This story is a complete work of fiction and comes from my creative imagination, it is not based off of any real events or real people.

The Odds and Outs

By: Tony

Chapter 1

"You're just a little faggot!" He yelled at me as his face turned a horrible shade of red.

Okay, so you must already be lost. You're probably thinking, 'who the fuck is talking to him like that' and 'why is he not giving the context'. So I'll explain to you the incident when my life became even more complicated than it already was.

Let me take you back to when "it" all happened, when the shit hit the fan. It all started when I regrettably had dinner at Tim's house. Tim, by the way, is my best friend and has been since we were 8 years old.

*30 minutes before he called me a faggot*

So Tim invited me to his house for dinner because he wanted to tell his Dad something very important and he needed "moral support" or something. I was already hesitant because I know that his family doesn't like me. Well, let me qualify that statement, his Dad doesn't like me, his Mom is indifferent towards my presence and his little sister Lauren kinda likes me. Either way I reluctantly agreed to go because I was being a "good friend".

We were hanging out at my house but it was dinner time so Tim and I went to his house and when we entered Tim said, "Mom, Dad, I hope it's okay if Demitri joins us for dinner."

Tim's Dad immediately walks up to us and literally looks me up and down with disdain and says, "Well, since you already invited him without asking us I guess so."

That's Jack Masterson for you. I call him Jack just to piss him off even though he insists I call him "Mr. Masterson". He's so rude to me I feel I should reciprocate. However, it wasn't always like this, when I was younger he used to like me. I don't know what happened but one day he just started thinking that I was a bad influence on Tim.

The table is already set and Lauren and Mrs. Masterson are already sitting looking at us expectantly. This may seem weird that they're all eating at the table together like a 1950's TV family, I thought it was weird too. I come from a family where we don't always eat together and we sometimes eat while watching TV, you know, like any regular American family nowadays.

Anyways so we're eating dinner with a cold silence and I'm pretty sure it's because of my presence. Then Tim decides to break the news.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you." He mutters as he racks his hand through his hair (he always does that when he's nervous).

"What is it honey?" Mrs. Masterson said so sweetly.

"I quit the baseball team." Dead silence ensued for a solid minute.

"How do you think that's even remotely okay?" Jack asked in the deepest yet quietest voice I've ever heard.

"I -- I..." Tim stutters

"No! That is unacceptable, tomorrow you will ask for your position back!"

"Dad, I'm not going to. I never really liked baseball that was always your passion, not mine." Tim said assertively, I was proud of him he's usually so passive.

I foolishly decided to put my thoughts in, "Yeah, you were living vicariously through Tim. That's never a good situation." I said with a smirk.

Jack glared daggers at me, "You have no part in this conversation. I don't even know why you're here right now."

"Jack -", Mrs. Masterson hissed.

"No Susan, I've had enough of this-this weird... codependent relationship these two have. I think it's destructive for Tim." He was getting more riled up and then he saw Lauren's expression and she was getting scared. "Lauren, go to your room" And without a second thought she quickly got up and ran to her room.

"Jack, don't do this" Mrs. Masterson chided.

"I will address this matter once and for all." Then he turned and pointed a finger at me, "You are poisonous to my son."

"Wow, who's being dramatic now! Please enlighten me on how I'm so 'poisonous' to your son." I said sarcastically. I looked over at Tim and he looked like he was about to shit himself, he hates confrontation. Good thing I thrive off of confrontation, I grew up with 3 older brothers; confrontation is the only way to get by.

"You used to be a good respectable kid and then one day you started acting like a little brat and now it's rubbing off on Tim. You are a bad influence and I won't allow it anymore."

He was now standing up in front of me so I wanted to match him stance so I stood up too. However, it was not much of a math seeing as I'm only 5'8" compared to his height of 6'2".

"Are you seriously blaming me for Tim wanting to quit the baseball team? I never cared either way if he was on the team or not. You were the one who was forcing him to be on every sports team. 'Oh Tim be on the baseball team, try out for the football team, oh while you're at it why don't you join every freaking sport the school offers!'" Maybe I shouldn't have been mocking him but I was so fed up with him. "You push him too far all the time and he just can't handle it."

I looked over at Tim for some support but at this point he had his head in his hands. I wish he would've backed me up even a little bit, I know he was thinking the same stuff I was saying. After all I'm basically restating everything he's said to me.

"Maybe Demitri's right, we do push Tim to do the most. He's always makes good grades and he's still on the football team, he's a good kid we should let --"

"Susan do you ever hear yourself sometimes! I did not raise a quitter, he made a commitment to the baseball team, so he's gonna stay on the team. I don't know why you're always trying to side with this kid" he gestured to me. "He already manipulates our son. Tim all of the sudden just drops baseball next thing you know he's going to be joining the drama club like this one over here" he was still talking about me, and yes, I'm in the drama club, so what.

I was about to interrupt when Tim stood right between me and his Dad.

"Dad this has absolutely nothing to do with De leave him out of this. But he's right, you pressure me so much and push me into everything. I just need a chance to breathe. You suffocate me Dad!" We all looked shocked by this. Tim has never been so assertive and he never talks back to his Dad. "Just because you were on the baseball team in high school doesn't mean I want to be. And what if I do sign up for the drama club. That's my prerogative, it is my life after all."

I don't know why he added that, I know for sure that he has no interest in the drama club. I think he just put that in as a way to stand up for me.

Jack's face looked so twisted when Tim said that statement, like it was the worst thing he had ever heard. "Are you turning into a little pansy now? Is that it?" he said with a severe voice.

Tim looked so shocked at his Dad's words and so did his Mom. I don't know why though I expected his Dad to be this belligerent. I just didn't know how far he would go.

"Jack you can't talk like that" Mrs. Masterson exclaimed.

"No, Susan I can because this is a serious discussion." He pushed Tim out of the way and got right in my face. "Tim is he turning you into a - a"

"A what!?" I challenged.

"A little faggot! You're just a little faggot... who's corrupting my child! I want you out of my house and away from my son!" he yelled.

I could not believe he said that word, the F word, the one word I can't handle being uttered. I felt like I was going to explode from anger, shame and sadness. I turned around towards the front door and quickly said, "Fine you'll never see me again! Bye Tim."

I wasn't mad at Tim but I had to get out of there. I ran as fast as I could and didn't look back. I just kept running all the way to my house. I hope you don't think I'm a track star or something. We're neighbors so I only had to run down the street and I was at my front door. In tears.

To Be Continued...



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