For quite a while now the local police haven't bothered the action in the local park. Being horny as hell, I decided to cruise the local park. You could almost aways find cock to suck and a mouth or ass to fuck. I desperately wanted a cock to suck and either a mouth or ass to fuck. I needed another man.

I arrived at the park just before five on a Friday afternoon, having taken off work early. From past experiences, I knew that the activity was pretty good right after work on Fridays.

There were a lot of hot married guys that loved to get sucked that would stop by. Plus, probably half of them would suck you in return. And a couple of times I had really been lucky and found one to fuck while I sucked another.

I found a spot and waited, casually sitting on a picnic table at the edge of the wooded area where trails led into the woods.

Just after five, a car pulled up and after the man got out, he removed his jacket and tie, tossing both into the back seat. Casually, he strolled off down a path. He was in his mid thirties, nicely built, and good looking. And I saw the tell-tell gold band on his left hand.

I eased off the table and began to follow at a distance. I son found him, off the trail in deep brush, leaning against a tree, rubbing his hard cock through his slacks.

I eased over to him and as I did, he smiled, said "Hi," and continued rubbing his cock.

I returned the greeting and eyes the large bulge in his pants. He watched my face and slowly reached up and began to unzip his pants. As he began to extract his cock, I slowly went to my knees.

Seconds later, I was swallowing a nice hard cock. As I sucked on his cock, I reached up and unbuckled his belt and opened his slacks, letting the fall below his hips. He was commando and I stopped sucking on his cock for a moment ad began licking and sucking his balls.

"Fuck yea, man, you know what to do," he whispered.

I soon returned to his cock and sucked him dry. after taking and swallowing his huge thick creamy load, I stood.

Looking at me as he pulled his slacks back up he said, "Man did I ever need that. I love getting sucked and my wife refuses to do it even when she's on the rag. She doesn't care about my needs."

"Hey bud, I'll gladly take care of you any time you want. I'm here from time to time on Friday afternoons."

"I'll be looking for you," he said. "That was great."

He smiled and nodded and headed back to his car. I waited a moment before going back to the picnic table.

As I sat back on the table, I saw two hot muscular studs about twenty yards away looking over toward me. By seeing what they were wearing, they looked like construction workers. I would gladly have done them together, letting them watch each other get sucked.

They made no attempt to go into the woods, but as others went in I followed. By dark, I had sucked six guys, with five of them being married. The last one was married and also sucked me before leaving.

The two studs were there the entire time, watching me go into the woods. As I returned to the table after that last one, I saw them walking away, headed for a pick-up with a ladder in the back.

For several weeks after that I returned to the park on both Wednesdays and Fridays. Each time, I'd see the two guys sitting over where they were the first time I saw them, just watching.

I met the first married man every Friday as well as others. I would usually get four to six cocks to suck and would have at least one suck me, sometimes more.

After about a month, I was there on another Friday afternoon, and as usual met my married guy. I sucked him and several others and after the fourth or fifth, I returned to my table.

To my surprise, I saw the two studs get up and head toward the woods. They were both good looking and hot and after they disappeared, I followed.

I soon found them off the trail, standing together. I casually walked up one looked at me and said, "Man, you been pretty busy. You enjoy what you do?"

"Yes, I do," I replied.

"We figured you must. We been watching you follow the guys in. You get them all?"

"Oh, yea. That's what they are here for. You two interested?"

"Well, we're not sure. What's in it for us?"

I reached out and groped the taller guys crotch and said, "The best head job you have ever had."

Before I knew what was happening, I was grabbed and my hands were cuffed behind my back.

I was informed that they were both police officers, shown their badges and ID's and told I was going to jail. They had removed my wallet and was looking at my driver's license.

I began to sweat and breath heavily as they looked at me. Finally the taller said, "Maybe we can work something out." Then looking at his partner, said, "What do you think, Jim."

"Maybe we can, Rick. You think he might be interested?"

Looking at me, Rick asked, "You interested in working something out?"

"Yes, Sir, I am."

Without further conversation, they led me deeper into the brush. Once there, they had me get on my knees. As I knelt, my hands still cuffed behind my back, they slowly opened their jeans and shoved them and their underwear down to their knees. There before me were two nice long semi-erect beautiful cocks.

