As I slept, with Jakey in my arms, I noticed an unfamiliar scent. It had a musty-like smell. I noticed that this scent is now outside my front door. I sprung out of the bed, but not enough so it wakes up poor Jakey. The scent was now in my house. The man smelled of old cheese. I watched as he searched through my house for valuables through the crack in the door.

I opened it, and rushed out of the room. I grabbed the man from behind and covered his mouth to prevent him from screaming. I sank my fangs into his vein, and listened to his muffled screams as I sucked his blood from his body. His screams became ever more silent by the minute. His body became colder and his knees gave out.

He fell to the ground and I ripped my fangs from his neck, with blood spewing out onto the floor. His eyes became lifeless and he was now cold. He lay dead in front of me. I picked up the body, opened the door, went down the stairs, opened my apartment door in the middle of the night, and I preceded to run to the docks.

I got there in the blink of an eye, and put down the body in the ocean. I watched as he floated away. I turned back around and ran to the apartment with lightning speed. I was now back in my apartment. I cleaned up the blood on the floor and washed my face. I went back to bed and snuggled with Jakey. I once again embraced him from behind and preceded to fall asleep.



Morning. I woke up due to the sunlight on my face from the window above the bed. Liam was keeping me warm. He was lightly snoring behind me. I turned to kiss him and to my surprise, he kissed me back. "your awake." I said quietly with a smile on my face. "yeah I've been up for a while. Listening to you rest." he replied.

I looked into his eyes and all the sudden, he got very nervous. "oh no. You have to leave Jakey. For your safety." 

"why? Is everything ok?" I answered worriedly.

"you have to go now!" he literally rushed me out of the door.

"go to the tunnels! That's the only place where you will be safe."

What is going on?!?

I quickly followed Liam's advice and went back into the tunnel. It was like 4:30 in the morning. The trains will start running soon. Why would he want me to come-

*echoed footsteps* It's prolly just Liam. I continue to walk down the tunnel. The footsteps got louder. I stopped to investigate. When I did, a hand covered my mouth. I struggle to get free, but this man was too strong for my slender frame. He threw me into a corner and I saw the blood-red eyes and fierce- looking fangs. My eyes widen as this being walks closer to me. I back up as far as I could until my back hit the wall with a thud. What do I do? Blood was dripping from his mouth as he stood over me with hunger in his eyes. He grabbed me by the throat and picked me up. He was holding me above his shoulders with one hand. I struggle to breathe until he braces me up against the wall. He tilted my head to the side with strong force. I try to get free but it's no use. I'm going to die here. He inched his bloodied lips closer to my neck, and nibbled on it before he sank his fangs into me. Blood is pouring out of me and I'm screaming in pain. My vision started to get hazy and I started to become very dizzy, and I soon collapse to the floor. I see him over me as he clamped onto my neck again. I was too dizzy to even try to scream. I soon black out.

"LIAM!!!" I manage to scream with my last breath.


I'm walking to meet up with Jake when I hear him in pain. I quickly sniff the air for his delectable scent. I find it. The park street station. I bolt forward, down the stairs at lightning speed, and into the tunnel. I run as fast as I can and come across....Damien. He turns to face me with a sly grin on his face. "oops... This was your human. Sorry." he said sights cocky grin on his face. I pull out a stake and lunge towards him. He hisses and lunges towards me. With one motion, I Stab him him the heart with it. He gasps for air as I thrust further, enjoying every second of his agony. He soon died and I tended to James wounds.

"no baby! No! No!!" I say trying anything to revive him. But them I remembered, the only way to revive someone who has been killed by my kind is... To turn them. I contemplated turning this sweet, good hearted boy into a murderous monster. My love is too strong. I sank my fangs into him, releasing the enzymes into his body. I do this for a good 3 minutes. I soon stop, thinking there's no hope, when suddenly, Jake's eyes shoot open. Blood red. His eyes dart around the tunnel, then at me. 

"you saved me..." he said with a smile on his face, obviously not knowing what he is now.

"um... Touch your teeth." I say a little worriedly.

"my teeth? Wha-" he said as he reached to feel his top canines. He felt how sharp they were and snagged his own hand away from his mouth in disbelief. I soon brought my new lover home, and payed him on my bed. He soon fell asleep. I couldn't fall asleep however because I need to monitor him on how he sleeps in his new found body. all is quiet until about 8 in the morning. Jake is still asleep, but he is starting to slightly hiss in his sleep. That's not good. He began to violently toss his head from side to side, still slightly hissing. He's starting to have the dreams as well. The dreams are confusing and don't make any logical sense. We Vampires are very logical creatures and those dreams that Jake is developing, is a sign of a disorder in vampires which does not allow the vampire to sleep accordingly. Leading to weariness, disorientation, his abilities will weaken, followed by uncontrollable, violent outbursts of anger. You cannot fox this disorder, only control it with a combination of 20 aspirin pills and Ammonia. The ammonia breaks down the aspirin and releases a chemical that helps control this disorder. The vampire who currently suffers from this disorder will then drink it in their blood intake once a day. If they miss it, they become extremely violent. There is good news however, as the vampire matures, the disorder has less of an impact on their psyche.

"Jake. Jake?" I said gently waking him up. He smiled at me and kissed me lightly.

"um... We need to talk. I say quietly.

"what about?" Jake said. He was starting to become angry, it's only a matter of time.

"well it's-"

"WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU GIVE ME A FUCKING STRAIGHT ANSWER ANYMORE?!?!" hd said screaming. He picked up a dresser and threw it at the wall. I could hear his deep breathing and he had a shot of wildness in his eyes.

"Jake! Sop it this instant!"

"shut up Liam! Nobody asked you to talk you pig!"

 He started to destroy the room. I tackled him onto the bed.

"GET OFF!!" he said hissing. I slip him the dose while holding the poor vampire down. He started to slowly relax. And he fell into a deep sleep. I sat down next to him, watching him start to deeply sleep. Oh, my poor Jake. What have they done to you?




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