My first experience of any kind with another male was with Josh, my best friend in high school. It was during the summer between our junior and senior years. We were both on the football team and during that summer we began jerking our cocks together as well as jerking each other, but that was as far as it had gone.

Then, during our senior year, things unexpectedly developed further.

It was after practice one afternoon and Josh and I were the last two still in the locker room. As we dressed after showering, Josh said, "I need to talk to coach so don't wait for me. I'll call you later."

I said okay and finished dressing, taking my time. I really wanted Josh to ride home with me so we could jerk together. I really enjoyed having his cock in my hand, and was contemplating sucking it for him if he'd let me. I wanted to see what it was like.

When I finally left, I detoured past the coach's office to see if Josh was still there. What I saw caught me totally off guard.

There was Coach Davis and Josh, both nude, hugging and tongue kissing each other, both their cocks rock hard. They began stroking each other as they kissed. I eased closer to the window facing the gym, entranced at what I saw.

When the kiss ended, Coach Davis dropped to his knees and quickly swallowed Josh's cock. I almost gasped, never suspecting that Coach

Davis was into guys. Hell, he was married.

After a moment or two, Josh turned and saw me. Smiling, he motioned for me to come in, then said something to Coach. Coach kept sucking and as I entered, Josh said, "This will be our secret, okay?"

"Uh, sure," I replied.

He told me to strip down and I did. My cock was already hard as stone and just after stepping up next to Josh, Coach Davis stopped sucking Josh and began sucking me. As he did, Josh grabbed my head and began tongue kissing me.

Coach returned to sucking Josh and as he did, Josh leaned over and to my shocked surprise, began sucking on my hard cock.

Josh soon climaxed into Coach's mouth, and as he pulled out I watched as Coach Davis swallowed Josh's load then licked the last drop from the tip of Josh's cock.

As Coach then began sucking my cock, Josh kissed me quickly saying, "My folks are waiting for me at home to go to my grandmothers. I'll call you later."

I nodded and Josh quickly dressed and left. I was loving the action on my cock and held back as long as possible. When I could o longer hold it, I fired off a huge load into Coach's mouth. He collected it all then as he pulled off, he swallowed.

"Fuck, Mark, that was awesome. Do you always feed guys a load that big?"

"Uh, that was the first time I ever got sucked," I told him.

"Fucking nice. It's been a long time since I had a virgin's load. How did you like it?"

"I loved it," I said.

"Well, feel free to come in with Josh anytime."

"Coach, can I suck you to see what it's like?"

"You mean you never sucked one either?"

"No, all Josh and I have done is just jerk each other off."

"If you want to, Mark, it's all yours."

I knelt down and sucked Coach Davis to a massive climax. I held the load in my mouth, savoring the salty-sweet taste. I liked it and eagerly swallowed.

"Mark, you're a fucking natural. That was amazing for it being your first time."

"Thanks," I said, adding, "Can we do this again?"

"Anytime. Just let me know ahead of time."

That was my first time sucking and getting sucked but definitely not the last. Josh, Coach, and I had sex a couple times a week, and Coach introduced us both to fucking and getting fucked. He'd get one of to fuck him while he sucked the other.

Josh and I had sex almost daily and more on weekends. All through college we remained friends, having sex on weekends when we were both home form our different colleges.

After graduation from college, we both returned home and found jobs and continued our sexual encounters, not only with each other but we both had other guys we dated, as well as still getting with Coach Davis.

Then the party happened.

I had had an exceptionally rough week, getting ready for a four day holiday weekend. Josh had called on Wednesday and asked if I had plans for the weekend.

"Not really. This week has been a real bitch. I think I'm just going to stay home and relax."

"I've got a better idea. I've been invited to a party at my boss's deer lease. It starts Friday afternoon, and goes till Monday afternoon. There will be at least twenty to thirty guys there, all nude and anything goes. Why don't you join me as my guest?"

I knew Josh had engaged in sex with his boss on several occasions and asked, "Will Dave mind?"

"Hell no. The more the merrier."

"Well, okay. It sounds like fun. Have you been to one before?"

