As I ran my fingers lightly along Greg's leg, his cock stiffened and began to peek out the leg of his shorts as he continued to work under the sink.. I decided to make my move.

Slowly, I slid my hand into the leg opening and gently grasped his hard cock. I slowly stroked it a moment then casually reached up and unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped them. I grasped the hem on the legs of his shorts and gently began pulling them down. He paused working just long enough to raise his hips, allowing me to slip his shorts completely off.

To my surprise, he calmly went back to work removing the sink connections as I began stroking his hard leaking cock. It wasn't until I leaned over and began sucking his hard cock that he stopped working and moaned softly.

"It's all yours, Mark," he said softly.

I continued sucking and soon brought him to a climax, which was huge and thick. I eagerly swallowed it then sat up and said, "I know I shouldn't have done that but I just couldn't resist."

"Don't apologize. You didn't see me trying to stop you. Besides, I knew you wanted it before now."


"I've been sucked before. I've learned what to look for. I don't suck but I damn sure enjoy getting sucked, so anytime you want it just let me know. I won't deny you."

"Greg, I wanted to do that since the first day you arrived, but I wasn't sure how you would accept my advances until you changed in front of me and said you might come back by and get nude.

"I do enjoy being nude, especially outdoors. I figured that if I changed in front of you it might trigger the response it did. I was hoping you'd do just what you did."

"So while I was trying to put the make on you, you were inviting me to do it."

"Basically, yes, and we both got what we wanted."

"Damn, unbelievable, I said. "I need a beer."

"Get me one, too. I'll be there in a few minutes. I'm almost done here."

I went back to the motor home and retrieved two beers from the fridge. I was about half through with mine when he emerged from the house to join me, still nude and carrying his shorts.

"Hope you don't mind me staying nude," he said.

"No, not at all."

"Why don't you join me. It would make me more comfortable."

I smiled and stood and removed my shorts, then asked, "How long you been letting guys suck you?"

"I got my first blow job when I was about fourteen. I was at the movies up top on the back row all by myself. A guy about thirty came up and sat down next to me. It was dark, of course, and after just a minute or so, I felt his hand on my leg. I was a little scared yet curious. Before long he was rubbing my boner through my jeans. He whispered for me to pull them down. I did and he shoved them down to my ankles. The next thing I knew he had his head in my lap sucking my cock. I loved it, I have to admit. After he got me off, he gave me ten dollars to meet him again the next Saturday."

"Did you?"

"Hell yea. I did for over a year. Then one Saturday he said it was our last time because he was being transferred to another city. I was hooked on getting my cock sucked so I started checking out the park and getting sucked there. As I got older, I'd let any guy that mad a play for me suck me off."

"Do you get sucked often?"

"Not often enough for me. Sometimes once or twice a week at the gym in the steam room. Sometimes at the park."

"Well, if you want, you van come by here every afternoon and I'll be glad to take care of you."

"You might regret making that offer. I just might do it."

Looking at him I smiled and said, "I certainly hope you do, and whenever you're here, please feel free to go nude. I love looking at your body."

"Will you be nude also?"

"Sure, why?"

"Well, for one thing, it will make me more comfortable. Secondly, for some reason, I kind of like looking at your body."

My heart skipped a beat, wondering if his previous curiosity was getting to him.

He finished his beer and started for his truck. When he was about half way to it, I called out, "Hey, Greg. You want another before you leave?"

"Fuck yea," he replied and came back to where I was sitting, stopping right in front of me, his cock right in my face. I swallowed it and again brought him to another wonderful climax.

"Damn, you're good," he said as he headed back to his truck.

The next morning he showed up and when I saw he was alone, I stepped out of the motor home completely nude. He smiled and after stepping out of his truck he stripped and came to me, accepting the cup of coffee I was offering him.

He took it and without saying a word, I went to my knees and began sucking him again.

"Damn, what a way to start the day. Good coffee and a great blow job. I could get spoiled to this."

After getting him off and of course swallowing his load, I stood ad said, "I like it also."

He checked everything out and said, "All the old plumbing is gone. I'll wait until Drew gets his work done to start putting the new plumbing. I talked with him and he said he didn't think it would take over a week to do."

"Maybe I could suck both of you together," I said.

"Mark, don' try anything with him. We've talked some about sex and from what I've gathered, he's not into male sex in any form."

"Thanks for the warning, but I hope you'll come by in the afternoons."

"I'm planning on it," he said.

It was a Saturday and I asked what he had planned for the evening.

"Nothing really. I was thinking about calling some buds and see if they wanted to do some bar hopping."

