so close that nobody noticed. Oliver started to blush. Conrad was getting aroused. He had a boner in the middle of the crowd and was acting like nothing was happening at all. He just continued  rubbing his package back and forth across Oliver’s perked up ass.

A minute later they were both in the bathroom next to the gym. The music was blaring through the walls and overpowering anything less than a burp. When they had rushed in, Conrad chose the stall next to the handicapped stall for them to use. Conrad sat down on the toilet and Oliver straddled his lap, facing him. Oliver kissed and kissed and kissed and finally took off Conrad’s blazer, hanging it up on the door’s hanger and tore open Conrad’s button up shirt. Conrad pulled Oliver’s over his head. Then Oliver kissed under his chin, letting him sigh out his pleasure and grope around at Oliver’s lower back until he found the perky bubble butt that he longed for.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut. Someone else was in the bathroom with them. Oliver raised his legs and wrapped them around Conrad’s waist. Everything was dead quiet. No kisses, no moans, no sounds at all were in the bathroom except for the booming bass of the music in the gymnasium. It was just two fit teenage boys in the stall, half undressed, groping for flesh, just about ready to devour each other in lust, while a stranger waited outside unknowingly. Then there were footsteps. The clacking that came from them made it clear they were stilettos.

“Conrad, I know you’re in here,” It was Madison Trainer.

She knocked on one of the stall’s doors and waited. Then she opened it. Conrad shut his eyes tight. He knew what was going to happen. She opened the next stall. Then the next stall, which was the one next to them. Oliver looked at Conrad, who was obviously awaiting his social demise in fear, and quickly slid his shirt back on. then he stood up and opened the stall door a crack and slipped out casually. Madison looked at him bewilderedly.

“What are you doing in here?” She inquired.

“It’s the boys bathroom, what are you doing in here?”

“I’m looking for my date. I brought - “

Oliver interrupted her and walked over to the sink. “Yeah, Conrad I heard. He’s not in here, so can you get out? You don’t identify.”

In the mirror, Oliver could see she was making a bitch face. He smiled and waved a soapy hand goodbye, sending her storming out. Conrad emerged from the stall with his blazer on and his shirt in his hand. He was grinning as he walked over to Oliver.

“You tore my dress shirt,” he announced, and he wrapped his arms around Oliver’s waist.

Oliver hummed delightedly and reached up to Conrad’s chest, beginning to tighten his necktie. “Just say you hooked up with a girl.”

Conrad lifted Oliver up from his ass and looked up at his face. “Where were we?”

Oliver giggled and shook his head. “No, no, set me down. We can’t do this here. What if someone else walks in?”

“We’ll be in the stall,” Conrad shrugged.

“I’ll see you at the afterparty, Conrad.”

Conrad leaned over and pressed his lips onto Oliver’s, and then Oliver left the bathroom.

 - - -

Almost everyone was drunk. People filled up the house and it was almost as if you couldn’t even move through each room without bumping into at least four people. Oliver was mostly sober, but still held a cup of rum and coke in his hand. He just needed to take the edge off of his anxiety in this sort of crowd. He was looking around at everyone and was smiling politely at all the drunk people who came to talk to him, but wasn’t completely paying attention anyways. He was scanning through each room until he found Conrad sitting on the couch in the den of whoever’s house it was. Madison sat next to him, and had her hand on his inner thigh. He was telling a story to a circle of people and Madison was uncontrollably giggling. She moved her hand closer to his groin.

At this point, Oliver took a gulp of his rum and coke. Then another, and then he started in and sat on Conrad’s other side. Conrad turned to him and greeted him with a drunken ‘Ayyyyyy!’ and a hug. Immediately, he turned his attention to Madison, who started to rub her palm up and down his groin. Then he turned back around at Oliver.

“Sir, please help me please,” Conrad slurred.

“What can I do for you, bud?” Oliver responded.

“Can you make me get to the baths-room?”

“Yea, let me help you out to the baths-room.”

Oliver wrapped Conrad’s bicep around his neck and did the same with his own. Conrad stood up quickly, balanced well by Oliver’s weight. Madison put her hand down in her lap. Oliver began towards the last bathroom he saw when he was going through the house, and opened the door. Conrad stumbled forward off of Oliver and into the walk-in shower. Oliver watched. Conrad started to dance spastically inside of the shower. Oliver watched inquisitively, his eyebrows raised, and stepped into the shower with Conrad after shutting the door.

“Conrad, you’re a mess.”

“You’re so hot. God you’re hot.”