"Once. If you see a cock you want you go get it. You don't have to ask. He also has some old porta-potties set up for those that like glory hole sex. You'll love it. I have a tent for us to sleep in when needed."


"I'll pick you up about seven Friday morning."

"I'll be ready."

He picked me up and as we drove he told me that some guys couldn't make it until Saturday and some would leave on Sunday afternoon. He said when we got there, we'd strip and leave our clothes in the car and everyone was trustworthy.

Then as we got near the cut off, he said, "Mark, there is a good chance that you will see some guys that you might recognize from around town."

"Oh really?"

"Oh yea. The one I was at, I saw a couple of cops from town, a fireman I knew, plus a council member, lawyer, doctor, and others. Don't let on that you recognize them. These parties are secret get togethers. You can never tell anyone about them."

"No problem, but if the guys are married, how can they get away from their wives?"

"That's their problem. You will see many with wedding bands. Just enjoy the sex. That's what it's all about. And no names are exchanged. Dave will give you a number that you will wear around your neck. We just go by numbers. Dave is always number one."

We arrived and stripped and Dave greeted us. Josh introduced me as his long time friend. Dave hugged and tongue kissed us both as a welcome. Josh was given number eleven and I as given number twelve.

After we had joined the crowd for a few minutes, Dave came up and said, "If you're number eleven's friend from high school, I want to see if your load taste as good as he has said it does."

With that, he quickly knelt and began sucking my cock, which was already half hard. Others gathered around to watch as number three said, "Damn, it didn't take number one long to get things started."

That got things started, and I began sucking cock. Before long I had sucked five cocks and had two fuck me during my sucking binge.

Sex continued the rest of the day and as others arrived, they soon joined in. I lost count of how many cocks I sucked or took up my ass.

I did recognize a few of the others. Number sixteen I knew was a city cop and number seventeen was a fireman. they had arrived together and Josh had said he thought that they were lovers. Number twenty was a city councilman.

Sex went on well into the night. when Josh and I got up the next morning, several guys were already at it in the common area in the center of the tent area. After getting coffee, Josh and I both quickly joined in. Later, I went to one of the old porta-potties and went in, locking the door. The hole was in the door and if guy saw the 'Locked' sign, he knew it was occupied.

I sucked several there before exiting. It was hot, not knowing whose cock I was sucking. After sucking a few, they would whisper for me to stick mine through and they would suck me while others watched.

After I came out, Josh came to me, acting strange. and said, "more arrived a few minutes ago. There are a couple of them that you will definitely know."

"It will be hot to suck the cock of a guy I know," I said.

"One is in the last porta-potty. The other met a guy he knew and they went into the guys tent."

I looked toward the last potty and saw one guy with his cock through the hole and another waiting.

Walking up I said, "If this guy has a line waiting , he must be good."

"He is," the guy getting sucked said with a smile.

I waited my turn and he was right. The guy was a fucking expert at deep throating cock. after he got me off, with my cock still in his mouth, I felt him swallow my load. I motioned him to put his through to me. I wanted the others to watch me suck him.

The man gave me his beautiful almost eight inch cock and I sucked it greedily. I knew I wanted it up my ass.

I got him off and went and got a piece of paper and pen and wrote a note saying I wanted him up my ass and told him which tent I'd be in waiting for him. I said I'd be on my hands and knees waiting.

Once he didn't have anyone waiting, I went up and slipped the note through the hole, then went to the tent. After getting on my hands and knees with my ass facing the opening I waited. A few minutes later, the flap opened and I felt the guy kneel behind me and begin eating my ass out good.

I moaned in pleasure as he drilled my ass with his tongue. A couple of minutes later he raised up and I felt his cock head press against my hole. Slowly the monster slid into me and was soon buried balls deep.

"Um, yea," I moaned. He began pounding my ass and I was loving it. Soon, I could tell he was close to shooting and I was ready. As his cock exploded up my ass I tightened my ass muscles and squeezed.

He moaned loudly and reached under and grasp my rock hard cock.

"Nice cock," he grunted. "Fuck me now. I need it bad."

He pulled out slowly and waited for me to make room for him. As I rolled to the side, I turned and looked into his face.

Suddenly, both of us were speechless. We just stared into each other's eyes.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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