"Let's see just how good you are. Maybe then we can work something out," Rick said.

They each stepped closer and i began sucking their cocks, going from one to the other and back. They both were instantly hard and moaned softly as I sucked their cocks. I eventually brought them both to massive climaxes, swallowing both their sweet huge loads.

"Damn, Jim, he was right. That was the best blow job I've ever had."

"Yea, or me too," he said as he and Rick pulled up their pants and made themselves presentable.

lifting me to my feet, Rick said, "Here's how it's going to work. We have your name and address. You will also give us your phone number. Whenever we see you here, you will follow and take care of us. Sometimes, we might just show up at your place to get sucked or call you to meet us someplace else. If you ever fail to show up when we call, we'll find you and take your ass to jail. That clear?"

"Yes, sir, but you wont have to worry. I'll be glad to service you two anytime you want me to."

"Very good, uh, Mark," Rick said after looking at my license again. As he spoke, Jim removed my cuffs.

"And if you ever tell anyone about us, you will regret it."

"My lips are sealed, except to take your cocks."

"Very good," Rick said before they turned and left.

I stayed where I was, glad to be avoiding jail. I definitely wanted their cocks again. When I walked back out, they were gone.

I returned on Wednesday, hoping to see them. Rick was about six-two with jet black hair. Jim stood right at six foot and had blond hair. Both were extremely muscular and Rick was hairy chested.

When I arrived, they weren't there. I followed my regular married guy back and sucked him dry then a second guy. When I came back out to the table after sucking the second guy, I saw them.

A few moments later another guy headed into the woods. I followed and was soon sucking his cock. As I did, we heard footsteps. As the man began to pull back and put his cock away, they stepped out saying, "Go ahead, it's cool."

The man and I both noticed that they both had their hard cocks and their balls exposed and were slowly stroking. The man unzipped and pulled his cock back out and I returned to sucking him as Rick and Jim eased closer.

I got the man off and swallowed and as he put his drained cock away, Rick said, "We watched him do you, so you're welcome to stay and watch him do us."

The man stepped aside and I turned and began sucking Rick. I soon got Rick off and swallowed and as I began sucking Jim, the man turned and left the woods. I soon got Jim off and they both said how good it was and how much they enjoyed watching me suck the guy's cock.

It went this way for several weeks. After they would arrive, they would wait and watch me follow a guy to the woods, then come back and watch me suck him off before I sucked them.

Then one Saturday evening about seven I got a call. It was Rick.

"If you have any plans for tonight, cancel them. We will be there in about an hour. Have your door unlocked so we can just walk in." He immediately hung up.

I made sure the door was unlocked waited anxiously. Just before eight, they arrived and walked straight in. When they did, Jim turned and locked the door.

"Hi," I said.

"You ready for some cock?" Rick asked.

"Always," I replied.

They looked around a second before Rick said, "Well, why don't you get out of those clothes. We'd like to see just what you got hidden."

I stripped and tossed my few clothes aside. Looking me over and checking out my rising cock, Rick said, "Not bad."

"Not bad at all," Jim added.

To my complete surprise, they both began stripping. soon all three of us were totally nude. On Jim's left pec was a large USMC emblem, and on Rick's upper left arm was an Army tattoo.

"Where's the bedroom?" Rick asked.

"This way," I said as I headed for my bedroom with them following.

They both lay down side by side and I got between them at their knees so I could work back and forth between them.

I began sucking Rick for a few moments before moving over to Jim. After a few moments of sucking Jim, I returned to Rick. As I eagerly sucked his cock, I felt them both move slightly.

Looking up, I was caught totally off guard. there they lay, side by side, their heads turned toward each other in a hot passionate tongue kiss. I continued sucking and got Rick off then moved to Jim, soon bringing him to his climax.

After Jim climaxed, the broke the kiss and moved apart, telling me to lay between them. I did as I was told, not mentioning the kiss.

They each reached over and began fondling my rock hard cock and full balls. Seconds later, they both sat up and moved to my crotch area. As Jim leaned forward and began licking and sucking my balls, Rick began sucking my cock. I moaned softly and after a few moments they traded activities.

