We didn't hear the soft footsteps approaching. Suddenly, behind me we heard, "Police! Freeze!"

The hot young jogger I was sucking was just starting to climax, but he jerked his cock out of my mouth as he turned and sprinted away through the woods. When he did, he covered my face with his load.

I started to stand and turn when the voice said, "Stay just as you are and put your clasp your hands behind your back.

As I did, I thought the voice sounded vaguely familiar. Suddenly, I felt him grab my wrist and felt the cuffs being locked around each wrist.

Once both hands were secure, he began helping me stand. Once I was on my feet, I turned and looked into his face.

"Mother fuck!" he exclaimed. "Mark, I thought you promised me you'd stay out of the park."

"This is the first time since then," I told Brad, who stood there facing me in a city police uniform.

Quickly, he unlocked the cuffs and said, "Get the fuck out of here fast and come by my place in a couple hours. I should be home by then."

I turned and ran through the woods and finding the jogging trail, I slowed and acted just like the others there. I made my way to my car and sat behind the wheel, my heart still pounding.

A few minutes later, I saw Brad and another officer emerge from the woods, escorting two men in handcuffs.

He saw me in my car but didn't acknowledge me. I left and went to get something to drink and later met him at his apartment.

After letting me in he said, "Mark, you promised me."

"I know. I'm sorry, but I just had an urge for strange cock."

"Man, you're damn lucky it was me that caught you. Just seconds after you took off another officer came up. If you had still been there, I would have had to arrest you."

"I know and I can guarantee you I won't go back, at least not for sex, I said, "but when you warned me why didn't you tell me everything."

"I wanted to keep the fact that I was a cop private. We had had a briefing and were told that things were getting out of hand and we were to team up and make surprise visits and stop the sexual activity. I hoped that just the warning would be enough."

"I should have realized something," I said.

How can I make it up to you?"

"First, never go in the woods for sex again. The vice guys, and some are hot as hell, are going to start going in and when guys make a play for them they will be arrested."

"I understand," I said. "What's the second thing?"

"Come to the bedroom and fuck me. I need it."

"Let's go."

We went to the bedroom and kissed and made out then fucked each other wildly."

A couple weeks later, I was at the park, strictly to jog, when I saw a car pull into the far end of the parking lot. Three of the hottest, burliest masculine guys I've ever seen got out. After a brief conversation, they split up and went to three different tables and waited.

I watched as a couple of guys I had sucked and been sucked by cruised two of the guys then went into the woods. The two guys casually followed each going down a different trail.

then I saw Ted, the married man who was my first cock in the park. He saw me and slightly nodded. I casually shook my head no and watched as me began cruising the third vice cop. They soon disappeared down a trail.

I waited and watched and soon, one by one, the burly cops escorted their suspects out of the woods in cuffs.

I was sorry when I saw Ted being escorted out, more for his family than for him.

After about thirty minutes I saw Andy pull into the lot. Seeing me he smiled. I exited my car and jogged over to him saying, "Don't ask questions right now. Just walk with me."

I offered my hand as if we were old friends. He shook my hand and looked at me questioningly. As we walked, we talked casually and about a hundred yards down we approached a bench, and I told him to sit down.

Once seated, he asked, "Okay, Mark, what's going on?"

"Vice is making arrest in the woods," I said.

"Oh, fuck! How'd you find out?"

I told him about meeting Brad, without giving his name, and everything that happened afterward, including him catching me and turning me loose.

"He warned me vice was to start coming in. I saw them earlier and they were hot as hell, real muscular. There was three of them and each one made an arrest. One of the guys was a married guy I've been with in the past."

"Damn! I'm surprised they didn't work in teams so that there would be a witness, in case the guys tried to say the cops made the advances."

"I don't know. I just didn't want to see you get arrested."

He thanked me and asked if I had time to go to his place. I said definitely.

I went to his place for a round of wild sex.

That night, I called Brad and told him what I'd seen and told him about warning a hot guy I had met several times.

As we talked, I asked him what would keep the guys that were arrested from saying that the vice officers had made the first advances.

"They were all wearing caps, weren't they?"


"Those caps contained minicams and voice recorders and everything was transmitted to a command center that recorded it all on tape."

"Oh, okay."

I asked Brad if he liked three ways and he said yes, with people he could trust.

"Well, I can vouch for my fried," I said. I told him he was a construction worker that owned his own business and was hot as hell. "I really think you'd enjoy sex with him."

"Well, if you vouch for him, I'm sure he's okay. Let me thnk about it."

I continued to regularly have sex with Andy and Brad but at their places. I went to the park only to jog, and saw several guys being arrested.

I began college and majored in criminal justice. One of my classes was in one of the older buildings and one day when I was there, I discovered that there was a glory hole between the two stalls.

I began going there regularly sucking cock from eighteen year old's up to mid twenties. Some cocks were older and belonged to a few instructors.

Brad eventually agreed to a three way with Andy. I talked to Andy and he said he'd dreamed of having sex with a cop all his gay life.

A date was set and I gave Andy Brad's address.

I arrived early and Brad and I were both nude when Andy arrived. I answered the door and introduced them, using first names only. Andy quickly stripped and I watched as Andy and Brad began kissing and making out. I watched as the had a hot sixty-nine, wanting desperately to join in. After they got each other off, they shared my cock and when I climaxed they kissed and shared my load. The night was awesome with everyone sucking, getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked.

Before Andy left, a date was set for the following weekend. For all weekend. It turned out to be wilder than I had imagined and was awesome.

I continued sex with both and we frequently had three ways. My feeling for both men grew but were slightly stronger for Brad since he was closer to my age.

I graduated and with Brad's recommendation, I attended the police academy, graduating with honors.

My dad was being transferred across country with his company, and Brad suggested that I move into his place and we share the rent. I quickly agreed. Mom and dad liked Brad, never suspecting that we were having sex regularly.

Andy began visiting us more and more often. Then one weekend he said, "I have a proposition for you two."

"What is it?" Brad asked.

"One of my best friends since eighth grade lives out of state. His dad recently passed away and left him his estate. It includes close to three hundred acres and a nice large house. It only needs some minor repairs that I can do easily. He just wants to get rid of it and is willing to let me have it way way below market value. The way the three of us get along so well together, I was wondering if you two would like to purchase it along with me in equal thirds and all live there together?"

"Damn, that would be hot," I said.

"It's a thought," Brad added.

Andy said he had a key and would be glad to take us to see it. We agreed and the next morning e drove to the property.

The house was secluded, hidden from the road by woods and brush. the house was large, with four huge bedrooms each with a private bath, den, formal living room and dining room, and large kitchen. Off the den was a large patio and pool.

After looking it over, we sat in the den and discussed it. Brad and I soon agreed.

Andy got the ball rolling and before long the three of owned the house and property. We all moved in, and Brad and I gave Andy the master bedroom.

Even though we all had our own bedroom, frequently only two were used. It was common for either Brad or I to sleep with Andy or for Brad and I to sleep together.

After six months, Andy had another idea. He suggested taking the bedroom next to his and tearing out the wall and making one huge master bedroom and an extra large master bath ad the three of us sharing one huge bed. We agreed.

An over size king bed was ordered and remodeling done. The shower in the new bath was free standing and would handle five people easily.

We all eventually confessed that we all loved each other. We never officially asked each other to be lovers but each of us considered the other two our lovers.

We've been together six years now and still have a great relationship and love each other deeply. We all play separately occasionally but never stay away overnight and none of us go to the park.

THE END............



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