Oliver laughed and putting his hands on Conrad’s pecs. Conrad put his hands on Oliver’s back.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot,” Conrad repeated. He put his hands down the back of Oliver’s pants and squeezed, “And you’ve got one nice ass.”

Oliver laughed some more. “Well what about you, Mr. Muscles?”

Conrad took his hands out of Oliver’s pants and took off his blazer. Then he made lifted his arm and flexed his bicep. Oliver smiled and kissed under Conrad’s neck, all the way up his smooth skin to his bicep. Conrad drunkenly chuckled and waited until his partner was kissing his neck again to put his hands down the back off Oliver’s pants. Then he applied pressure with his fingers, squeezing tightly, and he shook around Oliver’s asscheeks.

“Wanna make that fuckin’ hot ass mine,” he groaned.

Oliver grunted in return and kissed lower on Conrad’s chest, then his stomach. Conrad pulled his hands out of Oliver pants again as Oliver descended, and put them on the back of his head instead, pushing his lips against his abs. Oliver kissed tenderly and softly, noting Conrad rolling his head back and forth in ecstasy. His stomach was a weak point. That was quality information for future reference. Conrad licked his lips and swung his head back and forth, his eyes closed. 

Oliver began to kiss lower, in between each set of abdominal muscles, and lower, directly on his belly button, and lower, down his treasure trail. He stopped right above the waistband of Conrad’s pants, and he looked up at Conrad, who rolled his head down and looked at Oliver with wanting. The look on his was was the look of sex. The look that told Oliver that he wanted Oliver to suck his dick. the heavy breathing that ensued only heightened the sexual tension. The longer Oliver waited, and the longer Conrad wanted it, the more they both craving it. Oliver broke the tension finally by kissing the front of Conrad’s pants.

Over and over Oliver kissed at Conrad’s blue faded jeans, those of which seemed to be getting tighter and tighter as Conrad’s arousal grew. He was getting a full hard-on from the partial he had been sporting moments ago. Burying his face in Conrad’s crotch, Oliver breathed in. The musk was enticing; Oliver felt his own hard-on twitch. He wanted to do nothing else but use the tool that Conrad kept hidden inside his pants. The odor was sending him over the edge with sexual desire. He wanted Conrad in his mouth now. After one last kiss to Conrad’s erection over his pants, Oliver undid the top button above Conrad’s zipper and pulled down his fly. Neon blue boxer briefs. Those came down.

Oliver licked his lips and leans in slowly, placing his lips at the base of Conrad’s shaft, near the top of his balls. His nose rubbed against Conrad’s well trimmed and groomed hair. The smell of sweat and flesh and sex spread through the air. Oliver raised his hand up to Conrad’s beautiful 8-inch and lifted it. His lips parted and his tongue rolled out of his mouth, catching his paramour’s balls on it, and dragging it upward until it was back inside of his mouth.


Conrad moaned a clear, low, moan. Oliver continued lapping up Conrad’s jewels, and looked up at his face. His head was hung back, and his mouth was open. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head. He was leaning against the wall of the shower with his hips and legs forward. He reached forward and started running his fingers through Oliver’s hair. Oliver watched him in fascination. How Conrad’s face twanged in pleasure as he alternated bringing each testicle into his mouth and sucking it ravenously.

Then he kissed the head of his cock. He could almost feel its throbbing as if he, himself, were in possession of the thick stick of meat between the quarterback’s legs. He kissed it and swirled his tongue around it, then put his lips around the head. He slowly eased Conrad through his mouth. Inch by inch. Conrad started squirming in pleasure. The wet hot feeling enveloping his throbbing wood was making him hornier, and he bit his lips to suppress a gasp.

Oliver slowly started back to the head when he was at around 3/4 of Conrad’s cock. When he got to the tip, he swirled his tongue around the circumference of the head, fitting his tongue into the small ridge as he went around. Conrad opened his mouth slightly and let out another groan.

“Ohhhhhmmmmm. . .”

Oliver pulled his lips away from Conrad’s personal delicacy and lifted his cock so that it pressed against his abs. Then Oliver’s eyes flicked up to Conrad’s face. Conrad was staring down at him, biting his lower lip, his eyes gazing tensely but lovingly back. The hands on the back of Oliver’s head were taken away, only to pull down their owner’s pants to his knees.  He wanted more. All Oliver could think about was Conrad, and he guessed the roles were reversed for Conrad. He liked it. He liked being focused on by such a mass of sexual energy. A god figuratively on his knees, begging for more. He slowly angled his lover’s cock away from his abs, but exposed more of it’s left side. And he licked up it slowly. He counted each inch as he went.

One- Conrad dropped his head back as Oliver licked up the length of the first inch.