"Well, instead, why don't you come back out here and I'll throw a couple of steaks on the grill and we can have dinner."

"Sounds good to me. I'll bring the beer."

"Sounds good, and if you drink to much you can crash out here. I have room."

"Deal," he said. "What time?"

"I'll go to the store here shortly so basically any time you want, but after you turn in, sound your horn so I'll know it's you."

"Great. I'll see you later," he said and left.

I went to the store and bought what I needed and returned. I got the steaks ready to grill and potatoes ready to put in the oven. I walked to the back yard and looked it over, thinking of adding a pool.

At shortly after four, I heard a vehicle coming along the drive and the horn sound. I knew it was Greg. I stood and waited for him.

He parked and got out of his truck and reached into the back for the cooler full of beer and ice.

After setting it down next to the door, he said, "I'm going in to get comfortable."

When he came back out nude, I noticed his cock slightly boned.

"You getting excited already?" I asked.

"Yea, from looking at that DVD you left laying by the TV."

"Shit, sorry. I forgot it was out."

He was referring to a gay porn DVD I had watched earlier.

"It's cool. I'd like to watch it and see exactly what guys do together besides sucking."

"If you're sure, fine. Now?"

"Sure, why not. Let's grab a beer."

We did and I started the movie. As we watched, he couldn't believe guys kissed, ate each others ass and fucked each other. He had questions which I answered honestly. After the first few minutes, his cock was rock hard as was mine. I eased over and sat between his legs and sucked him slowly and gently while he watched the movie.

When the guys started fucking each other he asked, "Doesn't that hurt?"

"The first time it's is the worst pain you will ever experience when it starts but it soon turns to pleasure. The more you get fucked the less pain there is."

"Damn, it's hard to believe that having another guys cock up your ass can feel good."

"It does, believe me."

Watching the movie turned him on and he soon fed me his load, the first of the evening. I definitely had plans to get several more.

We had a couple more beers and chatted about things other than sex. Then we grilled the steaks and ate dinner. I sucked Greg a second time, then later a third time. I discussed putting in a pool with him and he said he knew just the guy.

Before we knew it, it was near nine o'clock. I looked at him and said, "Greg, you've had enough to drink that you don't need to be on the road."

"Mark, I've drank a lot more than this and have driven with no problem, but if it will make you feel better I'll stay."

"Good." I said. "I'd hate to hear that you ere in a wreck or got a DUI."

I got bedding out and made up the pull out sofa for him. We went to bed and a while later I felt him slip into bed with me.

"Something wrong with your bed?"

"No. I just want to see what it's like to sleep with another guy."

"Be my guest," I said.

He sipped over next to me and to my surprise, he was facing me and cuddling, rubbing my chest with his hand. Then he raised his head and I felt his lips meet mine. He parted his lips and offered his tongue. I eagerly kissed him back. We kissed for several minutes. Then, he grasped my cock and began stroking me.

I grasped his and began stroking him as I began kissing his neck and chest and sucking his nipples. soon, i was between his legs and after raising them I began eating his ass and he moaned loudly. I stopped and gave him yet another blow job.

After I lay back up next to him he said, "That was super hot. I loved it."

After a moment, he kissed me again then to my shocked pleasure he did the exact same thing to me, sucking his first cock and eating his first ass. He even swallowed my load when I filled his mouth.

"What brought that on?" I asked.

"Curiosity," he replied. "Will I do it all again, I have no idea, but I do know that I didn't find it repulsive at all. Only time will tell."

We cuddled and went to sleep. The next morning I sucked him twice before he left.

On Monday, Drew arrived to start on the bathroom. I watched him and noticed him checking me out. Remembering what Greg had said, I somehow felt he had been wrong, but decided not to take a chance.

On Wednesday, he let his crew leave and said to me he had some things he wanted to do personally.

I said fine and near sunset I went to check. He was working shirtless. Seeing his build and very hairy chest, my cock stirred and stiffened slightly. He immediately noticed. seconds later I noticed his stiffening which made mine go fully hard. he looked in my direction and stopped working. Stepping up to me face to face, he grabbed my hard cock and said, "I think he needs some attention."

Then without further words, he dropped to his knees and unzipped my shorts and extracted my hard cock, immediately swallowing it balls deep. It didn't take him long to get my load which he hungrily swallowed.

When he stood up, I asked, "Does Greg have any idea you're into guys?"

"Fuck no! He's straight as a board and I've led him to believe I am also. Please don't say anything."

"I won't," I said as I dropped and began sucking him off. Before he left a little after dark, we had also fucked each other.

