There I was, looking into the face of the stud that had sucked me and I him at the glory hole and had just fucked my ass.

There I was, looking into the face of my older brother, Mike. Mike was two years older that me and hot as hell. I had no idea at all that he was gay.

"Mark?" he said. "Holy shit! I don't believe this!"

"Mike! I had no idea you were gay."

"How the fuck do you think I feel. I wish i had known sooner."

"And why is that?" I asked.

"Hell, we'd have been getting it on long before now. I loved your cock and ass."

We talked and Mike told me he had been gay since his freshman year in high school and had started with a bud of his. I asked if he knew Dave or had come as a guest of another guy.

"The last one I came to I was a guest but this time Dave invited me personally. I saw Josh earlier and was surprised to see him. I didn't know about him."

"This is my first time here. I'm a guest of Josh's."

"You get started with him in school?"

"Yea," I said, telling him about Josh and I jerking at first then about how it started with Coach Davis.

"You're fucking joking, right? Hell, I had the hots for Coach Davis all the way thrugh high school."

"Yea, it shocked me also and is he ever wild in bed."

"Well, little bro, we al came here for one reason. Let me see how well you can drill my ass. Fuck my brains out."

Within seconds, Mike and I were kissing passionately and shortly after that I was buried deep in his ass, pounding his hot ass. Before long, I climaxed, filling his ass with my hot load.

"Fuck yea," Mike said. "Bro, you can fuck me anytime you want. That was awesome."

After pulling out and kissing him I asked, "Does dad know you're gay?"

"Yes, he does and he's cool with it, believe me.

"I've wanted to tell him but was afraid he wouldn't accept me fr who I am."

"Mark, I promise he'll accept you. I know, because he readily accepted me when he found out I was gay."

"I hope so," I said.

"Say, I have someone I think you will really enjoy sex with. You know him but I want you to have sex with him first efore I reveal his identity."

"How you going to manage that?"

"Dave has some blindfolds around here for those that like annonimity. I'll give you one to wear and put one on him before I bring him in. Just no talking. He might recognize your voice."

"It sounds weird, but okay."

Mike left the tent and returned seconds later with a blindfold. I put it on and he left the tent. Moments later, I heard him giving instructions to someone about where I was. He told me to stand, and once I did, he had us begin kissing.

As we kissed, we began fondling each others cocks. Soon, the man began lowering himself, pausing to suck on my nips before ending at my cock which he hungrily swallowed. After a few moments, he paused, turned me around and began eating my ass.

I soon did the same to him and his cock and ass tasted delicious. We got into a sixty-nine and sucked each other to a climax. After swallowing each others sweet load, Mike had us make out until we were hard again. Then the man and I fucked each other, and I loved the way he fucked my ass.

After we had filed each others ass with cum, Mike had us sit Indian style facing each other.

"Okay, guys, you can take off your blindfolds."

Slowly, we each removed the blindfolds and looked into each others face.

"I don't fucking believe this," the man said.

"Dad? Holy fuck!"

My own dad and I had just sucked and fucked each other.

we were silent a moment before he leaned forward and hugged me saying, "I've wanted to tell you, but didn't know how. Mike and ai were both wanting to sit you down and tell you we were gay and having sex with each other, but just didn't know how."

"Well, I've been wanting to tell you but was afraid you wouldn't have accepted me."

"Hell, if you'd told me, I'd probaby have attacked you and had sex."

"Well, now that everything is out in the open, I'll be visiting you a lot more.'

We talked for a long while with them telling me about dad catching Mike with a guy before he knew he was gay and joining in. Mike said he was in total shock when dad joined them.

We soon left the tent and as we watched each other suck fuck and get fucked by other guys at the party, I spotted Josh and asked him if he knew Dad and mike were there. he said he'd seen them arrive and had no idea that they were gay. When I asked him why he hadn't told me he said he didn't eel it was his place and decided he'd let me find out on my own. I told him what had occurred and he thought it was hot.

When Dave found out that we were father and sons, he asked the rest of the guys if they would like to waqtch a father and his two sons get it on. They all cheered and the three of us put on a hell of a show for them. After the 'show', everyone applauded and cheered.

It was hot watching my dad and brother suck cock and get fucked. And I had sex with both of them several times during the weekend.

Dad, Mike, Josh, and I all left Sunday afternoon late. After Josh dropped me off, I immediately drove over to dad's. He and Mike had just arrived and I helped them unload their gear.

Soon, the three of us were all in the shower together, afterwhich we spent that night and all day Monday in passionate family sex.

That was the beginning of a great relationship beteenthe three of us. I moved back home, and we lived nude and had sex when ever and where ever and with whom ever we wanted. It brought us so much closer.

Josh and I continued dating and Josh would join us in sex. When things got serious between Josh and I, dad told me, "Son, if you love him tell him. It's obvious he loves you."

I took dad's advice and Josh and I soon became lovers. Dad insisted we live there with them.

Dad and Mike both brought home guys for sex and when they did, ocassionaly they would invite Josh and I to join in. Josh knew he was free to have sex with dad or Mike whenever he wanted to.

Things have been great between the four of us. We all love each other and treat each other with respect and give each other privacy when it's wanted. I look back and thank Josh for inviting me to the party. It totally changed my life.

Now when Dave has parties, we are the first he calls and invites, and he has them at least three or four times a summer.

The End



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