Two- Oliver reached his right hand up to Conrad’s waist, and continued to use the other one for a clear shot and angle of Conrad’s cock.

Three- Conrad’s hips pushed forward, towards Oliver.

Four- Conrad whipped his head around. His pleasure was overflowing.

Five- The fifth inch sent a shudder down Conrad’s body.

Six- “Ohhhhh, Oliver, yea baby.”

Seven- Conrad pushed his chest outward, letting his hands fall back down to Oliver’s hair.

Eight- Oliver’s tongue slowly flicked up the slit, and spiraled around Conrad’s cockhead. He lapped at it a few more times before he enveloped it back into his mouth.

Conrad convulsed with pleasure. He was whimpering like a puppy, begging for more. Oliver couldn’t help but grin as he went back down onto Conrad’s impressive eight inches, removing his hand from the base of Conrad and under his legs, putting a grip on his left asscheek. His lips slid down the piece of meat he was so hungrily devouring, slowly, all the way to the base. His throat relaxed as the meat stick very smoothly slid into it. Then Oliver began to suck on him. He hummed a bit.

“Oliver, ohhh”

From the groans coming out of Conrad, Oliver could tell the quarterback liked that. Conrad’s closed around Oliver’s hair, and he pulled Oliver closer. Oliver breathed through his nose so as not to choke. All he got was more musky scent from Conrad’s trimmed pubes. The pressure in the front of his pants was achingly awaiting attention. He slowly pulled away to halfway on Conrad’s rod, then went back down. Conrad’s body shook again.

Oliver started picking up the pace. Sliding to the tip of Conrad’s cock, and leaning forward, sucking the entire thing into his throat again. Conrad’s fingers massaged the back of Oliver’s head, at the same time keeping it in place as it bobbed up and down. It was a series of incredible sensations for Conrad. He’d never felt this fulfilled with a girl. Something he’d always thought only a girl could do was being done by a boy. But it was done like never before. It was better. 

Oliver pulled away and regained breath, then dove to the side, kissing the base of Conrad’s dick, then lower on his balls, then he pushed up with his nose, his lips boring into Conrad from under his balls, forcing Conrad onto his tiptoes, a shudder rising up his spine. The feeling was sensational. No girl would ever have gone near that spot on him. Conrad raised his eyebrows and moaned again, bringing his lips together and breathing out of them heavily.

“Wait wait wait wait,” Conrad gasped quickly.

Oliver pulled away and looked up at Conrad, “Yea?”

“You’re clean, right?”


“You don’t have any diseases?” Conrad asked.

“Wow I didn’t really have you pegged as the type of guy to care.”

“Do you?”

“No, Conrad, I don’t have any STD’s. Do you?”

“No. Last time I checked.”

“Is that it?”

Conrad laughed and pushed Oliver head back down onto his fully-inflated manhood. Oliver took it all to fast, and gagged around Conrad’s dick. Conrad stopped laughing and furrowed his eyebrows, dropped his jaw. Oliver pulled back and looked at the piece of meat, then he pumped his fist back and forth on it and got back to work.

In his head he made the decision that he enjoyed the taste of Conrad’s prick more than any other taste. His thoughts were cut short but a sudden change in dominance. Conrad seemed to have his back off the wall and now was leaning into Oliver’s mouth. He thrusted his hips forward, pushing his entire length down Oliver’s throat. And just as quickly as the dominance had changed, Conrad thrusted again. He held Oliver’s head steady and started roughly fucking his new playboy’s mouth.

Oliver bobbed his head as well. He wanted to please his sexy man. Everything was going so quickly. He was fucking so fast, and Oliver had thought he had his mouth full before. Conrad’s fingers dug into Oliver’s head, and he thrusted faster. He was heavily breathing and occasionally grunting. It didn’t seem very much like he knew what he was doing. Oliver tapped out and pulled away.

“Ok, you really don’t know how to do this. Just let me, okay? You sound like you’re in pain,” Oliver said.

Conrad laughed breathlessly and leaned his back up against the wall once more, “Can I tell you a secret?”

“I don’t know, after being in the closet for middle school and half of my high school career, I’m not sure I can keep a secret.” Oliver rolled his eyes.

Conrad chuckled again, “You’re honestly giving me the best blowjob in the world.”

Oliver grinned, “Not a secret. Thanks though.”

Oliver lifted Conrad’s cock in between his thumb and his forefinger and he slowly licked up the head with his the top of his tongue, and then back down with the bottom. Again, he slipped the tip of Conrad into his mouth, and began devouring the erection into his mouth inch by inch, very slowly. Conrad breathed out slowly and accepted Oliver’s work at his pleasure.