Drew and I had sex every afternoon while he was working. After he'd leave Greg would stop by late and I'd suck him. I was in heaven.

Drew finished his work and we agreed to meet when we could. Greg returned and began putting in new plumbing by himself so we could be nude and I could suck him.

When the weekend arrived, he still had a small amount of work to do. He still had not returned any sexual favors since that first time and I didn't push it. Maybe he just wasn't into it.

Friday evening as he finished up for the day he asked, "Mark, do you mind if I stay here tonight?"

"Not at all. I'll enjoy the company," I replied.

"Thanks, and can I share your bed again?"

"If you want to, of course."

We ate some dinner and had a couple of beers. It wasn't quite eight o'clock when he said, "I'm going to shower. You think there is room for two in there?"

"I think so," I said with a smile.

We managed to both fit in the shower and as we washed each other he again kissed me, tongues exploring.

After drying off, he held my hand and led me to the bed. Laying down we kissed again then he began kissing my neck and chest and nipples. Working his way down,he was soon sucking my balls. After lifting my legs, he began tongue fucking me and licking my hole, before going up to my cock and sucking me dry.

When he lay back beside me, I asked, "You decided to try it again?"

"Yep. This week, I've been seeing a few old girl friends and fucking them. There was just one problem. I didn't enjoy it. All I could think about was having sex with you, sucking your cock and eating your ass. And their kisses were nothing compared to yours."

"Are you saying that you just want male sex now?"

"At least with you, yes. I'm not sure how it would be with another guy."

"Well, after you finish this job, I'm taking you out of town where you're not known and let you find out for yourself."

I then serviced him and afterward we cuddled and kissed. Later, as we lay there I said "Greg, fuck me."

"Sure," He replied.

Within seconds, he had his cock up my ass and was fucking away saying how much better than pussy it was. He soon filled my ass.

After he pulled out he said, "Now, you fuck me."

"You remember what I told you, don't you?"

"Yes, I can take it. Just do it."

I did and he cried out in pain upon my entry but before long he was moaning in pleasure.

"Yea, fuck me. Shoot your load up me and let me see what it's like."

Seconds later I did just that as he called out, "Oh fuck yea. Shoot it all."

After I pulled out, I asked, "You doing okay?"

"Oh yea. You took my cherry and I loved it. I want it again."

"Not now. Maybe tomorrow."

Soon we were asleep. the next morning we had a hot sixty-nine, then a long passionate kiss. After breakfast he asked me to fuck him again. i did and he moaned in pleasure.

"Mark, all this time of getting sucked, I realize that I was really wanting to experiment. I don't know how to thank you for showing me my true self. I know now for sure I'm gay."

He hugged and kissed me passionately. He went out and finished his work and we got the water turned back on and the water heater turned on.

"Come back tonight and we'll try out that new big walk in shower."

"You couldn't keep me away,"he said.

He returned and spent another night with me, another sexual heavenly experience.

I had the pool installed and Greg and I broke it in that first night, swimming nude.

After a long swim, we sat in lounges on the side and I asked, "What would you do if you found out Drew was gay?"

"What? No way is he gay. What made you ask that?"

"Greg, I probably shouldn't tell you but drew is as gay as I am. He does it all, just like me."

"How do you know that?"

I told him about what happened between Drew and I the first time.

"Damn, he came on to you and just sucked you?"

"Yep," I replied. "And I was wondering if you'd like to have a three way with him?"\

"Sure, but how are you going to set it up?"

"Leave that to me."

I made a plan, telling greg that I'd invite Drew over and once we were having sex poolside he could walk up nude and asked if he could join.

He agreed. I called Drew and set it up for the next evening. Drew arrived and we swam a while before getting out and beginning to have sex. Greg had been waiting on a side road watching for Drew to arrive. After a moment, he pulled in part way to the house and stripped, leaving his clothes in the truck.

Walking up to the house he quietly circled it and watched. Drew got on his back and had me kneel across his chest facing him and slid my cock into his mouth. As I fucked Drew's mouth, Greg silently eased up staying out of Drew's sight and knelt and quickly swallowed Drew's hard cock.

Drew jumped, halfway throwing me off of him and looked down.

Seeing Greg, he yelled,"Fucking, no way. Greg?"

"Yep, now shut up and let me finish," Greg said.

Drew watched a short while then returned to sucking me. That evening we did it all to and with each other after greg filled Drew in on our beginning.

The three of us get together regularly now. It's easier now since Greg has moved in with me and become my lover. We couldn't be happier.

THE END.....



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