This story is a complete work or fiction and comes from my creative imagination, it is not based off of any reveal events or real people.

By: Tony

Chapter 2

*I was at my front door. In tears.*

I got to my door and had to gather myself. I was sobbing like a baby. Even though I am kind of feminine and I am openly gay. No one has ever called me the "F" word to my face. That may seem hard to believe but if you knew my brothers you'd know why.

Let me explain my family to you real quick. My family consists of my Dad, me and my 3 brothers. My Mom died when I was 5 (but I'm already sad so I don't want to get into that right now). Anyways, so I've always been more flamboyant and outgoing since I was young so I'm pretty sure it was obvious that I was gay. It might've also been when I was 8 years old and I said that I wanted to marry Batman.

Either way, I came out for real when I was 13 and I was so scared of how my Dad would react because he's a "regular joe" type of guy who likes sports. So I was pleasantly surprised when I told him (with tears in my eyes) that I was gay and he just said, "I know and I accept you". Suffice to say, that was the best sentence I've ever heard in my life. He went on to explain that when my Mom died that was the worst thing that had ever happened and so after that he never wanted to lose another family member again, especially not any of his sons. So accepts us. And that day also marks when I recognized that I have the best Dad in the world.

So therefore, my Dad is very protective of me and wants to keep me safe, so he told my older brothers to watch out for me at school. Now, here's the real reason why I've never been called the "f" word. Because everyone knows who my brothers are and they are all big imposing guys (unlike me, I guess I'm the runt of the family). My oldest brother, Greg, is a senior in high school, he's on the football team and he's 6'2", so he's kinda intimidating. He's probably the most protective of me and he treats me like a son. Then there's my twin brothers Anthony and Steven, they're also on the football team and they're 6'0", but both strongly built. They're more laid back than Greg or my Dad, but when push comes to shove they are still fiercely protective.

So that's why no one really tries to mess with me cause they know who my family is and they don't wanna get fucked up. But I guess Mr. Masterson doesn't care about that and would rather make a 16 year old kid cry. A kid who has been his son's best friend for 8 years now. God I hate him more than ever! Also now I'm nervous to go into the house because I know if any of them see me crying they will go ballistic and I really just don't even want to talk about it.

I wipe my face, put on a look of determination and open the door hoping that I can just run up to my room. However, fate is not that kind because as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by Greg sitting on the couch.

I look at him like a deer caught in headlights and I just stand in the doorway silently.

"Hey little man, you okay?" and then he looks at me closer and it's like he just knows something bad happened. He stands up and quickly pulls me towards him so he can examine me, which I was in no mood for.

"De, what's going on? Why were you crying?"

"I wasn't crying... I just -- I want to go to my room, okay." I said quietly.

But alas I'd have no such luck because I was talking to Greg, the most protective brother.

"Demitri" he said sternly. I stopped because he barely ever says my full name unless if he's serious. "I know you, better than you'd think"

"Oh do you?" I challenged.

"Yes, I do and I know that you're usually a happy-go-lucky person that doesn't let anything get to him. I know that you're emotionally tough and I've only ever seen you cry twice in your life."

"Oh, Greg please don't start this." I interjected

"No, I will. You've only cried two times. The first time was when you fell off your bike and broke your leg and the second time..." I know the second time, my whole family knows the second time I cried. I wish he wouldn't bring this up. "The second time you cried was when Mom died." He said solemnly, as if he just realized what he was saying.

"Greg, believe it or not, I really don't want to talk about this right now."

He looked at me and immediately grabbed me and hugged me tight.

"Greg really I'm okay I just need to be alone" But my voice cracked when I said it. And of course to make my night complete, Dad, Anthony and Steve all decide to walk in the door. I'm not sure where they were came from, but as soon as they saw me looking devastated in Greg's arms all hell broke loose.

My Dad immediately came to my side, "What the hell's going on here Greg?" He asked in an accusatory tone like Greg did something to me, Dad should really know better.

"Dad it's okay, Greg was just hugging me."

He just stood there for a second looking at me, "Look at me De. Do you take me for a fool or something?"

