There was a nice wooded park only about three blocks from my house. It had picnic tables and restrooms as well as several trails through the woods, the main one following the edge of a creek.

Most every day at noon and after work in the afternoon, a guy could find cock to suck. Most of those wanting to get off by a blow job were married guys whose wives refused to suck them.

Working different hours at my job, I frequently had the opportunity to cruise the park at the best hours.

It was shortly after I moved into the area that I discovered the benefits of the park. I had walked to it one day just before noon. I checked out the restroom and from the graffiti on the walls of the stalls, I knew immediately that sex was available.

As I sat on a table, the lunch time action began to start.

First was a hot man in his mid thirties that pulled into the parking lot. The door of his truck contained the name of a large construction company. He got out, walked to a table and quickly ate a sandwich and drank a soda. Then looking around, he noticed me eyeing him and walked to the restroom.

I soon followed and found him in one of the door less stalls, slowly stroking a nice hard cock. Seeing it, I smiled and licked my lips casually. He stood and said softly, "If you want it, go for it."

I quickly knelt in front of him and hungrily sucked his beautiful cock. Soon, he climaxed, feeding me a huge load. I eagerly swallowed and as I stood, I said, "Nice. I hope to see you again. I'll take care of you anytime."

"I'm here about this time two to three times a week. I'll look for you. I'm John."

"Mike," I replied.

He left and shortly later another guy in slacks, shirt and tie arrived. With soda in hand and a semi-hard bulge in his slacks, he headed off down one of the trails. I followed and after a few minutes found him off the trail, standing in the brush. I eased closer and saw his hard cock out. Immediately, I went closer and sucked him dry.

That first day there, I sucked five guys, three of them wearing wedding rings, before I went home. I knew I would be visiting the park frequently.

I began to wonder that if the lunch hour was that active, what would it be like when the guys got off work. I returned that afternoon and the action was just as nice. However, I wasn't the only one there to suck cock. I found that a couple of the guys would stop to suck cock on their way home from work.

Every chance I got, I would be at the park at noon and in the evenings. I began to have regulars that I would suck. When they saw me, they would smile and motion for me to follow. I gladly did, and John was the most frequent.

In the evenings, a few of the married guys that stopped on their way home, would also suck me. The really hot ones, I began to invite home and we'd go to my nearby house and have sex.

This all went on for a year. With my work schedule, I was sometimes there at noon sucking cock or in the afternoon after I got off. On my days off, I was there both times. I was sucking an average of five to eight cocks a day and loved it.

After about a year, I began to notice a young man there at times with a back pack. He appeared to be about nineteen or twenty. He would sit at a picnic table ad appeared to be studying. As bad as I wanted him, he never went into the woods or the restroom.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to strike up a conversation with him.

"What're you studying?" I asked.

"Principals in Accounting," he said.

"Nice. How's it going?"

"Well, it could be better if I had a better place to study," he answered.

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Clay. I found out that he was nineteen, in his second year at the local college and on a full scholarship.

"Can't you study in the dorm if you're on a full scholarship?"

"When I got the scholarship, I was living at home and turned down the room and board."

"You're not living at home now?"

"No," he replied dropping his head.

"Clay, may I ask why not?"

He lowered his head and said, "Two weeks ago my dad and I had a major falling out and he kicked me out of the house, telling me never to come back."

"Your own dad did that? It couldn't have been that bad."

"To him it was," he said.

"What was it about, if I may ask?"

"It's personal. Let's just say we didn't see eye to eye on certain things."

I decided not to push it and asked where he was staying.

"I tried to get the scholarship committee to reinstate the room and board but they said they couldn't do it until the start of my third year. I had some savings, so I got a room at the YMCA, but my funds are running thin. I'm trying to find a part-time job to get me by bot so far no luck."

"What happens if you can't find a job and the money runs out?"

"I'll probably be like a lot of others, sleeping under bridges."

"You can't do that. Surely something will come your way."

"I hope so."

"I'm here a lot so when you see me, please keep me posted. In the mean time, I'll see what I can do to help with the job situation."

"Thanks," he said with a slight smile.

For the next week, I'd see Clay at the park studying. He would tell me no luck on the job situation because of the hours he had class. I hadn't had any luck either.

I decided to step in and make an offer.

"Clay, I'd like to make an offer."

"What's that?"

"It's up to you, but if you want to, I have an extra bedroom. You're welcome to move in with me and in exchange for your room rent, you will be responsible for keeping the house clean and doing the yard work."

"Are you serious?"

"Yea. I just can't see you being out on the street, living under a bridge. You have too much going for you."

