It all started when Santiago, Jhon´s nephew came to live with us to see if we could undo some bad habits. I remember the day he arrived , thirteen years old with a body developing  at mach speed into a man. I noticed right away his hairy legs, strong from playing endless games of soccer with his friends. Santiago was very quiet in demeanor, too quiet for a young man whose hormones were out of control producing drastic changes in his appearance and nature. 

   I put him to work with me doing odds jobs around the house,always living by the old saying ¨the devil makes work for idle hands.¨ I remember one day, I was coating the roof with asphalt to prevent leaks in the future. I had him climb up before me so I could hand him the tools to complete the work. Santiago had on red nylon shorts but had forgot to wear underwear underneath them. As he was climbing the ladder I could see everything that he evidently wanted me to see. As I was perusing his cock and large pendulous hairy balls from below; I told him to open up the hatch to the roof knowing he would be busy with the hatch so I could take more time viewing his almost hidden wares. I took one more step up on the ladder getting just a few inches from his crotch. Santiago looked down at me and caught my eyes looking up the leg of his shorts and gave me a knowing smile I will never forget. Almost an acknowledgement of approval. I gave back a smile as he went back to unlatching the hatch. I took these few seconds to appraise what was before me. I could see movement  and lengthening of his cock. I was surprised how big it was. It took all my will not to reach inside his nylon and feel what  seemed to be growing by the minute. He pretended to have trouble with the latch giving me more time to see him attain a semi erection.

   Finally he managed to get it open and slide through the opening of the hatch. Santiago was  squatting as I handed him the tools one by one. I could see his cock had fallen out and was hanging through the leg opening of his skimpy shorts. The head of his cock was still encased in his foreskin but was soon partially emerging from the stretched skin of his foreskin. I noticed right away a drop of transparent liquid filling the opening of his young cockslit. Again after catching me staring at his tool he smiled and stood up waiting for me to crawl through the hatch opening. As I stood up it was quite obvious that I had a hardon from what I had seen. He seemed to stare at the outline of my eight inch cock clearly visible for his eyes to see. As he was working with me he said he had to take a piss real bad I told there was no need to go back down since no one could see him taking a piss. I told him I too had to take a piss and joined him side by side on the roof. I took out my cock which luckily had quieted down to half its size. I started to piss and looked to my right hoping to catch another view of his cock. He wasn´t one to  disappoint, he had pulled his nylon shorts down half way on his tight buns. I was thinking how a young kid of thirteen could have such a huge cock. Not only his cock but the size and heavy, hidden globes nestled in a bush of wiry pubic hair.

   Then I thought about his father, James  and James´s brother who were also well endowed. As I was staring at Santiago´s cock taking a piss it brought me back when I had the opportunity to service both his father and his Uncle on his father´s side of the family, Both were totally straight but always were open to have their cocks sucked off whether by a woman or man. It didn´t matter to them, a mouth was a mouth. Let me start with Carlos, Santiago´s father´s brother. I had been drinking with a bunch of friends including Carlos. You couldn´t smoke inside the bar so I excused myself and went outside. I had just lit my cigarette enjoying the mist rainy night when Carlos who had left the bar, came up to me. He asked if I wanted to take a walk with him so he could show me something that I might be interested in. As we were walking he said he had to take a piss. I didn´t think anything of it til he asked me to join him in the dark shadows of the street. He had pulled his cock out and I was waiting for the sound of him pissing but it never happened. As I stood next to him he said ¨How would you like to suck me off ¨ showing his fully erect uncut cock. It was about nine inches with just the head of his cock starting to emerge from a huge foreskin I said you want me to suck you off right here and he said ¨no he knew of a more private place as he put his cock away.¨ We walked to a bridge and went underneath since it had started to rain much harder. I could hear the water of the river and see the heavy droplets of the rain as they hit the ground. Once there Carlos took out his cock again which had gotten soft which pleased me since I was always turned on by sucking a guy from  being soft to full erection. I got on my knees before him and took his cock between my lips tasting the precum which had started before when he first showed me his cock on the street. It soon regained its full length within my mouth. Carlos had pulled his jeans down to his strong hairy thighs letting me full access including  his huge hairy balls. I remember lifting them in my palm thinking of all the thick cream they contained. Cream that hopefully  would soon be filling my belly. As I was feasting on his cock his cell phone rang and I could tell he was talking to his brother, James. When he hung up he asked ¨if I would be interested in sucking his brother´s cock also.¨ I thought for a second and said ¨if it was anything like the cock I was sucking now why not.¨ Carlos said I wouldn´t be disappointed.

