It all started with a crush on this magnificent and dreamy boy. I'm Kris. 15 years old, and in high school. His name was Luis. He was in my class. I believe it was communications class. In that class we always had partner work or group work. Did a lot of projects as well. Well we were best friends so we were always partners. Our first project was pretty good. We got a good grade on it so we were proud. He gave me a high five. That's when I first started to feel something different towards Luis. He was cute.

The next day we had to give a speech about ourselves. I was very nervous until it was Luis's turn. I was smiling in my head. Thinking about him made me feel safe. I kept eye contact and he stared back. He gave this speech about who he was and his culture. We were both Asian so it was pretty cool hearing about it from someone else. Then to my huge surprise... He said "I'm bisexual. It doesn't define me, it's just a part of who I am." When he was done, I applauded. Basically the loudest one. It was my turn. To my surprise, I wasn't nervous. I said "I'm Kris, and I have been in the closet for some time." I saw Luis instantly widened his eyes. I kept talking about who I was and my purpose in life and my goals. I walked off the stage and went to sat next to Luis. He put his hand on my lap and I started to tear up. I was so emotional and just wanted to hug Luis. He patted my back and whispered "don't worry, I can help you." He gave me a kiss on the cheek. I tried to smile.

That night, Luis called me. He asked if I was okay. "Yeah I just need help"

"It's okay. I'm always here for you"

We talked all night since it was a Friday. We talked about how long he was been Bisexual and I talked about how I was scared to come out. He was there to comfort me. That's when I realized, he's always loved me for who I am. Maybe it was time to come out, maybe this was a sign.

The next day. My parents said "Luis called, he asked if he can come over and hang out."

"Really! Okay! When." I think I was over excited.

"Right now"


I went to go get dressed and clean myself up. Today was a huge day. It was time to tell him.

He came over and we went straight to my room. He was wearing these cute skinny jeans and a tee. He was skinny like me but he looked better from my version.

We talked and laughed all day and when we escalated to the topic of coming out, I said what I planned to say. "I'm bisexual too"

his eyes lit up.

"You are?! I'm so glad."

"There's more."

"Your scaring me, tell me"

"I think I like you"

After I said that, he looked in my eyes, I felt embarrassed, I was about to tell him sorry but his lips smashed into my lips. I knew I wanted it and so did he. I grabbed the back of his neck and once I did, he grabbed nine. He started to go under my shirt and explore. I kept kissing and my hand went under his shirt. I could feel his creased abs. Which made him even more perfect. We took our shirts off and he pushed me in my bed and unzipped my pants, I said

"wait, are you sure?"

"I love you so much! Will you be my boyfriend?"

I looked into his eyes.

"I will always love you!" I kissed him.

We made sure the door was locked. He started licking the head. I moaned, since it was my first time and I really didn't know how it felt like. he started by licking and soon stuck it all in his mouth. He was amazing!

He swirled his tongue around the head and stuck it in his throat. When I was near, he shoved my dick all the way in his mouth.

"AHHHH!" I grabbed his head and held it there.

He swallowed every last drop! I went down to kiss him. I could taste my cum, it tasted like sweet and salty fruit.

"I love you so much that my heart would explode!" Luis said.

"I don't want your heart to explode, I want to be able to love you too!"

He smiled when I said that and leaned to kiss me. We laid there shirtless until dinner.

My parents cooked delicious noodles for us. And since we were Asian, we ate slot of good noodles. Luis loves noodles so he was happy. He whispered to me "Mmm an EXTRA meal"

I looked embarrassed.

"I love extra meals!"

"Hahah your so funny!"

We ate our noodles and I kept looking at Luis eat. He was so manly. His hair was up, the same hair style as mine. I'd say we look like brothers.

Luis and is decided it would be fun if we had a sleep over. His parents were okay with it and so was mine. We cleaned the kitchen after we ate. Then we headed off to my room. My bed was large enough to fit us both so we would just sleep there. Then I looked at Luis. Giving him eye contact. He knew what I was thinking. We striped down and went to the shower.

"Showering together!"

I leaned to kiss him after he said that. He was cute. Vey sexy in my eyes. I started to soap up and Luis came and hugged me from behind. He grabbed my butt. Squeezing it. "OHH. You always want fun."

He smiled. He started with one finger. I didn't hurt at all. Barely felt it. Then there was two fingers. I bent down. I said "maybe after we shower."


We finished showering and got dried. We went to my room. I locked the door and he pushed me on my bed. He kissed me laying on my bed. His hands slowly going down to my dick. "It's my turn to have fun"

I turned him on his back. I licked his nipples going down slowly. His hard penis was warm and rather perfect. I pulled his foreskin back to showcase his head. It was perfect. I started by licking to tip. Teasing him. He started moaning and grunting.

"OHH YEAH! Mmm. Dang Kris! I never knew you were this good!"

I continues sucking. I started to taste precum in my mouth. It was wonderful. After I slobbered his dick. I got up and slowly pushing it in my ass. It was so warm and hard. It slid in easily. He pushed me down on his dick. "OHH! Dang."

He started thrusting his waist up and down. It hurt so bad but he was worth it! I couldn't hold my own cum. He just got me so horny! I shot my load all over his face. He kissed me holding his dick inside. He started thrusting. Harder and harder. It was very erotic and then, he shot his wonderful load. It filled my hole ass.

"AHH! I love you so much babe!"

"Ahhhh! Please don't stop!"

When he was done, we laid on my bed naked with his dick still inside me. I didn't want it out. I felt filled. Wonderful. We slept there with Luis's dick inside me. His warmth kept me excited all night. Just the feeling of him hugging me, I felt so comfortable. I woke up to Luis moving inside me. It felt so good being fucked in the morning. Thrusting harder and harder. Another load! I loved him so much. We kissed for the longest time. Then he turned me over and sucked and licked my asshole. It felt so warm. His tongue was wet and warm. His juices started flowing out of my ass. He licked it all up. He came to kiss me. His cum. Tasted so sweet. So good. We French kissed. His tongue covered in his cum.   

We got up from my bed and went to wash up. He looked so cute in the morning with a boner. I could bottom him all day if I could. I knew he loved me so much! I did too!

Every weekend we would have sleep overs. I told my mom our secret. But not all the details. I told her that I was bisexual and that Luis and I were dating. But I told her that don't have sex. Which in her view was good. Since we always slept together. But since we were boys, we couldn't get pregnant. So that covers her having to worry about a baby. I'm glad she was okay with it. Because that was what I was scared of.

It's been two years and we are still dating. Our love is the best. I've never loved someone this much. I would love him forever. And I know he loves me too. Every night he comes over, we would have that wonder sex. I would always bottom because I want his dick. I guess I'm the bottom in the relationship. I loved it.

"I love you babe!"

"I love you too. I hope we get married!"

"Me too! Just wait till we are older"

We kissed and fell asleep. I watched him as he was sleeping. His lovely face was so cute. I kissed him and to my surprise, he grabbed my neck and pulled me closer to him. His warm body heat felt soothing. He laid there kissing. I said "this is the most perfect relationship ever! I love you!" "Your the best part!"

"No you are!"

He laughed and just held me in his chest. We went back to sleep.




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