"Mike, I don't know what to say."

"Say you'll agree," I told him. "The college is only about a two miles from my house and the bus runs a block from me."

I looked into his face and could see his eyes filling with tears. He held them back and soon said we had a deal.

I gave him my address and told him to get his things and meet me there. Two hours later, he knocked on my door.

I welcomed him and showed him to his bedroom. After giving him a key to the house, I told him, "The only thing off limits is my bedroom. You have a free run of the rest of the house."

When I saw he only had one large suitcase, I questioned him.

"That's all he would let me have when he kicked me out. I'm planning on letting things cool down some then go back when I know he's at work and get some more things."

"Just let me know when and I'll go with you and help you."

We settled in and Clay kept the house spotless and the yard looking immaculate.

I continued to go to the park and suck cock and gets sucked and on occasion get fucked but I stopped bringing them home. I never knew when Clay might arrive. I had made my room off limits because of my collection of gay porn videos and magazines.

A couple of weeks passed and as we ate dinner one Friday evening Clay said he wanted to talk to me.

Later as we sat in the den, he began.

"Mike, I know the reason you go to the park. I know what goes on there and what you do when you would follow the guys along the paths before we met."

"Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"I don't know, but that type of activity is what my dad and I had a fight about."

"What do you mean? Are you gay also?"

"Oh, no. Hell, I don't know. I might be."

"What happened with your dad?"

"We had always been close and I thought we could talk about anything, but I was wrong."

"What happened?

He lowered his head and began. "I had a membership at a gym and I realized that when in the locker room, steam room or showers that I was checking out the other guys cocks, and wondering what they would look like hard and hat it would be like to feel them. it got stronger and stronger and I thought I could talk to dad and get some advice on how to handle it. Instead he blew up and said 'no way was a queer son' going to live in his house. I tried to explain that i had never done anything and just wanted some advice on how I could get help to get over those feelings. He wouldn't listen at all. He just said to pack what I could and get out and he never wanted to see me again." With that he began to cry and I moved over to him and held him, letting him get it out of his system.

As he began to regain his composure, I said, "Clay, most guys are curious at some point in their life. Some get curious at puberty and others not until much later in life. As far as I can see, you have two choices. You can see a therapist and try to get help, or you can experiment and see if it is for you. Lots of guys think it's what they want but after they try some of it, they find that they are not interested at all. Only you can make that decision."

He thanked me and after a moment, he began asking me questions.

"How did you get started?"

"I was younger than you are. I was thirteen ad a buddy of mine in school and I started jerking together. One thing led to another and we tried sucking each other, then fucking each other. That went on for about a year. He found it wasn't for him and no longer did any of it. I, however, enjoyed it completely and continued. We remained friends but never had sex together again. He new I was still doing it but was cool with it. He never told any of the others at school that I was gay."

"Damn, thirteen?"


"Did your parents ever find out?"

"I came out to my parents in my senior year of high school. They started asking who I was taking to the senior prom. I had met a couple of other guys at school that were gay also, one on the football team. The three of us had already decided to skip the prom and go camping and have a weekend of sex. I told them I wasn't going to the prom. They asked why and I told them I was gay and spending the weekend with gay friends. They were shocked and disappointed but accepted it. They welcomed my gay friends into our house as long as they were living. It really hurt when I lost them."

"I wish my dad had been that accepting."

He said he was ready to go get more of his things and asked me to go with him. He said his dad usually went out on Friday night and would probably be gone.

We went to the house and as we were removing more of Clay's clothes and personal items his dad returned home with what was obviously a prostitute. He went berserk when he saw Clay.

He began cursing at Clay calling him all kind of names. I stepped in and told him that his son was not gay and he should respect him. It was then that he grabbed an old baseball bat and tried to swing it at Clay's head. Clay ducked and I grabbed the bat.

I lost my cool and said, "You sorry bastard. He's you own son. How can you even think of hurting him. If I ever find out you laid so much as a finger on him, I'll personally come back and beat the living shit out of you. At least he's not out picking up dirty whores like you."

His dad froze in fear and the whore's mouth fell open. We packed up everything Clay wanted and left.

Once back at my house, we unloaded Clay's things and went to the den.

"I know you're under the legal age to drink, but you're not going anywhere tonight. How about a beer?"

"Great! I could sure use one and just so you know, it won't be my first one."

"I didn't figure it would be," I replied.

We each had several that night and when I awoke the next morning, I checked on Clay. He wasn't in his room. I was concerned but he was on his own and it wasn't my place to try and control him.