Oliver hungrily sucked at the quarterback’s dick. He was working with all he could and performing all the tricks he could. He swirled his tongue around every inch of Conrad’s member. His lips has slid up and down the entire thing. He was pulling Conrad’s hips into his mouth by his ass with one hand, and gently massaging Conrad’s prostate from the outside with his other hand. He was listening for the sentence that would satisfy his lust. The sentence that would finally snap the sexual tension and reach climax.

“Fuck, Oliver, I’m gonna cum.”

Oliver looked up at Conrad, who was looking down at him with the sexiest face he’d even given. The innermost part of his eyebrows were raised, his jaw was halfway dropped, the right side of his lip was trapped between his teeth, and his eyes were gazing down at Oliver in pure wanting.

“Oliver, slow down, I can’t contain myself.”

Oliver continued.

“Oh, fuck, Oliver.” 

Oliver bobbed up and down, and pulled his hand from outside Conrad’s prostate. He wrapped his fingers around the base of Conrad’s shaft to speed up the process. Back and forth, he moved the ring he made with his finger.

“Mmmmmm, Oliver, fuck.”

Conrad’s chest shot forward, then his pelvis. Inside of his mouth, Oliver could feel his tongue being sprayed with hot, delicious, cum. He continued rocking his hips back and forth instinctively, and Oliver slowly pulled away, the inside of his mouth already halfway filled with Conrad’s semen. But Conrad didn’t stop. He just kept coming and coming and cumming and cumming. Oliver’s face was next in Conrad’s aim, and he got two loads to the face,  which stretched from the bottom of his lower lip to the top of his right cheek, and the top of his left eye to his chin, with a large amount near the mouth.

Oliver open your shirt.”

Oliver did as he was told and tore open the top buttons of his shirt, pulling the shirt down his muscled shoulders. Conrad fired what was left that he had to give onto Oliver’s pecs.


Oliver sat still with his back against the opposite wall of Conrad’s. Conrad leaned down and kissed him, allowing Oliver to share what he hadn’t swallowed. Then he kissed Oliver’s chest, and lapped up the mess he made there. Then he stood up and looked down at Oliver. He laughed.

“Jeez, I really got you, didn’t I?” he said, buckling his pants at their appropriate heigth.

“If I hadn’t have known better I’d have thought you were a fuckin’ dump truck.” Oliver retorted.

Conrad laughed again and reached out of the shower to grab a hand towel from the sink, only to kneel back down to Oliver’s level and help him wipe the ropes of semen he had left there, that were beginning to liquify. Oliver smiled brightly and leaned up, kissing Conrad.

“That was pretty hot,” Conrad thought aloud.

“Mhm. Now wait a few minutes after me.” Oliver stood up slowly, his knees a bit weak, and then walked out of the bathroom, slipping through the doorway so nobody saw.

Conrad picked up his blazer and stared at it for a while, then he smiled and put it on.

 - - -

Conrad looked around nervously. Not that it should’ve mattered, because nobody was there inside the café other than him and Oliver. If anyone saw him alone with the school’s poster child for PFLAG and the LGBT+ community, they would find out. He tapped his foot to keep himself calm.

“So why are we here? This is a public place. I can’t. . . Oliver, why’d you bring me? What if people. . . see us?” Conrad had so many questions, but that’s all he could manage.

“Conrad, nobody even knows this place exists. Its not a big chain of cafes so it wouldn’t be well known and the people that do come in come here to mind their own business. It’s mostly discreet gay guys looking to hook up with each other or people who don’t play part in anyone else’s lives but their own.” Oliver explained.

“Why are we here?” Conrad continued tapping his foot.

“Because you and I need to define this relationship that we have.”

Conrad shook his head. “I hope you know this is just me experimenting. I’m not gay, Oliver.”

“Save your breath I’ve heard this from you before. You may not like labels and I’m not going to put any on you, but I want to know if you’re experimenting with anyone else.”

“You’re the only other gay guy I know.”

Oliver looked down at the bagel in his hand and smiled. “What do you mean the only other one?”

Conrad grimaced. “You trapped me into that,” he said.

“Your words.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Conrad, it’s okay,” Oliver said, and he reached out with his free hand and took Conrad’s.

Conrad held it for a second. He stopped tapping his foot and smiled. Then he pulled away and stood up.

“Oliver, I’m just experimenting.”

Oliver shook his head. “Then you can’t do it with me anymore. I told you I’m not going to be phase. I’m going to be a permanence.”

Conrad walked out of the café into the morning air. Oliver looked down at his bagel, frowning.

Plans for the next story between these two are coming into place. Stick around.



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