On my way home from work one Wednesday. I stopped at a traffic light next to a Mid-States Energy truck. they re the electric provider for my part of the state and I have seen very few of their workers that weren't hot as hell.  With the exception of a few, most of the guys I have seen driving their trucks are in their late twenties to late thirties, good looking, bearded, and muscular.  I'd gladly take any one of them to bed.

The following Saturday, I was taking care of a few errands that I had been putting off.  I have one habit that I do while driving so today was no exception.  As I drive, I have a habit of tweaking my nipples with my fingertips, making the get extremely hard.  I do it without even thinking.

On this particular day, I was stopped at a traffic light and as I tweaked my right nipple, I noticed a Mid-State Energy truck had pulled up on my right side.  I was still working my nipple quickly and realized he was watching.  I quickly stopped and glanced in his direction.  He was looking at me and smiling.  The light turned green and I sped away, wondering what he was thinking, and also admitting that he was one of the hottest I had seen.

After a few blocks I stopped at the grocery store before going home.  I was horny and hoping that my favorite assistant manager would be on duty. I had seen him numerous times at the store before encountering him at an adult video store. As we shared a booth, I lovingly sucked two loads out of his long hard cock.  Then, after that, when I would see him in the store, he would have me follow him to a small utility closet in the back of the store where I would suck his cock dry and devour his huge cum load.

As I entered, I saw him near the checkout counters and saw a smile on his face.  I knew what that meant.  I immediately headed for the closet .  I arrived and after looking around and seeing no one, I slipped in and immediately got on my knees, waiting.  A moment later, the door opened and Jim slipped in. 

He reached down and pulled me up and began kissing me, something he had never done that before.  I was loving it and as he kissed me his hand was unzipping my pants.  Seconds later he extracted my hard throbbing cock and dropped and began sucking me. It was obvious that he was a beginner but it still felt awesome.  Moments later, I climaxed and he eagerly accepted my load then swallowed.    As he stood, I asked what was going on.

"Mark, seeing how much you enjoy sucking me, I decided to see what it was like., and I'm glad I did.  It was awesome and I would love to do more with you."

"Fuck yea, man.  Anytime," I replied.

"How about tonight?" he said.  "I get off at six.  Be here and you can follow me home."

"Better yet," I began, "get my address off my check and come to my place for dinner."

"I'll be there.  I want to suck you again."

"We'll do whatever you want," I told him.

He exited the closet and seeing no one around, had me exit. Jim was twenty-four and just over six foot tall.  He was very muscular and had a dark moustache and goatee. Having slipping my hand under his shirt in the booth at the video store, I knew his chest was hairy.

I did my shopping and headed for my car. I put the groceries in the back then noticed a note on my windshield.  I retrieved it and began reading.

'I apologize for staring at you at the traffic light.  It's just that I never see anyone tweaking their nipples while driving.  I do it and it was great to see that someone else does it also. We might have more in common.  My name is Kyle and if interested in meeting for coffee or a beer, call me. 555-2345'

I folded the note and slipped it in my pocket, wondering if I should call or not.  Was he serious?  Was he a homophobe? What would happen if we did meet?  I decided to think it over, but if he was bi or gay, it might prove interesting.

I put the note away when I got home and began dinner for Jim and I , wondering what might happen.  Would it turn into an all night affair? What sex would he want to experiment with? My cock began to stiffen as the thoughts ran through my head.

I had dinner nearly complete then went in to shower.  I slipped on just a pair of shorts and nothing else.  I wanted to be comfortable for later and wanted him to feel comfortable.  Just before six-thirty, he knocked on my door.  I answered it and upon seeing me with little on he smiled and as he looked me over said, "Ummm, yea."

We had a beer as I completed dinner.  After eating , he helped clean up then as we finished, he took me in his arms and gave me a hot wet tongue kiss.  After the kiss, I said, "Shall we get comfortable?"

"By all means," he replied.

We stepped into the living room and began stripping.  His body was more muscular than I thought and his chest had a thick mat of brown hair. We stood taking in each others nude body and hard cocks.  Moments later we were on the floor, kissing passionately.  After the kiss ended , Jim confessed that he had been watching a few gay movies to see what all men did together.  The next thing I knew, he had my legs in the air and was eating my ass.

Before things were over, Jim and I experienced his first sixty-nine, which he said he loved.  After more kissing and making out , he was boned again and I invited him to fuck me.  He did and it was awesome, however he wasn't quite ready to get fucked. He stayed the night and the next morning we had another sixty-nine.  He wanted to meet again and I agreed saying that I would let him know.  I had never seen anyone so eager to engage In gay sex.

All during the rest  of the weekend and into the next week, I read and re-read Kyle's note.  I finally decided to give him a call.

When he answered, I told him my name was Mark and reminded him of the note.

"Man, I'm so glad you called.  I was afraid that I might have offended you."

"No way was I offended.  I do what I was doing without even thinking."

"So do I," he replied.  "And I have started it when my co-worker is with me and have to suddenly stop.  He has never said anything, but he always has a slight smile on his face."

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to meet at Bayfront Park Saturday afternoon about three.  I'll being the beer."

" Fuck, yea. I'll be there," he said. "By meeting at the park, I assume you are playing it cautious.  I can't blame you.  I'd do the same, and I assure I'm no psycho."

"Great, I'll see you Saturday."

TO BE CONTINUED...................



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