He returned just before noon and when I made a comment about him going out early he smiled and said, "I went to the gym for a work out. I was all tensed up after last night. It did me good."

"I'm glad it helped you."

"Mike, I stopped by the park on my way home."


"I watched couple guys head off down a trail then followed and spied on them."

"Did you get your education?"

"Yea, kinda. I watched and the first thing they did was start kissing. Do most gay guys kiss?"

"Most do, yes, but there are a few who don't. As for myself, I enjoy a hot passionate kiss. People think nothing of it when two women show affection but are grossed out if two men do it. Personally, I see nothing wrong with two guys kissing and showing affection."

That was the first time I had mentioned to Clay anything that I did with another guy. He looked at me and smiled.

After we fixed some lunch and eaten, we began cleaning up the kitchen. Once we were done, he caught me off guard and as he stepped up to me he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.

I didn't pull back. I decided to let him experiment and do his thing. A second later I felt his lips part and his tongue press against my lips. I responded and parted my lips, accepting his tongue and offering mine. He eagerly accepted it and we kissed passionately. After a moment we separated and he looked into my eyes and said, "That was a thank you for all you've done for me."

"Clay, it has been my pleasure."

He smiled and said, "And I see nothing wrong with a kiss either. In fact, I totally enjoyed it. Don't be surprised if i do it again."

"Anytime," I answered.

We decided to go to a movie and later to dinner. Once we were home, we began watching TV. I was on the sofa when he came out of the kitchen with two beers. Handing me one, he sat on the sofa close to me. After a few moments, he leaned over and kissed me again. I responded and this time he wrapped his arms around me. My cock stiffened and he noticed.

Hesitantly, he reached down and felt my hard cock. As he did, I moaned softly. He pulled my hand over to his hard cock. We kissed and fondled each other. After the kiss he said, "I want to do more. Shall we get undressed?"

"Sure," I replied, and as we stood I added, "Let's undress each other."

We did and soon we were both naked. He stood back and looked my nude body up and down, especially my hard cock.

"This is the first time I've ever seen one completely hard," he said.

"Well, you've never given anyone a reason to get hard. If you had kissed other guys like you kissed me they would have been boned also."

"Mike, do me. Show me what it feels like."

I had him sit back down on the sofa and I got between his legs. Lifting his nice almost eight inch cock off his muscled lower stomach, I licked the tip then took him in my mouth. He moaned loudly and I swallowed the entire shaft.

"Oh, Fuck!" he exclaimed. I sucked him slowly and gently as he continually moaned. Before long he began to breath heavier and I knew he was close. I sucked more hungrily and as his climax began firing into my mouth he let out with a loud "Mother Fuck, Yea. I'm cumming!"

I drained his cock completely then looked into his eyes and swallowed. He smiled back and said, "Fuck, if i had known it felt that good, I'd have let someone suck it sooner."

"I take it you enjoyed that."

"Man did I ever. I loved it."

I sat next to him and we kissed again. After the kiss, he slid to the floor. I knew he wanted to suck his first cock.

I could tell he was nervous, but he was a trooper. Lifting my cock, he licked it then began taking it in his mouth. Soon, he was sucking it as I moaned. It didn't take me long to reach my climax and I warned him it was close. He ignored me and son took my load. after collecting it all, he swallowed.

"Awesome," he said after slowly pulling off.

He said he totally enjoyed it and wanted to do it more. I smiled.

We returned to the den, staying nude, and sat cuddled together on the sofa.

"Mike, I want to experience it all with you."

"It would be my pleasure," I told him.

That night, Clay shared my bed. The next day, we sucked each other several times, also enjoying our first sixty-nine.

Over the next week, I introduced Clay to anal sex, having him fuck me several times. he saw the pleasure I got from being fucked and wanted to try it. I warned him of the pain but he insisted. That next weekend I took his virginity, and by the time I climaxed, he as also enjoying it. He had me fuck him several times that weekend. I also introduced him to rimming.

Clay admitted to me that he was totally gay and proud of it. "Mike, it just seems natural, as natural as a man and woman having sex. I've had my share of pussy over the years, but sex with a man is much more satisfying."

"I agree," I said.

It was common for us to go nude at home but it wasn't our main lifestyle. We began going to the park together and it was hot to see him follow other guys along the trails or into the restroom. When he would return, he would smile and give me a thumbs up sign telling me that he had sucked the guy off.

Semester break arrived and I asked if he would like to experience a three way. He said definitely yes. I told him I knew just the guy.

All during my time with Clay, I had continued to meet John. After a couple of months of just doing John, I found out that he was gay also and we would suck each other. He began getting a cheap motel room for us to meet in on his lunch break.