   It was about five minutes when I heard footsteps coming to where we were. I was still sucking Carlos´s cock as James came under the bridge. He came up next to us already pulling his zipper down. He stood next to Carlos and now I was between both of them on my knees. I could tell Carlos was ready to shoot his seed so I stopped and turned my attention to his brother. I could see it was much bigger and thicker than his brother´s. Carlos´s  Carlos said to his brother ¨Wait til you feel his hot mouth around your cock¨. James held his cock wagging it at me and brought it to my mouth and  he gasped as he entered His gasp was cut short by Carlos starting  to kiss his brother. I watched from below astonished at what I was seeing as both brothers were making out with each other. Carlos unbuttoned his brother´s shirt and started to suck his nipples as I did the hard  work below. Soon Carlos was on his knees joining me with sucking his brother´s cock. I went to Carlos ´s cock which was leaking a heavy stream of precum. I could hear the muffled gasp of Carlos as I took his cock again within my lips since his mouth was full of James´s thick cock. All at once my mouth was filled with a huge load of thick cream from Carlos which I swallowed greedily. After finishing I joined him with releasing the cum from his brother´s balls. Carlos took his mouth off his brother´s cock and brought it to my cum smeared mouth and James started to fuck my mouth. Carlos had went back to kissing him and teasing his brother´s nipples with his thick fingers. I heard James grunt and he rewarded me with his huge load of hot semen which joined Carlos´s in my belly. After reliving this memory of sucking off both brothers my mind snapped back to the present. 

    I could see Santiago´s  cock in full open view and watched as the yellow liquid splashed in a torrent against the hot tile roof. I could smell the heavy  odor of his urine as it vaporized instantly on the hot red clay tiles. like it was hitting a hot frying pan.

   I watched intently as he  gazed upon my cock all the time hoping it wouldn´t react to his stare and it did  He said,  ´that I had a big cock and asked why I didn´t have a foreskin like his.¨I took the opportunity to look at his cock which was uncut and said ¨in my country male babies were circumsized at birth for health reasons.¨ Santiago said ¨what health reasons?¨ I told him it was easier to keep your cock head clean and prevent infections .¨I took the opportunity to tell him I would show him. I reached for his cock and tried to peel the skin of his foreskin down and expose his cockhead. I wanted to show him  how slimy and sticky it is compared to mine. He watched me put my cock away somewhat disappointed and stood there moving the skin of his foreskin up and down. I noticed that he had more than one drop of precum covering his cockhead. And said I would show him the problem with being uncut. I asked whether he had started to shoot  cream. He said do you mean when I jack it off and out comes a thick white liquid  leche. I said yes surprised at his at the use of a vernacular term. He turned toward me and said if I wanted to see something neat. I said yes having now regretting  putting my cock away  I sat down to hide the excitement growing in my crotch. He stood before and started to jerk off his cock which had grown to around nine inches when fully erect. I noticed right away that his cockhead never appeared fully exposed from its foreskin. Santiago watched my intently as he  increased the speed of jacking his cock. All at once he started to tremble and turned toward me . I was waiting for his cum to shoot from his cock but I could see he had his thumb and index finger preventing it from exiting. I could see his foreskin puff out with the pressure of his cum filling his foreskin. My face was just inches from his cockhead as he released his fingers. The built up pressure  of cum shot  into my face like a garden hose under extreme pressure. I opened my mouth in surprise not ever seeing such a feat before. His cum flew out covering my face with his spunk. I could even taste his cum where several spurts  had found its way into my mouth. I sat back shocked by the expected deluge of his cream.I  told him ït was a big load which seemed to please him to no end. I brought out a handkerchief and started to wipe his load off my face and lips. After I  gave him my hankerchief to clean himself off and as he handed it back to me. We got back to work and finished and exited the roof. I told him I was going to take a quick shower but really had something different in mind. I went inside the bathroom and closed the door behind me and quickckly produced the still damp hankerchief. Luckily his cum was thick as I brought the remnants of his orgasm to my mouth. I started to jack off at the strong odor and taste as my tongue savored its thick remains. I quickly shot off in the toilet. 

   I was afraid his would say something to his Uncle but he never did. Two years, passed by without having another opportunity to see his cock or for that matter touch it. It wasn´t until his Uncle was perusing his facebook page and noticed a nude photo of a cock. I knew right away whose its owner was but pretended to act surprised. I told his Uncle it was impossible to be the photo of a thirteen year old teenager´s cock but I knew it was Santiago´s from the time on the roof. He reprimanded Santiago for what he had done. When we were alone in the house I took him aside and said ït wasn´t anything for a young man to do.¨And he replied that he had sent the picture to a woman that asked to see it  and he had hoped she would suck his cock off if she liked it.¨I said first of all it was a transexual not a woman. I also said I didn´t really think it was a picture of his cock being so big and having so much hair surrounding it and his balls. He said he would show me as he grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down. I said it looks like the picture but I couldn´t be sure since he was still soft and the photo I had seen was that of a fully erect cock.Whereupon his cock started to harden  and it responded quickly to the full size cock just like  in the photo. I asked why he had wanted someone to suck it. And he said that his cousin, Juan Carlos  had come to spend the night and told him how great it was to have your cock sucked off. Juan Carlos said his girlfriend had done it to him various times and he had wanted to know what it felt like. Santiago said that night he and Juan Carlos fooled around. I said what do you mean fooled around? Santiago said he had gotten so excited when Juan Carlos was describing how it felt to get his cock sucked. and  since they were cousins Santiago asked Juan Carlos to show him his cock. Juan Carlos agreed and told Santiago to lock the bedroom door and turn up the volume of the soccer game they were watching.