It didn't take me long to reach my climax, and as it neared, I warned them. Rick was sucking me at the time and he continued. My cock suddenly exploded wildly and after Rick collected every drop, he pulled off and kissed Jim, sharing my load with him. after a moment, they each swallowed.

As they lay back down, I said, "Holy fuck! I certainly wasn't expecting that."

"Mark, we are both gay, and yes, we are real cops. We had to be totally sure you were gay and not a plant by internal affairs."

"What do you mean? Are you two being investigated?"

"Not us, but another officer is. It's been rumored that he goes to the park in the late afternoon and sucks cock. That's why we watched you for so long, making sure you were really sucking cock back there," Jim explained.

"Mark, please keep our secret. There are several of us cops that love to get sucked and over the years of working together, we find guys that enjoy sucking and get together at different places to all watch each other get sucked. None of them know that we suck also."

"Well, you can rest assured that I will never mention either of your names," I said, then added, "Is there a chance that I might be invited to be the one to suck all of you off sometime?"

"Definitely. We've already mentioned that we have found a new cocksucker better that the ones we have been using."

"Nice, but is the one being investigated part of the group?"

"Fortunately, no," Rick said. "We were about to ask him to join when we got wind that he was being investigated."

"How did you find out?"

"One of the guys officers in the group is with internal affairs. He told us to avoid him. That was his way of saying he was being investigated."

"How many are in the group?"

"A total of ten, and as far as we know, we're the only ones that also suck."

"How did you two find about each other?"

"It was back before we joined the force. Jim is from the area. We were both in the military and were stationed in the same town. We met in a bar and were both pretty drunk. We ended up sharing a motel room and one thing led to another and we had sex. We were both into sex with guys before that. When we got out we came here together and applied for the police force and got hired."

"This may sound wierd, but I would love to suck all of you in uniform," I said.

"Well, Jim and I are in vice and seldom wear uniforms, but it could probably be arranged for the others to be in uniform."

We all began kissing and making out and they each sucked me again, as well as both fucked me. With two of them and one of me, I was working overtime, giving them each a load down their throats and up their asses. It was almost five the next morning before they left.

They asked me to cool it at the park for a while until the internal affairs investigation was over. I agreed, but they would come to my place frequently.

Abut a month later, Rick called and asked if I was ready to suck the group off. I said mos definitely. I was told to be ready Saturday night at eight.

I was and they picked me up. We went out to an old farm on the outskirts of town, owned by one of the officers. Jim, Rick, and I were the last to arrive.

Once there, everyone, including Rick and Jim,all took their cocks and balls out. the rest were all in standard uniform. I dropped to my knees and one at a time, they came up to me and I would suck them dry while the rest watched. I took all ten loads, and tole them that if any got ready to go again to let me know.

Before the evening ended, I had sucked each one twice and the youngest, who was twenty three, I sucked off three times. They all agreed that they wanted me again soon.

It became an every two week thing for me to meet and suck them all off. After a few weeks I told them that if any wanted to fuck my ass while I sucked the others to go ahead and do it. Several began fucking my ass and mouth both.

Between group meetings, Jim and Rick visited my place about once a week, with us sucking and fucking each other.. They would stay overnight and I loved it.

About three months after I was introduced to the group, three of the officers slipped notes to me asking me to call them. I did and they wanted to meet one-on-one. I didn't mind and invited each to my place. It turned out that they were gay also as were wanting to suck me. As with Jim and Rick, I promised to keep it secret.

I was getting almost all the cock I wanted and it was all cop cock.

After a Few more months, Jim and Rick confessed to me that they were lovers but for appearances they told everyone that they were just roommates. they wanted me to be their lover also. I had fallen in love with both and quickly agreed.

I bought a large four bedroom home out on the edge of town and they moved in with me. As far as everyone knew hey were paying me rent for one of the bedrooms.

We now had a place to play with the group and Jim, Rick, and the other three that were gay came out to the group. They were openly accepted and our get togethers were more hot and active.

It's been three years and two more have been added tot he group, one straight and one gay.

I look back and am so glad I started going to the park.



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