I went to the park at noon and waited for him. When he arrived, I told him to follow me. He did and after pulling into my drive, he asked if i was alone. He knew I had let Clay move in but not that we had begun having sex.

"No, we won't be alone. John, Clay is now gay. It was his choice. I didn't force him, and he wants a three way."

"He into it all?" John asked.

"Oh, yea, totally."

"Nice. I've seen him and he is hot as hell."

"Don't I know it."

We went in and Clay experienced his first three way, saying the best part was sucking one cock while the other fucked his ass. We began inviting John over for weekend sex sessions.

During the summer between Clay' second and third year of college, we were driving through the gay area on our way to dinner at a predominately gay restaurant. Suddenly, Clay told me to stop.

I did and he said, "Isn't that the prostitute dad was with when I was moving my things out of the house?" He indicated a woman standing on a corner.

"Yes, it is," I said. "I need to apologize for being so rude that night."

We called her over and when she recognized us she said, "What the fuck do you two want?"

"Please, get in for a moment. We'd like to talk to you."

Reluctantly, she got into the back seat.

I apologized for calling her names and she accepted the apology. We explained that Clay had never been with another guy but was just curious.

"I can't believe he was going to use that bat on his own son when he's not any different," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Friend, I was born a male. I'm female from the waist up but all man from the waist down. That night wasn't my first night with him. He knew I had the same equipment that he did."

"Tell me more," Clay said.

"That was my fourth time with him. The first time, he thought I was all woman, but when we got home he found out different. He said it was cool with him as long as he got his rocks off. I sucked him and he fucked me in the ass. He thought it was hot. On the second time, he jerked me off, and has every time since. He said he enjoys playing with my cock. In my opinion, although he hasn't sucked me, he's as gay as the rest of us."

"When did you see him last?" Clay asked.

"Last night. He didn't suck my cock but he did suck on my balls while he jerked me off."

"That bastard," I said. "And he had the nerve to condemn his son."

About that time we saw Clay's dad drive by.

We told her to get out and flag him down. "Get him to take you home but make sure the door is left unlocked," Clay said.

She smiled and said, "This is going to be interesting."

She flagged him down and we followed at a distance, parking down the street. Once they were inside, Clay and I eased up to the house. Clay sliped to the back and peeked in the window. Once they were both nude and in bed having sex, he returned and said, "They are at it. Let's go."

We eased into the house and down the hall. We stood at the door and watched as the tranny sucked Clay's dad and he jerked her cock and licked her balls.

Sepping into the room, Clay said,"How interesting. You call me queer but here you are in bed with a cock in your hand and his balls in your mouth. That sure sounds queer to me."

"What the fuck are you doing here? And I'm not queer, like you."

"Dad, you were right on the verge of taking her cock in your mouth. You fuck him in the ass. He sucks your cock. You jerk him off and suck his balls. Dad, you're as queer as I am."

"No way!" he screamed.

"Oh yea. And I wonder what your co-workers would think if I sent them the pictures I just took with my phone?"

Jumping up, he said "You wouldn't?"

"Try me. You either suck his cock off and swallow or I'm sending the pictures. Get with it," Clay said holding his phone at the ready.

The tranny spoke up and said, "If you want to keep this secret, I think you better do as he says."

His dad took the tranny's cock and began sucking it. soon the tranny climaxed into his mouth.

"Now swallow," Clay said. His dad did and Clay said, "Now you're as gay as me. And if you ever speak to me again and call me names, the pictures will be sent."

Looking at the tranny Clay said, "If you have to, tie him down and fuck his ass. Make him your bitch."

Clay's dad's eyes grew wide as we left the room. Once outside, clay began laughing and said, "Man, that was fun."

A few weeks later we saw the tranny again. Calling her over, she laughed and said, "Man you turned the bastard around. He can't wait to to suck me now and he loves me fucking his ass. last week, three of my tranny friends fucked him."

"Holy shit!" Clay said.

Clay was satisfied at the results. he was totally at ease with it.

HE lived with me through college and after graduation, I asked him to please stay. he got a job there locally and continued to live with me. I had fallen deeply in love with him.

His dad tried to contact him several times but clay refused to meet him. His dad said he wanted to make things up with him. Clay knew his dad wanted to get him in bed but Clay said he didn't turn him on.

John came over almost every weekend for play, and clay and I cruised the park and bars together once he was old enough to get in.

I finally confessed my love to him and he did with me. We became lovers and on ocassion we would see his dad picking up male prostitutes off the street.

Clay and I have a nice loving relationship and couldn't be happier.




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