   Whereupon Juan Carlos told Santiago to show him his cock first. They were both lying on the bed as Santiago slipped his shorts down. Juan Carlos was amazed at the size of Santiago´s cock being only fourteen at the time. Juan Carlos being eighteen slipped his shorts down exposing a good size cock the same size as Santiago´s. Juan Carlos asked Santiago if he wanted to jerk off together. Santiago agreed and both started to jerk their cocks. Juan Carlos brought his hand to Santiago´s cock and took over telling Santiago to do the same to his. They both started to increase the speed of jacking each other off and Juan Carlos abruptly stopped and Santiago said what was wrong. Juan Carlos asked Santiago if he would like to taste his cock. Santiago was hesitant but at the same time wanted to impress his older cousin and deep down he thought  his cousin would do the smae to him.He leaned over and took the head of Juan Carlos ´s cock within his lips. Juan Garlos said to take more and asked whether Santiago liked the taste. Santiago said the taste wasn´t bad almost sweet. Juan Carlos said to suck it and that he would tell Santiago when he was going to shoot his load. Santiago continued mouth his cousin´s cock and Juan Carlos began to thrust his cock up into the mouth of Santiago at the same time increasing the speed of jacking Santiago´s cock. All at one his mouth was receiving huge spurts of his cousin´s cum which made Santiago start to cum himself. Santiago was lost in his own pleasure and let his cousin´s cock continue to fill his young mouth. Juan Carlos said to swallow but Santiago  gagged in repulsion  trying to spit out the gluelike white liquid. I asked Santiago how it tasted and he said it was so thick that it had coated his mouth interior and  some it coated his tongue and the only thing he could do in the end was to swallow some of the salty peppery white liquid. He yelled at his cousin who began to laugh about what had happened. He said he asked Juan Carlos to do the same to him but he refused.

  After relating this story  he abruptly asked whether I would show him and I said no since he was too young . Santiago knew I was gay and he said what better person than me to show him. Finally I relinquished to his egging me on and the fact his cock was before me in full erection. I asked him if I did this for him whether he could keep it a secret and he said¨he had never said a word about what had happened on the roof, two years before.  I thought about what he said and agreed it was true. Santiago said to suck it for a minute so he could feel what his cousin was talking about. I leaned over his cock and took the still covered head into my mouth. He immediately thrust his hips almost involuntarily toward my open mouth forcing me to take all of his cock into my throat. I said to relax and enjoy his first blow job. He settled down and watched intently how as I was swallowing his young stalk I would use my tongue to swirl his sensitive head as I came up his shaft. I finally was sucking his big cock off and when I removed his cock to speak I said when he was ready to come to let me know and he agreed. I knew deep down that there would be no warning when he came just like with his cousin.

   I went back to sucking his succulent cock and his precum was flowing constantly into my mouth to lubricate my throat. I showed him how I could swallow his entire cock while still being able to catch a breath through my nose. I was watching his nuts rock back and forth in his wrinkled scrotum sack util I noticed them rise and fall as I went down on him. I took my mouth off his cock wanting him to enjoy a long blow job.I nursed each hairy ball savoring the salty flavor of each. I told him to turn around so I could give him a real treat. I spread his asscheeks and spotted his hair covered hole. I eased my mouth down with my tongue extended touching his hole. I felt his hole open and close as my tongue probed his opening. I could feel him pushing his ass back to me wanting more of my tongue inside.  All of a sudden he turned around and  I saw his face as he opened his mouth in sheer ectasy.I engulfed his cock and  I could feel his hips feeding me his cock as he watched me consume him. I quickly received  about five to six spurts of rich thick cum in quick succession as he watched intently as I swallowed each one. I let his cock shrink in my mouth and he still had the look of awe on his face as his now soft cock slipped from my lips  I stood up and he noticed I had taken my cock out and  he offered me his mouth. Since we were alone I said yes and I took his place sitting on the edge of the bed.  Santiago started to jack my rigid cock off upon seeing my precum he took his mouth and enclosed my head. I told him to watch out and he paid no response to my words. He continued to jack me off having his mouth over its head. I shouted I was about to come and he took at least four inches inside his mouth. I watched as my cum puffed out his cheeks and he let my thick load escape from the sides of  his lips not wanting to swallow it. I said that it was great blow job and not to worry about not being able to swallow it. I cleaned myself up and made sure he knew this was another secret between us.

   I justified in my mind what had happened by saying to myself it would have been dangerous meeting up with a stranger on the internet and I had done him a great favor and him me. Santiago had the greatest tasting cum I had the pleasure of swallowing. As they years went by, I dismissed what had happened between us on the roof and in his bedroom as curiosity, nothing more.I knew he wasn´t gay or anything cause he always talked about girls with his cousin and Uncle. I didn´t realize what we had done left such an immense imprint on his sexuality til later.





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