After giving Santiago his first ever blow job, I knew he would want more, but I made it a point  that when he brought the subject up again, I would avoid talking about. Even his parading around naked after showering  with his cock hanging in full view or the obvious hardons in my presence didn´t deter me.  We kept it a secret between us until he turned eighteen and had to serve in the military, Deep down I knew I wanted to continue but as he matured from adolescence into full manhood there was always that sexual episode we had shared kept secretly hidden between us.

   When he would come home on leave we would try to have a normal conversation but as it progressed I would be well aware of certain sexual innuendos that he would employ. I knew at this point he was an adult male with wants and desires. Santiago had his girlfriends who I knew he was fucking but he would always say they didn´t know how to suck his cock like I had done. Finally I gave in to his advances one night as we shared a few bottles of beer and most importantly when his Uncle was away for the weekend. I wasn´t much of a drinker and after a bit  went to lay down. Santiago comtinued to drink  and finally came upstairs I thought to his room. I remember him vaguely shuffling to the side of my bed where I was laying. I could tell he was looking at me in his drunken state pondering the situation. I heard him say he wanted to show me something. I opened my eyes to see his erect cock just inches from my face. Santiago had it in his hand asking if I knew how big it had gotten after five years. It had indeed gotten bigger at least 11 inches since I had seen it close up. It was a masterpiece of masculine endowment.

   I could see its huge turgid head exposed from his foreskin already slimy from his precum. He asked me if I remembered the taste of his cock as he brought his shaft closer to my face. I noticed a look in his eyes that said this time I wasn´t going to deny him. He immediately straddled my chest pinning me to the bed. He hadn´t removed his army fatigues or his boots for that matter. I just kept looking at his huge cock mesmerized by its size. He said he knew I wanted to suck it and I did. He brought the head of his cock to my lips which soon gave way to let him enter. He reached around and touched my already hard cock. He smiled and said he knew  I would give in this time. As he entered my mouth , he slid his member to the back of my throat til it had started its journey down my throat.  i told him to get rid  of his fatigues. He got off the bed and stripped naked removing  his army pants and boots . He quickly straddled my chest again and brought took out a rubber ripping off the tube and put the elastic ring around his cock and he brought his cock to my mouth. He still had my arms pinned to the side and said  to start sucking since he had a huge load of cum for me. I grabbed his ass and brought his member to my mouth engulfing his entire hard cock feeling the foreskin slide easily back and forth. I could see his huge hairy  balls hanging just below his cock and I wanted to taste them. I took each hairy ball within my lips as he jacked his cock above my face. I had pushed my head farther below his balls and sought out his hairy covered hole. I speared his hole with my tongue tasting his muskiness within. I could see him looking down at me pleased at what i was doing.He said he remembered the first time I had eatten his ass and was hoping I would want to do it again. He was grinding his ass against my face saying no one but you has ever eaten his ass. He said I was the first to blow him and the first to eat his ass.

   I asked him if he had ever been fucked and he said no and his got real red. I knew he wasn´t telling me the truth, since he had a bubble ass to die for. I said for him to sit on my cock. He straddled my cock which was seeping so much precum we didn´t need any lubricant. He eased the head of my cock inside and my eight inches quickly filled his ass channel. I told him to go up and down on my member til only the head remained, then back down again. I told him I wasn´t going to last long. He kept feeding me his ass til I exploded inside filling him with my semen. He seemed pleased giving me his ass and as I shrunk he eased himself off. I said I was the first to suck his cock and eat his ass but not the first to fuck him. Santiago said he gave his ass to his Uncle Jhon. He said after I had sucked him off the first time, he wanted more. He said they had sex various times exchanging  blow jobs. nothing more . Then one night the Uncle Jhon  said he wanted his ass. Santiago said he had never had a cock in his ass least wise a cock so big. He said he was curious and hesitant at the same time. Finally he gave in to his Uncle and let him fuck him. Uncle Jhon  said he had a real tight ass and in no time his tight ass was milking the cum from his black balls. I wasn´t surprised hearing this from Santiago at all.  I told him to lie on his back while I sucked him off. I  wanted to make this blow job as memorable as his first. I went down on him all the way to his balls which he watched intently saying it was like the first time I had sucked him off. I said the only difference was his cock was much bigger, than before. Santiago said I would believe how many times he had jacked off wanting my lips around his cock. He started to thrust his cock up into my face and I knew it wouldn´t be long. I managed to stick my finger inside his ass and touch his prostate. That was all that was needed as I felt the first pulse of cum coming up his stalk I took his forskin between my teeth and blocked his cum from shooting out . I could feel it ballon within my mouth until almost the last spurt of his orgasm then I let it go releasing a huge amount of his semen all at once which I let flow down my throat and fill my belly. I said I had wanted to do that since the time on the roof where he jacked off in front of me and had used his fingers to prevent his cum from spurting out only then to erupt in my face  like a garden hose.  After it was over he laid there content saying he had hoped I would give in to  him since he was younger. I said the giving in  was never the problem it was what he wanted me to do and his age. I said now we didn´t have to worry about it.Santiago got hard again and said how would I like to take his cock in my ass. He flipped me over and spit on my hole. I felt his huge head invade my ass until he had sunk his cock to his balls. I said I had been waiting for this so long and  we could finally consummate our wants. As I said the last few words he thrust deep inside my ass and  emptied himself inside me. 

   After that day we had a much better relationship  even when he  got married we continued to have occasional sex always keeping it a secret between us but was it. I found out later after sucking Santiago off the first time he enjoyed it so much that he seduced his Uncle Jhon. He said it was easy since he had put a photo of his cock on facebook and he knew his Uncle would see it. When his Uncle took his shorts down to spank him he had a huge hardon. While he laid over his Uncle´s lap his hard cock was pressing against his Uncle´s crotch which made his Uncle get hard. Upon feeling this reaction from his Uncle  Santiago asked his Uncle to show him his cock. Santiago said his Uncle laid back and told Santiago if he wanted to see it he would have to suck it. Santiago quickly fumbled with the zipper and unleashed his Uncle´s big black cock. There it was his Uncle´s majestic cock in front of him at last. Santiago said his Uncle brought out a rubber and torn off the elastic band and put it around his big black cock and balls telling Santiago it would impede him coming so fast and keep it real hard. Now everything made sense to me since I would find these elastic rings underneath Santiago´s bed when I was cleaning. 

   I asked how he liked sucking his Uncle´s cock and he said it was great since his Uncle always reciprocated by sucking him off. I asked whether he swallowed his Uncle´s cream and said after a few times he developed a real fond taste for cum. Santiago said he had even sucked Juan Carlos off again and showed him he swallowed.





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