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Why is everyone loosing there minds.

"No, I'm serious De, cause I can tell you been crying and you never cry, so what's up?"

I just stood there trying to come up with an excuse as my Dad and 3 brothers just stared at me. I felt like they were ganging up on me, maybe it was because they were all taller than me and they were crowded around me. But either way I was feeling claustrophobic.

I pushed away from Greg, "I just need some fucking space, goddammit!" As I quickly ran up to my room. I knew my Dad was not going to accept that attitude or the language. But I knew he wouldn't let it drop but I didn't want to talk about it in front of my brothers.

I got to my room and closed my door, which I would've locked but there is no lock, so the best I can do is close it. I swear there's no privacy in this house. I was laying face down on the bed when not 2 minutes later do I hear a knock on my door. I already know that it's Dad. He doesn't even wait for me to answer either he just comes right in and sits on the bed.

"Hey bud, you gotta tell me what's wrong, this isn't like you." He started stroking my hair, which was calming but I still nudged him off. I just was not in the mood for anything. "You were supposed to be at Tim's house. Did something happen?"

I finally looked up at him with tears still in my eyes and just confessed, "He called me a fag, Dad."

He instantly got this crazy look on his face, "Tim called you a fag! I knew that kid was no good. He acts all innocent but I knew he was just as bad as his jackass Dad! That little prick, I'm gonna kill him." He started to get off the bed but I had to forcibly push him back and explain real fast.

"No, Dad, no. Tim didn't call me a fag. His-- his Dad called me a fag, so I left immediately." I put my head down, I felt so ashamed and embarrassed, and just straight up mad that that jackass can make me feel like that from just one word.

"Oh, that guy thinks he has the right to talk to my son that way." Dad uttered.

Before he could go on a tangent Anthony and Steve burst into the room, looking as if they were listening at the door the whole time.

"What! I can't believe that asshole!" Steve exclaimed.

"Yeah, talking to our baby brother like that." Can you believe they still call me their "baby brother", this is why I can't tell them anything. "This guy is looking to get fucked up!"

"Hey, hey, tweedledee, tweedledum, cool it! You know what I told you about eavesdropping. But yeah I think we should have a "talk" with this guy. He wants to pick on someone he should at least have an equal match." Dad got up off the bed looking revved up and ready to fight and so did Anthony and Steve. Dad calls them irrational, but look where they get it from.

"First of all three against one would not be an equal match. And yeah, I do want this guy to pay for how he hurt me, but he's my best friend's Dad. As much as I want him messed up, this is not the civilized way to go about things and you know it."

"God, such a level head, just like your mother. Look we're not going to beat him down or nothing, we just need to explain to him that he can't fuck with our baby."

"Dad, I'm not your baby! Gosh, this is why he thinks I'm a sissy, cause you guys are always fighting my battles. And, yes, I appreciate what you guys do all the time but I have to stick up for myself at some point. Believe or not, I'm not a "baby" anymore and I need to be more independent." I was probably huffing from frustration, I don't know, but they were all looking at me like I had just grown a second head.

"Look, the fact is that I'm gay and not everyone accepts that. Part of being different is having haters and people who call you names. Now, I'm not justifying it, but that's the facts. And the fact that I've never heard anyone call me-- the "f" word, must mean that I'm being sheltered." I looked at them pointedly. "It's not that I want to hear it, but I've been so coddled for years by you guys that I didn't think anything could touch me, but now I'm living in the real world. And it's tough, but you guys have got to let me deal with it. On my own time and I might have to cry a bit."

I was very satisfied with my speech and I thought I had finally gotten the message across, when something ruined the moment. It was Greg pushing his way through the door, "Someone's here to see you." And as he moved away Tim was standing there.

"De I'm so sorry" I was so touched that he had come. I thought this action by Tim would be received well, but alas my family always suprises me.

Tim was met with four angry stares coming from my Dad and brothers.

Dad finally broke the silence, "Who the fuck do you think you are coming in here like you're welcomed."

I couldn't believe it.

To Be Continued...

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